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Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by The Black Glove, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. The Black Glove

    The Black Glove The Resident BAMF

    Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles
    Rated PG-13 for possible violence, swearing, and alcoholic references.
    (It is the medival times after all)​

    The following players have been accepted and have full right to post in this game:

    -Thin Blade Sword
    1 Slot: False Swipe
    Maree/Avery Lamentea
    -Wooden Bow
    1 Slot: Dragon Breath
    Primavera/Elaine Mae Ash
    1 Slot: Grasswhistle
    -Mysterious Letter: A strange letter with no text. The letter "F" and the number 9 (6?) are written in the corners
    -Tekko-Kagi Claws
    -Cestus Gloves
    1 Slot: Double Team
    AZX612/Troy Green
    -Pinewood Bow
    1 Slot: Twinneedle
    Midgeorge/Tyson Little
    -Dual Katars
    1 slot: Air Cutter
    Neo Pikachu/Cyrus Mason
    -Throwing Knives
    YDT/Emery Snipe
    -Bronze Lantern
    1 Slot: Twister

    I'll be using this first post to keep track of important items and Poke'cite you possess. If there's ever any doubt as to what you're carrying, come back to this post and check.


    GM: The sun is beginning to set in the Kanto Region. As most businesses close up shop, the sun dips over Mt. Silver, while the moon can be seen peaking above the Lavender Swamps. The sunset is absolutely gorgeous, and in a few minutes, you may even be lucky enough to witness the first star of the night sky.

    You find yourself a bit weary from the day gone by, due to whatever events you have been involved in, and know it is now time to seek a place to sleep. For others, perhaps the night is only beginning, the perfect time to slip away unnoticed.

    **Spend your first post as a character introduction, and we'll move the story from here. I'll be posting once per day (when possible) to keep the story moving. Be sure to include where you are, what your character has been doing, and what you plan on doing.**
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  2. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Kyu no Koga-ryu
    Celadon City: Castle Kanto

    The sun began to set, and Kyu yawned. She pulled her hair out of the fabric strip that kept it back, and walked through the grand hallways of Castle Kanto. She moved through the castle, putting out every other torch, dimming the halls. As she exited the castle, she nodded to the two guards in front.

    The day was through, and she was off on a shopping trip, to order twenty more spears for the guards. And of course… also to replenish her stocks of… less innocent materials.

    There may always be someone watching. Although she itched to leap onto the rooftops and really run, she couldn’t. Anyone who saw would find it odd. She sighed. She needed to relieve some stress. Four years… four years of working as an innocent maid. Now, housekeeper of the Castle. The boredom was exquisite. She wished someone would try to pickpocket her or something. Any excuse to beat someone down...

    She found the merchant, and dropped off the signed order from the Head of the Guard. It was all that she needed to do. Now… a traveling merchant should be nearby, sporting an armband in a certain shade of purple… there. A Koga-Clan ninja.

    “Ah, hello sir. I’ve never seen you around. What do you have?” Kyu asked innocently. The man showed her a table covered in trinkets and cheap jewelry. She looked through them, and whispered quietly, keeping her eyes on the jewels. “I believe I know where the Castle’s barrier is. I’ve heard last time that it’s getting worse, the barrier continues to fail. But I can’t get it… I need either backup, more Poke’Cite, or other supplies. I know Poke’cite is hard to come by, but can you at least get me some poisons and a blowgun… preferably disguised. A flute, maybe? Anything, metsubushi eggs*, a shikomizue blade**, explosives, whatever the village can spare. Pass them to Izo, and he’ll get them to me. Remind uncle that if I succeed, our village will be strengthened, and Celadon will be weakened. There will be more need for mercenaries… and a potential enemy is destroyed.”

    Kyu smiled at the man, and lifted a small amethyst pendant. “How much is this?”

    The man murmured a price, and Kyu gave off an appearance of shock. “Are you trying to rob me, sir? Good day to you.” Before leaving with a huff, dropping the pendant back onto the table.

    Kyu returned to the castle, and returned to her own chambers. The room was small, but cozy, and had its own fireplace. A window was on one wall, and the moon could be seen rising in the distance from the Lavender Swamps. She changed from her day robes to a comfortable nightdress, and collapsed onto the cot. She had spent the last few nights spying, and the days working. Tonight… tonight would be a day to sleep. She kept the metal gloves on, as always. Best to carry a weapon at all times… even in sleep.

    (Glossary: )

    *metsubushi eggs: Metsubushi, 'eye closers', were basically anything thrown into the face to blind. The eggs, sometimes called 'black eggs', are hollowed out eggshells, seemingly innocent, but filled with ashes, ground pepper, salt, etc.

    **shikomizue blade: a sword hidden inside a cane, so that the scabbard and handle meet. Looks just like an innocent cane or walking stick.
  3. Primavera

    Primavera ...

    Elaine Mae Ash
    Celadon Castle Town

    As the sun began to brush against the horizon, Elaine was sitting under a tree in front of the moat of Castle Kanto thinking about random things. Her tan, long legs were tucked under her smooth chin. She noticed a group of people to her left gossiping about trivial things, so Elaine opened her small leather purse to pull out her sea-green harmonica.

    Elaine admired the small musical instrument that helped her make money all those times before. She "retired" from playing it in front of people to make some cash, but times were getting tough and her family needed the money. Why not? She muttered under her breath.

    She hesitantly strolled over beside the group of gossipers and started to play a melancholy melody that was similar to Taps that were played by the guards of Castle Kanto to signify the ending of the day. The gossipers were intrigued by the soothing melody and came by her. To Elaine's suprise, some of them started crying. Why it suprised her, she didn't know. The song wasn't that sad. Well maybe they have been going through tough times like her family was.

    As Elaine finished her performance, the gossipers left some cash in front of her. They walked away with smiles on their faces. It made Elaine happy to please other people. She scooped up the money and stuck it in her purse. She didn't care to see how much they left, as it didn't really matter to her how much her audience payed. It pleased her enough that people enjoyed her work.

    Elaine started to go home, and she gazed up at the stars glistening in the night sky while she walked. On her way home, she bumped into a tree which made her giggle almost all the way home.

    As Elaine slowly opened the door to avoid her parents seeing her since she missed dinner. She closed the door the same way she opened it and creeped upstairs to enter her small bedroom. Phew... She muttered under her breath.

