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Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Pink sneasel, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Pink sneasel

    Pink sneasel Double Trouble Time

    This is a thread to talk about anything and everything concerning the newly Internationally reopened dream world. Pokemon obtained, movesets they have, minigames, etc.

    A lot of people have been asking this, so I'll say it here for everyone convienence. The Eeveelutions from the pokemon website mini game are not available to download from the Dream World site yet. The game will continute until around May 5, when the game promotion ends and the eeveelutions can be obtained.

    New rule guys because of recent complaints and short one-liner posts. In the first post and requoted for your convenience.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Pending. Pm me questions and answers that you know or would like to know.

    Q: Why can't I get my eeveelution from the DW?
    A: The Eeveelutions from the pokemon website mini game are not available to download from the Dream World site just yet. The game will continute until around May 5, when the game promotion ends and the eeveelutions can be obtained.

    Q: How frequently do you need to water the berries, and do they grow when you are not playing?
    A: As you'll often see, you don't really need to water your own berries much as when you first plant them the soil will be moist. Other players(friends or Random people) may stop by your house at a later time to water your berries if the soil has become dry. You can visit other people's houses yourself and get points for watering their berries for them.
    Your berries will slowly grow while your away and most of them like the oran or pecha berries will be fully grown in 24 hours or less, making them ready to pick the next day. A few berries like the sitrus berry will take a little more then 24 hours to grow, so they may not be ready to pick the next time you visit DW. Finally, the type berries like the Haban or Yache berry(one of which you're given 5 of when you start DW) will take about 3-4 days to grow to harvest.

    Q: After you befriended 50 Pokemon and selected them to come back to your game, does that mean you can no longer befriend any Pokemon?
    A: As it is now, that seems to be the case. However, there was a similar restriction when the original japanese site launched that was later lifted to allow more then 50 pokemon to be befriended by adding more pages to your friend board then the initial 5. Whether or not this will happen again for the international sites has still yet to be determined.

    Q: When your time runs out, can you quickly wake your Pokemon up and get a Pokemon materialized into Entree Forest?
    A: When your time is over in the DW and you've chosen to wake up your pokemon, you'll be able to shortly take it and the befriended pokemon and whatever items you've chosen back to your game. When everything been returned to your game, the pokemon and items will immediately appear in your Entralink. However, you might want to give the site a few minutes to process everything before you attemt to take your pokemon back. For some people, due to technical issues or connection problems, may be unable to recall their pokemon back for a while. If you have problems with this after waiting for a while, please go to the help section on the site and leave a ticket as they will be able to help you more then I can.

    Q: I found a "Pass orb" in DW. What is it for?
    A: Pass orbs are normally acquired by completing special mission when you link up with a friend in the Entralink and used to purchase special 'pass powers' that will inhance your gameplay in some way(Hatch eggs faster, get discounts from stores), but only for a limited amout of time. These pass powers can be obtained by entering Entralink and clicking on the tree next to the old man when you enter.
    For more information about the various Pass powers you can purchase with your Pass orbs, please refer to this page.

    Game Tips

    Eeveelution Minigame:
    -You must have a Pokemon Trainers Club and a Global Link account in order to obtain an eeveelution and have the sent to your game from your GL account
    -There are 4 levels total in this game that must be completed to aquire the eeveelution of your choice to be sent to your DW account at a later date
    -If you want a specific eeveelution, try to catch only the orbs of the one you want while avoiding the orbs of those you don't
    -After you have chosen your eeveelution, you will not be able to aquire another one even if you beat the game again. The game can only give one eeveelution per trainer account

    Icecream Minigame:
    -This video has easy tips to score tons of points
    -Try to make all scoops the 'bite size' and try to use an equal amount of scoops from each flavor

    Missing Pokemon:
    -when the minigame starts go through the areas until you find the berry(the the berry will be in the area which has a glitter/glow in the middle of that area.) When you find the berry that area will be marked by a red dot on the map. The hidden pokemon you are looking for is usually at least 3 areas from that point.
    -Use the "listen carefully" button to hear for the cry of the pokemon. The area where you can hear the pokemon's cry the loudest is the area where that pokemon is in
    (Credit to Mew92)

    Pending. Pm me to add whatever other information you or other's would like to know

