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Pokemon Go: Did you catch 'em all?

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Hello, fellow Pokemon GO users. This is by far one of the most amazing chances of our lives to be a Pokemon Master and catch 'em all! How far along are you on your Pokedex?

Not being able to go out and far away from my home, I still have a limited number of Pokemon, and my Pokedex count is on 50. I have a 101 Pokemon to go. What about you guys?


Really and truly
I just got to 55/151 today thanks to finally finding Ekans, Bellsprout and Dewgong! I also found a ton on Tuesday when I went to a meet-up of about 50-60 people, and we got some new stuff like Sandshrew, Pidgeot, and Magikarp.

Just a shame this random Dewgong was CP 93, but still an awesome addition to my 'dex! :D



I'm up to 44/151 so far. Keep seeing random fire types pop up around my town, but can never find them in time.

Think I've actually seen every fire type possible, Minus Moltres off course.


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I've caught 61 and seen 64. I benefit from living 1 block away from a poke stop that has lures on it each day. Also had some luck in catching Arbok, Weepinbell and Fearow to save me the troubling of hoarding candy to evolve their base forms. Seen a shadow of wild Wartortle so I'm starting to think that all Stage 1's can be caught in the wild.

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I'm at 106/151 at the moment. Saw a Snorlax, and Lickytung today but didn't manage to find their exact location. Plus waiting for 2 10k and 2 5k eggs to finish hatching, hopefully get some of my missing pokemon.


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20/151, couldn't play much last week, next week I got more time (and got a data plan now)


I'll do my Lilliest
50/51 - Growlithe glitches and couldnt catch it :(

I've heard a few mons can only be caught in certain countries. Well I hope theres GTS or we will never complete our Dex
Well, even if they are region locked, I'm sure eggs are not region locked and that you can hatch basically any Pokemon. Hopefully.

Pretty sure the eggs could be region locked tho because you get eggs from the pokestops and the pokemon you hatch from it depends on the region. So far people have known not 100% sure that the only region locked Pokemon are Tauros, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan and Farfetch'd.

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Seen and caught 127/127 out of the possible 145.
Almost ready to evolve Nidoking, Dugtrio, and Venosaur.


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46 Caught, 47 Seen (missing Weedle at this time) out of 151. Been playing like every other day. And currently, as it is obvious, no one has been able to catch all 151 Pokémon yet. 145 is the maximum for now.


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I've seen and caught 87. Not bad I guess =)

you caught and seen more then I did XD I caught 81 and seen 82 because I didn't have any pokeballs left to catch poliwhirl :c
Not yet! I'm at 123 Pokémon and it is getting harder and harder to find new Pokémon. Recently I got a Marowak which makes me happy. But I still got no Snorlax, Rhydon and some others. Time to breed more eggs and look for rare Pokémon...


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Currently at 124. Could get to 126 but with 3 form pokemon usually wait til i have enough candy to get to their final evolutions. That is just one of my weird quirks tho but with my luck would evolve dratini to dragonair and the next dratini i catch would be stronger the dragonair.
Currently at 141/141

The only one I'm missing (besides the region-exclusives and currently-unavailable ones) is Dewgong - so I'll definitely be making Seel my Buddy as soon as that update drops. ;)
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