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Pokemon dubs around the world

Commander L. Halsti

Toxin Squad Cmdr.
A thread where people who don't watch the English or Japanese versions of Pokemon can describe the unique elements of the dubs in their countries. Like funny translations of attacks, different versions of the TR Mottos, dubbing errors...

I myself had the privilege to watch 6 seasons of Pokemon in Croatian. After that, sadly, no more were dubbed. the dub quality was superb, it matched the old 4Kids dub voices. Mostly everything was left like it is in English, except the expression for Pokeball, and the attacks. There, the real fun begins. Something like Pay Day could become ˝Accountance˝, when translating the Croatian name of the attack. There's more. Poison Sting is translated just like that when used by a Beedrill. But when other Pokemon used it(most notably Arbok), it became ˝Poison Darts˝! Fitting, I'd say, but it can cause confusion. And there's the confusion that would ensue if we ever resumed dubbing, and having to make a difference between Water Gun and Hydro Cannon, due to the problems the different meanings of the word ˝gun˝ can cause.