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Pokemon Go Discussion


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How many people have to deal with that if you leave GO for something else on your phone even for a second you have to start it up again?


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Hi, so I did the last Go 7K Egg event(got the Hisuian Forms I wanted) but I did come up with a question how do 7K Eggs end up do people know they are sending them or do they just randomly show as a option by the time they reach the friend?(I have Googled this for weeks and no clear answer ><)


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So with the more recent generations we have gotten at least one Pokemon exclusive to a country that, well, makes a lot of sense.
  • Gen 5: Bouffalant is only found in New York, which is what Unova is based off
  • Gen 6: Klefki is only found in France, which is what Kalos is based off. We also got Hawlucha in Mexico, and if you're going to make a luchador only show up in one country...
  • Gen 7: Comfey is only found in Hawaii, which is what Alola is based off. And it is a Hawaiian flower wreath

With this in mind, what Gen 8 and Gen 9 Pokemon do you think will end up being the region exclusive to the United Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula respectively? Here's my speculation. I've also noted that region exclusives to one country/region alone are single stage
  • Gen 8: I imagine Stonjourner will only be found in the UK because of the single-stage Galar Pokemon it has the most blatantly British inspiration, that being it is based off Stonehenge
  • Gen 9: This is trickier. Maybe Cyclizar? I know the legendaries related to it would never be locked to the Iberian peninsula, but I can't really think of any under the rules I established. Well OK there is Flamigo but I'm not sure I see it as a Paldea exclusive Pokemon, and Squawkabily would probably get the Oricorio treatment


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I need help. I sent legendaries from GO to HOME. For some reason despite everyone else's Scarlet and Violet games accepting legendaries, at least with the same Teal Mask update, my Scarlet game won't. Well it accepted Zapdos and Kyogre, but literally no other legendary. Why is this happening? Could there be an update I missed? Anyone else have this problem? Or, as I suspect, can it only accept one legendary species at a time?


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OK, I'm hearing rumors that Hisuian Sneasel and Sneasler are now popping up as Shadow Pokemon. Can anyone back this up?
I currently have Shadow Hisuian Sneasel as my buddy, so the rumors are true!