    Befriended pokemon:
    -When you befriend a pokemon it is sent to the entralink forest on your game which can be accessed by selecting entralink on your C-gear while outside and then heading up to the forest.
    -When you go to entralink forest, Dreamballs are added to your bag while your there. They act like masterballs or parkballs and will always catch the pokemon.
    -You can use the Dreamballs, or attempt to capture the pokemon normally with a regular ball
    -Pokemon from the DW can pass down their unique abilities if the befriended pokemon is female. Breeding for DW abilities will not work if the pokemon with the ability is male or if the female is bred with a ditto. DW ditto(if/when they are released) will not result in the bred pokemon having its DW ability.

    (Following by Tomxc)

    Search for Missing Pokemon

    + 5000 Points (minimum for finding Pokemon)
    + 500 Points bonus for every second of Remaining time
    + 5000 Points (if Pokemon's lost berry is found)

    Theoretical Legit Max Score: 53,500 Points (assuming it took 3 seconds to find the berry and the pokemon if they happened to be within 1 or 2 spots from your starting position).

    • The Listen carefully feature is not worth using. The timer counts down while you're listening and each second lost is 500 Points. Use the Berry location as a check instead. The lost Pokemon will generally be within 3 steps from the spot you found the Berry at.
    • Transitions between scenes and checking Pokemon does not cause the timer to go down, only when you are idle. So if you click the arrows to move quickly without waiting too much in between, you will save quite a few seconds in total.
    • Keeping moving until you see the Berry. The game is mostly luck, so the faster you find the Berry, the faster you will find the Pokemon. The single Berry in the maze will always be a glimmering spot at the center of the screen, so focus your attention there. Finding the Berry will add an extra 5000 points.
    • The shaking spots where Pokemon are hiding may not animate right when you reach a particular scene/transition, but if you know where those spots are in each possible screen, you can click them right away to save time.
    Video of 49,000 Points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwPCQls6Btg

    Flying Race

    + 300 Points for each Water Droplet collected when speed is below Max Speed
    + 1000 Points for each Speed Up when speed is below Max Speed
    + 450 Points for each Water Droplet collected at Max Speed
    + 1500 Points for each Speed Up collected at Max Speed
    + 200 Points Time bonus for every second remaining
    + 200 Points Speed-up bonus at the end of the game for every Speed Up achieved (so in essence a total of 1200 Points for each Speed Up if you reach the Goal)

    Theoretical Legit Max Score: ~63,000 Points

    • Avoid hitting Lightning at all costs. Your score will greatly be reduced for every Lightning you hit.
    • The Pelipper's dodging movement speed is faster than it may seem. Imagine tracing a path lead by your cursor/guide flags and the Pelipper as a magnet that will instantly follow along this path. It's actually easy to swerve and avoid Lightning yet still grab the Water Droplet next to it. Move quickly and you won't be hit. (See Video for examples)
    • It's okay to hit clouds even though they may slow you down just a bit. Try to avoid hitting clouds, however, unless it's for avoiding Lightning or getting a Water Droplet. Net points-wise, you may lose some of the extra +150 or +500 Points from getting Water Droplet or Speed Up at Max Speed, but if hitting a cloud was for the sake of getting more Water Droplets, you will earn back +300 Points at least for every Water Droplet, not to mention avoiding Lightning is crucial.
    Video of 59,100 Points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWVXAp8K6lg

    Ice Cream Scoop

    + 75 Points for every inch of Height reached (with decimals and rounded down)
    Flavors Multiplier Bonus: 1 + [Total Scoops / (3 * Highest Number Scoop of One Flavor)]; Max is 2.00
    (Heart) Bite-sized Multiplier Bonus: For 14 Total Scoops, 14/14 or 13/14 = 2.00; 12/14 or 11/14 = 1.90; 10/14 = 1.80 etc. | For < 10 Total Scoops, 10/10 = 2.00; 9/10 = 1.90; 8/10 = 1.80 etc. (This scoring needs more testing and data)

