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Pokemon Gijinka Academy Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Monster Guy, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    First time making an RPG here. I hope it goes well.

    GM: Mon1010
    Co-GM: Rotom310

    Welcome to Pokemon Gijinka Academy (PGA for short,) a huge school campus located on an island off the coast of the Unova region. The academy is refuge to Pokemon gijinkas. It is a place where they can meet others like themselves, as well as hone and learn to use their abilities, as well as get a regular education (there are regular classes here too.) A Pokemon gijinka, is a human who is born with a Pokemon soul. It is not not yet known why these humans are born like this, however as a result, they are able to communicate with the species of Pokemon whose soul they share. They can also use that Pokemon's abilities, and in some cases they recieved some of the physical characteristics of that Pokemon. The academy is home to many gijinkas young and old. Few people know of it's existence. The academy has been around for decades, and has been able to be a secret for so long due to the presence of a few kind humans in the world.

    However, society in general fears gijinkas. They are considered abominations and freaks of nature. Some parents send there children here out of shame after finding out their child is a gijinka. There are also humans who wish to capture gijinkas and use them for malicious purposes, as though they were a regular Pokemon. There are even some gijinkas who wish to use their powers for selfish deeds. However, the school has usually been good at spotting those with ill intentions.

    Some gijinkas, save for their powers, and in some cases hair or eye color, can pass for "Normal" humans. There are others however who aren't so fortunate. They have the physical traits of a Pokemon, or have difficulty controlling their powers. It gives them away as gijinkas immediately. These type of gijinkas rarely leave the island.

    The academy building, where classes take place, is a large nondescript building that's several stories tall. P.E. classes, are held either outside in a field set up for it behind the building, or in a small gymnasium nearby. Next to the campus on either side, are the towers for the boys and girls dormitories respectively. A walking distance away, there is the Academy Village. Despite being called a village, it is as big as a regular town, and contains all the things towns do. Including a movie theatre, several restaurants a shopping mall, and more. The island itself is tropical, there is a beach with swimmable oceans, and a large rainforest. Wild Pokemon do live on the island. These Pokemon are not allowed to be captured by anyone. They are usually studied in their natural habitat for the science classes.
    I have no set plot for this. Anything you want to do is fine with me. Remember, we need students and teachers.


    1. All Serebii rules and RPG rules apply obviously.

    2. No legendaries (The last thing I need is someone being an Arceus gijinka and beating everyone.) Rotom and Phione do not count as legendaries

    3. Try to be active. If you must leave give someone permission to control your character.

    4. You can use as many characters as you can handle, but keep track of them all.

    5.There can be more than one of the same species, so don't worry if someone else joins as the Pokemon you wanted.

    6. Have Fun. I will be enforcing this. If you're not having fun, then get out. xD

    Sign Up


    You will have a Pokemon. Only one per character. It will be the same species as you are. It can speak human speech, but only you or any other gijinkas of the same species (This includes evolutionary families) can understand it.

    Pokemon Sign Ups


    I think that's everything.

    Accepted Characters

    Trixie Von Plasma (Rotom) Mon1010
    Shandy Lure (Chandelure) Mon1010
    Melissa "Mimi" Shannon (Musharna) Mon1010
    Lance Wulfe (Basculin) Rotom310
    Ikiri Gonman (Gliscor) Midgeorge
    Demitrius Kuron (Larvitar) InnerFlame
    Tyson Velito (Typhlosion) InnerFlame
    Kaiza "Kai" Takahashi (Luxray) Shirenui
    Lucas Hopper (Lucario9) Lucario
    Xeron Rail (Mothim) ShadeAce
    Zelin (Zwelious) ShadeAce
    Anu Biz (Cofagrigus) Loreni333
    Akari (Aron) ShadeAce

