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Pokemon Day - September 28th

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by ~Water Lucario~, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. evandeck

    evandeck Well-Known Member

    i wonder if will we see pikachus and spirtbombs being traded on pokemon-gts.net?
  2. Here are Serebii members who are also giving stuff away for PokemonDay Pikachu:

    -EifiBurakki is also giving away starters holding strong TM's for PokemonDay Pikachu.

    -Tom24 is giving away Feebas holding Masterballs for PokemonDay Pikachu.

    -fuzzyqwilfish will be giving Linoone holding Sacred Ash and Rare Candies away for PokemonDay Pikachu.

    -abgar will be giving away rare berries and balls for PokemonDay Pikachu.

    -EifiBurakki will be giving away one Shiny Spiritomb Nicknamed 'PokemonDay' holding a Masterball.
  3. Tom24

    Tom24 You Dont Know 7.23

    --UP DATE--

    ok so Suicune619 made a good point, all the feebas that i was set to give away as party of the september 28th pokemon day had been nicknamed PKMN 28/09 in honour of the day but i suppose no one really does want a pokemon with that name it was blind sighted on my part cause i breed so much for different natures and just though other people would as well in order to get a fresh feebas and name so i have been hard at it and got a fresh load un-nicknamed ones, how ever iam still going to give out the nicknamed ones (cause what else do i do with them LOL) but i will infect those ones with the pkrus virus that i picked up in the eterna forest the other week as a sort of an extra can't say fairer than that

    all the feebas iam giving away will come with the ID No. 47472

    ;025; must be named POKEMONDAY inorder to get ;349;​
  4. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    This is a very cool idea. We should spread the word.

    Hmm...I want to give something away. Would anyone be interested in bidoof who each have one egg move and one seriously ev trained stat? If so, I'll try to get some bidoof ready for September 28th (hope I can still put up pikachus named PokémonDay to get something from the others who are giving away stuff if I give away something).
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2007
  5. Many sites are involved from all over the world, it is not just Serebii.
  6. martianman40

    martianman40 LIKE A BOSS!

    Gah! I HAD to agree to go shopping with my mother on this day.
  7. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    Noone is interested in a bidoof who has an egg move and one seriously ev trained stat?
  8. BlazingKen

    BlazingKen Well-Known Member

    If only everyday was pokemon day
  9. Shuko

    Shuko Pippi! Pi!

    I will trade Spiritomb holding rare items. :).

    The items you can expect from me are as follows:
    TM 26: Earthquake
    TM 44: Rest
    TM 01: Focus Punch
    Lucky Egg
    Light Ball
    Max Elixir
    Blue Flute
    Yellow Flute
  10. Tom24

    Tom24 You Dont Know 7.23

    6 days to go people get ready
  11. uzumakikunai

    uzumakikunai Moar Dratini

    I am so looking forward to this!
    BTW how long will it go on for? 'cuz different timezones can have different dates.....
  12. Due to time zones it will be spread over about 30 hours, I will search for PokemonDay Pikachu at random times to cater for different time zones.

    Australia is about 20 hours ahead of the US so I have already thought that through.
  13. xgina

    xgina Banned

    hmm, might be good to (try) and get myself an electrilizer

    why not, ill join in
  14. Even if you get an item you don't want or need you can always plan a trade here afterwoods with someone who did get the item.
  15. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    I Will Give 10th Anniversary Ho-oh Or Lugia For A Pokemon Day Pikachu
  16. Charaligatr

    Charaligatr The Secret Rascal

    Just to be a 100% clear, the pikachu have to be called "PokemonDay" spelt exactly like that?

    I'm gonna do it. This sounds like a brilliant idea.

    Shame its not on October 1st. Then it would be a real PokeMonday.

    I crack myself up sometimes.
  17. evandeck

    evandeck Well-Known Member

    so we will be able to get the items until 11:59 EDT?
  18. Warrior Rapter

    Warrior Rapter Fire Pokemon User

    I too will join in, but im not sure what i would offer up for the PokemonDay pikachus yet (as i dont think i could breed all the Charmanders by then). Im also going to see if i can get citywide festivities going on that day, but even that may not work well (the town i live in, im about the only one who likes pokemon, but hey, its worth a shot isnt it?)
  19. FireStormCharizard

    FireStormCharizard Storm of Fire

    Sounds interesting enough, I just hope I'm able to get something...

    I gotta catch me a Pikachu...
  20. Cubed

    Cubed You best believe it

    Just to confirm, I am doing this.
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