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Pokemon Game or Show, Which one would you prefer??

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Definately the games. The anime was great for Kanto and Johto...but once it reached Hoenn it got way too repetitive. Besides gym battles, every episode seemed close to the same. So i'm sticking with the games


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I'd chose the game, the anime has gone down hill recently and too many fillers >_<
Games>>Manga>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anime. The anime is alright, but... :/ I don't watch it much, most of it is because of play practice starting at 9 AM...and any other Saturday I can't be bothered to get up at 9:00 AM.


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They've dumbed it down so much it can't be called anything BUT a kid's show. It's clearly the anime that gives Pokemon its "kiddie" rep.

It was never anything but a kid's show, chief. Pokémon has a "kiddie" rep because it's a game for kids.


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is this even an argument? the games! The show is absolutly ridiculous! The show is what gives pokemon its childlike reputation. "prepare for trouble, make it double" *shoots self*


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The games, absolutely. The anime was pretty good back in the first generation, but good lord, it's become so retarded. They've dumbed it down so much it can't be called anything BUT a kid's show. It's clearly the anime that gives Pokemon its "kiddie" rep.
The 'r' word offends me. You had to offend a disease that can't be helped?

Anyway, I think that I like the anime and the games equally. For most others I know it would be the games, but I just love the show too.


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Games > Show by far. I wish the show was a little more graphicly intense much like dragonball or naruto.


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'kiddie' rep? ofcourse! its not an adult show, new episodes are... funnier

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I love the games and the show equally. I used to love only the kanto, johto, and hoenn arc. I was even biased back then and prefered the older seasons but after watching several episodes of the sinnoh arc, I began to love it too and started from episode 1 of the dp season to the latest episode of dp (sorry for digressing).
I love the anime, it's my favorite show. But I have to say the games. I just like games more than TV in general. Also, the childishness is one of the things I like about the anime... I love feeling like a kid sometimes. XD


Yeah,i prefer the game to the show.


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I like both, but I like the games more. I used to prefer the Anime, to be honest, but I kind of grew out of caring as much, eventually.
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