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Pokemon Fan Presents the Alola Pokémon League


Not thinking twice!
heh, I thought about something incredibly unlikely, pretty undeserved, and very ridiculous, but wouldn't completely not make sense, so in other words, something that's pretty much a coin toss for SM at this point. What if ash vs gladion IS a 6v6, and these are their teams:

noivern (the one he used in the necrozma arc)
zoroark (mohn's)

I mean, they have their z-crystals and ash did raise nebby, it's not something I'd like from a story standpoint, but by this point nothing is off the table


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
Yes but all that stuff is happening in KNOWN episodes.
Apart from Magearna getting awakened, but that was obvious
Still makes little sense to release something like this, only for it to be completely different around the time the league actually happens. Not to mention why even show it in the first place if it's not happening after our last revealed episode if not relatively a few episodes afterward?

Not sure why that matters. The only reason the Kyogre episode would exist is to evolve Brionne if its evolving, the episode isn't about Kyogre its a Lana episode, which is precisely what most people thought, even implying Lana catching Kyogre, if not Kyogre than Primarina and it explicitly states something happens to Brionne, so I don't even know how the argument of "evolution would ruin Kyogre's appearance" would even remotely be valid. Sure "one" might like Kyogre far more than Lana evolving her Brionne, but that's not relevant to the actual process of them making an episode. You have to ask, if THEY care about Kyogre more than evolving Brionne, and I would argue at the moment that NO, no they don't.
Wait... what are you trying to get at here? We only truly know Lana is getting Primarina in that episode because of this information... beforehand it was only a guess and only one guy even believed that would happen. You're saying it yourself, the discussion was is Lana really gonna capture Kyogre, who is the focus of that episode.

My point of that statement was why would they reveal that Brionne is evolving, yet not even hint that one of Ash's Pokemon is going to?

Why even reveal this at all in the first place if it's gonna change drastically? The teams are all set for the companions, each of them are going to have 2 Pokemon, with the exception being Kiawe with 3, as Lillie's description does indicate that Magearna will be in Lillie's possesion for the league as well as Mallow using Shaymin to fight too. Apart from that though, if the league isn't happening within a 2-5 episode gap after our last revealed episode, why even have this article come out yet? I'm not as up to date on how frequently Pokemon Fan releases stuff, be it monthly or bi-monthly (or an even bigger gap) but it just seems silly to me that would reveal anything about the league this early unless its coming much sooner then we anticipated. Maybe Meltan's description does hint at it evolving, but that's the only one with a semblance of a hint.

Let's not take pokefan decriptions too seriously, they're just there to hype things up (just look at my current status), and anyways they're more sparring partners, and power-wise those aren't really much of an indicator (or you could say torracat=rowlet at the time of SM84)
Yeah, okay... point taken. But still, that's an odd thing to talk about given Torrecat's only recent battles mainly involved Kakui's Incineroar

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Why would they dead give away that Brionne is evolving in the Kyogre episode, which people had debates about happening since it would take away from the Kyogre moment... yet not even give so much as a hint about Ash's Pokemon whatsoever?

Maybe because she was given that Z-crystal only Primarina can use.

I still believe Ash's Torracat could evolve and Ash may actually earn the incinum-Z unlike Lana who was handed hers on a platter, making him better off.


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I hope to god Ash wins. I think he got screwed out of winning the Kalos League. Besides, I think he's the only trainer worthy of winning the Alola League, although you can make a case for Gladion to be just as worthy.

I don't want him to.
Not only because it isn't a proper League, but because SM Ash isn't worthy of winning one.

And Kiawe's worthy enough, same with Hau. Kiawe beat a Grand Trial and Hau would have presumably beaten one by now. I'd love it if they let Kiawe win the whole thing, he started off as powerful but recently he's been treated like a joke.

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Unless Kiawe or Hau have anything that can stand up to Incineroar or Silvally I doubt the winner will be either of rhem


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Do people even care about the league? It seems like it will be so lack luster and that is not even mentioning the last two leagues. I'm curious if this is the same way all the other leagues were formed. I swear if the to 4 trainers become the E4 I will scream. Imagine Lillie for some reason getting E4 status.... Watch Ash get close to winning but he loses in some "comedic" way -_-


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I highly doubt Torracat is going to evolve, because underdog fights are half the fun of wrestling


Oh god, Royal is going to purposely lose to Ash so Ash can fight Kukui, isn't he?

