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Pokemon Elites: Partners For Life

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Lucario is #1!!!!!!!
The Darrova Region was a region that didn't have any new species in it. Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh migrated there. Along with that, each region sent two powerful Trainers to help maintain balance in the region.

First, they needed to find the Trainers that would be sent over. "A Contest," suggested Cynthia, Champion of Sinnoh, "That would be a perfect way to determine the people to be sent!"
"That's a perfect suggestion," replied Lance. "We must take action immediately."
"There's one thing you've forgotten - a very important thing," interjected Wallace.
"What's that?" asked Lance.
Wallace rolled his eyes. "What's gonna be in the contest? You can't send word that there's gonna be a contest without figuring out the what the contest is going to be!"
Lance stared blankly at Wallace before a look of smugness appeared on his face. "What better than a tournament?"

Dusty V. Avalon trudged through the snowy streets of Snowpoint City, heading for the Pokemon Center. As he reached the red-roofed building and entered, he noticed a large poster on the billboard.


From there it showed Lance's contact information. Forgetting his errand that had sent him to the Pokemon Center, he dashed out the door and towards the nearest phone. First he called Professor Rowan, who had given him his first Pokemon--Riolu.
"Oh, hello Dusty!"
"Hi Prof. I've decided to enter the Tournament to choose the Protectors of Darrova!"
"What? Well, that's great news! Do your best, and remember, I'll be cheering you on! Now, I have to get back to work. You see a Chim--" Rowan was cut off by a scream and a violent spew of flames shooting out from behind him.
"Gotta go!" said Dusty, hanging up. Next he called Lance. Luckily, Lance was open at the moment. Dusty could imagine how many Trainers would want to prove themselves.
"Hello? Are you wishing to enter the tournament?" asked the red-haired Champion.
"Here's some criteria I need to lay down first. One: Only one Pokemon can be with you. That's all you need to know. Now, I need to know your name."
"Dusty V. Avalon."
"And your Pokemon partner?"
"Ah. I see. Good. You will battle all other Sinnoh challengers. The boat sent to Sinnoh to take you to Kanto should arrive tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Which town are you living in?"
"OK. The ship should arrive in Snowpoint at 10:00 AM. When it arrives at nine, it has to stop at several towns. You understand, don't you?"
"Good. I'll see you in Kanto. Good day, Dusty."
Dusty felt his heart beating violently in his chest. Taking a PokeBall from his belt and holding it affectionately in his hand he said, "Lucario, we're gonna be going to KANTO! Then Darrova. I'm sure of it."


There can only be seven other trainers. Just include information about the person you'd like to play as to continue the RP. It won't actually start until I accept 7 others to join. With the information, add an RP snippet about your person finding out about the contest and stuff like that. (Kinda like the snippet above.)

Also, I can only have two people from each region. (Except there will be one from Sinnoh, because Dusty's from Sinnoh.)


Oh, here's some stuff about Dusty:

Name: Dusty V. Avalon

Pokemon: ;448; Lucario, Nickname: Rio

Lucario's Movest:
Dragon Pulse
Aura Sphere
Close Combat

Thanks again,


Really and truly
Sign-Ups (aka the part that contains the plot and sign-up sheet) go in the Sign-Up sub-forum. This section, Role-Playing Games is for the RPG itself and where all the action takes place.

Your plot, is, however, not good enough either way. The plot, the core, PLOT needs to be a minimum of 400 words. Plus, since this is in a new region you need to give its basic background/history, the layout and its genera leaders. Why does it need people to "maintain balance" and what does this imply? Why do Trainers do it and not police officers or Elite Four members? Why only TWO Trainers per region and not more? Why are they only allowed one Pokémon?

Also, the scenes of both the meeting and Dusty need to be upped, especially since the meeting is vague and it is unknown who is there, plus all these elite Trainers are acting really immaturely for people of their stature. Also note that the Dusty-Rowan scene is not counted as part of the plot.

This also lacks a Sign-Up Sheet. Please refer to the Sticky in the apropriate section for information.

Closed because of a lack of creating the RPG properly

Not open for further replies.