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Pokemon Face off.Starters

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Contaminated KFC
Triple heal 'shamo, triple hurt Quilava~

Komedic Konservationist

N00b in the dungeon!
Triple heal Quilava and triple hurt........ Combusken!


Feather Trainer
triple heal ;156;, triple hurt ;256;...

Now, that could do it...

Final Flash

I've still got it.
So It's over?

That means both of the faceoffs are over!!!!!

Want to do a team face-off like the Legendary face-off Is right now?
If it's not,Triple heal Quilava and triple hurt combusken


Feather Trainer
Quilava won on page 66, folks.

I calculated the math. If the numbers next to Pikachuboy's post regarding the tally, located here:


...say so, plus all those past pages worth of face-off posts, then Quilava won 1 page ago:

If you don't think that's the truth, then check these pages to see that you're wrong:

Page 62:
Page 63:
Page 64:
Page 65:
Page 66:

I apologize if the results are late...
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Contaminated KFC
Ahh, dammit. I could have prolonged the knockout by a few hours if I had managed to post yesterday and this afternoon.

But as I've said, 2nd place is a pretty decent achievment for an 'ugly' pokémon that very few even care about, ne?


Yay! Quilava won! I'm suprised that the Top Two were both middle forms o_O' Anyway, at one point, I thought the hope was gone for Johto to win this, but Quilava came to the rescue. Congrats Quilava! You deserved the victory. *Huggs Quilava*

But now this ends o.o ... So many Face-Offs have been ending lately. This could mark the beginning of the end for the Face-Off Forum! :0


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
DAMN! If only I had been more consistant in my voting...

But as I've said before, at least Combusken made it to second place. Honestly, I though everyone hated it >.>
And I actually do like Quilava quite a bit, so if anyone deserves to win this Face-Off in my books, it would be Combusken, Quilava, or Croconaw.

It's a win/win...kind of...
Victory is mine. Most of you may not know this, but Quilava won because of me. I decided to get revenge on the Combusken lovers for knocking out Sceptile, so I first built up Typhlosion, then abandoned it and started on Quilava. For two weeks, I was practically the only one healing Quilava. During that time, I also made sure the whole Chikorita line got what it had coming to it. I take credit for this glorious triumph.

WaterDragon trainer

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I want Swampert to triple hurt Quilava, too.
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