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Pokemon ex gain idea

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Hello again guys, I've been away for a while (too busy with university), but now I am back. I've been thinking for a while about the whole current ex gain rule from battles. My biggest problem is that the ex gained is not time dependent I mean if you battle level a 100 charizard and win, it does not matter if you fought it for 1 minutes or 10 minutes, either way the ex gained will be the same.

My idea is this, why not add a time factor to the rule? surely the longer you battle an opponent, the more experience your Pokemon is getting? I think this would be a neat concept to add to the game.

There is a problem however with this rule in that a player can just leave their DS lying for an hour just waiting for time to go by and then faint to the opponent gaining alot of ex. The way around this problem is simple, only count the time the Pokemon's have battled (i.e used moves), not using moves should not count towards the time. Thus if moves take y time (in average) to complete each then total experience gained due to the time factor should be number of moves used X y.

What do you guys think?
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You've answered your own question. Even if you only count moves, there are plenty of easy ways to stall. This isn't going to be changing, we don't need a thread to discuss it.
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