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Pokemon Fierce Remake

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by BeelzemontZero, Sep 9, 2008.


How do you think of our fanarts

  1. Final Remake >>> Excellent

    41 vote(s)
  2. Fierce Remake >>> Very Good

    15 vote(s)
  3. Fury Redraw >>> Good

    9 vote(s)
  4. Fine Redraw >>> Not Bad

    4 vote(s)
  5. Fool Redraw >>> Very Bad

    3 vote(s)
  1. kirby8933083

    kirby8933083 mai husbando

    You did not disappoint. ^_^ Fearow is perfect, the feathers and even the pose, it makes it look like something you wouldn't want to run into in the wild. o_O
  2. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    yeah, we draw fearow with the influence of 1st Pokemon Ranger game

    which the legendary ranger (forgot the name)who like to use Fearow as it transport & battle pokemon + partner. since then we start to like fearow :D
  3. Fearow is great he looks terrifying. The only problem I have with him is that his legs look a little to long. He still looks like he's about peck my eyes out.
  4. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    thanks a lot
    & after we look back , we realize the feet too long :)
  5. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    My, oh my, that fearow looks vicious. It's body proportions, in the legs and torso look slightly as if they're from a humanoid base, making fearow look a little awkward, but interesting to look at. Charizard's more antro with his new look too, so anthro doesn't have to be bad. Besides, this is a remake, and a few of the pokemon were looking a little unoriginal.

    Pretty nice. Its beak could be longer, and more storklike, as fearw is pretty much a stork with hawk feet.
  6. Ubermac

    Ubermac Shiny Hunter

    omg! omg omg omg! I feel SO sorry for the little new trainers who run into kanto and see THAT fearow in the wild... poor kiddo's :p really out done yourself this time :D (about the feet, I dunno, it gives it a nice touch) I like it :D
  7. I just noticed this, it looks like one of Charizard's wings is backward.
  8. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    thanks a lot :)

    yeah, beaks & legs need more practice
  9. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    which one ? left or right,. we guess it must the left wing

    yeah, now they will need a master ball , and high skill to tame them :D

    ATTENTION to beginner trainer, do escape when encounter Fearow FR in the wild
    DO NOT after it until you get 8th badge
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2008
  10. wilycoyote64

    wilycoyote64 through diamond eyes

    Godzilla had its era. i know what will attack tokyo now!!
    Battling typhlosion would be the only case in which you'd be stabbed by fire.
    most excellent!
  11. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    Typhlosion + Feraligatr :D

    Oo must hide now :D

    btw,everybody, legendary pokedex start to coming out. Start with Articuno
    go catch it !!! :D
  12. Ubermac

    Ubermac Shiny Hunter

    OMG! when I thought these couldn't possibly get any cooler.. I absolutely LOVE the articuno.. especially the 4 wings.. makes it look kinda god-ish.. it's AMAZING. (venusaur is so mad right now :p)
  13. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    thanks a lot

    yeah, that is what a mystical beings should look like :D
    odd appearance.

    btw, have find some way to draw venusaur, just wait & see :)

    next is Zapdos (out Wednesday )
  14. Ubermac

    Ubermac Shiny Hunter

    wow.. zapdos has some really good options for fierceness :) looking forward to it :D
  15. candyscience

    candyscience ~Misty Fan~

    Wow! I'm in shock from the awsomeness.
    The Pokemon themselves look a biiiit scary in my oppinion...although thats probobly what you're aiming for I think! Haha!
    Anyways, That first charizard one, and the Articuno ones are my favorites...
    You should make one for Dragonair too!

    LOL. The last picture with Ash, Brock, and MIsty in it...


    Anyways, love the art, love the concept.
  16. kirby8933083

    kirby8933083 mai husbando

    Articuno! What a beast! Not that I don't like it (b/e I really do :) ) how did you get the idea for the double wings? He looks amazing none the less. Love the tail, it is a big characteristic of it, the long flowing tail. ~ Elegant and fierce at the same time? :eek: Shut the front door, no way.
  17. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    that's right :D

    and we have try to make it real fierce hehe

    thank you ,and bout scaryness, yes that's is one of our aim beside of fierceness :D

    hope u will enjoy the art & stay tune for next pokemons :D

    bout the trainer pict, some like it,and some realllly hate it :) we don't blame them . everybody have own opinion.
    and thank you for like it :)
  18. BeelzemontZero

    BeelzemontZero 7DemonLords Admiral

    thanks a lot

    bout the four wings. we have say at previous comments, here it goes

    first we think the original articuno look less mystical, so we think that the legendaries should have different/odd/strange appearance than normal pokemons.
    so we add extra wings to it.
    two we got mutiple wings from. oh well, you should already know that we have like digimon far before like pokemon,so the four wings is inspirated from digimons, like ANgemon,phoenixmon,etc who have multiple wings.

    oh, beelzemon blast mode also have four wings :D
  19. Romke

    Romke Dutch Trainer

    Wow, Torterra looks so cool!
  20. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Four winged articuno, huh? Its tail feathers remind me of cacnea's pin missile.

    ...And this venusaur discrimination is really bothering me. Dammit, if I was going to remake all pokemon, I'd remake all pokemon, even the ones I didn't like!

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