    Elaine changed into her night gown and almost forgot about the cash she earned from the gossipers. She shuffled through the cash and noticed...

    @The Black Glove: The last sentence is meant for you to react to btw.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  4. Maree

    Maree Fireball In The Dark

    Avery Lamentea
    Saffron Junction ;;; Lacqueredy’s Pub

    The last rays of sun were shining down over Saffron Junction. The day was ending and darkness would soon cover the land known as the Kanto Kingdom.

    Darkness was one of those sneaky things that gave one’s self the perfect cover to go about sneaky business, like the kind that Avery was currently in the middle of. She had been planning her little escape for weeks now, and tonight was the night her plan had been put into action. Avery had snuck out of the Cerulean Castle after Lady Nautia – Avery’s mentor and secretly her aunt – had dismissed her guards for the evening. The brown haired nineteen-year-old knew her Aunt wouldn’t notice her absence until the following day, and Avery planned on being far enough away so that her Aunt wouldn’t stop her when she did - or at least have a hard time doing it.

    The young skilled archer was planning on making her way to Vermillion Port and hiring a sailor to take her to Cinnibar Island to find her father, Richard, who she hadn’t seen for the past four years since he had been on the Island acting as a Diplomat and a Translator for Sir Hakan on his campaign to make the Island part of the Kanto Kingdom. She loved her Aunt and her father very dearly, but she knew that neither of them would ever willingly let her go to the uncivilized Island but Avery just had to see her father. After her mother had passed away when she was 12, she and her father were all each other had; and after growing so close only to be separated for so long – despite all the good things that happened during the separation – really took a toll on Avery. She finally decided to do whatever she could to see her father again.

    Avery walked down the main road of Saffron Junction, her destination already in her sight. Like any citizen knew, it was unsafe to travel by one’s self at night; now, of course Avery could have very well fended for herself, but she’d rather not jeopardize her chances of seeing her father as soon as she possibly could. So, she had arranged with George Lacqueredy – local pub owner and old family friend – to spend the night at his home which just so happened to be the second floor of the two story building that his pub was in – the first floor being the pub. Of course, when he asked why she would be in Saffron, Avery had told him that she was simply running an errand for Lady Nautia and would need a place to spend the night and though why not catch up with the man who was like an uncle to her and she hadn’t seen in nearly forever. Avery knew he would never let her stay if he knew her true plan, plus, knowing her Aunt would most likely send some of her guards after her when she discovered her missing, Avery didn’t want him getting in trouble for knowingly abetting her.

    She walked up to the pub - the loud merriment and music coming from inside could be heard even from behind the closed door – and opened the heavy wooden door. She stepped into the pub feeling slightly out of place with her bow strung diagonally across her torso and her quivery full arrows hanging from the left side of her belt, but she soon shrugged off the feeling when she spotted who she was looking for.

    “George!” Avery called out, making her way over to the bar where George Lacqueredy happened to be bartending that night.

    The middle-aged man with the beer belly and balding head that stood behind the counter looked up at the sound of his name and happiness soon flooded over his face when he caught sight of Avery. “Avery, you made it!” George said, taking Avery into a warm hug once she reached him. “I was starting to worry something had happened to you, but now I see I had nothing to worry about. My, how you’ve grown,” the tall bar owner went on to say after the hug had ended. He looked Avery over; wiping his hands on the rag he had been using to wipe down the counter moments before. “You look just like your mother did when she was your age, excluding the eye of course,” He added, referring Avery’s different colored eyes. Her left was a bright yellow color, almost exactly like her father’s, but her right was a deep royal blue, just like her mother’s were and her Aunt’s are.

    Avery smiled at the complement, she was glad whenever she was compared to her mother. “Thank you again so much from letting me stay the night. I promise I’ll be out of your hair first thing in the morning,” Avery said.

    “Oh, it’s no trouble at all. And please stay as long as you’d like,” George said warmly in reply.

    “I wish I could, but I have to take care of that errand for Lady Nautia first thing in the morning. But maybe I’ll stop by on my way back,” Avery countered, keeping up her cover story. But just as George opened his mouth to reply, a large crash came from behind Avery and she wheeled around to see two men, obviously drunk, going at one another. She turned back to George just in time to see him huff and give the two an annoyed stare.

    “I have to go take care of that,” He said to Avery, “But please, sit, you must be somewhat tired from traveling. We’ll continue this conversation once I’m done.” Avery nodded in reply and watched as he flipped the towel over his shoulder, before stalking over to the two brawling men. She slipped into one of the higher-than-average bar stools and rested her arms one the counter.

    She began to look at the assortment of colored bottle of various liquors that lined the shelves behind the bar. A bright orange bottle suddenly caused her to subtly reach down to the brown leather pouch strapped half way up her right thigh. Demurely, she opened it and glanced down to make sure that her orange poke-cite was still there, along with quite a nice sum of gold coins that she had been saving up specifically for this undertaking of her’s. The Poke ‘cite – inscribed with move Dragon Breath – was an 18th birthday present her father had sent all the way from Cinnibar. It was one of her two most prized positions - the second being the gold bracelet her Aunt had given her, also as an eighteenth birthday present, that Avery keeps on her left wrist at all times.

    Once she had made sure that her poke ‘cite was still in the pouch, she closed it just as subtly as she had opened it and went back to observing the bottles of liquor.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
  5. Drat

    Drat Don't Bother None

    Vyk ~ Saffron Junction ~ Lacqueredy’s Pub

    Everything has a purpose and a place in this world. Every person is just a piece of a big puzzle, waiting to be slid into place by unseen hands- Unseen hands, moving a lone figure through the Kanto night. A cobblestone street stretched out before him. A few streetlights, still glowing, guided him unknowingly to a strange yet familiar fate. The figure, completely obscured by the darkness leisurely walked towards a familiar spot, the Lacqueredy Pub. Standing on the edge of Saffron Junction’s border, it was a place of respite for the people of Kanto, offering cold drinks and a place to rest. The owner, George Lacqueredy was a portly man, bald as well, but still a well regarded citizen of Saffron. His business always stood as a testament to the products of hard work and honesty. But George’s bar also attracted the more ‘lively’ of Kanto’s residents, people like gamblers, drunkards, and thieves. Those who would soon steal the food form another’s table before they paid for it themselves. People who erupted into violence at the first sign of disrespect. People willing to throw their lives away for the next big rush.

