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Pokemon Fiercest Flames

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by ANameToRemember, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name


    Hey guys, my names ANTR/ANameToRemember.
    My last series started off good until writers block came in and I was sick of that comic.
    Sorry to all of those fans of it, So I've started this new series and now let's begin.​

    This Series Gives Credit to Spriters Resource and such for supplementing me with sprites and maps :).

    This series will get 3D houses as in Pokemon Platinum when those kinds of maps are released.

    Plot: A teen with adventure on his mind is scarred as a 10 year old kid; he was in a forest fire... Now older the 13 year old is off on a hilarious and dramatic adventure. (more being added soon)

    Episode 1 Preview

    Legends Flashback:
    Episode 1: Escape The Fiery Fate Video Version
    Episode 2: Wake up? Contains Minor Violent Words
    Episode 3: Legends Are Striking!

    The Slow Awakening:

    Nothing Yet.

    Nothing Yet.

    None Yet.

    None Yet.


    None Yet.

    Nothing Yet.

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2009
  2. SoulGuardian

    SoulGuardian PICHU ROXORZ!

    Ohhh! This was your idea! Anyway, loooove the effects! I can't wait to read more! :)
  3. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name

    Thanks :). I work hard with effects now. It's a very difficult plot though.
  4. Spaceon

    Spaceon Active Member

    Why is there something blue between Skarmory's legs?

    And why do you zoom in?
  5. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name

    Zooming in is so it looks more realistic, the Blue between Skarmory's leg will be relieved soon.
  6. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Oceana

    Eh. U should probe make ur own sprites instead reusing the diamond sprites it would make the comic more effective
  7. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name

    I understand COMPLETELY, I'll find a trick to change the look by maintaning a steady plot, but you see most custom character tutorials truely suck, and I need a good 1... You think you can help?
  8. Tenilius

    Tenilius Well-Known Member

    What does ANTR mean in the 2nd one?
    Is it supposed to be ENTER?
  9. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name

    ANTR, stands for my username (A Name To Remember.) It was just a little treat to me. XD.

    God this comic is doing horrible in ratings if this doesn't improve I might have to close it and go back to hero's true self or do another 1.
  10. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name

    Update; Comic 3. It's tons intresting and I'm bringing the ratings up with my mind boggling ideas. :).
    Read, Rate, Comment, and even be a CRITIC. :)
  11. Nelmalih0

    Nelmalih0 Member

    i like this comic
    i like what you did with the substitute guy
  12. ANameToRemember

    ANameToRemember Dont forget the name


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