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Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Sumnor, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Here it is, the “popularly requested” (well, kinda) Altoshipping fic! ^^; Before we get to the actual story, I’ll have to make some things clear for you guys. This rewritten version of the movie Pokemon Heroes fic links my Pokemon/Final Fantasy VII-IX fic (called Final Fantasy: Forever Bonded) to its sequel. Because of this, there will be some things that you won’t quite understand, but I’ll try my best not to confuse you guys or spoil my P/FF fic!

    Oh, yes, there will also be two of my original characters making an appearance (okay, more than an appearance) in this fic! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve provided a profile pic and a tiny description for each character:

    Triko: (Not pronounced “Treecko,” as in the Pokemon, but like the word “triangle.” ^^;; ) A seventeen year old girl from the world of Final Fantasy VIII who wields a unique ax/spear and a whip. After their adventure together, her usual serious attitude gets somewhat mellowed out by Ash’s personality.

    Vrikesho: (Rhymes with “Triko”--heh, I just realized that!) A winged Guardian Force of Triko’s. He helped raise Triko since she was a child, so they both have a very special bond with each other.

    For the rating, this fic will be PG-13 for violence only. Alright, you guys, let’s get going!

    Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend

    Chapter 1

    “Here it is!” whispered a female. “The book that talks about the legend of Latios and Latias!”

    “What about the jewel? Does it say anything about that?” questioned another female.

    The two women were inside an empty library of ancient books and scrolls at night, reading over a book they plan to steal. Just then, footsteps were heard coming towards them.

    “Hey! Who’s in here?” yelled the security guard.

    At that, the women stuffed the book in their backpack and ran off to the window in which they broke in to. The blonde stayed back however to leave their trademark card and rose in the book’s empty slot.

    “Come on, Annie. Let’s go!” said the other female in a harsh whisper.

    “There! Coming, Oakley!” As the two escape the library, the security guard walked in to the aisle where the book was stolen. He suddenly caught a glimpse of the card and rose jutting out of the shelves with his flashlight, and immediately he pulled the security alarm. Unfortunately, the two women were already far away from the library to be caught for their recent crime.

    Inside their highly advanced vehicle (which is able to transform to a car, a jet, or a boat--right now it’s a jet), Oakley, the silvery-blue haired woman, started to give a little recap of what little she glanced of in the book to her partner, Annie.

    “I’ve read that there is this powerful machine built in Altomare, called the DMA. It’s rumored to give absolute power of the city to the one who controls the machine!”

    “Oh, that doesn’t interest me! I want that beautiful jewel!” exclaimed Annie.

    “Well, coincidently, that jewel, called the Soul Dew, is what we need to get that machine working,” said Oakley. “Of course, we need to keep those Guardians of Altomare out of our way.”

    “You mean Latios and Latias? Nah, they won’t be much of a problem, since we are two of the most wanted criminals in the world!” cried Annie in a positive tone.

    Over the horizon, the bright lights of Altomare emerged into the duo’s view. “Well, here we are!” said Oakely. The two ladies smirked as they flew off into the peaceful city, ready to begin one of their most heinous crimes yet.


    It was a bright and sunny day at Altomare, but it also happens to be the day when the yearly “Tour de Altomare” race is held. The race involves the players to use a water Pokemon to guide them through the city’s canals as the they hold on to a rope attached to their Pokemon and ski on the surface of the water with their pods. Including the unusually high number of participants in the competition that year is a tough-looking girl named Triko and a spiky black haired boy named Ash Ketchum, both wearing regular t-shirts and jeans. These two have just signed up in the race, much to Triko’s annoyance. After Ash had pleaded her to join in, she ultimately agreed to get him off her back. Then she thought amusingly to herself, At least it’ll be fun to beat Ash and rub it in his face!

    Above them were two Pokemon hovering in the air, watching the race taking place. They were hidden from the public eye because of their special feathers that could make them invisible. One of them was Latias, a red female dragon Pokemon, who exclaimed, “Look at all the Pokemon and humans, Brother! It’s going to be an exciting race!”

    The other Pokemon Latios, a blue male dragon, answered, “But I doubt anyone’s going to defeat Ross and his Wailmer this year.”

    Below, the participants and their water Pokemon began to get into their starting positions. Ash took an open spot beside Triko and the Kingdra she’s using for the race.

    “Hey, good luck, Triko!” Ash said, smiling. He had the confidence to win and show her a thing or two about how good he can really be!

    “Thanks, Ash, but I think you’ll need it more than I do!” Triko said jokingly. Sometimes it amazed her at how well they got along together now than they did when they first met.

