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Pokemon Game Music!!

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Yonowaru in Chaos, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    Hey, this is Yonowaru in Chaos.

    As the title suggests, this thread is all about Pokemon Game Music. What are your favourites, the most annoying, the most catchy? Post it here! You can post music from any Pokemon game available on the shelves.

    I personally love the Route 228 Theme from DP (the sandstorm route). Its just too catchy.
  2. cookieboy13

    cookieboy13 Well-Known Member

    I like the song in the first route you will take in Pokémon Emerald verison. I also like Littleroot's background music. And the song in your base in Mystery dungeon. Catchy..
  3. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    I love when they play the azure flute,when at my coronet and when battling arceus. (saw in youtube)

    the most annoying is...uhh I dont know.
  4. arceus03

    arceus03 Well-Known Member

    In route 212, before Solaceon.
    I like that one, also Dialga's battle theme..
    Hearthome, Eterna (bit classical, lol)

    Littleroot, that's all I can remember.

    New Bark Town

    Annoying? In caves. They're not annoying, but I don't like them.
    Usually when I enter a cave I got off and remounted from the bike so I can hear the
    Bike's song instead.
  5. A-GAME

    A-GAME Insert Coin(s)

    I love Littleroot town's (R/S/E) and New Bark (G/S/C) town's music. I also like Cerulian city's (R/B/Y), Eterna city's and Veilstone city's (D/P).

    What I find really annoying on the other hand is, the Bicycle music in D/P. Sometimes I go on walking for long ways just to avoid listening to that extremely annoying voice! >_<

    EDIT: Shouldn't this be on Polls? Just wondering.
  6. Narumaru

    Narumaru <---- Favorite Shiny

    the best music is when you fight a legendary.
  7. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    The G/S/C music owns. My favourite G/S/C music is the legendary dog/cat/beast/thingy music.
  8. My Favorite music,
    Any time you fight a legendary.
    -Hearthome and Eterna City in D/P
    -Littleroot town, Sootopolis, Mt. Chimeney in R/S/E
    -New Bark Town, Goldenrod, Azelea Town in G/S/C
    -Cerulean City, Vermillion City, Celedon City in R/B/Y

    The most annoying.
    Bike Music.....
  9. Aggron95

    Aggron95 tildes gonna tilde~

    My all-time favorite is the Verdanturf music from RSE.
    The most annoying, the E4 battle music in DP.
  10. My favorite songs would be the Rocket Hideout song in Red/Blue/Yellow, and the Team Galactic theme that plays at several points in Diamond/Pearl (like when you enter Valley Windworks for the first time, and when you go to the lake that had all of its water sucked up). I also love a lot of the battle songs from Diamond/Pearl, mainly the Gym/Elite Four song, but the Trainer battle and champion battle songs are awesome too.
  11. Oh, I LOVE that one. My favorite is everything in the first generation, but sadly, they are also the most annoying after listening to them for a while. So, I turn my volume down low so I can't hear it. The bike music is most annoying, though.
  12. Kim62

    Kim62 The avatars suck.

    I love DP's game corner music.
    I like littleroot's music and violet's music.
    Lavander's song scares me though.
    The elite 4 music in r/s/e was awesome.
    I also like sevral others but I won't get into them right now.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2008
  13. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Music in Pokemon games are mostly brilliant. Well I guess they have to be if you are constantly hearing it when you are playing. Some tunes catch on moreso than others though. These are all the ones I like that I can think of.

    1st Generation
    I like almost everything, because of the nostalgia. If I had to pick favourites though:
    • Cerulean City
    • Celadon City
    • Gym Battle Theme
    • Route 1

    2nd Generation
    • Route between Ecruteak and Olivine
    • Goldenrod City
    • Kanto Gym Battle

    3rd Generation
    • Colosseum's Cipher Admin Battle
    • Miror B
    • Deoxys Battle
    • R/S/E Rival Battle Theme

    4th Generation
    • Team Galactic Admin Battle
    • Rival Battle
    • Mt Coronet (near the top)
    • Route 201
    • Pastoria City
    • Dialga/Palkia Battle
    • Champion Cynthia Battle
  14. Fire Suicune

    Fire Suicune Well-Known Member

    1st Generation: Rocket's Hideout. Used to go there just to listen to the music.

    2nd Generation: Battling the legenary beasts in Crystal. Absolutely LOVE it.

    3rd Generation: Battle Factory in Emerald.

    4th Generation:
    -Mesprit/Azelf/Uxie battle
    -Dialga/Palkia battle
    -Arceus battle (heard on Youtube)
    -Champion battle

    -F.S. out
  15. I hate the bike music from every gen and the 3rd gen battle music.
  16. -BJ-

    -BJ- Well-Known Member

    I love the music from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Every song has emotion and is encouraging, in some strange way. It brings back memories just listening to it...RIP Gold Version.
  17. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    Alot of the Pokemon music is really forgettable, but it has some catchy tunes:

    • Kanot Gym Leader Theme
    • Kanto Final Battle Theme
    • Johto Rival Theme
    • Team Aqua Theme
    • Hoenn Regi Chamber Music
    • Team Galaxy Battle Theme
    • Cynthia's Theme
    • Team Cipher Theme (and all variations)
    • XD's Cipher Admin Battle Theme

    Those are the standouts. My absolute favorites are probably Team Aqua and Team Cipher's theme music.
  18. markomega

    markomega TERRORIZE!

    the biking music is fun :]
  19. XSilverStarboyX

    XSilverStarboyX Well-Known Member

    I like most of the music from GSC. I also love; Silph Co., Vermillion City, Celadon City, and Cerulean city. I have some of these songs on my ipod cause Im just that much of a dork. But like what blazing charmander said, I mostly love the nostalgianess of the music;152;
  20. blackrose

    blackrose Well-Known Member

    i dont really listen to th musiz, i usually turn it off. but i like legend battle music.
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