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Pokemon Game Features You Miss/Would Hate To Be Taken Out

A feature in the Pokemon games that you would hate to be taken out. One that you cannot live without. For example, if breeding was taken out of a game then how would you feel?

One feature I would absaloutely hate the most is nicknaming. I need my names for my Pokemon to look cool.

So is there any feature in the Pokemon games that you coulden't live without?


Uni hiatus
The physical/special split. That just revolutionised competitive battling. Plus how weird would it be having Ice Punch be special again, or Bug Buzz being physical?


Well-Known Member
Wifi trading/battling
Friend codes
Pokedex entries


Robo-Cascoon's angry
Cycling Roads and Game Corners!!!

Oh wait, they've already gone...


Well-Known Member
Wi-Fi battles, trades etc.
Physical / Special split.
Definitely the breeding and wifi battling.


Skyla lovers
Catching pokemon...

I might not gonna play any pokemon game if this feature didn't exist in the first place.


< He no liek mudkipz
^lol I was gonna write that xD

I would love (i know, slightly off-topic) it if they madde a game where you join Team Rocket. I had this in my mind ever since Leafgreen. On finishing that lil bridge with 5 easy trainers on it in Cerulean, a man asks you to join Team Rocket! I was so sad when there was no YES button. When in HG they let you dress up as one it dulled the pain slightly. I had the time of my life running around scaring all of Goldenrod city :)


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This is easy.
Secret bases.
But they took it out and have failed at making something better.
I want the old secret bases returned, with more items, more room, and wifi shared secret bases with your friends!
Pokemon themselves for one.

I would also miss: breeding, gyms, Elite Four, Champion, Surfing,and some others I can't think off ATM.


Smart Cookie
The basics, like catching, evolving etc.
Nicknaming. I like my Pokémon to be unique.
Shinies. Love them. Gives me something to do. Masuda Method too.
Phys/Spec split, just because it seems simpler.
Natures. Some are rubbish on my 'mons, but it seems more personal.
Rebattling some people.
Hold items.
Transferring over your old Pokémon.
Genders and breeding.
Animated sprites.

Essentially, don't take anything away!

Tyranitar Terror

Tyranitar Trainer
Shinies, if they took this out I would have a breakdown.
Tyranitars- the sole reason I play the games! If they were taken out well....


Breeding, wifi and events.


Pokemon Breeder
Definitely the physical/special split. Playing older games is much more difficult without it, especially with physical oriented starters!


I am the Batman
Registering key items,
The Amulet coin item,
Wireless battles and trades,