    Headmistress Melissa Beckett (Vespiquen) NPC
    Umbra Sayo (Umbreon) Slipomatic
    Sara Splinter (Ariados) InnerFlame
    Michelangelo "Angel" Mitoe (Togekiss) InnerFlame
    Boreas Way (Beartic) Nardia801
    Dr. Horton Zuckerberg (Porygon-Z) Loreni333
    Yu Nyeh (Gardevoir) Loreni333
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  2. littlea53

    littlea53 Prince of Darkness

    can I get a reserve?
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Sure. ^^ There's plenty of room, and sign ups remain open indefinitely.
  4. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    This is a very good idea! I will work on the SU tommorrow, so expect it over the weekend.
  5. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    erm... do you mean Pokemorph when you say Gijinka?
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @lxdarknessxl: Pokemorphs are human/Pokemon hybrids. Gijinkas are for the most part fully human.

    Also, I have a Co-GM Rotom310 (I just now got his permission. xD) He'll be accepting sign-ups and such too.

    Edit: Edited the sign up. I forgot the appearance section. Whoopsie. ^^;
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  7. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    Can I reserve
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Lawmaster: Sure.

    I'm working on my Sign-Ups (Yes that's plural) too. I should have them ready eventually. xD
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  9. littlea53

    littlea53 Prince of Darkness

    Here’s my sign up

    Name: Mikhail Kalashnikov
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Mikhail is a dependable person and is always there for everyone. He can accept a loss, but only if it was fair. He is a firm believer of overkill, and will normally do something of this sort. He doesn’t admit it, be he would be devastated if he lost Pein.
    History: Mikhail was an only child born with an unspeakable talent. Even as a child, his parents shunned him and refused to believe that he was their child. Because of this, Mikhail was street-toughened. When he was 10, he met a Shiny Gallade that was also shunned from society because of his color. He realized that he could talk to it then after a while caught it. He is Mikhail’s best friend.
    Pokemon: Gallade
    Abilities: ? Could you elaborate on what to put here?
    Other: Mikhail is extremely human looking except for one thing. His Elbows extended out of his skin to make sword like bone formations that he can morph at will.

    Name: Pein
    Species: (Shiny) Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Pein is unlike any other you would normally find. First he is Shiny, and he is a little bit fickle, but if he likes you, you'll be friends for eternity. He is loyal to the end and will bring happiness to anyone who meets him.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @litlea53: Add your character's appearance please. (That goes for the Pokemon if they look different from any other Pokemon of the same species.) ^^ I forgot it originally.

    A little more info would be nice too.

    Abilities, are the powers you have as a gijinka. You can use attacks your Pokemon can know, a Special Ability your Pokemon can have, and things in that Pokemon's pokedex entry for this.

    Edit: V Rotom explained it better. xD
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  11. Rotom310

    Rotom310 As seen in pokedexes

    A good "ability" section would consist of your take on the Pokemon's natural ability (if you find it relevent to your character), a couple attacks that are preferably level-up moves, and anything miscellaneous found in Pokedex entries that is relevent to your character.

    Here's an example of the Abilities section I quickly composed about a Lilligant gijinka named Lily who is into dancing:

    @littlea53 - Also, that little tidbit about Mikhail's elbows should definitely be mentioned in the Ability section.

    On that note, I'm composing an example sign-up, but might not get it done until tomorrow afternoon (my time of course), as I have a car wash I must attend tomorrow morning and it is fairly late right now. I also will go over littlea53's Sign-up then (provided he adds the Appearance field), along with any other Sign-ups tomorrow.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  12. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Mon's Sign Up # 1

    Name: Trixie Von Plasma
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Trixie is short for her age, she has big blue eyes, and appears as if she hasn't started puberty yet. These things make her appear much younger than she actually is. Trixie has long, wavy, electric blue hair styled into pigtails that resembles Rotom arms. Her bangs are messy, and she has an "antenna" of hair on top of her head. Her skin is fair, not pale but not tanned either. A side effect of being a Rotom gijinka, is that she glows with a plasma like blue aura. This usually isn't noticeable unless someone turns the lights off. (She glows in the dark. xD)

    Trixie wears a long Rotom red hoodie, with a matching T-shirt and black bike shorts underneath it. She does not wear shoes because her feet rarely touch the ground. On top of her head, sits a pair of lab goggles that are the same color as her hoodie, which she does occasionaly use.

