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Pokemon Game Features You Miss/Would Hate To Be Taken Out


not bad
I would hate to have Pokemon, battles and EV items taken out.


Strong Winds
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i miss the alternating link battle music in 3rd gen link battles. anyone remember that?

i would miss rival rematches. i do them mainly to listen to their battle theme. thanks a lot R/S/E...

for all posts on battle frontier, did R/S and D/P have battle frontier? no, just the tower, which got boring. why should B/W get frontier right off the bat? battle subway most clearly does NOT replace frontier, but only battle tower, and does a wonderful job of replacing the tower. i don't miss frontier, personally, since i know the next games will bring it.

just wanted to mention that to those who don't understand the missing battle frontier.

Grass Guardian

Rags to Riches
I really liked the pokethalon (sp?) from HG/SS and the way Pokemon contests were done in R/S/E. This new "musical" crap they have in B/W really sucks. There is really no challenge to it at all. Just moving sprites. Bleh!

Those are the things I miss now. I would miss the gyms if they took those out, but I wouldn't mind if they put a different spin on the story.


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I miss being able to buy evo stones from the pokemart. Hunting for dust clouds for hours on end hoping to nab the one stone I need is just balls.


not bad
I just now realized that they've had the same cave theme for like, ever. I'd hate to have that removed.


I was shitting bricks in heartgold/soulsilver when you could battle Red. And when Gary was the leader of Viridian City's Gym. I think every pokemon game should have 2 or more ares with cameos or continuation on the history of the game.


Almost Useless
I hope they don't completely phase out HM's. They almost did in BW. I also wish they hadn't taken out Pikachu in B/W. I need a light ball.

Mighty Arceus493

I would hate it if all trainers in the next gen had Pokemon up to level 50 because in Black and White, it's so easy and fun to train! And I would like it if Game Freak makes it possible to get more Focus Sash's in game again, and they better not make Rock Smash an HM again!


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i wish they wouldnt have taken out the auto lv 100 6 on 6 battles and replaced with flat rule.


Aroma Guardian
I miss the night time music that made the game have amazing calm music like Jubilife City.
I would hate too see weather changes leave because it adds a lot of depth to the game.


Birds of Prey > You
I wouldn't want them to take out the little sentence describing your Pokemon, I think it has to do with IV's. My Espeon "regularly dozes off" which I think is cute, and my Charmeleon "is proud of it's power." Damn right it is, it's strong as hell. It helps inject a little bit of personality into the game.