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Pokemon Duel Tier List

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by latiosjayfeather, May 2, 2017.

  1. latiosjayfeather

    latiosjayfeather Pokemon Competitor

    Okay this is my tier list based on the most recent update and how I view the game based on my experiences in Pokemon duel. I will update the lower tiers later and I am willing to add to certain tiers if someone brings it to my attention as fitting to that tier.


    By far one of the best runners in the game! With infiltrator it can make early wins and surrounds. Not to mention it has 2 plates to help it do its job. The first is huge anti-Deoxys and anti-Reuniclus decks which optimally use 3 (or in Deoxys more), when surrounding it will remove such Pokemon from the duel. This can be HUGE and one reason neither of those decks can be S-Tier. The next plate is when it uses Will-O-Wisp it will inflict wait, which can again make a win

    One of the hardest Pokemon to kill due to constant arms race for highest power Pokemon to control field in every duel. Hyper Sonic makes it a huge anti-Shuppet, anti-EVERYthing with mostly purple attacks and power 100+ moves. If you aren’t sold on it yet well Hyper Sonic has a HUGE piece size and it has shuttle flip that can easily make game by forcing surrounds and such and most of the time it will use one of these 2 moves.

    You may be asking why DIalga for S tier? Simply Roar of TIme buff. 130 power is amazing, and it returns ALL opponents pieces to starting positions this is easy game if you have a runner on an opponent's entry point. It’s only drawback is its ability which makes it needing a lot of runners (but Shuppet+Mew combo is just so good)

    Again why on this list? Well Palkia has an important move Spacial Rend! It will make ties result in opponent’s Pokemon removal from the duel! This just makes it epic no plates needed! Again the biggest problem is the ability but can be supported by Shuppet+Mew combo Also importantly it benefits from manaphy

    Why Ivysaur? Ivysaur provides the support Venusaur needs. Notably it can reliably kill mews and shuppets which makes easy evolution. Not to mention save a turn in movement. When Venusaur evolves it becomes a MONSTER! It has 2 attacks base 130 Solar Beam and base 50 Vine Whip and on evolution kills Deoxys Attack and DIalga pretty well and vine whip allows it to kill mew sometimes. However the ability which, when combines with the sacrifice crobat or umbreon can really slow the opponent down. Also both Ivysaur and Venusaur have Sleep powder!

    Hugely powerful. It can keep powering up your dark types and make it harder and harder to kill and draining wind changes games, the only threat this thing really has is Mew

    By far one of the best Pokemon of all time! The guarantee one time it will not die but evolve instead is huge, then Gyrados with 110 power hyper beam and 2 star Storm attacks (after evolution) makes this thing a monster defensively and offensively!

    Powerful offensive and defensive Pokemon! This thing will kill flying types (especially legendary bird trio) and Buldoze will make game if you have runner+Pokemon switch plate

    The best thing to EVER happen to Water types. 20 more attack is HUGE! This can create game and allow the win in usual ties. Also Manaphy’s song can move vital pieces into position or take the goal. Not to mention it will always have 40 attack putting it just above Mew’s Hyper sonic.

    Amazing Pokemon with 2 mp and one of the largest gold attacks with 100 or more power! Also soar can put this thing as a threat against many Pokemon and constant defense.

    Just a tad more Powerful version of Zapdos but lacks gold as its primary attack. However 110 is still vital as it can kill Virizion most of the time.

    Amazing Pokemon would be lower on tier list if it were not for Sword of justice having a base of 101 and grass knot base 40 kills Mew AND kills the opponet using a 120+ power move!

    This thing wins the power war on all sides of the spectrum. All it needs is a double chance and it can reliably attempt to win the higher power or lower power war. Leaf blade is 90 power and adds 50 more on a respin. Also Stealth hit allows as a blue Move essentially fly away.


    Deoxys Attack
    Why only A rank? Well the nerf they most recently received has pushed Deoxys down too much for it to handle still being S rank. Dimensional slip adding wait 3 and 3 stars is huge hinderance and can and will happen at the wrong time. It would be lower if it did not have reflective laser ability and big 130 attack. Also cosmo energy only affecting those on field really ruins a bunch of combos

    Deoxys Speed
    Still a good runner but the cosmo energy nerf makes it bait for 1st turn evolution (notably Ivysaur>venusaur). The best thing going for this thing is ability to kill mew and 1 turn get to own goal to protect it.

    Deoxys Defense
    Great thing to keep on goal and it can attack and force opponent to die. This thing is VERY hard to kill and well it has some major counters: Mew and others with gold attacks and shuppet.

    The nerf for this thing is too much to handle and can’t be S rank any longer. No longer does this thing have its offensive/defensive capabilities. Psychic net only works for each on field and only on the user’s turn. This nerf makes it close to useless but dousin/solosis gives it some good support and keeps it from going to tier B

    Awesome Pokemon extreme speed gold 120 with large wheel piece. Also fly. Enough said only problem 1 mp but can gain more if another Hoenn box legend is on the field and 20 attack power (pretty niche really). Break energy is niche too.

    Tidal Wave is epic when attacking opponent’s goal and 130 for hydro pump and primal rage which is niche as mentioned on rayquaza. But ultimately better compared to others due to manaphy. Would be S rank if it had 2 base MP.

    Has a cool 110 power but weakest of the Hoenn box trio. And has nothing the others don’t have. It has a large wheel piece for this move though but that it it. Also has primal rage and break energy which is niche

    Whirlwind is a pretty cool move and Aeroblast is under 100 power to kill mew. Ultimately though it is not the most useful pokemon just a good pokemon to stick on goal and threaten mew.

    Excellent way to power up farries but problem is moonblast is usually 90 power not enough to kill what it needs to. The best reason to use this thing is its ability to put -1 MP on opponet’s pokemon and possibly prevent quick shuppet win

    Very powerful pokemon with a base 150 attack and 90 power other moves and bullet punch only 30 but gold. Really it is risky to attack this thing and would be S rank if it had more than 1 MP

    Charizard needs the speed boost to be useful and only problem is the evolution. But charmeleon can kill shuppet and mew which are meta. Then charizard the firespinning lord is quite formidable but risky.

    Awesome Pokemon with spiky shield to push opponents away and 90 power makes it able to kill mew.

    Rainbow wing is a nice mover and 100 power is pretty good and a 50 to kill mew. Biggest reason to use it is ability to when killed clears out P.C. (besides it)

    Great runner and can go past grass types. By far the best eeveelution in this game. Also big dodge and grass whistle to shut down opponets

    Similar to Leafeon but freezes instead but doesn’t go past own type for MP

    Epic stall sandveil is very trolly and can help stop opponent in tracks to prevent from running to goal. Garchomp has double flight as well to give 2 chances and/or act as fly away.

    The best stall/troll only problem is huge purple and weakness to sometimes mew and almost always Zapdos and Rayquaza. Flygon can help out with draco meteor and fly away.

    Almost always are you going to get burned by this pokemon via literally burning you or killing you with flame gun. Also able to kill Mew

    Slightly weaker but much more defensive version of Magmortar. Aura sphere can kill one pokemon. Also can kill Mew

    Counters Shuppet really well and can stall out certain pokemon, but neither are too powerful.

    Good runner that is harder to kill but that’s it. (borderline to B tier)

    Cool Pokemon that helps grass types and destiny bond is kamikazi and 110 attack is pretty good

    Excellent way to protect your entry points without giving up ability to enter field. Very defensive and hard to kill with high 120 attack.























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