    Personality: Trixie is a playful and mischevious girl. She enjoys using her powers to play tricks on people, but she means no harm by it. Although she doesn't look like it because she is outgoing and completely unlike the stereotype, Trixie is actually rather intelligent and gets A's in her classes. She is also a techno geek. She makes useful electric gadgets and also good at hacking computers (Though her powers have something to do with that) and has considered charging a fee for her services. She sometimes acts like a mad scientist when creating a new device.

    History: Trixie was orphaned as a baby (Whether her parents are actually dead or not remains to be seen.) For some reason, instead of leaving her at an orphanage or something, she was left at the doorstep of the Old Chateau, where she was found and raised by a family of Rotoms that lived there. Her gijinka powers manifested early, when she discovered she could communicate with the members of her "family". One day her "mother" (Rotom-W) enrolled her at the PGA, after hearing about it from a pssing Combee.

    Unlike most Rotom gijinkas, whose powers prevent them from leaving the campus, she does leave and spends time at the old chateau. She really does not care about the strange looks she gets from the regular humans, and often responds with a witty remark or an electrically charged poke when she catches them staring.

    Pokemon: Rotom

    Abilities: Levitate: Being a Rotom gijinka, Trixie is unable to touch the ground due to the ability Levitate. Instead, she just floats in the air. She has control of how high she can float and will always stay floating unless the move gravity is in effect, she is holding something heavy like an Iron Ball, Or, the ability Mold Breaker and the moves Gastro Acid and Worry Seed disables Levitate.

    Electrokinesis: Being an electric type, Trixie is able to mentally create and control electricity. She is able to weild various electric attacks. Such as shooting small waves of electricity to immobilize foes (Thunder Wave), or Discharging a large bolt of Electricity shocking anybody and anything nearby (Discharge)

    Technopathy: Being Rotom gijinka instead of an actual Rotom, Trixie cannot go directly into a machine. Instead, she can communicate with machines and control them by being in contact (and sometimes when not in contact) with a machine. She can also hear the machines like they are real people and can talk to them as well. (And they talk back. xD) When touching someone, she can also have other people understand the machines as well.

    Invisibility: There are several powers one gets when being a Ghost type. One of which is the ability to become completely invisible at will. Though there is technology out there that can see her when invisible, and certain Pokemon and Gijinkas that can sense her presence even when invisible.

    Intangibility: Trixie can phase through solid objects. She can take others with her when in contact with them.

    Hex: She clasps her hands together and chants an incantation. This does internal damage to the oponent, more so if they have a status condition. Usually Paralysis in her case.

    Confuse Ray: Trixie fires a ghostly ray that disorients and confuses the target.

    Trick: Using the power of deception, Trixie can trick people into giving her whatever item they are holding.

    Other: Von Plasma is the surname of her Rotom family. She calls all Rotom by a familial name (Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, Uncle, Cousin, etc.) Being a gijinka of a genderless species, she is immune to the effects of Attract and Cute Charm


    Name: Motorette Von Plasma
    Species: Rotom
    Gender: Genderless (Treated as Female)
    Appearance: She wears an electric blue bow tied around her head spike. She also has long feminine eyelashes. Other than these, Motorette looks like any other Rotom.
    Personality: One of Trixie's "family" members, she acts very much like Trixie's twin. Being as playful and mischevious as her trainer is. Motorette is loyal and very protective of her. Trixie views Motorette as a sister, and often refers to her as "sis". She also acts as the "Mad but not as mad as the mad scientist" assistant to Trixie.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011
  13. LichenLeaf

    LichenLeaf Queen of the Plants

    Name: Karen Greene

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Karen is able to mostly pass for a regular human, despite a few Meganium qualities. She has long yellow antennae, which she makes lie along her hair, looking as if light green hair has two yellow streaks running through it. Her skin is plae, except for her neck, which is bright pink. To cover that up, she wears a green turtleneck. Her eyes are a deep gold color.

