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Pokemon Gold/Silver discoveries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by RyeGuyXD, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. RyeGuyXD

    RyeGuyXD Shiny Hunter

    Here I will talk about beta, changed from Jap, versions, and alot of things on this subject. Yes I know about Gulzar's fourms but I found some discovers abotut it and I want to share. first thing
    THats the alpha title screen. Look behind the gold symbol. See the red 2 shaped thing. THey probly put the gold symbol OVER the Red coloerd 2. WHich means GOld is a remake of Red. And Silver would be a remake of Blue.
    Makes sense sine the orginal games were Pocket MOnsters: 2. Im not sure if anyone has found this but its just what I see in it.
  2. RyeGuyXD

    RyeGuyXD Shiny Hunter

    Ok so Im back with another map of Gulzar's discovers. I dont think anyone had any guessing on what this was for. But hes the map
    I think its Ilex forest. if you watched Movie 4 this is what the landscape looked like but it would be 1 part of it. It would have probly ahd a smallc ave between and a full forest on the other side. Makes sense right? tell me if you agree or dissagree or anythign else you have found.
  3. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Haven't seen those. Pretty interesting betas. I think there's a beta snapshot on Bulbapedia of Lake of Rage, if not National Park. Interesting stuff.

    I think the second one is Mount Silver, judging by the grassy areas and the placement of the Pokémon Center. If it was Ilex Forest, it would be dark and have more trees, less grass. There would also be a shrine somewhere.
  4. RyeGuyXD

    RyeGuyXD Shiny Hunter

    yes you are right... hm.. and the Lake of Rage city has already been discussed
    Now that I look at it more it could be Mt.Silver.. Good job.
  5. lugia used splash

    lugia used splash Likes Cake.

    I have always loved looking at the beta images, betas of any game have always interested me.

    Thanks for these :)
  6. brysondd24

    brysondd24 Well-Known Member

  7. tislytamma

    tislytamma New Member

    Pretty interesting betas..
  8. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    They look really neat indeed.

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