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Pokemon Frozen Forest-Legend of the Frozen Age

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by klnothincomin, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.


    Approved by Zephyr Flare.

    Pokemon Frozen Forest is an original RMXP maker fangame currently being developed by three people. It is completely fan-made and is no way associated with the Pokemon companies or creators. The game is created to bring out the past of the Pokemon's Ice Age, or we call it the Frozen Age in the game, and describe how it really was back then when humans did not exist.

    Game Contributors:
    -Marco Maravilhas (One of the Game founders and also the game Programmer as one of his professions)
    -Nevermore (The second Game founder)
    -Me, Klnothincomin (A proud contributor to Pokemon FF)

    If you want to help with our fangame, please ask so. We have no specific help needed as of right now, but feel free to suggest anything to us.

    Main Legend:

    Long ago, billions of years and eons ago, there existed a land north of the world, a massive land composed of ice, snow, and barren deserts of frozen rock concealed in a thick fog, unknown to the Pokemon planet and the outside universe itself. Strange Pokemon inhabit the region, dozens of unique species undiscovered by mankind and ruled by a great legend. A brave deity born of ice itself with long fangs and crystal white hide protecting the island with all of its power. Never has it fallen and never will it ever, for that is the reason why this beast is known as an Eternal Legend. Eternal, never born, never dying, never truly existing for anything. It was the time that the world began to rotate diversely and transform physics and reality. A faint light in the sky, a small star was visible in the distance; the Eternal legend could sense it in its ice.

    A star of fire, a blazing falling rock surging toward the world with immense power that’s uncontrollably aiming at the Northern region. Intruding through the Ozone layer, it crashed into the center of the land, causing a huge explosion and a screech as loud as a sonic boom. The meteorite was as large as almost a tenth of the island, forming a striking crater in the interior of the region, wounding many Pokemon and shattering the surface and melting the ice bit by bit. All the Pokemon gathered in the center of the island to witness the star in awe, for none have seen any alike it. The Eternal Pokemon especially was troubled by the effect of the rock, for it would not be able to move within little cold. Without icy air, its body would become rougher and les slick, disabling any movement or effortless travel. The great beast knew that something must be done to protect the Pokemon and itself.

    Using an abundant amount of energy, the Eternal Pokemon ceased time from passing, immobilizing the ice and rock from melting and eroding and preventing any further damage currently in progress. Subsequently, the deity forced all of its energy into the meteorite, bringing power and life to it. Instantly, the giant meteorite cracked and sent shards of the meteorite raining into the ground. Each separate seed sprouted and entangled each other, forming a secure cluster of enormous roots and branches. The ground deformed, platforms of rock and ice developed, and all at once, plateaus lifted up the Pokemon. With daze, the Pokemon glared up into the sky as they were encased within a giant tree that blocked heat from travelling in and the cold from escaping.

    Without any energy left, The Eternal Pokemon summoned 3 Pokemon to guard the tree and one messenger Pokemon to report the surroundings. The trio created and guarded 3 orbs, a gold orb, silver orb, and bronze orb located in 3 separate areas of the land that created another barrier around the tree. Billions of years passed, and soon, the barrier surrounding the island wore off, and time slowly restarted to continue. More verdant trees grew, and new Pokemon migrated to the warmer region. The sun finally shone on the land, and the island no longer was the icy desert as it used to be. However, despite the change in environment, time and weather within the giant tree had never passed, and the Eternal deity still rests within its frozen forest, storing energy and waiting for its moment to recreate the island as it was before…

    Now, in the present day, the island region is discovered by a man known as Silas, an organization leader with an intent to create harmony for all Pokemon and reverse the damage that us humans inflicted upon on the environment and the world. The name of the Pokemon association is the Frozen Restoration Organization of Severing Tranquility, AKA, the FROST organization. The name is given because of Silas's intention to bring the world back to when it was covered in total ice and snow, reversing the damage brought upon by us humans and ridding humanity as well. Silas believes that the end of the Frozen Age originated in this tropical region and that the meteorite was hidden within that Giant Tree. Because of its great size, he named the tree the Eternal legend and the forest the Eternal Forest. His discovery attracted many travelers and trainers around as well as researchers and more scientists. Professor Pine was one of them, and you come into the game as his trusted assistant to aid him in his research and recording Pokemon data and findings.

    Concept Art:

    Pokemon FF Map Art WIP


    I am making a FULL SIZE REGION Art of our Region, the Nettai Region. The design is still incomplete.

    To the bottom left of the sketch is Saria Town, the town you begin in. It is a bit bigger than the usual game towns and it has a beach and dock below also.

    The town in the lower center is Seisma city, a place famous for their Earthquake proof houses and the enormous fissure running straight through the city. In the game, earthquakes occur at random areas and times. The reason apparently is unknown, but scientists detected that the source of the vibrations are from the Giant Eternal Legend.