    Theoretical Legit Max Score: ~60,000 Points

    • The following strategy is disputed by some as a glitch. But nevertheless, it's the only way to get a high score. Stack scoops straight upward, and after every scoop placed, quickly grab another small scoop and place it in front of the scoop you just stacked (so this secondary scoop is not actually stacked on top, just put out in front of the previous scoop). This will help, or almost guarantee your actual scoop to stick and become stable and not fall off (if you have placed stacked the scoop near the center and not sliding off). (See video for examples)
    • Try to make all the scoops with the "bite-sized" circumference shown by the game on the right side panel. The ideal size will vary each game, and generally larger sizes will help with Height points, reduce the total number of scoops (also making it easier to get the full size bonus multiplier), and have a slightly higher threshold for what qualifies as "bite-sized" (a bit more room for human error when judging sizes).
    • Use the Berries that have a high Easy to scoop rating (3 to 5 Stars are ideal). These will allow you to make scoops much faster and thus make more scoops and reach a higher stack height. Stickiness rating does not matter here because of the strategy mentioned above. Examples of good berries for high scores in this mini game include Rindo Berry and Haban Berry. All berry stats are listed here: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldmini.shtml
    Video of 46,836 Points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrxeXZmJwyI

    Play with Wailord

    + 300 Points * Multiplier for each Ball opened
    Ball counter bonus: + 500 Points bonus for each Ball tallied at the end of the game (displayed on the right side panel)
    Combo bonus: + 100 * Number of Balls opened before any Pokemon fell into the water
    Perfect clear bonus: + 10,000 Points if no Pokemon fell in the water during the entire game
    Number of balls Multiplier: 1 + (Total number of Balls / 100)

    Theoretical Legit Max Score: ~100,000 Points

    • The direction your Pokemon launches from the spout of water depends on its position on the spout. For best control, try to make your Pokemon land in the center of the spout so it will be launched straight up. However, for strategic purposes, you may wish to have your Pokemon land near the sides so it will launch diagonally if that's the fastest course towards your target.
    • Don't be in too much of a rush to launch your Pokemon, especially when all four are present. You will get a much higher score if you never let any Pokemon fall in the water as there's 10,000 Points for the Perfect clear, as well as lots of points for keeping the Multiplier going. At x10 Multiplier, each Ball opened will be worth 3000 Points!
    • Move quickly and follow which Pokemon is closest to falling into the water and don't hesitate. If you're in an emergency and need to reach two Pokemon at a large distance apart, you can try to rapidly click and generate continuous spouts of water to launch the first Pokemon up when reaching it (instead of catching it on the spout) and quickly move to the second Pokemon.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 5, 2012
  2. Moshuadeath

    Moshuadeath New Member

    The thing is for me that I can't even get through that white, ghostly-like wall. It says, "toiuyeowrituortyn Fyou and turn the other way!" D:
    I'm just stuck in the plain-ol pokemon-less area with the old guy and the women I don't understand (<--I lol'd)
  3. AwesomeTree

    AwesomeTree Well-Known Member

    That's the High Link, not the Dream World. ^^''
  4. Domiciwah

    Domiciwah Well-Known Member

    when you have befriended a pokemon in the game and it shows on your online profile, you need to sync your game via c-gear again and then go to the high forest and their should be a little girl by the north entrance just ahead of where you morph in, go and talk to her & some dreamworld balls will appear in your bag, these give a 100% capture rate, then proceed north and you should see the pokemon you have befriended.

    just talk to it and capture it!

    if the little girl does not appear then I believe you have not sync'd to the dreamworld after befriending your pokemon.(please could somebody confirm this as I have only befriended two pokemon and this was the way I did it.)
  5. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    Apparently, the furniture that the interior designer in Shippou City offers to make you whenever you bring a Pokemon back from the Dream World is free, since I was able to put it in my house without paying for it, despite there being a price listed.

    Also, I'm thinking the best way to make use of your Dream World time is to make repeat trips into the forest, and only choose to bring back a Pokemon if it's female (So you can breed a better one with the DW ability) and/or rare, since that way you can pick up more berries, and accumulate more Dream World points from playing the games (Which I have a feeling is probably involved in getting access to a wider variety of Pokemon, items, and furniture).

    It kind of seems like female Pokemon in Dream World are lot rarer then they are elsewhere, because between me and my friend, we've run into over 10 Pokemon, and the only female that showed up was a Nidoran. Or maybe it could be related to the fact that the Pokemon we sent to the Dream World are female?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  6. GameMaster0000

    GameMaster0000 Chaos Nightmare

    My first dream world pokemon is Doduo, sadly it is male.

