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Pokemon Darkened Days

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Vigoroth Clone

A book collection now on Serebii.Net.

Beco: Smart, Adventorous, Willful. ;004;
Sally: Timid, Fraidy Cat, Good Listener. ;007;
Hiro: Average, Couragous, Planner. ;001;
DragonFree: Misunderstood, no other Info. ;149; ;350; ;372; ;123; ;329;

Yami Ryu

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god this is just such retarded spam

I am almost ashamed to bother my friend Zephyr Flare to close this --;

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
The Fanfic forum is for posting fanfic. This isn't fanfic, it's smilie abuse and spam. Read the forum rules and the fanfic rules please. They shouldn't be too hard to find. They have the word RULES in them.
Not open for further replies.