    The big road you see across half of the map is the Cycling road! And it is alot bigger than the one in DP 8D It connects the two land masses of the region together.

    The Starters


    These are the cute starters of Pokemon FF! (From left to right) Chitret, Caffle, and Iguaqua.

    Chitret: The cub Pokemon
    Caffle: The Meadow Pokemon
    Iguaqua: The Sea Lizard Pokemon

    Which would you choose?

    The Trio of the Region




    The role of the Trio in the game is to Guard the three Eternal Orbs, which are the key to unlocking the gateway to the tree's core. The Orbs are the Gold Orb, Silver Orb, and the Bronze Orb. Horus (The eagle-like legend with wings) guards the Silver Orb, Sobek (The Orange croc-like legend) Guards the Bronze Orb, and Anubis (The Gold canine-like legend) guards the Gold orb. Each orb is hidden inside a seperate temple up on a Mountain, in a Lake, and in a Desert. The trio looks after the orbs in a consealed form as a statue. They will transform when the orbs are removed from their rightful place.

    Denrei (Messenger Pokemon and our main Legend)


    Denrei is our main Legendary Pokemon and it serves the great Eternal Pokemon as a messenger Pokemon. It seeks out into the real world and gathers information about the present time and reports back to the Eternal Legend, sort of like a knight. It protects the region and the Eternal Pokemon. Denrei has two forms, an original form, and a minor alteration of its body when it enters the real world.

    Professor Pine

    Sugimori Art coming soon!

    Professor Pine is a famous field researcher who studies about climate, Pokemon, and a little of geology. She traveled to this region because of the abnormal climate changes and the mysterious Giant Tree.

    Hero and Heroine


    You enter the game as the professor's proud assistant to help her in her studies. You will help record Pokemon data and also help her solve the mystery of the great Eternal Legend.

    Gym Leaders And Badges


    Trayton is a Ground type gym leader as well as a famous Geologist of Seisma City. He researches about the abnormal earthquake patterns in Nettai and is a close friend of Professor Pine. If he is defeated, you recieve a Fissure Badge.


    Tesla is an Electric type gym leader as well as the daughter of Tsilia City's Power Plant Owner. Tsilia city is her hometown and is lit with bright lights that could be seen for miles. She holds ownership to the Citrine Badge.


    Mckenzie specializes in Fire types and she is the gym leader of Scarelit city. Her family keeps watch over the nearby Golden Desert's Gold Temple (where Anubis guards the Golden Orb). She rewards the Crimson badge to trainers.


    Surfer Lynn is the gym leader of Rapid City, an island located near northern Nettai. His family lives in Loch town where they guard over the Bronze temple within a huge lake. Lynn posesses the Tidal Badge.


    Karmen soothes Grass Pokemon as well as other Pokemon with her musical tunes she play on her flute. She is a writer and a poet as well as a nurse also. She had learned to make special herbs using berries and knows the technique of massage. This intelligent lady is the grass type specialist and the gym leader of Breeze town. When beaten, you are given the Pine badge.


    Krag is a rock climber, hiker, and spelunker. He is athletic and strong, but is forgetful and stubburn. However, Krag holds his name as the gym leader of mountainous Sierra city. His grandfather guards over the Silver Temple on top of Metallic Mountain. The gym badge of his is the Mountain badge.

    Sugimori Art coming soon!

    Sugimori Art coming soon!

    Elite Four


    Arial is the weakest of the Elite Four but is a strong flying type trainer.


    The Poison master is Elite Four Matthew.


    This member of the Elite Four utilizes Psychic, Ghost, and Dark type Pokemon in battle.


    The strongest of the Elite Four, Roco is a powerful traner with fighting type Pokemon.


    This is The Pokemon Forest Champion. He uses a variety of Pokemon and they change accordingly, making him the most difficult and challenging trainer of the game.

    Duncan is a popular rich boy that travels across the region, obtaining and training as many Pokemon as possible to high levels. Despite his efforts and skill, many look at him as only a son of the notorious F.R.O.S.T. Organization Leader, Silas.

    Silas believes that human's existance harms nature and Pokemon and that people should not exist for this cause. His beliefs led him to start the F.R.O.S.T. Organization to restore the world, reversing the damage that'd been done and back to when the region was covered in ice, where no humans existed and not one person would survive. However, Duncan despises his father's ways and he aims to protect Pokemon his own style without violence or ridding humanity.

    Pokemon FF Fan Sprite Thread
    More coming soon! Check often! C+C please ^^

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
  2. Zebtrestalala

    Zebtrestalala Active Member

    Very, very nice art. I like it a lot.
    One of the images is broken to me though, Mckenzie's
  3. Zebtrestalala

    Zebtrestalala Active Member

    Very, very nice art. I like it a lot.
    One of the images is broken to me though, Mckenzie's
  4. pokeaidmissy

    pokeaidmissy Well-Known Member

    How come there isn't any comments on these? These are good! Which is saying something for me, seeing as I'm not a fan of remakes.

