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Pokemon Darkened Days

What Pokemon Trainer are you most like?

  • Hiro

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  • Beco

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  • Sally

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  • Mrs. Harper (DragonFree)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Vigoroth Clone

A book collection now on Serebii.Net.

Beco: Smart, Adventorous, Willfull. ;004;
Sally: Timid, Fraidy Cat, Good Listener. ;007;
Hiro: Average, Couragous, Planner. ;001;
DragonFree: Misunderstood, no other Info. ;123; ;149; ;350; ;372; ;329;

Book One: The Darkness Arives

Intro:In a town called Grener, there are 3 kids, Beco, Sally, and Hiro. The kids went to Grener elemantary, with there teacher, Mrs. Harper.
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