    Suddenly, the voice of the announcer broke Triko’s thoughts. “Are you all ready for the “Tour de Altomare” racing competition!? Racers, when you hear the Xatu, that’ll be your cue to start!”

    “Alright! Are you ready, Mantine?” Ash asked his racing Pokemon. The Pokemon turned its head to Ash and nodded excitedly.




    “And the racers are off!” exclaimed the announcer.

    In a rush, all the competitors hurried to claim the first place lead. Ash struggled to get out of the way of the oncoming racers as Triko jets past him, lightheartedly ruffling his short black hair before Ash had the chance to say, “Hey!” Of course, last year’s champion Ross sped ahead from the rest of the racers with ease, but Triko easily comes up beside him.

    “Wow, there’s someone just as good as the champion!” said Latias.

    “It looks like they’re going faster than the rest of the racers.” Indeed, both Ross and Triko were a few feet ahead than the clump of competitors behind them. “I’ll just follow the leaders and see which one of them wins, Sister.”

    “Okay, Brother,” replied Latias. She wanted to stay back to look at all the different Pokemon and humans. Just then, she saw a boy with spiky black hair speeding up to the head of the pack. That Mantine can sure swim! Latias thought to herself. But as the boy faced a sharp turn, the Mantine started to get excited. The water Pokemon swerved to the left harshly, causing the boy to lose balance on his pod.

    “Waaaaahhh!” Ash yelled as he was flung off his pod and into the balcony of a building.

    Oh no! He’s going to hit those sharp railings! thought Latias with great concern. She immediately flew right in front of the boy so she can cushion and protect him, but something unexpected happened. With Latias blocking his way, Ash was heading right at the dragon Pokemon. Instead of facing a world of pain as he had thought, he was greeted with a soft impact on his lips. The dragon Pokemon, on the other hand, was feeling the exact same thing. Apparently, Latias had unintentionally saved the boy with a kiss!

    Even more so, Ash had his arms wrapped around the invisible Pokemon’s neck. At the weight and anchor of the boy, both he and Latias fell down to the water. As they dropped, Ash caught a glimpse of Latias’ golden eye through a small beam of sunlight, but lost his gaze from crashing to the waters. Underwater, Latias helped carry Ash up to the surface and quickly placed his arms onto his floating pod. As she was doing that, Ash noticed on the pod a shadow, but it suddenly disappeared just as that comforting warmth behind him vanished…

    Getting back to the race, Ash started to replay the whole thing in his mind, and it made him smile, even though he was one of the last racers.

    At the head of the competition, both Ross and Triko were battling for first place as they approached the finish line. Latios watched with interest at how the race would end up in. With the finish line just seconds away, Kingdra gave every ounce of its energy to lunge forward, and because of that… the Pokemon became victorious!

    “That’s it! The new champion of the 'Tour de Altomare' race is Triko!!”

    “YEAH! We won! That was great, Kingdra!” complimented Triko.

    “Congratulations, Triko. That was an amazing race, huh?” Ross asked.

    “I guess it was!” replied Triko. “Hmm, where’s Ash so I can rub it in on him!”

    A short while later, Latias reunited with her older brother, but with her eyes casted downward.

    “Sister, is there something wrong?” questioned Latios. But as Latias lifted her head, it seemed to him as though she was smiling and blushing a little! “… What happened?”

    “Oh, I shouldn’t bother you with it, Brother. I’m fine!” Latias explained.

    “... Alright, Sister. Come on, let’s go home.”

    At that, the two Eon Pokemon started off for home, just as Ash rounded the corner and saw Triko up in the winner’s platform.
    So how did you guys think about the first chapter? Please review! ^^
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2005
  2. I liked it, Sumnor. You decided to start shippy!
  3. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Thank you so much for that review, Chris! ^^ Indeed, I have included shippy moments right off the bat! :p Of course, there will be more of them to follow in coming chapters! :D
  4. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Sumnor, that was spectacular! ^^ I expected nothing less from you, but regardless, I am still impressed.

    I like how you started your story just like how the movie went. Then you made subtle differences when it cut to the race and there was your original character instead of Misty. Also, you cut to Latios and Latias' point of view instead of Ash's. That's the side I really wanted to see. I also enjoy how Latias kept the secret from Latios who didn't interfere with Latias' rescue. And she already got a kiss from him and he wrapped his arms around her... and saw her eye. That is soooooo cute! ^^ I love the personality you've put into both of them already.