    Personality: Karen is a shy, sweet girl, who is very self-conscious, especially when it comes to her antennae. She prefers to the company of her Meganium to other people. She gets frightened fairly easily, and freezes up whenever someone yells at her. She wears tight blue jeans and brown sandals on her legs and feet.

    History: Karen was raised by her father in Fuschia City. He despised the fact that his daughter was a "freak". He also blamed her for her mother's death when she was born. Karen hated herself, and did everything she could to look normal. Her only friend was a Meganium that lived in the Safari Zone.

    Then when she turned 16, she met a fellow gijinka. She learned from him there was a place she could go to feel accepted. She packed her things, and ran off to join the academy.

    Abilities: Overgrow- When Karen is on the verge of conciousness, she can boost up her Grass attacks.

    Fertilizer- Karen has the ability to make dead plants live again, or make healthy plants grow at an enormous rate automatically.

    Incense- Karen can release a soothing fragrance that calms people or pokemon down.

    Magical Leaf- Karen slashes her arms through the air, and a flurry of undodgeable leaves is sent out.

    Aromatherapy- Karen lets out a soothing scent, healing herself and any allies of status effects.

    Poison Powder- Karen puts lays her palm flat out in the air, and blows into it. A stream of toxic powder is then sent out.

    Other: She is very heat and cold sensitive.

    Name: Paprika (or Rika for short)
    Species: Meganium
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A normal female Meganium.
    Personality: Paprika is the opposite of Karen. She's outgoing, feisty, and always sticks up for Karen. She's constantly trying to get Karen to be more social.
  14. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I'd like to sign up for both student and teacher, please. You said I could, anyway.*

    Student SU
    Name: Sienna Archer
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sienna has straight, blonde hair that falls to her shoulders. She always wears a light green scarf around her neck and she wears a yellow and green minidress that reaches her thighs. She wears extremely long golden brown fur boots to cover the rest of her legs up. She has a long, leaf-like tail which she wraps around her legs when she is feeling scared or nervous. When she is feeling happy, her reddish-brown eyes are remarked for their sweet, joyful twinkles.*
    Personality: Sienna is a shy girl who is hard to form a friendship with, as she was abandoned as a baby and was teased by other children her age. She is gentle, caring and kind, and is hardly ever angry at all. Attention is not what she wants, and often goes into her room, locking herself in, and daydreams, soothing her mind. Surprisingly when it is one of those very rare occasions when Sienna is angry, she will whack her enemy with her tail quite aggressively, unlike her usual self - and it will definitely hurt as if it was a rough whip.*
    History: Sienna was abandoned as a baby shortly after her parents found out that she was a Gijinka, and was left to die in a box, on the streets of Jubilife City, where people were too busy to even notice a sobbing newborn baby. Thankfully someone took her to the nearest orphanage, where she was looked after by a kind lady. When Sienna's tail first began to grow, the lady contacted a good friend of hers, an Espeon Gijinka called Scarlet, who was teaching in the PGA, and sent her to enrol in the academy. She has been living on the island ever since.*
    Pokemon: Leafeon
    Photosynthesis: Sienna has a habit of sunbathing, in order to recharge her energy.*
    Solar Power: Sienna is stronger in the sunlight than in the rain or the snow, or whenever the sun isn't out.*
    Harvest: Sienna can encourage plants, berries and flowers to grow, and can revive them.*
    Other: Sienna absolutely HATES the cold. You will find her hiding in the toilets when she needs to do P.E. lessons in the Winter.*

