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Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

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still been a long time, ive looked some of it up with the "registration data" and it might be from server overload, someone tried it "when all the kiddies were asleep" and they got on fine, although I don't know how to get on in the day, because now there are over 1,000,000 members


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Yeah your not the only one I guess updating is still taking awhile.
its not the registration thing i just cant gamesync thru my dsi game


i tried using a demo 1 and i manage to go in after a few mins of waiting-.-" maybe its becoz it has to link wit our game so its taking awhile?


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It automatically finds your friend's GL accounts from your pal-pad. That's what I expected and I'm glad that Nintendo made it that way.

Eevee game: I hate that game...struggled to even beat it (I was going for a high score since I thought you got to choose at the very end, but I learned that hard way that it was based on who you got the most of.....). But persevere. Collect most/all of the ones you want. Only get random orbs if it means that you save the ball. You'll get it after a few rounds. =/

Ticket sent. Here's hoping that the people in charge of this will decide to do their job. Bad things will happen if it still won't let me connect by tomorrow night.....

Yeah, I know. That just gives you their GL account, there's no way I've found to translate that into finding their DW world.


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Still can't get in ... Stupid dreamworld... Almost everyone can get on ...

I really regret registering as fast as I could when it opened. REALLY REALLY should have waited ...

I'm starting to lose my interest for the DW...


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Geezus, this thread has gained like 30 more pages in the time I was asleep.


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Just ever so slightly sad that we can only access dreamworld for an hour D: but then again it makes sure that the server isn't overloaded. Ran across some sweet pokemon on the way to the dream tree but just lacking a good sturdy supply of berries
Does anyone know how to 'befriend' the Eevee evolution gained from playing Breakout? I've been trying for ages and I can't seem to find it :(


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after how many hours did you managed to get in?

It took me a whole 24 hours first time I put my pokemon to sleep to register data :/ Now it falls asleep in under a minute which I'm quite impressed by


waaahoo! SHES FINALY PROCESS! \(^.^)/

Time to dreeam.
Sewaddles all tucked up :3


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Looks like I'm in too, after around 36 hours waiting. I opened a ticket last night, but it hasn't been looked at yet, so hopefully it's fixed for everyone!
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