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Pokemon dream meteor (PG)

Ricon X

new world
Well here is my attempt at a fan fiction that I had an idea for a long time.
Give me C&C, review and anything that will help me improve.
Also this is of a PG warning for the word damn being used other than that it's relatively a calm fic.
Now for Chapter One

thoughts are in italics
The letter here is in italics and book antiqua font


Chapter One: Silent Dream

It was a dark starry night, everything was clear but nothing was in sight. Suddenly a light gleamed from above and started to get brighter. The object started to hurl towards the earth and as soon as it was about to hit. The falling star split into pieces and went flying far way. Meanwhile the largest piece fell through the earth crust and kept going down until it hit magma.

A boy suddenly awoke from a hazed out dream. He couldn’t remember the details but it had stars and flashes. He looked it to the mirror and saw his reflection. He saw too dark brown eyes looking back and rough jet black hair. He wasn’t someone special not the kind ever since the discovery.

It was about two years ago, a great scientist named Roland had found a crater in the west of England and to his surprise weird creatures emerged from them and when he took a closer look it was Pokemon. The what so called fantasy and had come to life. The world of pretend was enlightened as people scoured the earth for these amazing creatures, from Europe to Australia. Soon after a year a league was set up for these creatures and trainers battling across the land commenced.

Belden looked at himself and didn’t really care because he was never going to have a chance living in a small town in Scotland called Airdrie. He slowly got ready to leave for school and looked at the mirror once more and headed of.

On his way he saw kids rejoicing about knew pets and how they were loyal and laughing. Damn…. I wish I could get a loyal Pokemon but not in a million years.
He was 13 and still no Pokemon and at his school only about 50 people were left in his year because all of them took up Pokemon. Among them a girl he liked but he had no chance and sat down at a bench in the school and looked at the floating clouds.

In the building a science teacher was having trouble with the hyper active Pokemon at his side. “Calm down Treeko and Mudkip!”
He kept wishing some one could take them but none to the present matter.
“Guys don’t worry we’ll find some one.”

Outside the school bell rang alerting all to enter the building. Belden got annoyed at the disturbing ring but headed towards the lab. At that moment some in the lab was opening gas taps and had a deodorant can and a lighter. He slowly threw the can and chucked the lighter running at full speed to escape the whole lab disappeared in one BOOM!

Belden heard another bell but it wasn’t class bell but the fire alarm. He quickly headed to the nearest exit but found it locked.
“Damn the door won’t open!” He shouted in frustration.
He looked around for help but every one was outside. He entered the lab that was burning and coughed at the smell of methane gas. He looked around only to see a teacher and the two Pokeballs.

“Sir, are you alright?” Shouted Belden across the room
“I’m fine but we can’t get out!” The professor sighed
“Hang on,” Belden said as he picked the ball to the right
“Come on out!”
As he said that a blue fish looking creature appeared.
Please work…prayed Belden.
He grabbed on to the Prof and the other ball and commanded a tackle at the exit.
The Mud fish did as commanded but to no avail.
“Come on out” Belden shouted as a wood gecko popped out, “Charge the door for me please”
The two Pokemon charged at the door but still it wouldn’t budge!
“Damn, it’s not working!” he shouted as he gave up on all hope.

Meanwhile outside a girl looked worried as she searched for a certain someone.
“Where is he?” she worried and started to panic and when she turned around saw the building again and couldn’t hold back as she ran towards the building with a Pokeball in her hands.

Back in the school the two were running out of breathable and air and on the verge of loosing consciousness. The boy returned Treeko, and started begging the mudfish for retaliation. With his last breath the science teacher said in a weak voice “Mud slap!” and fainted and his chest was gasping for air.

Belden was starting lose vision and his mind was getting drained. He was on his last legs and looked at the other corridor and decided for a last pitch.
“Mudkip mud slap.”
He lost his vision on that command and fell to floor. Meanwhile Mudkip’s tail was surrounded by an aurora and mud was suddenly all over the tail. The mud fish ran full force as it flipped over and smashed its tail against the door to the main hall and suddenly the smoke left the lab.