    I can't wait to see what happens next! ^^ Hurry up and write it!
  5. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    ^^ I like it. It's so cute. She saved him with a kiss. How sweet. ^^ Good job. Keep up the good work. Very shippy. Now there are 2 altoshipping fics here. Good job!
  6. AscendingLatios

    AscendingLatios Volcano Trainer

    Sorry about talking so long to reply! (I've been busy with other work. :) )

    I really like the idea of a modified novelization of "Heroes". (Actually, even just a straight novelization is good. ;) )

    I can't wait to find out what other shippy things happen to Latias and Ash! :D
  7. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Wow, I'm very happy that you guys enjoyed my fic! =) Thanks for the wonderful reviews!

    Well, here it is, guys! Chapter 2 is up! There's vague background information on my version of Ash, Triko, and their previous adventure together that I couldn’t put in the first chapter, along with the introduction of Vrikesho. But hopefully it won't bore you guys! ^^;

    Chapter 2

    After some poking fun at Ash from Triko and changing into their normal clothes (Triko in her dark military green vest, black sleeves, and skater pants; Ash in his pale dirty yellow jacket, jeans, and shoes, all with some defined black shapes on them), they went over by the dock to meet with a trainer waiting for them.

    “Here are your, uh, (what were they called again, Ash?)” whispered Triko.


    “--Pokemon, Jason. They were really great out there,” said Triko as she handed the Poke Balls containing Kingdra and Mantine to the fifteen year old. “Thanks for letting us borrow them for the race.”

    “Oh, that’s okay! I needed to do you guys a favor for saving my Oddish and me from a pack of Houndour! Man, have you guys got great acrobatic skills!” Jason said in amazement.

    “Uh, thanks, Jason,” Ash replied, remembering how easily he scared off all the Houndour with his staff as Triko carried Jason and his injured Oddish out of the way.

    “Hey, Jason, your Kingdra deserves the water racing medallion more than I do,” Triko said, handing the crystal medal to him.

    Jason put up his hands and nodded “no” to her. “You keep it. I know Kingdra would let you have that medal, since it already had an amazing time out there!”

    “Oh, I see,” Triko said, and then smiled. “Thanks for everything, Jason.”

    “Good luck on your Pokemon journey!” Ash yelled as he and Triko waved good-bye to the trainer leaving Altomare’s port on a motor boat.

    As the two walked along the various stores lined up beside each other, Triko said to Ash, “I still don’t get why you gave up your life-long dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. It’s obvious that you’re still intrigued by those creatures.”

    “Well, as I said back then, I let all my Pokemon go because I didn’t want any of them to get hurt in the battle against… well, you know who…” Ash said, looking down at the pavement. “And also because of our duties… for the fate of the worlds, so that’s why I have to focus on that responsibility instead of just becoming a Pokemon Master.”

    After a moment of silence, Triko replied, “… I understand, Ash,” and gave him a concerned look.

    Looking back at her, Ash asked, “Hey, what happened to that cheerful expression you showed at the water race? I’ve never seen you that excited over anything before… except maybe at those chocobo races… The rest of the time, you look like you hate having fun.”

    “Really?” Triko said uninterestedly. “I suppose you don’t want to keep traveling together around your world with me?”

    “H-hey! I didn’t say that, Triko!” cried Ash.

    The girl gave Ash a little smirk before walking off ahead of him. “Come on, Vrikesho. Let’s go find a hotel to stay in.” At that, the Guardian Force started walking right behind her.

    “Oh, hi, Vrikesho,” Ash said, but after a second… “Vrikesho!? What are you doing here?”

    “I thought I’d enjoy this lovely city with you and Triko,” answered the winged beast in his deep voice as they arrived at an open circular relaxation place.

    “B-but what about these people? They’re going to suspect something strange about us!” stammered Ash.

    “… Uh, Ash, if you haven’t noticed…” Then Ash realized what Triko was talking about. They both had their large weapons strapped to their backs for all to see.


    “And don’t worry, Ash. I’ll blend in and act like a Pokemon,” Vrikesho explained in a smile. “*Ahem* Vrikesho, vrikesho.

    At that, both Triko and he started bawling their hearts out in laughter. Ash sighed and shook his head side to side at them.

    Meanwhile, on another side of the city, the thieves Annie and Oakley were in their boat, looking over at Oakley’s laptop computer, which was filled with scenes of various parts of Altomare.

    “With our miniature mobile cameras all over Altomare, we can find Latios and Latias more quickly. They can take on the shape of humans to disguise themselves among the crowds,” explained Oakley.

    “That’s pretty cool, but how are we supposed to find them if they look like us in this big city?” Annie asked.

    “This scanner will find them. Pokemon have lower body temperatures than us, except fire Pokemon, of course, so the scanner can pick them out among the tourists and residents.” Just then, the laptop made a beeping noise, indicating that it found something. “Ah, seems like we got one of them, Annie,” Oakley said as she enlarged a window showing the targeted Pokemon in human form.

