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Pokemon ghosts.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
Invisible beings who were never noticed. Even in the sight of our eyes do they remain invisible. But from time to time, they appear and reappear inconspicuously. Having no significant interest, we cast them off as unimportant, and they are doomed to a life of invisibility.

No, not actual ghosts or phantoms. I'm talking about the random background characters who have reappeared in the anime. Find it hard to believe?

Believe it now.

This thread is similar to the other one I made awhile ago pertaining to mistakes in the anime. So, thanks to Pokesho, here's a page listing all of the reused characters in the anime. Keep in mind that the website is Japanese only so interpret the page to the best of your ability.

First time I saw this page, I was pretty astonished at how many characters made reappearances. How about you guys?

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Woe that is interesting actually, I think some of them could even be intentional, not saying that it is for sure but who knows. Maybe they thought to use them again and since you barely meet them the first appearance so yeah.


Busy with School
Well there are only so many possible character models.

But some of the characters look similar, but the hair color is different.


Yes, there are many possible character models that they are remaking them to appear again because the writers thinks that nobody is notice.
I think that the man that was in episodes 52, 197, 205 and AG 13 is the same man, because he was a the narrator of the events.

And I also noticed to a guy that appeared twice, that the page that you brought has not found-

in episode 437- http://www.filb.de/content/anime/ag160/213.jpg

and in episode 439- http://www.filb.de/content/anime/ag162/281.jpg
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To be fair, it makes sense that trainers re-appear. Ash and co can't be the only people taking the path and doing the things they do.


Writer's Block
Since they do so many episodes in a year they need to use some of the same designs. They can't keep constantly making design after design. They'd be more worn out than they already are.

Using characters who have appeared before make the world more realistic. It's like seeing a classmate from kindergarten 4 years later at a sports camp and then a few more years later in Art class in high school. Granted that the concept of years in Pokemon is not looked upon a lot but you get the point. There is always the chance you will see someone from your past in life. Now whether you remember them or not, that's another story.
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I really enjoy seeing characters return, even if it wasn't for "their" journey.
It reminds of older episodes.
In my opinion, there should be far more, they don't even need to talk, they could just show up in the background.


Wicked Witch
This may be nothing, but is it possible that some characters that are seen constantly are used by the same animation director? If so the inclusion of those background characters can be seen as a personal signature. I'm too lazy to look to make sure, but I'd say the guy who appeared about ten times is a good candidate to start with.


Flawless Technique
I think they do it on purpose, and I really like it.
It's small, almost unnoticeable, but it makes it seem more real.
I know the Pokemon world is fictional but it's like, Ash and his friends
aren't the only people in the world. Lots of people travel, so yeah even
if they're not acknowledged, it's cool to see them. I'd love for the guy
in the hoodie and baseball cap to finally be given a name, maybe have him
as a contest rival or League battler.

Jun's Heracross

Battle Ace
only so many character designs they can come up with i suppose


only so many character designs they can come up with i suppose
If only they could create random character designs just like they think up of Pokémon. :p

Jun's Heracross

Battle Ace
If only they could create random character designs just like they think up of Pokémon. :p
im sure there's been atleast been 2 times as many background characters than there is pokemon :p
Oh lol, that really is interesting. I never would have realized that there are so many reused background characters. XD
But I think that makes the show a little bit deeper. It's kind of like how you see people at school/work every day and never really realize it.