“Come on Chaco let’s follow the smoke,” shouted the girl. A yellow and red chicken looking creature followed her. It seemed to have strong hind legs and split three feathers of its head. The girl was of medium height with green absorbing eyes and hazel hair.
“Combusken, comb!” Chaco shouted as it turned a corridor and climbed two flights of stairs.
“Slow down you know I can’t keep up!” The girl shouted as she followed.
Hope we’re not to late… she thought.

The Mudkip was getting worried for the two as it tried to wake them up. It wasn’t working and the two seemed to breathe less and less. There was loud footsteps coming and the Mudkip got ready for an opponent but there entered a girl and her Combusken.
“There you are!” she called and picked up the Pokeballs and retuned Mudkip and put the two balls on her belt.
“Chaco get them out of here!” She advised the command. As this happened the chick Pokemon jumped up and down lifted the boy and the teacher and jumped out of the window and fell to the ground floor. Soon the girl chose another Pokemon and out came a bird that looked fully grown it was yellow and had majestic feathers on its head of colour red and yellow.
“Padgoen lets fly down!” she commanded as she jumped on the bird
“Pidgot.” It cried as it wings extended and flew through the crack in the glass left by Combusken. The two groups’ fell and when Combusken landed the strain was nothing and down came the girl on her bird. Belden opened one eye to see and all he heard was, “The names hazel glad to see you’re alive.” Then everything went black for him.

There was a hustle then a rustle and a quiet hum of machinery. Belden opened his eyes and focused on his surroundings. He looked around to see he was in a hospital room. He looked at the bed table and saw a couple of chocolate boxes cards and a POKEBALL. There was a note on the ball, Belden picked it up and began reading

Dear Belden,
Enclosed in this Pokeball is the Mudkip you used earlier to help.
Keep it with you and have fun.
I believe that you have proved that you should keep this Pokemon.
My daughter hazel wishes to see you in the future for battle.
Start your journey in our world and learn from experience not just books.
I have already consulted your parents and they said fine.
On the table are all you need.
Thanks you,
Yours sincerely
Professor Brown and his daughter Hazel Brown.

Belden read twice and smiled, he looked at the table finding several items to new interest. There was a red bag capable of holding several items. Clothes of his lying around the area and last but not least his Wobil. The wobil looked shiny new it was colour coded with orange of different shades and an antenna sticking out of the watch shape communicator and right beside it lay a note. Belden opened it up and saw a Wobil number and smiled because written beside was hazel name. “I promise I won’t let anybody down,” he shouted in the hospital.

Meanwhile in a house a girl was about to leave on her journey of her own. She had eyes that where the colour of blue crystal and hair the colour of a leaf, she looked about 12 years old and was average height. She picked up her favourite Pokemon which happened to be Mime JR.
“Come on Mimy, let’s go.”
“Mime…mime!” Mimy smiled back.
“See you later mum!” The girl shouted as she closed the door.
“Good luck to you too Nieve.” Her mum said in a stratified manner.

Back at the hospital Belden wore a blue shirt over it an open cardigan that was a very dark hue of blue. His jeans where light blue and he wore gloves that were orange with blue finger padding. His hair was kept unruly under no head gear. His shoes where blue and looked slick and new. He smiled at his new clothes and got his red bag on and released his Mudkip. It instantly jumped on his shoulder as he left.

Nieve ran through another street passing the main hospital. She smiled as she was about to leave Airdrie and start on a journey around the UK. As she was about to start running again…BUMP.
“Watch were you’re going!” she shouted
“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” Belden put on a goofy smile
“Ow so what’s your name?” Nieve asked
“Belden Heuate, the future Pokemon champ!” he replied happily
“Ok….the names Nieve Sonoma.” She sweat dropped in an anime style.
“Well cool are you Pokemon trainer?” Belden got up and helped her up.
“Nope, I’m a researcher who travels to discover things about Pokemon and is that you’re Mudkip”
“Yep it’s a gift for helping my teacher!” Belden blushed as he picked up Mudkip about to leave. Nieve scattered her stuff together and pulled her act.
“Since I’m travelling alone and you are, why not travel together so we aren’t left lonely.”
“Ok! Let’s do this,” Belden did thumbs up as he ran out of town at a speed which couldn’t be rivalled and his Mudkip was barely hanging on.
“Wait for me!” Shouted Nieve as she chased after him

Remember pointing out mistakes helps me improve!
Well that is my chapter 1 hope you enjoyed until later.
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