And here I was, hyped up to finally see Royal and Kukui fight, because that'd be a match worthy of closing out the League


Even dumber idea where Royal and Kukui are the same person like some people believe: Royal beats Ash and Kukui beats Guzma, accidentally leading to the final match being Kukui vs Royal

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I dont understand. In the games, it is portrayed how they make a league. Instead of the classmates being involved in helping building the league, they participate. I just do not love the last minute power-ups. It feels like they would be too weak without it. I mean can't Lillie and Mallow do something else that involves the league, because they arent battlers. And even the Pokefan makes it feel more like a tournament and no league. I mean Ilma and Hau, we saw them one, and they are rivals.


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Why does it seem like they rushed the main characters development? They had Ash, Kiawe, & Lana somewhat decently developed and it seems like they last minute decided to add the other 3 to the league. Then it mentions Guzma, Hau, & Ilima entering as well. The first 2 made their debut late, while Illima made 2 appearances only and its been about a year?

Yeah im pumped for the league but its not that exciting due to the way they are handling everyone at this point. It’s almost like the writers didn’t know that Sword & Shield is releasing in November/December, so now they are shoehorning in as much development as possible when they could’ve done that in place of some of the filler episodes. This format CANNOT continue in the Sword and Shield Series. Seriously, I think i’ve only seen 1/4 of the entire series so far.:/

Hopefully the league can fix that since its the climax of the series.


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Back in december 2018 many here predicted a "school league" scenario (classmates + others like Ilma, Hau,..., all with z-rings, no 6v6 battles but 3v3 or 2v2 instead) and it appears now... mostly true.
The only thing wrong was the setting, the alolan pokémon school instead of a "normal" stadium. This becouse even back then we had some signs, (why the large cast?, why we have a school in the first place, etc).

The "true meaning" of the school in this Sun and Moon saga was probably this. Like many already said, we didn't see many activities IN school indeed... It was essentially an "excuse" to bring everyone together.
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Even Lana I'm not really invested in for this, since she never really had a proper battle, just curbstomps or power boost instigators, like the others she never really developed proper strategy or skill in battle. Power =/= Experience.

Lana's personality doesn't really feel that enticing as a protagonist, she has no real flaws or character arc and her 'goal' is more comic relief. It's practically a direct shtick that she's inherent good at everything without trying. She feels like a character that would have been fun as a rival or recurring supporting character, where they could maintain her as looming obstacle during the league and keep some ambiguity to HOW she's so competent, but as a protagonist that's supposed to have an arc and fallibility of sorts with this being some sort of culmination of her 'hard work', she just doesn't really work. She's like if they made Ilima a main character.


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This is a really weird feeling thinking about how this will play out. Like honestly, the more I've watched it the more I really enjoy the SM saga, and I really love most of the characters, but a League just does not seem suited for it. I'm not really disappointed by how this will likely go, just because to try and turn out a more grandiose League like past regions doesn't seem like it would work well in a saga that's overall been a lot more low-key than others. Alola has just been mostly about some nice light fun, with a few heavier plot arcs here and there, and that's what it does WELL. So yeah, this League isn't gonna be anything like what we're used to, it's probably not gonna be too amazing, but I feel like that's only natural given the saga that it's coming out of.

Anyways, since ten people does not a tournament make and we know Team Rocket is planning to participate as well, I think it's safe to assume we've got a few more competitors that haven't been revealed yet. Kukui/Royal being probably the most obvious one, unless that rivalry gets resolved before the League ... which who knows, maybe it could, with Torracat evolving and the Incinium Z being passed on to Ash. But that seems like a longshot. So yeah, add on Jessie, James, and Kukui to bring the total up to 13 ... maybe throw in Kahili? Or even Acerola? Idk, maybe the others won't be that notable given that they weren't mentioned in the magazine, but with Team Rocket and the possible/probable Kukui/Royal omitted then who knows.


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Gets focus? It can't even use any of Ash's current Z-Crystals.

Besides we have Kukui to showcase Incineroar much like how they had Cameron have Samurott.
Not like the Z Crystals are the main way for Pokemon to get focus. See Rowlet getting some minor focus on its tendency to slack, Lycanroc learning how to use its Blaze Infernape knockoff red eye mode (?) as an advantage and not as a detriment, & Torracat’s was mastering Fire Fang & Flame Charge

Paul showcased Torterra but that didn’t stop Ash from getting one.