    Pokemon Sign Ups

    Name: Leafie
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Leafie is your average Leafeon, which I assume you all know how it looks like. She just has crimson eyes, that's all, unlike the usual brown. She also has a green scarf around her neck like her trainer. *
    Personality: Unlike her trainer, Leafie is extremely bubbly, and is very keen on making new friends. She is very popular amongst all the Pokemon and can gain anyone's trust with just her sweet and endearing looks. Leafie is well-known for her friendliness, however she will become angry more often, and expect an extra-powerful Energy Ball then.*

    Teacher SU
    Name: Scarlet
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Scarlet has medium-long lavender hair that falls to her chest and also has matching elegant violet eyes. There is a small red spot on her forehead, like a bindi. Scarlet wears a purple dress that reaches down to just above her knees, and wears an even longer, silky, lavender-hue Cardigan, that comes below her knees. She wears deep purple, long socks, and violet boots that only reveals a small portion of her socks. Her forked pink tail can move freely.*
    Personality: Scarlet is much more outgoing than Sienna, mainly due to the fact that she didn't suffer the hardships that Sienna did. She is kind and caring, and cheerful as well, gaining the bond and trust of her many students in the academy. She isn't much angry either, as she is a carefree person who shakes off little mistakes - though don't let your guard down, it doesn't mean that you'll never get a detention from her...
    History: Right from the moment when Scarlet was born, Scarlet's parents knew that she was a very special child, and took excellent care of her, and she made many friends during her childhood despite her odd appearance. When she was ready to attend the PGA, her parents sent her off to the island to study with fellow Gijinkas. At the end of her academic years, Scarlet had grown to be an extremely intelligent girl, and she decided to study even more to become a teacher at the PGA, which, of course, she did, for obvious reasons.*
    Pokemon: Espeon
    Telekinesis: She can control other objects or creatures using her psychic powers, which is useful for forcing students to talk to her or show something to the class.*
    Forewarn: She roughly knows when trouble will strike, from a freak thunderstorm to a student throwing a fountain pen at her.*
    Other: She fiddles around with her forked tail often.*

    Pokemon Sign Ups

    Name: Sunny
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sunny is a shiny, though she was never a shiny from the start; she became one when she was exposed to some sort of weird chemicals. She wears a red ribbon at the tip of her tail, where her tail splits into two. She also wears a pink collar with a golden bell on it.*
    Personality: Sunny is... Well, sunny. Always. She is brave, bold, friendly, protective, heroic... And many other positive things. She earns a lot of respect from the other younger Pokemon. She acts a lot younger than she actually is, though, however she is really more mature than immature.*
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Mon: Accepted. Your character is awesome. xD *shot*

    @LichenLeaf: Your Sign Up looks good to me. Accepted

    @Flame Mistress: Does Scarlet have a last name? Accepted otherwise, both of them.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2011
  16. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Whoops... I forgot to write it. It's Scarlet Brice. It's just random.
  17. Loreni333

    Loreni333 Taking Over Serebii

    Name: Dr. Hortin ZuckerBerg.

    Appearance: Hortin is 63 years old. He has very pale skin, and a few wrinkles across his face. His hair is spiked- like professor oak's, but with completely pitch white coloring. His eyes, from his gijinka, have bright yellow where the eyes should be, and pitch black coloring and pupils. They often seem to glow, and also the pupils seem to spin in circles, as they have serrated edges. Hes rather skinny, and has a small red pump just poking out of his hair.

    Hortin tends to wear a long white lab coat. He also wears white or blue jeans.

    Personality: Hortin is extremely logical, but at times, seems to go 'berserk mad scientist' due to virus aftereffect. He loves to teach, and in his free time, reads and writes articles on science. He always lends a helping hand to his students- however, he can spend hours arguing with you on subjects, and is rather protective on his beliefs- that said, he is an atheist. When teaching, he gets into it enough that he goes on up to half an hour after class ends. He is very curious, and likes to find out about people and things as much as he can. When he's in mad scientist mode, he often goes on rambling about odd things many people would not like to hear... Stitching parts of a kitten and part of a puppy together anyone?