    I wondering that when IV/Nature/Gendle of pokemon that get from dream world is generate?
  7. Maxim

    Maxim Retired Pokefan

    Could somebody hijack all possible pictures - Pokemon, Items etc. from the PGL/Dream World site, by any chance?
  8. Domiciwah

    Domiciwah Well-Known Member

    Awesome congrats, My first was a shinx! it took was a male...
  9. nekoakuma

    nekoakuma Event Hunter

    Here is a info guide for the DW i typed up over at gamefaqs.


    Read through the entire thread as there is more updated information towards the last few posts.

    also posting it here

    According to http://www23.atwiki.jp/pkmnbw/pages/133.html

    Pokemon available in DW:

    Area: Small Forest
    Available from: Start
    Pokemon Available: Surskit, Sentret, Stantlet, Farfetch'd, Kanghaskhan, Rattata, Shinxy, Tailow, Exeggcute, Lotad, Doduo, Oddish, NidoranM, NidoranF, Hoppip, Cleffa, Sunkern, Igglybuff, Lickitung, Poocheyna, Ponyta, Bellsprout, Mareep, Tangela

    Area: Open Sky
    Available from: When you reach a certain number of Dream Points (unconfirmed information)
    Pokemon Available Flying pokemon

    Area: Shining Ocean
    Available from:Unkown
    Pokemon Available Pokemon that live in/near water.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  10. nekoakuma

    nekoakuma Event Hunter

    Copy and paste from my gamefaqs posts.
    Minigame Info

    Name: Pelippers Air Race
    Type: Race
    Description: Pelipper flies right to left across the screen. You have to dodge obstacles and collect speed boosts to achieve a high score.
    Pokemon: PokPelipper
    Controls: Use the mouse to go up/down/forward/back. [If you've ever played that helicopter flash game where you can't touch the the top and bottom, it's like that.]
    Collect type-marks that are your own type for speed boosts. If you touch ones that you are weak to, you slow down.
    Other Information:
    -Clouds slow you down while you are touching them.
    -Negative-Type Marks (electric) decrease your speed by one bar you lose points.
    -Positive-Type Marks (water) increase your speed by one bar and/or points.

    Name: Missing [Pokemon]
    Type: Search
    Description: You're shown a Pokemon that you must within a certain time limit.
    Pokemon: Chatot, Hootoot, Fearow, Cleffa [there's heaps more for this]
    Controls: Use the arrow keys on-screen to navigate to different areas and try finding the pokemon.
    Click on shaking bushes to see if they are there. Shiny patches hold berries. The game ends when you find the asked for Pokemon.
    Other Information:
    -Time limit of 90 seconds.
    -You have a map that becomes revealed as you go through the areas.
    -Berry locations are marked with a red dot.
    -Can occur on the ground or in the air. (Aesthetic and pokemon appearance changes only.)

    Name: Wailord's Balls (lol.)
    Type: Breakout
    Description: You control Wailord who has to keep the Pokemon in the air so they can collect colour-coded balls that match their colouration..
    Pokemon: Wailord, Pikachu, Meowth, Piplup, Buizel
    Controls: Move with mouse, Click to make Wailord spout water to push the pokemon up.
    Other Information: If the Pokemon falls into the water they will be out of play for a while. Feels similar to Breakout.

    Name: Ice-Cream Stacking
    Type: Stacking
    Description:You scoop up ice-cream and place them into a bowl. Try build an Ice-Cream mountain before the time runs out. Higher builds score more points.
    Pokemon:Combee (Just measures the height)
    Controls: Click to scoop Ice-Cream and drag it to the bowl.
    Other Info: It costs 1 berry to play.
    The ice-cram flavors each have their own stats for slipperyness? and something else (forgot to look)
    The flavor stats may change depending on which berry used.
  11. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    I have a couple of questions, coz I'm a dream world n00b.