    People like Vyk.

    The wooden doors to Lacqueredy’s Pub creaked open as the man walked in. Golden eyes scanned the room quickly, taking note of a new bar fight between two patrons. Excited miscreants hung on the edge, shouting out profanities and filling the air with a chorus of laughs and cries. Bare feet moved forward and to a bar stool. Vyk lay his arms on the bar and tapped his fingers impatiently on the hardwood table. The fight settled down as the bruised and beaten men returned to their seats, angry and drunk as ever. George came over and spotted Vyk, who looked up with a devious smile on his face. Taking a little breath the bar tender walked over and leaned on his table.

    “Well Vyk. What do you want?”

    The Cinnibar-native sat back in his seat, his dark black hair settling messily on his head.

    “How about a shot of whiskey to start?”

    “And I assume this on your tab, huh?”

    Vyk grinned. George had seen that face too many times by now.

    “You’re going to have to start paying me one of these days Vyk. Why don’t you just get a job, like the rest of society?”

    The smile faded slightly.

    “Make that two shots, George.”

    The bar tender walked to the back of his station, shaking his head. Vyk turned and examined his sword. A black hilt, gold hand-guard, a thin and long blade. He ran his fingers up the blade, feeling the cold forged metal and tracing the etchings on the side, long since stained with the life of his enemies. Vyk looked up casually to scan the bar again, this time seeing something he hadn’t before. A girl. She sat casually, carousing the alcohol in a few seats over. A single long flowing braid reaching towards her back where a bow rested calmly. She was pale, probably from some kind of hoity-toity Knight’s residence. Or maybe she worked in that scriptorium, but then again, what kid of scholar would dress like that? A cream skirt, leather corset and bracer, like she was ready for a battle. Vyk couldn’t help but smile. He sheathed his sword silently. George came back with the drinks, setting them down on the table silently. He whispered,

    “Don’t even think about it.”

    “Oh George, you know I don't think."

    “I’m serious Vyk. Stay away from that girl, or you’ll be answering to me.”

    Suddenly, one of the drunk’s yelled out,

    “You’re cheating! I can see you cheating right now!”

    The accused stood up angrily,

    “What?! You’re crazy!”

    George rubbed his face tiredly and began walking over to the arguing men.

    The argument fired up as more men got involved. George put his hands up clamly,

    “Guys we don’t need another fight in here. Now ju-“

    The bartender didn’t get a chance to finish as the entire section exploded into a brawl. George stood on the outside of the scrap, trying to calm down his patrons. Vyk slipped down a few seats next to the girl.

    “Well now, what do we have here?”

    The islander leaned on the table with his elbow, looking at Avery with a half-grin on his face. He started,

    “Don’t tell me you’re drinking alone...”
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  6. Maree

    Maree Fireball In The Dark

    Avery Lamentea
    Saffron Junction ;;; Lacqueredy’s Pub

    Avery now remembered why her mother had hated stopping my George’s pub at night; it was filled with grown, drunken men making complete idiots out of themselves by arguing over the stupidest things. And as soon as one fight subsided, there was no more than a good five minutes of peace before another started up. She loved George like family, but even the crappiest of pubs back in Cerulean were more civil than this place. However, Avery was glad that George seemed to be a master at calming his patrons down.

    The old bar owner came back over to Avery and gave her a one moment look as he went and tended on another customer. The brunette nodded understandingly, she was perfectly fine waiting by herself. Just as long as no creeps tried to hit on her, because she would not hesitate to –

    “Well now, what do we have here?” Speak of the Devil.

    Avery turned to see who was attempting to make a move on her and came face to face with the, for lack of a better term, most uncivilized looking man she had ever seen. He had wild black hair that was sticking everywhere except for in his face, and his wannabe scraggly beard was more along the lines of a five-o’clock shadow - if you could even call it that – or perhaps stubble would a better term. When she met his eyes with her own, she saw that his eyes shared the same vibrant golden yellow color as her left eye. But to Avery, his one feature that caught her attention the most was his rough tanned skin; skin that she would expect to find on someone from Cinnibar …She wondered; if this man was from the Island that she wished to travel to, then he might be of some use to her.

    “Don’t tell me you’re drinking alone...” The man asked leaning on the bar with his elbow. A lustrous half-grin on his face as his golden eyes traversed down and up her body. Normally, Avery would smack him right then and there; but tonight she had different goals in mind.

    “No, I fact, I’m not drinking at all” Avery said coyly as she traced a circle on the counter demurely with her finger. Of course she had drank before, what with the setbacks in technology, the age limited for drinking had been greatly un-enforced, allowing nearly anyone to get their hands on some form of alcohol without suspicions or punishment. Why, she had gone out to a pub just last week with some of the other guards under Lady Nautia’s order, but that’s a whole different story.

    She turned on her stool to face the man, and as she did she crossed her legs which caused her skirt to twist to the point where her legs were completely sticking out of one of long slits down the side of her skirt; a move she had mastered a long while ago, back in Cerulean.

    “But you know I wouldn’t mind some company,” Avery said to him, meeting his eyes with her own and batting her lashes seductively. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was manipulative someone for her own personal game.

    “I’m Avery by the way. And I know we just met and all but I have a question to ask you-” Avery said, placing her hand lightly on his forearm before continuing. “-I’ve never seen skin as tan as your's before. Tell me, just where exactly are you from?” Once she finished asking the question, her eyes flickered down to his arm where she had absent-mindedly began to lightly run her finger up and down his forearm. Then when her eyes flickered back up to meet his with an innocent look to them, she drew her hand away and rested it back on the counter.

    Inside, she couldn’t honestly believe that she was doing this. But if this guy was from Cinnibar Island, Avery was going to do whatever it took to get him to help her. Just as long as George was occupied with bar fights, she would keep this little act up and long as she’d have to.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
  7. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Cyrus Mason
    Saffron Junction, Indigo Brotherhood Outpost

    No one ever suspected there was a thieves' guild underneath the Midnight Stallion Inn, a quaint and respectable three story stone building that was on a forgotten corner of one of the many streets in the Saffron Junction. There were many that came and went about their daily lives without ever suspecting anything. The Midnight Stallion Inn's fare was reasonable, the food was respectable, and the accommodations were up to standard. But there was nothing unique about the inn itself that distinctly separated it from all the others. It was the unsuspecting status quo for such businesses of its kind.