    History: Hortin grew up in Vielstone city. He was just like everyone else, but he didnt like to play games, and was the smartest kid. At age 7, he won a Porygon at the game corner, and found he could speak to it. After this discovery, he entered cyberspace with it. He learned and taught himself most math and science there. Soon Porygon evolved. At age 15, though, he got caught in a virus with Porygon 2. Soon, he was getting the odd eyes. He struggled against it as it started to crash him, but as the years passed, his brain started to change, and he managed to flow with the virus and use it to make his Porygon 2 evolve in a Porygon-Z. He was now 50, after so many years in the virus. He managed to get out of cyberspace, and spent several years (6) having Porygon-Z get him away from talking about zapping earth to make all pokemon die and all humans turn into his slaves, into sanity. He thus went to Gijinka academy, which he heard about on a Internet blog he passed on his way out of cyberspace, and went to the Acadamy to be a Science/math teacher.

    Conversion: Hortin can take the form of another human In his sight, and look exactly like him/her. He can easily change back. (adds 1 hour res. Time.

    Conversion 2: Hortin changes his cellular makeup to one that helps him in the sintuation- (I.E. Takes on more defenses and emzynes if hes posined, and turn more hard and wallish so electricity cant hurt him, make it tough and heat resistant, etc.) but it adds "1 hr res. Time.

    Lock on: Hortin focuses on a target, and makes it so he can easily see it move, and if he needs to, attack it, and never miss (of course, dies not work perfectly in all cases).

    Recover: Hortin changes his cellular make up, making it heal, easily removing wounds (Res. Time depends on wounds.)

    Nasty Plot: Hortin can easily think of plans, and use them. He does, however, need to add 1 hour Rez. Time to be able to do it to a full extent.

    Anayltic: Hortin can find out about peoples personality faster then most, and with more quality. He can find out a lot about people just from their first Facial expression.

    Pokemon Sign Ups

    Name: 101 ( one oh one)
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Gender: None (Referred to as Male)
    Appearance: Normal Porygon-Z, but he commonly wears a hat everyday, but none have a real connection to others. They vary from army helmets, paper hats, cowboy hats, etc. For this, he has a smaller antenna then normal, and his eyes are bigger the normal.

    Personality: 101 is known for being logical and friendly. Unlike his trainer, he loves to play and have fun, and has a great sense of humor. He has a slate around his neck, with a computer screen on it. It has a tube comnecting into his brain, so he can draw and write on it with his mid, so others can know what he wants to say. He does, however, argue with Hortin a lot. (I.E. How the dinosaurs died, how gijinkas came to be, etc. )

    Other: Hortin, being a Porygon Gijinka, only needs to rest 2 hours a day. However, some of his abilities add more time needed to rest for that day. And heavy activity slowly raises it. He also sleeps with his eyes open, and a small part of his brain still in use, so he can think, and watch, well he rests.

    Is this good? And is the thing RPG beginning when everyone come to the academy?
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Loreni333: It's good. (Though I find it funny that he has Lock On, yet no offensive ability. xD) Accepted.

    I made this RPG twice on two different places. Both times I started the RPG during the beginning of a new school year, when the students arrive on the island (For the first time in some cases.) I'll probably stick to that.
  19. Loreni333

    Loreni333 Taking Over Serebii

    Lol sure. But his non Gijinka side has some moves he knows too...

    Lol tackle, mega kick, double kick, mega punch, wake up slap, etc.
    He sort of also has a few "toys" he made when he was in mad scientist mode he can use... BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Edit: New character, hope you like. Very different story then the classic thing where she's abandoned OR has a great life with her parents... MWAHAHAHAHA!