    1) Are the exclusive abilities available all of the time or in certain time periods. There was an update on serebii saying about a poison hand croagunk with a time limit, so I'm not sure. I REALLY want an eccentric ditto (and other stuff).
    2) If I get a dream world pokemon, however, I don't have black or white, can I keep them on there and when I get the english version, put them off a japanese site onto my game?
    3) Will there be an english version or not? And if there is and the answer to 1 is that there is a time limit, will they bother to have every event for european/american gamers. (btw, I plan on getting the english version).
    4) Once in your game, can you soft reset for IVs/Natures etc.?

    Thanks in advance :)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  12. raz1337

    raz1337 Miju Miju!

    Not sure how much of this is troubleshooting, but I put my Pokemon to sleep, went into my PGL account, clicked on dream world, and it gave a 3-4 bullet point error and then went into the tutorial, and brought me back to the main screen.

    Now I can't seem to get to the Pokemon in the bed screen in C-Gear without being kicked back to the main C-Gear wi-ifi screen. Dream World gives this:

  13. ArchangelUnmei

    ArchangelUnmei Shiny Cottonball!

    1) As far as I can tell they're available all the time. Both the Pokemon I've transferred back (a Plus Mareep and a Competetive Spirit Farfetch'd) have their DW ability rather than their normal one.

    2) Unfortunately, if you don't have Black or White you can't play on the DW at all. You have to sync up a game to be able to access it. So no.

    3) Not announced yet, so no one knows.

    4) Not sure of the answer, but I suspect not. The Pokemon's gender and nature is set when it's found in the DW, so I'm assuming IVs are as well. Probably shininess too, though there's no confirmation on that yet either.

    Raz, the screen is basically saying you can only access the DW once a day, for an hour maximum. If you went through the tutorials, then got kicked, it's probably counting that as your 'once' and won't let you back in until tomorrow. =(

    The way to check this is, on the silver bar toward the bottom of your screen, there's a little black strip at the top. It should say "ポケモンドリームアクセス(some kanji)" and then beside that, "あと(some number)時間後". The number is the number of hours you have to wait until you can access the Dream World again. If there's a different text with no number, then you should be able to access and there must be another problem.

    EDIT: Screenshot'd.


    The bit circled in red means you can't access right now and need to wait that number of hours.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  14. raz1337

    raz1337 Miju Miju!

  15. ArchangelUnmei

    ArchangelUnmei Shiny Cottonball!

    That's different. *Blinks a bit*

    Not sure what the problem is, there. Are you on the website when you try to put a Pokemon into the DW? That might be causing interference. Try closing the window, resetting your DS and then putting the Pokemon in.

    To be fair, my grasp of Japanese is not perfect, especially when the kanji are tiny and squished like that. I can't seem to find anything specific in that message window that relates to an error, though.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  16. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Ditto is now smiling :) Shadow Tag Shanderaa definitely on my team... when I get tit.

    Answer to 1 makes up for this, so, yeah.

    It had better be. :/ I sense a lot of anger if it isn't. Especially seeing as there's 24 or so competitive sets that I'm considering that need the DW ability.

    Darn it, now I'll have to make an effort to get girls to breed stuff.

    Thank you for clarifying that :D
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I was hoping for that too, although in my case, I was just looking to see if we could all work together to get the Dream World artwork for the new Generation 5 Pokemon, and not items and stuff.

    I tried going online to the Dream World. I read the guides being posted around and got pretty far into it but my time limit ran out so I was kicked off. Is the time limit thing some way to limit the people online at the time, to prevent crashes or something? If so, it seems lazy. Couldn't they just fix the site instead of setting restrictions?
  18. ArchangelUnmei

    ArchangelUnmei Shiny Cottonball!

    The problem is that there are MILLIONS of players trying to get on, especially now while the Dream World is still really new. There ISN'T a way to 'fix' the site with that sheer volume overloading the servers. Maybe later they'll take the restrictions off, but personally between having a limit and not having the DW at all, I don't mind the limits much.

    In other news, I haven't seen any Gen 5 Pokemon in the DW. The point is to be able to get OLD Pokemon, so why would they put any Gen 5 Pokemon there? You can get those in the game itself.
  19. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    There is upgrade the servers, Nintendo has shitloads of money shouldnt be a problem.

    Anyway this is so addictive that 1 hour limit pisses me off haha.
  20. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    Quick question: How early on can you get to the Dream World?

    Second: Do you think Pokemon like Washibon will be made available so people can get them earlier?
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