    In the lower cellar levels, the members of the Indigo Brotherhood planned out their operations, or they used it for gambling, initiation, or any other purpose that the guild of thieves needed it to serve. The room was dimly lit, but well stocked with supplies, a wooden table that had seen many years worth of use, rickety chairs, flasks and chemical bottles, and all kinds of training equipment. Meanwhile, the stolen treasure of the thieves was in a vault that was always watched. Thieves that slacked behind or were incompetent found themselves penniless, and often the laughing stock of the guild. Others did their part and proved themselves to be useful mammals, ones that brought in more gold coins than the others. As they climbed the ladder of respect in the guild, they gained access to some of the guild's deeper and darker secrets.

    Cyrus Mason was simply one of those thieves, who knew that several heads working together could accomplish more than one working alone. But there were times when the lone rogue was the ideal situation as well. As the expression once said, too many cooks can ruin a soup. Cyrus would never suggest using more rogues than what was necessary.

    On the wooden table, several locks had been laid out, ones that Cyrus had been using for practice. Every time, Cyrus carefully examined each of the locks and had inserted the tension wrench first, and then inserted the hooked pick itself. It was a matter of feeling around for the pins, to sense and get a feel for what the inside of the lock was like without actually seeing inside, even though Cyrus had already built enough locks himself to know what the interiors consisted of. Cyrus was on the last of these locks, and starting in the back, he pushed up the fifth pin with the pick, and applied a little pressure on the tension wrench, keeping the pin up and suspended. He then slowly moved onto the fourth pin, and pushed that up while simultaneously applying pressure to the tension wrench. He did this for the remaining three pins, applying pressure on the tension wrench until all five pins were up, and he had successfully picked the lock.

    "You spend too much time on this."

    Cyrus turned around from the workbench he was stationed at to see Holden Crawford, a fellow thief at the guild. While Cyrus wasn't the most respectable of gentlemen with his scars and intimidating visage, he wasn't nearly as thuggish in appearance as Holden, a man that few could look at and feel safe around. The hulking, muscular man was not the ideal frame and size for a thief, but like the ox or the heavy draft horse, he had his uses. While many Indigo Brotherhood thieves could slit a throat, Holden was more specialized in simply snapping necks. In the meantime, Holden was slightly envious of Cyrus's skills, as his large, clumsy hands had sincere difficulty trying to master the same kinds of intricate motions that Cyrus could perform. He, however, didn't quite have as much wit and intelligence.

    "There's a certain 'high' to this, Holden," Cyrus explained to him with a guile smile. "Every lock cracked is like another sip of freedom, another taste of being able to go wherever I want and look into wherever I want. I find the darkest, most interesting secrets are often kept behind locks and in all the places other people just don't want you to go."

    "Heh heh," Holden snickered, looking at Cyrus's handiwork. "Yeah, okay. Anyway, Dwayne gave the order for guild to head out tonight. Wants more Pokécite. Gold coins, gems, and weapons work too."

    "Ah, always a little of everything," Cyrus shrugged and smiled. "What's the cut?"

    "Seventy-thirty," Holden nodded with a smile. "You keep seventy, the rest go to guild. Except for Pokécite. Dwayne say he wants that for guild, but he give you good gold in exchange."

    To Cyrus, it was a fair deal. Dwayne was only slightly greedy, enough to have the guild rake in plenty of money, but the seventy percent that each thief kept to themselves was enough to draw in the best of rogues and make good use of their skills with that kind of incentive.

    "Well then, I'm off to work," Cyrus told Holden, grabbing his things before heading out. "Wish me luck. It means more rounds at the bar."

    "Heh heh, will do," Holden sneered.
  8. AZX612

    AZX612 On my own here we go

    Troy Green
    Virdian Forest

    Troy was walking through Viridian Forest, no, running. He had been scaveging for food all day, and hadn't realized how far he had strayed. An average person would have been lost by now, but like the rest of the villagers, he knew the forest as well as he knew how to walk and talk. He was just trying to get home fast because the forest becomes ubearably dark at night. After roughly 15 minutes of running, he had finally made it back home to his bungalo, as he liked to call it. Hut just sounded primitive. Sure it was made of dirt. But it was his dirt and he loved it.

    He put his sack of food down on the floor and looked to see what he had found. A multitude of various fruits, some type of seed. "Hmm... I guess I can plant it and see what it brings me. Anyway." He continued looking through the sack. There were various nuts and berries which always made a good breakfast. Troy sorted everything and put it into an ice box. Not a freezer, simply a thick box filled with ice. A few of the locals had Ice Pokecite and used it to help others to keep their food fresh and safe to eat. It was a rough life in the forest, scaveging for your food everyday. But it was life and simply something you have to get used to.

    Troy was getting ready to go to sleep and he looked out his window (A square carved out of the dirt wall) over the horizon to see Viridian Castle. "Now that is some dirt right there." Troy said to himself. He then went to his room, layed down and went to sleep for the night.

    OOC: Sorry my post is so short compared to the others... I'm not very good at introductions...
  9. The Black Glove

    The Black Glove The Resident BAMF

    Right. Let's get this story moving.


    As you settled comfortably in your bed, memories of the past few days fill your mind. Plenty of wandering around the castle, "accidentally" overhearing conversations, but sadly, none of the information had been of any help. Perhaps you'll feel better after a night's sleep...

    Or you would, if not for the shadowy figure who just climbed in your window. He seems to not have noticed you're awake. This might be the best opportunity for you to get a suprise attack...


    ...one of them left a note. A small, folded-up piece of parchment sat inbetween the copper coins. Much to your suprise, the parchment was blank, save for a letter and a number on opposite sides of the top. 9 and the letter F. Or maybe the number was a six, if you held the paper upside down. Either way, you had a good feeling such an object wasn't meant for you, but without reading the words that weren't there, there wasn't much of a lead. Perhaps the words were there, but there was a special key to getting them to appear.

    Mysterious letter added to the Court Reco- I mean Elaine's Inventory.

    Avery and Vyk:

    Huh. Not much to say to you guys. Though George seems to be keeping an especially close eye on Vyk... keep conversing.


    As you leave, you find most of the streets quite barren, apart from the few drunks wandering around. The several bars scattered amongst the city are loud as always, inhabited by both the local and out-of-town "party makers". Hardly the ideal night to do anything short of pickpocketing.

