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Pokemon DP release on a sunday... WHY?

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What do I put here?
Meh, I don't go to church so its not a problem. Yeah, most people go shopping on Sunday's so it is an advantage. What's wrong with getting it after church, anyway?


I think that being released on sunday will be an advantage to Pokemon DP as more people will go shopping. I dont see any religious problems here. People go to the church then go to the mall after that (or somewhere). Oh well....wish us luck
Religion won't be a problem here. I go to church, and as soon as church is over, my family usually goes shopping for groceries. I'll get it then.


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I'm at church from 9:30 to 11:15, choir and schmuck like that. Most stores don't open until 9 on a sunday anyway. I need to get another ds, so I might get one after church, when I get dp, I reaerved both so I'm not that worried about not being able to get it, and I can play it for the whole week!!


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sunday is also known as family day and it is also the day when kids can drag their parents to game stores and beg them for cash. its a business strategy and a lifestyle many live by. they did this with the lttle kids in mind, as this is their target audience.


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Because, Sundays are usually dull. The next day is Monday, so you cant really go do anything fun. Most stores open late and close early. Its just dull. Now, DP is released, people rush out to buy it, to quench the boredom. As compared to normal tuesday releases, people usually have stuff to do. Homework, work, etc. Then they put it off until Friday, or ignore it. Doing it this way is a marketing gimmick.
The game's coming out a bit late... my holiday ends on 16th. :(


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Idk I guess the stores don't get as much buisness on Sunday.


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now i feel like i have to explain the threads existence...
it is merely here for people to brainstorm and try to figure out why a game would b e released on a sunday... because im 100% sure i wasnt the only one wondering.
No....the thread STILL makes absolutely no sense. I don't understand what makes sunday different from any other day for a game's release.


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I would've preferred a Sunday, so it doesn't matter.

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Wont it take a day to ship anyway so stores wont have it until monday?


I don't know why it's coming out on a Sunday, but it's not a problem for me. I pre-ordered it, so all I have to do is chow up after church. Did the other pokemon games come out on a Sunday?
well at least some of you can get games when they come out, some of us don't have any money *grr* but i want to get them as soon as possible.

besides, who cares when the game comes out


Hmm... well a Sunday kinda makes sense because of the game talking and all... but then, im gonna have to hide inside my jacket during class to play U.U
because i KNOW i wont be able to hold the temptation of playing... :(
but im not getting the game until 2 or 3 days after the release cuz im gonna pre-order it off of eb-games... but yeah ill be static and waiting but i wanted it on the release date tho U_U

but oh well, let poke-socialize on monday about the game(a.k.a brag lol)


I dont really care what day D/P comes out. Just alsong as it comes out....

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21 days for me is going to still bit of a strech. I already have people stuck at levels so when i transfer them thell get new moves. Which is kind of a pain cause i dont know where the move relearners are yet.
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