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Pokemon Dream Radar Trading

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by Squirel Princess, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. 92tornadus

    92tornadus Active Member

    Looking for therian thundurus, tornadus and landorus. Offers in sig.
  2. arnez22

    arnez22 Active Member

    I have Riolu, Bronzor, Togepi, Staryu, Minna, Shuckle, and Ralts to offer. I'm looking for mushrooms, pearls, shards, or relics
  3. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Offering almost any poke that can be caught on the DR, I currently have shuckle, Bronzor, Swablu, hoothoot, riolu, slowpoke, and Sigilyph and Munna
    Looking for shiny female Skitty, can offer multiple DR pokes for one
  4. Mare

    Mare CHANSEY hunter!

    I have all Dream Radar Legends;

    Lugia - Lv.30 - Brave
    Ho-oh - Lv.40 - Lax
    Palkia - Lv.40 - Adamant
    Diagla - Lv.40 - Docile
    Giratina - Lv.30 - Naive
    Tornadus - Lv.20 - Brave
    Landorus - Lv.30 - Impish
    Thundurus - Lv.30 - Rash

    ~ All UT
    ~ Looking for UT event Darkrai & Meloetta.
    ~ Looking for other events as well, pm me with offers.
  5. jojo12100

    jojo12100 New Member

    Looking for a lv5 Dream RAdar Smoochum (other than the Project Pokemon one).
    Can propose a shyni or an event for.
  6. gamemaker

    gamemaker The Sole Survivor

    Offering Dream Radar Tornadus(Impish), Thundurus (Modest), Landorus (Lonely), Palkia (Bashful), and Lugia (Gentle). All are Lv10 and obtained by me. Looking for the other three that im missing, also considering other events that I dont have.
  7. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Sassy dialga and Palkia UT Lv40 Japanese from the DR

    Japanese FLAWLESS timid Lugia from the DR

    Self obtained adamant Giratina, bold ho oh, relaxed Tornadus, naughty thunderus, serious landorus all UT Lv40

    I'm only looking for good offers like events or shiny flawless, I'm willing to trade multiple pokes I listed for flawless or near flawless shiny pokemon PM me or post in my shop if you want any of these, thanks
  8. Jeikobu

    Jeikobu 主の子

    I am offering a Dream World Giratina. It's level 40 with a Careful nature and has never been used in a battle; it's fresh from the Dream Radar!

    I am looking for certain legendary Pokemon in return. Any of these would be great:

    • Mew
    • Kyogre
    • Entei
    • Raikou
    • Meleotta
    • Shaymin
    • Celebi
    • Keldeo
    • Groudon
    • Deoxys
    • Arceus
    • Darkrai
  9. Aytrus

    Aytrus New Member

    I'm just starting out but I'm tired of trying (and failing) to catch a Ralts with my dream radar. Could someone trade me one please?

    I don't have much, but I can offer some pokemon from the dream radar:

    Munna (F available)
    Swablu (F available)
    Shuckle (F available)
    Riolu (F available)
    Igglybuff (F available)
    Togepi (F available)
  10. Scarlett1991

    Scarlett1991 New Member

    Hey I'm new here and lost lol could u give me a hand
  11. dreamtheater66

    dreamtheater66 Pokemon Legend

    i have all pokemon you can get from dr and can get more if needed traded off most of the legendaries from dr but have a few left
  12. professorj15

    professorj15 Well-Known Member

    Anyone looking for a Dream Radar Landorus? I got one from the GTS that is level 40 UT with a Bold Nature. I'm looking for a Manaphy, Arceus, or Jirachi (clones welcome, but no hacks please). PM me!
  13. Garrettodell

    Garrettodell New Member

    Every time I have tried to trade the dream world landorus tornadus and thunderus it tells me these pokemon cannot be traded why is that
  14. jamesf0164

    jamesf0164 Pokegyms steel gym

    Does anyone have dream radar landorus, thundurus, and tornadus with good natures?
  15. Garrettodell

    Garrettodell New Member

    I'm looking for anyone willing to trade with me I'm looking for five experience shares
  16. Umbreon2112

    Umbreon2112 Banned

    Because therians can't be traded. They did that so you HAVE to buy a 3DS and the dream radar app to get them.
  17. TwelvexWings

    TwelvexWings PKMN Trainer Veritas

    I am looking for a flawless Japanese Ditto; I can offer either a Dream Radar Palkia or a Dream Radar Giratina.
  18. Andrew21234

    Andrew21234 Member

    I have dream radar if anyone wants any Pokemon from the game pm. (I won't give away any of the legendaries though, sorry) feel free to pm me anytime :)
  19. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    I am looking for a (Preferable decent nature/ if EV trained then it's even better) DW Landorus (Wanted Most), Thundurus, or Tornadus.

    I can offer:

    DWF Slowpoke, Eevee, and Kangaskhan
    Shiny Ev'ed perfect IV (Except attack) Porygon2 (Preferable for either more than 1, or an EV trained one, but I'm open to negotiate)

    Just shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  20. Winona

    Winona ~*~The Sky Tamer~*~

    Hello! I have a TON of riolu up for trade :)
    and Igglybuffs...

    I'm looking for togepi's~

    PM Me!
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