    Then someone passed by who caught your attention. A young girl, probably no older than 15, from the looks of it. Dressed in a red vest over a long-sleeved black shirt, with shorts that reached down just above her knees. More importantly, she was muttering to herself, something incomprehensible, while carrying a large wooden crate. Perhaps tonight's first victim?


    (OOC: Don't worry about size. Just worry about the quality of each post, and give me an opening to do something to move the story. It was difficult to find something for you to do while everyone else's characters are out and about, so consider this your punishment. ^_^ )

    The night was fairly silent. A few Kricketot chirped in the distance, safely outside the barrier around the city. So peaceful, in fact, that it was almost a little disturbing. Despite this, you were tired from your long day, and fell asleep with little difficulty.

    As the night rolls on, you dream of days spent in the forest, of a day when Pokemon might be free once again to be with people. In your dream, a snorlax gives you a bone-crushing hug... that's odd...the pain isn't leaving your body...

    You awaken in shock to find a Victreebel, body darker than pitch, has found it's way into your hut. While you were dreaming, it appears to have wrapped it's vines around your neck and waist in a Wrap attack, slowly cutting off your air supply. It doesn't seem to have noticed that you're awake yet, but if you don't hurry and do something, you'll run out of air- if it doesn't flat-out crush your windpipe.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  10. AZX612

    AZX612 On my own here we go

    OOC: OH SNAP. I guess that wasnt smart of me = P

    Troy Green
    Viridian Forest Bungalo

    BIC: Troy was rudely awakened by a Victreebel that was trying to choke him do death with its vines wrapped around his neck and waist. He tried to yell, but his neck was too constricted to do so and his thoughts were blurry due to lack of oxygen. But then instincts invoulentarily kicked in!
    (Squemish Alert)
    His arms, which wern't constricted, quickly felt around his waist for his quiver. He quickly pulled out an arrow and jammed it into the Victreebel's body, and while it flinched in pain, Troy grabbed its vine and bit it as hard as he could. He felt his teeth sink completely through the vine, leaving a horrible taste in Troy's mouth. As much as he hated doing this to the Victreebel, he knew it would kill him if he didnt. He felt the grip loosen around his neck, and the vine fell to the ground. He took a second to catch his breath and clear his mind.
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  11. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Tyson Little
    Outskirts of Saffron Junction

    It was deadly silent. The sun had set over the Lavender swamps, and was creeping over Tyson's shack. He was outside, his silver hair being lifted slightly from the breeze. His Bandana was tied around his neck, and his cloak remained wrapped around his neck, the Bandana lying lightly on top. His Katars reflected the moonlight off of them, and they appeared to be blue, lying on his lap.

    It had been unusually quiet where he had been, and he was making the most of his time off. Relaxing on a half broken deck chair, he stared up at the sky. It had turned almost completely black now. There were no stars, and there was no source of light, except for the moon. There hadn't been any Pokemon attacks, or passers by for days. Although used to living in solitude, he was getting bored of it.

    There was a tree nearby. A fruit baring tree. Seeing this as the best oppurtunity to leave his post, he took it. Grabbing his Katar, he strolled over to the tree, about 15 meters away. Looking into the branches, there was nothing out of the ordinary. He couldn't take any chances in an area like the one he lived in. He grabbed a fruit from the tree, cutting the stem off with his Katara. It was Orange, and has a smooth texture. After 1 bite, he still couldn't tell what kind of fruit it was, but it was sweet, and moist. Tyson sat down underneath the tree, glancing once more at the sky. There was a flash. The flash disappeared, then reappeared. The first star. Tyson had picked the perfect moment to look at the sky, and upon this, he began to think.

    Someday I'll have to leave this place, or i'll be driven away. But for now, this is my home, as it has been for my entire life. I don't want to be leaving soon.

    He shut his eyes for a moment. His head started to blur, and his eyes began to darken under the eyelids. He grew dizzy, and as the second star appeared, he dozed off.

    Just an introduction. He's in that kind of sleep where you're asleep, but you know you're asleep and can wake up whenever you want and are aware of your surrounding.
  12. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    (OOC) Sorry this is kind of tiny, I couldn't write much more without revealing who the interloper was, in case you had a plan for that. I'd assume it was Izo... but couldn't be sure.

    Kyu no Koga-ryu
    Celadon Castle Town – Castle Kanto – Kyu’s Chambers

    Kyu relaxed, exhausted. The last few days had been uneventful… but the plan was well set. It was most likely that the Barrier was in the highest tower. Kyu had checked all around the castle, and the only place she had not been allowed access, even for an attempt to innocently clean the tower. Otherwise, it was either hidden in the Queen’s personal rooms, or perhaps someplace hidden. The Tower would be a good start.

    Kyu was roused by a shadowy figure entering through the window. The possibilities flashed through her mind. It was highly unlikely that there would be an assassin or other enemy, as no one would target a simple housekeeper. Besides, this was Castle Kanto. Perhaps it was Izo? Always better safe than sorry. Better that an ally gets bruised than herself gets a knife in her ribs. And besides, she had been itching for some action for a while.

    She leapt up, tossing the sheet over the interloper’s head. She lashed out with a foot, catching the intruder’s chest. She came forward, grabbed the shadowy figure’s leg, and tugged it inside the room. A flailing arm caught her chin, and knocked her backwards. The figure struggled with the sheet for a moment, and Kyu took advantage of the distraction to lift the figure up, and pin his hands behind his body, pushing him into the wall, taking a letter-opener and holding it to the back of his throat.

    She pulled the sheet away to reveal the interloper's face…
  13. Drat

    Drat Don't Bother None

    Vyk ~ Saffron Junction ~ Lacqueredy’s Pub

    Vyk smirked.

    “Well...” The young man leaned back in his stool, doing his best to show of his arm’s muscles. “I’m from a big scary island called Cinnabar.”

    The tribal stretched his arms out nonchalantly.

    “Yeah. I’m kind of a big deal there." Now Vyk didn’t typically lie. He didn’t have any reason to. But this girl, Avery, had him hanging from her hip. And of course, she wouldn’t know if he exaggerated a little bit. After all, this was just going to be a one night thing. Vyk hopped up from his stool, drawing his sword quickly and dramatically.

    “In fact, I’m a big celebrity to people in Cinnabar!” Vyk looked to make sure Avery was still listening. “I once fought back an entire army of tribals in my homeland!”

