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Pokemon Dream Radar Trading

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Ive seen a lot of people trading their dream radar pokemon off and i couldnt figure out why theres not a thread for it.
usual rules apply
just post what u have and what u want.
take all discussion to vm/pm please.


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Hey :),
Id be interested in Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. I want them to be Timid, Naive, Jolly, Hasty, Adamant, Mild, Modest or Naughty.
Oh and I dont want them to be RNG abused or hacked. I have a trade thread.
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Aquatic apprentice
offering dream radar pokemon and dwfs from my sig looking for a
dw landorus
and dwfs i dont have
thank you for your time have a great day:)


PKMN Trainer
Looking for Dream Radar Lugia, Giratina, Palkia and Dialga. I have shinies and events available.


Pokegyms steel gym
I have a dwf aron if your interested?


Pokegyms steel gym
offering dream radar pokemon and dwfs from my sig looking for a
dw landorus
and dwfs i dont have
thank you for your time have a great day:)

I have a dwf aron if your interested?
I have naive landorus and timid tornadus and quiet thunderus from the dream radar


I have therian form tornadus, thundurus and landorus available to trade for other legendaries, as well as a ton of porygons, riolus, igglybuffs, sigilyphs, drifloons, spiritombs, staryus, swablus, bronzors, hoothoots, beldum and togepis!
I have these untouched dream radar legendaries I caught up for trade. I'm looking for untouched shiny starters and shiny legendaries. I also interested in untouched event pokemon as well. Will be adding two more of each of these legendaries in about three to four days but I don't know what the nature and stats will be. Will keep updating dream radar list with these legendaries until I grow bored of it.

Giratina Level 5/Calm/Thoroughly cunning/ Stats 30/13/17/16/19/14
Giratina Level 5/Serious/Often dozes off/Stats 31/15.18/15/17/14
Giratina Level 5/Bashful/Sturdy body/Stats 30/15/18/16/17/14
Giratina Level 5/Hardy/Often scatters things/Stats 31/1517/15/17/14
Giratina/Level 5/Bold/Thoroughly Cunning/Stats 30/13/18/16/17/14
Giratina Level 5/Calm/Hates to lose/Stats 30/13/17/15/19/14
Giratina Level 5/Lonely/Highly Curious/Stats 30/16/15/16/17/15
Giratina Level 10/Hasty/Quick to flee/Stats 50/27/27/26/30/27
Giratina Level 10/Bashful/likes to thrash about/Stats 52/28/30/27/31/24

Dialga Level 5/Naughty/Loves to eat/ Stats 26/18/17/20/13/14
Dialga Level 5/Brave/Throughly cunning/Stats 25/18/17/21/15/12
Dialga/Level 5/Calm/Mischievous/ Stats 25/16/17/21/16/14
Dialga/Level 5/Mild/Hates to lose/ Stats 25/17/15/23/16/14
Dialga Level 5/Bold/Quick to flee/Stats 25/15/18/20/15/14
Dialga Level 5/Hasty/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 25/18/16/21/16/15
Dialga Level 5/Brave/Quick Tempered/Stats 25/19/17/20/15/13
Dialga Level 10/Hardy/Somewhat stubborn/Stats 41/31/31/37/27/24
Dialga/Level 5/Serious/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/17/18/20/15/14

Ho-oh Leve; 5/Serious/Likes to fight/ Stats 26/19/14/16/21/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Docile/Highly Curious/ Stats 27/19/14/17/21/15
Ho-oh Level 5/Sassy/Alert to sounds/ Stats 26/18/14/17/22/13
Ho-oh Level 5/Quirky/Sturdy body/ Stats 25/18/15/16/21/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Proud of its power/ Stas 26/19/15/17/18/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Calm/Often dozes off/Stats 27/16/15/16/22/14
Ho-oh Level 5/Rash/Likes to thrash about/Stats 26/19/14/17/18/15
Ho-oh Level 5/Relaxed/Quick to flee/Stats 26/18/16/17/20/13
Ho-oh Level 10/Careful/Likes to thrash about/Stats 42/33/24/26/40/24

Palkia Level 5/Brave/Likes to relax/ Stats 24/18/15/20/17/13
Palkia Level 5/Naive/Strong willed/ Stats 24/17/15/20/16/16
Palkia Level 5/Brave/ Highly curious/ Stats 24/18/16/21/17/13
Palkia Level 5/Brave Strongly defiant/ Stats 25/18/15/20/18/14
Palkia Level 5/Quiet/Quick tempered/Stats 25/18/16/22/17/13
Palkia Level 5/Sassy/Sturdy body/Stats 24/18/16/20/18/13
Palkia Level 5/Adamant/Like to thrash about/Stats 24/19/16/18/18/15
Palkia Level 10/Calm/Often scatter things/Stats 40/27/27/36/33/25
Palkia Level 10/Jolly/Hates to lose/Stats 39/29/25/32/31/28

Lugia Level 5/Bold/Likes to thrash about/ Stats 26/13/19/14/21/16
Lugia level 5/Jolly/Highly persistent/Stats 25/14/19/12/20/17
Lugia level 5/Hardy/Hates to lose/Stats 25/14/16/15/21/17
Lugia Level 5/Brave/Alert to sounds./ Stats 25/15/18/14/20/15
Lugia Level 5/Jolly/Good endurance/Stats 26/14/19/13/20/17
Lugia Level 5/Lax/Proud of its power/Stats 25/15/19/14/18/16
Lugia Level 10/Naive/Hates to lose/Stats 41/23/33/25/34/29
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Pokegyms steel gym
I have a pokemon jungle tours celebi, 05 movie mew at lv 100, mystery event mew, 10th anniversary latias, 10th anniversary Zapdos, 10th anniversary Articuno, space center deoxys, berry mix ruby shiny zigzagoon, berry mix sapphire shiny zigzagoon, and extreme speed zigzagoons (hasty and naive). I was gonna trade these to a guy for some evd pokemon but I haven't heard from him so I will offer them up for ev trained pokemon, events, or dream radar pokemon. Just pm me with any offers and hopefully we can work something out.

Woba Fett

Have a UT lv.40 Dream Radar Giratina available. Looking for a non-DR Landorus (certain natures) or a Phione.


New Member
Does anyone have a lvl 100 thundurus? Ill trade you A lvl 100 shiny charizard :) PM me ASAP if interested :)

Or a lvl 9 and under thundurus or landorus :)
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Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Looking for adamant or jolly dream world landorus and timid thundurud pm I have usa crunused crown dogs, and some other events. Ill pm yiu a lust so we can make deal pm me.


I'm so philosophical
looking for any ou untouched legendary pokemon. I can get you some dw pokes if you are interested.


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I have Dream Radar Landerous, Thunderus, Giratina, Ho Oh, and Palka for trade :) Pm me wth offers :D


Im desperately looking for a Timid, Naive, Jolly or Hasty Tornadus and Thundurus...
I dont want them to be hacked, cloned or RNG abused.
I can offer a lot for them.
Just PM/VM me :)
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Pokegyms steel gym
I'm looking for a dream radar tornadus, thundurus, or landorus. Pm me if you have one and let me know what you want. I have a ton of dw pokemon, shiny pokemon, and events.
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