    Name: Chu Thunder

    Appearance: Chu is 13 years old. She has tall, bright yellow Pikachu ears, as well as yellowish skin around them. She has the red pouches on her cheeks, and they occasionally crackle with electricity. Her eyes are electric blue. A tale pops up from under her short, in the shape of a lightning bolt, Like a Pikachu. Her hair is long and black, going down to her waist. It occasionally crackles with electricity. A long yellow streak run a down each of her arms. Her nose is abnormally small. When she's nervous, her hair hair starts to stick up, making her look like shes full of electricity, which she is.

    Personality: As a small kid, she was playful and outgoing. But Now, after the secret Gijinka fighting land, she's a shy, scared person, who is silent and unsocialable. She's murdered 2 people and 3 pokemon, whether it was her choice or not, and she can't get past that. She's scared of everyone she meets, and it takes a very long time to be her friend. She's strongly against pokemon fighting, unless they know the pokemon wants to, and has the right to forfit. She hates being separated from Satoshi. When she's very scared, she let's loose bolts of electricity. She cowers in fear of anyone with a mustache, as she had a bad experiance with them. She hates anyone who harms Satoshi, but currently doesn't have the courage to stand up for him.

    History: Her name was originally Chu Thunder. Nobody knows what it is. She lifes in peace for 7 years. Home schooled, because most people hated her- but her parents didn't. She had a wonderful childhood. But once black vans started to drive around their street often, they got a call. One day, as they went to the bus, to deliver her to the academy for her safety, someone in black ran into the scene, holding a pistol. Her parents were shot with the pistol. The man ran forward, picked her up, and ran toward a black van down the street. She was taken away from her parents, who were now dead...
    She was transported to a secret underground location, and shoved into a cell with a scarred Pikachu In it. They called her Chu thunder. Around her were more cells, full of gijinkas. Many were injured. They all had their respectful soul pokemon around them. She found out they fought each other in arenas for prizes- like food to eat, and water so you didn't die. Although, if you couldn't fight, you died, if not in the arena, you died of starvation. Many people watched the fights. She was forced to try to win every so often to earn the right to live, but otherwise, she purposely lost. Every time she made a friend, in weeks, they died in battle.
    One day, a team of men in army suits with rifles ran in, shooting everything in sight. They ran into my battle, right as she was about to be beaten by a machamp Gijinka, and started letting bullets fly. They hit people in the audience, the owner, and even the Machamp Gijinka. They ran toward her, and threw me into a army storage veichle. As it drove away, sne saw the men in black costumes in trucks, with gijinkas tied up in the back. Over the summer, she was taught not to be as nervous, but she still is. It had the effect on her of a tortured animal.

    Pokemon: Pikachu

    Static: When someone touches her, it delivers a painful shock

    Discharge: She spouts out waves of powerful electricity, or a powerful bolt.

    Double Team: She makes many different copies of herself. These copies disappear when touched.

    Agility: She focuses, and she becomes very fast, being as fast as 40 mph at max.

    Iron Tail: her tail turns into steel, and she smashes it into something.

    Thunder Punch: Her fist crackles with electricity, and she rams it into something with immense force

    Pokemon Sign Up

    Name: Satoshi
    Species: Pikachu
    Appearance: Satoshi has many scars on his face, as well as one under his eye. One of his ears is torn, and the other is twisted. His tail looks like it has been bitten by something, and has a bite mark in it. The end of his tail looks burned. One of his feet is replaced by a robotic foot, and even that looks partly molten. He often wears a pair of sun glasses. All of this gives him a rather evil looking appearance.

    Personality: Ever since he met Chu Thunder, he's been comforting her in any way possible. He try's to help her overcome her shyness in any way possible, and help her through it. He is very loyal and obideiant. If someone hurts Chu, he will fight back for her sake.
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  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Loreni333: I love Chu's backstory! 8D Accepted. Though there are a few typos (You did mean to say her name wasn't originally Chu Thunder right?)

    Gosh, there are so many girls in this school. xD
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