    He stared forward intently. This time lowering his knees and extending his elbows, doing his best to make what he thought an effective fighting stance. Although it came off more as looking like something from a cheesy japanese action movie than a real, effective pose.

    “There I was surrounded by twenty, no thirty of these crazy elite warriors! And bam!”

    Vyk made a large sweeping slice in the air.

    “Just like that three were down!” Vyk cut down again, slicing an invisible enemy in two down the middle. Another stab, this one to an imaginary stomach. A jumping slash here, a spinning swipe here, all narrated beautifully by the vagrant tribal. Complete with tribal curses and profanity to boot. Soon the entire ‘army’ fell at his knees, the imaginary village saved from its would-be assailants. Vyk finished his performance with a bow, grinning.

    “So yeah.” Vyk sat back down in his stool, sliding his sword back into its sheath. He rested his elbow back on the bar. His eye tacking Avery's figure again. “After that I moved here to Kanto, and I’ve been living the good life ever since.” The good life primarily being a dilapidated on the outer edge of Saffron and a bottle of Scotch. But hey, she wouldn't know that.

    “But you know,” he started, in a moment of honesty, "What I'd really like to do is meet this Bonsai guy. I've heard a lot of people talking about him as the greatest warrior in Kanto."

    The bar fight behind Vyk seemed to be dying down. Hopefully George wouldn't notice the two.

    "You don't happen to know anything about this guy, would you?"
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  14. Maree

    Maree Fireball In The Dark

    Avery Lamentea
    Saffron Junction ;;; Lacqueredy’s Pub

    Avery couldn’t help but smirk to herself when the man, who said his name to be Vyk, admitted that he was from the “big scary island called Cinnibar”. Her hunch had been right, now all she would have to do is convince the tan vagabond in front of her to help her. Let’s see if she could make him let something slip that she could use to get him to help to do what she wanted.

    But before she could say anything, Vyk began a grand reenactment of one of his many victorious battles on Cinnibar, where he was apparently regarded as a celebrity of some sort. It was quite obvious to Avery that he was exaggerating his story; but she could also tell by the way he wheeled his sword that he was actually a pretty decent swordsman – another perk the dark haired archer could use along her journey.

    As Vyk’s little performance became more…animated, Avery was forced to bite her lip in order to suppress the laughter that was threatening to burst out of her. It honestly was the funniest thing she had seen in a long while…perhaps once she had him eating out of her hand, Avery would tell him that. As Vyk finished his presentation with a little bow, Avery clapped respectfully, having the best “I’m very impressed” look on her face that she could muster.

    When she caught him eyeing her figure once more, Avery straightened her shoulders and subtly stuck out her chest and, once again, a feeling of disgust found residence in the pit of her stomach. But that’s when he did it; Vyk said that he wished to battle this Bonsai fellow who lived out in the Pallet Fields. Now Avery knew a thing or two about Bonsai, granted it wasn’t much but it was bound to be more than this Vyk character knew. That was it; that would be the figurative carrot that she dangled in front of his face.

    “Well Vyk, now this is quite a funny little predicament we’re in,” Avery said beginning to trace a finger up and down Vyk forearm again. “I just so happens that I’m on my way to Cinnibar Island, but poor little me doesn’t know the first thing about how to survive there,” she let her finger move up to his shoulder before resting her hand on his surprisingly muscular chest. “But, I do happen to know a few things about this Bonsai man that you’re so interested in.”

    She took her hand from his chest and began to brush her fingers over his hand. She looked up into his golden eyes; a look of innocence mixed with longing present in her own, and said, “Would you maybe like to come with me to Vermillion? If you tell me everything I’d need to know about how to survive on Cinnibar, I could really make it worth your while.” Avery leaned over so that her lips were right next to Vyk’s ear and whispered, “In more ways than one.” She lightly and discreetly blew some air onto his ear as she pulled her head away slowly and saw goose bumps appear on his skin. She had him.

    Just then, George’s voice sounded from the other end of the pub, finally settling the latest alcohol-induced fight between his patrons. Knowing that she couldn’t let George see her flirting with this Vyk character, Avery quickly turned back to facing the bar. Knowing she might not get another chance to talk to him, Avery quickly muttered to Vyk, “If you’ll help me, meet me outside the front of the pub tomorrow morning at sunrise - and don’t be late.”

    She finished talking just as George came back over to the two and stared menacingly at Vyk, “I thought I told you to stay away from her.”
  15. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    OOC: That's... odd, I thought all Pokémon except for dark types were gone. So how did Troy get attacked by a Victreebel and hear Kricketot?

    Cyrus Mason
    Saffron Junction

    The hour was late for most people, but for some like Cyrus, the moment was in its prime. He knew how to hide in the shadows, blend in, and become anonymous. At this hour, only the bars and it's drunks were lively. Most of them were hobos that spent the little they had on the drinks they used to drown their woes.

    Cyrus, however, came across an unusual opportunity to see a young girl, dressed in a black shirt covered by a red vest, along with shorts that only reached her knees, very unusual attire. Meanwhile, she was muttering to herself, as if she was schizophrenic. All the while, she was carrying a large, wood crate that could have been anything. For all Cyrus knew, it was a mystery, a box that could be filled with junk, or with much needed valuables. It did look like it weighed quite a bit as the physical strain the girl had to endure to keep the box up. Surely it had to be more than just clothes, worthless family heirlooms, and the like.

    "Ah, milady, that looks awfully heavy," Cyrus told the young girl, warming up to her to mislead her into believing his hospitality. "Might I lend a hand to lighten the burden?"

    Normally, Cyrus wasn't one to steal from children, though he had a feeling she was carrying that box for someone else. Handling a rugged, wooden crate was so... unlady-like, and Cyrus had a feeling if the crate was hers, she wouldn't have packed it to the point of being such a burden. So, he deemed someone like either an overbearing parent or a disgruntled employer was forcing her to have to carry such a load. And someone like that might be greedy enough to have quite a few interesting possessions they needed shipped at this hour.

    "Say, what's your name anyway?" Cyrus asked politely, using his acting experience to seem like a trustworthy gentleman.
  16. Primavera

    Primavera ...

    Elaine Mae Ash
    Celadon Castle Town

    It was late... Really late. But Elaine's mind was cluttered with thoughts about the mysterious letter one of her audience members left her. She thought that it might be one of those parchments that people in jail write in a special ink. And the only way to make the ink un-invisible is to pee on it. Elaine seriously doubted it was one of those parchments. It was the feeling that someone could really be needing this is what threw her off.