    I love the designs and the coloring! You should draw for the Pokemon series, lol!
    Some of the human characters seem awkward with their feet, legs, or hands. (Matthew, for example, seems 'off' to me, but that may be because of his position). I would like to see the starters evolutions (Chitret is my fav)!

    Besides the critque on the humans, these look great!
  5. martinzelda

    martinzelda Right. On. Time.

    I really love the Pokemon and the Artwork but, if it's before humans, how can there be gym leaders, and even heros and heroines? Also, the second of the Elites is a little inapropriate for childs ain't it?
  6. Zebtrestalala

    Zebtrestalala Active Member

    The tree houses life before humans, but then this takes place in current day.
  7. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.

    Couldn't fix Mckenzie, for some reasion, the image code isn't workign for her.

    The game isn't taking place in the Frozen Age, it is taking place in the region where the Frozen Age began to end. To put in basic terms, we are in the present, but researching and talking about the past. Understand?

    The trainers I drew with their feet not quite flat (my mistake) but I am not good with perspective anyway lol

    If pipes existed in Pokemon, I don't understand why cigarettes aren't allowed xD
  8. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    You should probably switch the Rock and Ground Gym Leaders around. Also, I've seen another fake Water starter called Iguaqua. Also, I don't think that one of the Elite 4 should smoke, it's a kids' game!
  9. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.

    Well...this game is turning out much less appropriate for kids anyway xD Human destruction in the plot.

    Anyway, I can't really change them around. I designed the main plot and the city already, and it is now stuck. Plus we want something different to the original games.

    Yeah, I noticed another Pokemon already named Iguaqua ^^'

    But we didn't steal the design or anything, so I wouldn't think it is crutial.
  10. Zebtrestalala

    Zebtrestalala Active Member

    So, is this going to turn into an actual, Playable, downloadable game?

    If so when? I'd be really excited about that, seeing how awesome your sprite work is as well.
  11. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.

    This igsgonna be a playable RMXP Maker game and I don't know when we will have it up. Probably not soon because we have alot of progress to cover.
  12. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights [BritishSarcasm]

    Ah - so that's what the Frozen Forest is all about - i thought it was just a collection of fakemon you had been doing.

    So it's actually going to be made into a Fangame? - woah, that takes some skill.

    The Main legend looks really professional, and carries the sugimori style very well.

    I like the grass starter very much, so cute ~
  13. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Wasn't human destruction basically in the plot of DPpT?
  14. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.

    Thanks^^ Yeah, this is going to be made into an RMXP maker game. However, I can't do that, my friend Marco is the creator and programmer of the game. He doesn't have a serebii account, so with his permission, I took his place and posted it on serebii myself.

    The grass starter is my favorite too c:

    Cyrus did not intend on the riddance of humanity, he wanted power. Our game is very different, instead of creating a better world for the humans, F.R.O.S.T. is creating a better world for the Pokemon and basically reversing time back to the Frozen age. Pokemon will be back to their cold adaption and humans will die. So our 'evil' organization does not want power; they want peace for Pokemon. Cyrus wanted to control Palkia and Dialga for power. Understand?
  15. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Close enough. But destroying the universe is basically destroying humankind!
  16. baconboy

    baconboy MEOW

    The art stil doesn't look too much like sugimori's work.
  17. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    Wow, I'm sure that comment is really going to help him in the long run, why don't you actually explain why it apparently doesn't look like the sugimori art work.
  18. Looks great! (as always). I really like the trio, and the plot line is interesting.
    But the lighting on the fire starter's head seems really bright, and it's two front paws look a little off (imo) Can't wait to see the project done! :D
  19. kimy1688

    kimy1688 Do the spinda dance!

    Really, really good work, detailed pictures, good Pokemon and people, everything is awesome :D 100/10 as a rating. Can't wait to see it finished!
  20. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member

    Whoah, I think I've died and gone to heaven - if I believed in it, that is.

    This is quite amazing. The art is... wow.

    I'd pick either Caffle of Iguaqua - although this'll probably change depending on their final stages.

    Why does the Poison E4 bloke have to smoke? Why can't he just have a lighter - HINTING towards the smoking thing - he could cough and hack,too!
    (I dought you'll appreciate another person bringing up the smoking part XD)

    I think the story is amazing; this part confused me:
    "Subsequently, the deity forced all of its energy into the meteorite, bringing power and life to it. Instantly, the giant meteorite cracked and sent shards of the meteorite raining into the ground. Each separate seed sprouted and entangled each other, forming a secure cluster of enormous roots and branches."
    Where'd the seeds come from?!
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