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Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Pink sneasel, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. pkmnfn

    pkmnfn DW Breeder

    I am so mad! the server kicked me out when I was at the tree of dreams! only non-DW move males though, so I guess its ok...
  2. King Lawliet

    King Lawliet Cero Miedo!

    That happened to me as I was about to befriend a Butterfree but I logged back in and the game saved all the Pokémon I had befriended before that
  3. pkmnfn

    pkmnfn DW Breeder

    I game synced afterwards so I'm not sure that they were saved...

    I took my pokemon out of the DW and I tried to put it back right away, but it said I had to wait 24 hours... I could do that before... same DS, cartridge, computer, time, and everything... anybody know what is going on?
  4. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    How do I check how much points i have?
  5. pkmnfn

    pkmnfn DW Breeder

    log in to the global link page, hit "profile" and then the "dream world" tab. the space under the icon of your house tell you...
  6. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    Thanxorus, zuggu!
    Does the Pokemon sent to the Dream World affect anything at all?
    Or is it just something you need to access it?
  7. shrek

    shrek Member

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally, took over 17,000 points and was gettin close to 40 pokes taken but finally got myself a female dw vulpix (dark pulse too...nice)
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Was that because your time had run out? I've been kicked off before, but it's always been due to a glitch that occurs when I water berries. It happened to me during my Japanese Dream World session this morning, which sucked. I managed to get back in after a while, but I couldn't find the dry berry patch that I had been watering, so that was upsetting. I managed to gain another 400 Dream Points though, so that was good.
  9. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    If your kicked out of DW because your time has ended, enter the DW tomorrow and you'll lose nothing...
  10. xKatie0391

    xKatie0391 Well-Known Member

    Was going through my last island run earlier, and didn't really have any good pokemon to take back, when I managed to find a female Poliwag :) So I took that home
  11. EQWashu

    EQWashu Master Pokéwitch

    aw no fair no fair no fair! lol

    All I found today was a Female Carvana w/ Thrash and a Female Remoraid w/ Rock Blast; I took the former even though I took back a male one a while ago because they have a great DW ability for its type!

    Although something awesome did happen...someone left me a Rare Candy on my Share Shelf! How cool is that? I didn't even know there were any to find (must be a cafe thing). Oddly enough the Lum Berry I put on my shelf Friday was untouched lol

    I will find you Dark Pulse Vulpix, and Iron Tail Miltank!

    -EQ, cannot believe she's been on a waiting wist for the 'Let it Be' DVD for 12 years this August...
  12. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    How does the point system work for the Dream World?
  13. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    • Watering another player's Berries gives you 10 Points
    • Winning a minigame gives you 20 Points
    • Gaining a Dream Pal gives you 30 Points
    • Logging in to PGL gives you 50 Points
    The last one only happens once per day.
  14. Eternalserenity

    Eternalserenity Wanderer

    My Dream World session was less than average today. I took home a female Stantler and closed at 25,640 points. The awesome part was when I got a Big Root from a share shelf.
  15. LordLati

    LordLati AFK

    Today I ended up befriending a female poliwag with sleep talk and a tauros with iron tail... since I already traded for a female dw vulpix it means that now I'm only hunting dratini and lapras, which both happen to be in the sea.

    I'm still saving up for a rug which I may/may not use depending on my personal dislike of rugs and carpets.
  16. pkmnfn

    pkmnfn DW Breeder

    It's just to access...

    @ everyone who asked: I went over the time limit- I was in the middle of a mini-game and I couldn't finish it it time...
  17. CoachDozier

    CoachDozier Takeshi Protegé

    New to the forum here and figured I would make my first post in the Dream World section considering the fun I have had experimenting and exploring. Only got wifi recently and am still getting used to playing Pokemon with other people (haven't interacted with anyone on Pokemon since Red/Blue/Yellow... even then that was only with my brother... did all of the legwork in filling my pokedex all by myself). Working on some team building experiments and just cracked 10,000 points today, but still on the hunt for a handful of DW females.

    Unfortunately, my computer is ten years old with a 512mb ram limit and has extreme displeasure for Firefox's plugin container extension (the heart and soul of the Dream World's functionality as well as streaming sites like YouTube), causing most flash material to be sluggish. Forget even playing with Wailord. So slow the timer takes 5 minutes to get to zero. Everything is in slow motion, and I never get females I am after from that game anyway. If I haven't just entered the DW or exited the DW temporarily, cleared the plugin container's cache and then re-entered the DW, then there's no point to trying the Sky Race. The timer moves at a normal pace, but the distance timer slows down... so it is impossible to reach the goal in time. I can play it twice maybe on a fresh entry to the dream world, but I have to have avoided any other game or situation because the plugin container just keeps chewing up resources on my system until the container finally just crashes from overload. Typically I just have to wander around hoping for the off chance that something I am looking for will have the hide and seek game, but it's a low percentage for a lot of them from my experience. Needing a new system aside, I think PGL and a number of sites could provide better service not relying so much on Flash.

    It's a trial making do with the system I have, but it can be annoying at times. Still, I'm not bitter, and I keep at it. I am hoping to work my way up from amateur breeding and get some specialized DW combinations to add to the mix... but I haven't run across any special move Pokemon yet like the Dark Pulse Vulpix I saw mentioned earlier in this thread. That certainly would be a nice one to have. I'll have to keep researching on the Serebii pokedex to see what I can find, but it seems there is a great deal of benefit to egg breeding males on DPPtHGSS and then moving them over to BW to breed with the females. I doubt I'm handing off any new information, though. I'm working on a bit of that with Diamond at the moment, but I don't have access to a second DS for transferring between games more than every other weekend or so (still sitting on my thumbs waiting to transfer a male Goldeen with Body Slam and Aqua Tail from SoulSilver to White to egg breed with my female Lightningrod Seaking).

    That being said and done, cracking 10,000 points today got me a Wide Lens right off the bat. Wasn't expecting an item like that so soon after hitting the mark, but it made up for not finding any females and being kicked off before getting the chance to snag a possible female Buneary.

    Pardon the long-winded post. I get carried away a bit and am happy to join the ranks after just using serebii for my personal game research. It's past due I start reaching out a bit. :596:
  18. BabyZero

    BabyZero Well-Known Member

    Bah, not much to say except, third day in a row of only finding male pokemons in DW. Ended up picking up a Male Aerodactyl with Stealth Rock because there wasn't anything better.
  19. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    Out of interest, why does anyone care about their points total after 10000? It's not like getting any more points will patricularly help you...
  20. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    My session on the English Dream World sure was predictable. I found about 9 Pokemon today, but none of them were Pokemon that I wanted. I knew this would happen eventually, since I've already obtained most of the Pokemon from Windswept Sky and Sparkling Sea. I kept a DW Feebas, and then I watered some berries. I couldn't find too many dry patches, so I only watered about 12 of those. I spent some time planting my own berries and I left. I have another session coming up on the Japanese Dream World. That should be fun.
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