    Elaine was so confused. She pulled out her rusty sea-green harmonica and started to play a simple melody that was written by her, hoping to remedy her restlessness. It reminded Elaine of sitting on a tree limb, so high up that no one could see her. And she was just sitting there, thinking about life and its meaning. The breeze was sifting through her honey-colored hair, her legs swinging back and forth, and then she slowly drifted off to sleep...

    But then she woke up... Again. So... Close! Elaine thought. The mild case of insomnia was killing her. That letter was giving her a migraine! And she didn't even know what the hell to do with it! Calm down Elaine... You can do this... Just close your eyes and go to a happy place... Too bad her self-promising thought was failing horribly.

    Well I might as well plan what I am going to do tomorrow... Perhaps she could go to that mini-castle on the other side of town. It suprised her that she's lived in Celadon for all of her life, and she has never entered the mini-castle. She was going to learn tomorrow what if was for, she promised herself.

    Elaine closed her eyes and finally drifted off into dream-land.


    I woke up on a bed. I got up and looked around. I was in a tiny little bedroom with a bed, closet, and toilet.

    There was a lone window situated on my right, embedded into the hard stone walls.

    I peered through the window and saw a knight in glistening, silver armor fending off a dragon in what appeared to be a outside of a castle.

    So this tower was apparently part of the castle. But why would such a handsome man be fending off such a fierce dragon for me of all people?

    It was strange. But then I felt an incredible longing. I wished I was a princess... Sitting in a tower... Waiting for my prince charming...
  17. The Black Glove

    The Black Glove The Resident BAMF


    (OOC: Your post has failed to allow Victreebel any chance to fight back. Believe it or not, what you have done is a form of god-modding. Let's take it back a bit so there's an actual fight...)
    With a horrifying screech, Victreebel loosened it's vines, dropping its prey to the floor. Recoiling the grassy tendrils, it closed it's mouth, and then seemed to inflate. It appears to be preparing a powder attack...


    It's a very strange thing, sleeping while awake. It's not the best for resting, but you don't have much opportunity to be attacked. Sadly, it doesn't mean things that aren't targeting you are easy to notice.

    The smell of smoke creeps into your nostrils. Judging by the heat you can feel, the fire is awfully close. As you open your eyes, you realize it's your house. While you were dozing, something must have snuck in and set it ablaze! Still, there's something unusual about the amount of smoke coming from it. Most fires don't produce that much.


    (OOC: No worries. This length is fine. I'm more concerned about content than words typed)

    As you battled, the interloper made several noises of suprise, taking the hits with little resistance. As you pulled the sheet away, you revealed a young man with short brown hair and a small goatee. His face was squashed against the wall, but to you, it was easily recognizeable.

    "Nice ta seeya too" Izo grinned, as best he could pressed against the wall.

    Vyk and Avery: Please, carry on.


    (OOC: Not Dark TYPES. Dark POKEMON. They're evil. All black, red glowing eyes, kill people. That whole deal.)

    As you approached, you realized her muttering wasn't impossible to understand because it was hard to hear- it was just ridiculously complex, and leagues above your knowledge. You managed to make out a bit of it:

    "...so if we were to apply the Rowan Principle to that... but then I'd need to balance that by changing the formula... no, that won't work..."

    "Ah, milady, that looks awfully heavy," you told her, "Might I lend a hand to lighten the burden?"

    She scrambled for control as you lifted the box out of her reach. "Hey! Give it back!" Realizing that you weren't running off with the contents, she settled down, giving a quiet sigh. "Fine. Do as you like. Just don't run off with it." She walked along, keeping a close eye on you to make sure you were following.

    "Say, what's your name anyway?" you had asked.

    She didn't bother to look you in the eye. "Rachel", she answered. Tough crowd.

    With the box in your hands, you could get a good peek at the contents. Much to your suprise, the heavy crate was filled with paper and ink. Fairly low-quality, and packed in with various tools for which you couldn't recognize the purpose. The papers were, as of yet, unmarked.


    (OOC: *laughs* I assure you, urine does not reveal the message on it. Are we going to assume your character sleeps until the following day?)
  18. AZX612

    AZX612 On my own here we go

    OOC:#1- Troy, not Tony.
    #2- Whoops, sorry. Sometimes I get a bit carried away. This is my first RP where the gamemaster isnt a character, but rather... Idk, the controller of fate XD
    #3- A horrifying Screech? Sounds to me like its regular Cry in the games XD

    I'll remove everything in my post after the biting its vine sort of thing and Edit this one with my next move in the battle. It'll make my posts kind of short though... Does that work?

    Anyway, BIC: While Troy was recovering from nearly being strangled to death, the Victreebel closed its mouth and expanded. All of a sudden, the room didn't smell so good. The stench was emenating from inside the Victreebel. It opened its mouth and released a burst of purple powder at Troy. It smelled horrible and with just one breath, his lungs stung horrible. He felt a bit dizzy and nauseas and his vision was blurring. Before he lost all conciousness, he pulled his lime colored camo sweatshirt over his nose and mouth so he didnt inhale any more of this toxic powder. "Uggh... Poison Powder... of all the dirty tricks..." Troy murmured. He pulled out his bow, but he couldn't quite get a good aim being all dizzy and blurry. So he put his bow back and and fought the only way he knew how to withough the help of weapons. He knew the Victreebel wouldn't be using its vine again anytime soon considering what Troy did to it, so a Melee attack would work. Before it had a chance to blast him with that toxic powder again, he ran up to it and Drop-Kicked it, and while it was on the ground, he ripped out the arrow that he stabbed in the Victreebel earlier and jammed it in again in a different spot. He knew that wouldn't be enough to stop it yet, so while it was getting back up and trying to tend to its wounds, Troy ran over to the ice box real quick and pulled out a berry from the very bottom of the box where he kept his emergency berries. Status Curing ones. They worked for pokemon, so why not humans? Troy grabbed a Pecha Berry and ate it as fast as he could. Sure they don't work immediatly, but he knew in a couple minutes he would feel better. He turned to see the Victreebell getting ready to attack again. "Oh, back for more?" Troy said, pulling out his bow and a fresh arrow.

