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Pokemon Haters :*(



i have seen ALOT of people that absolutely HATE pokemon,
we should stop it now and show them how good it can be!

BTW someone called be a sick fat guy ******* cuz' i like it


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Um...people have opinions, ya'know.

But still, I don't see why people would "hate" it. Hate is a pretty strong word... Maybe more like "dislike"? I don't see why anyone would hate it, but I'm fine with people not liking it...

What is stupid though it the people that bully people for liking it. That is wrong. Sadly, there's not much that can be done about it.

Evanji Axu

Let them have their opinions. You'll be the bigger man for not giving a damn what they think.


lover of Glaceons
Evanji Axu said:
Let them have their opinions. You'll be the bigger man for not giving a damn what they think.
Yeah. I agree. if they hate, let them hate. All we know, love, and is proud of is that we love pokemon!

The Thrashmeister

<-- Made of awesome.
I really don't get why some people hate it. At my school, all of the people that hate it haven't even watched the show or played the games. :/ I guess Pokemon is usually associated with little children, but that's no reason to hate it.


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If they dislike Pokemon, then let them. I personally don't care that i'm more or less the only Pokemon fan in my area. o_O


money gansta
i don't really give a sh*t if they do,some people hate pokemon like i hate rock music.
so just because you like something doesn't mean you have to kill(or something) a person that disrespected what you like.

Blaze Dragon

T3h Blazing Ranger!
People have their opinions, don´t hate someone because he/she hates what you like. The bad thing is when:
1)They hate it for no reason (Example: because they think is for little children)
2)They bully/hate you only for that


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Its only there opinion on pokemon, you cant hate people for their opinions.


My precious!
I don't give a sh*t about what they think, as long as it doesn't get irritating


Dynamo Trainer
Let them have their opinions. I personally think that Pokemon lost much of its magic now but I still like the battle system. I don't like how they milk it. Like with Pokemon Channel which has to be a pretty bad game altogether and really babyish.


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Super Mod
If someone doesn't like Pokemon, then oh well. Everyone has thier own opinions and I respect that. I don't hate a person just because they don't have the same interests as me. However if they bash it immaturely and act extremely childish about it, I just laugh in thier faces about how childish they are acting.

AJ Flibble

liam-kun said:
I don't give a sh*t about what they think, as long as they don't deliberately bother me about it or get in my way.

There. That looks a bit better. :) Seriously, I don't care whether they hate it or not - but if they make a big deal out of it, screw them.

Metal Force

Well, people think differently & we should recpect thier opinions.


Battle Factory Champion
No one really hates Pokémon anymore because isn't so much a threat to society since the fad died down a few years back. I remember the days when if you were found with trading cards you would've got roughened up little.


people have their opinions and i say just let them say what they want to say and then when the time is right find something embarassing about them and use it as ammo when you need it

Shadows Follower

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Again I must say that people have their own opinions. No matter where you look, someones gonna hate Pokemon or whatever the topic. For every subject there will be a person who adores it and others who hate it not matter what. Its best to just ignore people who hate it as you know better.