    OOC Again: Better?
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  19. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    (OOC) My posts are always so monologue-y, since I don’t control the NPCs for possibly plot-important replies. Hopefully I’ll meet people soon. Primavera’s char will probably notice the castle being blown to bits though… : )

    Kyu no Koga-ryu
    Celadon Castle Town ~ Castle Kanto ~ Housekeeper’s Chambers

    Kyu tugged the sheet away to reveal the grinning face of Izo, fellow interloper, ninja, and the closest thing she had to a real friend. Kyu sighed, and let go of him, letting him brush off and relax.

    “Nice ta seeya too,” he said, grinning. “Nice way to greet someone. Don’t you sleep?”

    Kyu smiled. “Hrmph, not anymore. Remember when sensei would sneak up on us with an axe? He started with dulled axes, and after a few nights of sneak attacks, used sharpened ones. You learned fast, or lost a limb.”

    “Oh, of course I remember that,” Izo muttered. “Everyone took it, but you, you sprang up one night, kicked away the axe, and beat him up. And you got top marks. Looks like that’s still in you…”

    “So, did you collect what I requested from the merchant?” The word ‘Koga’ was never used outside of the village, even among each other. No one knew that there was an organized village of ninja. It was their greatest advantage. “You couldn’t have, I made the order just a few hours ago.”

    (Plot Important Moment for GM Intervention)

    “Well, anyway, the plan…” she brought Izo closer and whispered, in case anyone was listening, “tomorrow night. I’ll be helping in the kitchen. I got some high-quality fish from Cerulean. I’ll be poisoning the fish, and the stew with sleeping draught, highly delayed-action. After dinner, everyone who ate the fish, or the stew will be deeply asleep within four hours. I’ll also sprinkle the sleeping draught into the guards’ water. You don’t touch the fish or the stew, and don’t drink any water after dinner. If you can manage to get guard duty in the highest tower, do it. I’ll be sneaking up the side of the tower but the nearest window to the top is halfway up… apparently they thought having a window right beside the barrier would be bad.

    So, I’ll be sneaking up, climbing the tower from the outside, and I’ll get in. Once inside, I’ll have to kill the guards, who’ll hopefully be asleep anyway. But dead men don’t wake up. I’ll go right after the changing of the guard, which is around when the sleeping draught should take effect. I’ll have around two hours to do it. I want you to kill whichever guard you’re working with, using a cheap thieves’ knife. Hide the body, and then keep an eye out at the base of the tower. Kill anyone who comes near.

    When I get to the top, I’ll get the barrier. I’ll use a mirror and a flame to signal you. If I signal, it’s success, and then you run for it with me. If you don’t see a signal, it’s a failure, the barrier’s not there, or I died. Stay, and cut yourself up, then lie there. When you’re found, you say something about a thief, extremely skilled and wielding powerful Poke’cite. Tell them you couldn’t see his or her face. If I’m dead and found, you won’t be implicated, and if I escaped, I won’t be implicated. I’ll probably be dead, but if I’m not, I’ll escape to my rooms, and try to play innocent. We’ll try again another day.”

    The plan was simple, and nearly foolproof. All the guards should be either asleep or extremely drowsy, and anyone who might notice the guards were drowsy would be asleep as well. Actually…

    “But… it may be risky if the plan fails. Since you requested guard duty that day… okay, instead, you know the black powder I’ve been spreading all over the castle? It’s all interconnected, and well packed into the seams between walls, under carpet, behind paintings, in the windowsills, in mouseholes, and pretty much everywhere else? Cause the ultimate distraction. Bring the East Wing down, and send the castle sprawling. People look at pyrotechnics... and away from shadows on the walls. With half the castle in a drugged sleep, and everyone else gawking at the fire and flames, trying to rescue people, trying to put out remnant flames, chaos is the ultimate cover for covert action.” Kyu grinned wickedly. Tomorrow night was sure to be interesting. It would make four years of agony worth it. “So, any feedback or ideas?”
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  20. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Tyson Little
    Outskirts of Saffron Junction
    (Heading to Saffron Junction)

    Smoke filled Tyson's nostrils, and made him cough. His sleep was interrupted by something burning. It smelt of burning alloy, and it came from his left side. Opening his eyes, and spluttering his lungs, he stared over at his burning house, in shock. His eyes were wide with fear, anger, and depression. His home that he had lived in for his whole life was burning down.

    Tyson reached for his Katara, which was merged into one at the time. He held the handle in both hands, sprinting towards his house. He ignored the smoke, although it was attacking his lungs, and the pain was awful. However, Tyson focused more on the sentimental value of his home than the pain in his chest. Pulling his arms backwards, he shouted, whilst swiping it in the air. A current of air shot forwards, and sliced through some of the flames. The extraordinary flames resisted most of this, however enough was blown away for him to enter one side of the house to grab some of the food he had left there.

    Everything was on fire, and most of the food had been decimated. The food that was left untouched was mainly scraps, and not enough to sustain him for any period of time. But it was food nonetheless. Swiping it from the burning counter, he coughed. He couldn't breathe. Tyson pulled his cloak over his mouth, which was almost burning in the flames. There was a sack in the corner, and it wasn't burning. Tyson grabbed hold of the sack, and started to pack it with food, whilst putting up with the intense heat. His breath was almost completely gone.

    With one swipe of anger, he unleashed a huge gust of wind, that extinguished the fires for a few seconds, giving him a chance to breath. Some of his house was sliced apart by this, but it didn't matter. It was gone. His home was gone. He scurried out, the sack of food hanging over his back.

    As the fires continued to destroy his house, he wondered what could have caused it. A pokemon? Yes. It must've been a pokemon. Or atleast Tyson assumed that it was a pokemon. He looked on at the burning wreckage and thought to himself. He wasn't angry nor annoyed at anything at the moment. Infact he was somewhat relieved that he could finally leave this place. However his heart was left a broken wreck, as his memorys were burned to ash.

    Well, guess I better find a new home then.

    Tyson headed for Saffron Junction. He had a backup plan for a situation like this, and he decided that he would head to one of the three major towns. There was nothing else he could do. Hanging the sack over his shoulder, and placing his Katar in the holder hidden by his cloak, he headed off, staring at the stars all the while.


    Ah well, atleast its an excuse to leave there. Thanks ;)

    Incase you didn't know already, Italics is when Tyson is thinking. You probably already know, but yano. Some people don't.

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