    “It’s time we introduced ourselves to the Guardian Pokemon,” Annie said. With Oakley driving the boat, the women drew closer to their destination.

    “Hello, ma’ am. How may I help you?” the hotel receptionist asked in an annoyed tone.

    “I’m booking a reservation here. How much for one room?” Triko replied, getting a little angry at the rude receptionist.

    “500 Poke Dollars.”

    “Let’s see…” Triko muttered as she searched through her pockets. “Do you accept gil?”

    Gil? Sorry, but we don’t accept foreign currency,” the receptionist said in a snobby way.

    “Well, look here!! I didn’t come all the way here to get put up with your rude attitude! And I also did not come here to get my money rejected after fighting all those Behemoths, Iron Giants, and Ruby Dragons!!! Oh, and just so you know, this gil currency is worth more than your own Poke Dollars!!” Triko exploded at the receptionist. She then stormed off out of the building as the receptionist stood with his mouth gaping open.

    Seeing Triko bursting out of the hotel doors, Vrikesho asked, smiling, “Didn’t accept your gil?”

    “No. Come on, Ash! We’re finding another more nicer hotel!” Triko yelled back to Ash as she and Vrikesho walked away from the hotel building. Ash was apparently sitting on a bench at the circular relaxation place.

    “Coming, Triko!” Ash called. As Ash started to run after the two, he tripped over a small pebble and landed flat on his face. Because of that impact, his gun that he had fastened on to his belt fell off.


    Just then, a girl about Ash’s age appeared behind him. She had brown hair shaped like a certain dragon Pokemon, and wore a nice red and white dress with matching shoes and two blue bands on her wrists. This girl was actually Latias in her human form! Oh! I hope he’s alright… thought the Pokemon. She then spotted a strange-looking contraption on the ground the boy had dropped when he fell, so she picked it up and held it with her hands palm up. The girl was about to tap the boy on the shoulder and see if he was alright, but Ash got up slowly on his own.

    “Man, better be more careful… huh?” Ash noticed a girl standing by him, looking right at him. From the girl’s observation, she realized that it was the same boy she rescued in the race! She suddenly turned red from this discovery, but something was different about him than what she remembered… she just became aware of the two gruesome scars across his face. ... I guess I was too caught up in the moment that we had together to really be able to see those scars… he must have been through so much... Latias thought sadly to herself.

    “Uhhh…” Ash was also looking right at her, and he noticed something about her eyes… they were gold, just like…

    Then the girl motioned her hands forward to Ash, holding the little device. Seeing what she had in her hands shocked him considerably.

    “Ack!!! B-be careful with that! You might get hurt!” Ash warned her, taking his gun from the girl’s hands slowly and gently. After he put his gun back in its place on his belt, the girl inched forward to Ash’s face for one last look at him before she twirled around and ran off in the opposite direction, leaving Ash staring after her, confused and blushing. There was something about the girl that drew him to her, but he couldn’t quite say why… Ash stood there for a few seconds before Triko called out to him again.


    Today was so eventful! There was the race, a new champion, and meeting that human boy… and twice, too! Oh, but I haven’t even learned his name yet. I wish I did, though. Latias thought as she walked along a canal. I could have stayed back a little while more with him, but Brother is expecting me back home after I take my regular stroll around Altomare first. Latias sighed. If only…

    While she was deep in thought, a boat arrived behind her slowly. In it were Annie and Oakley, smiling at their target.

    “That’s one of them, right?” Annie asked Oakley.

    “Yep,” Oakley replied. “It’s taking on a form of a girl, so that must be Latias.”

    “Hmmm, her human disguise is cute, but it could never compete with my fashion sense!” Annie giggled. She then put on a very high-tech pair of sunglasses and saw through the lens the real physical appearance of Latias. “Whoa… it really is her!”

    “Come on, Annie,” Oakley said as she drove the boat right up next to the red dragon.

    “Hey there! I like that dress you have,” Annie called to her. The Pokemon turned her head at the two unfamiliar women on the boat. “I was wondering if you could tell me where you got it… Latias!”
    Left you guys in suspense, huh? ^^ Please review!
  8. AscendingLatios

    AscendingLatios Volcano Trainer

    Hee, there's nothing cuter than a swooning Latias! :D

    You lost me a bit there with the 12th paragraph, but I figured it must be part of the backstory you mentioned in ch. 1.

    I LOL'ed at the scene with Vrikesho pretending to be a Pokemon and Ash's reaction to it. :)

    Nice touch with the mentioning of the high temperatures of fire Pokemon.

    Suspense at the end? Well, unless you're going to surprise us I already know what's going to happen at the start of ch. 3 since I've seen the movie like a dozen times or so... ;)
  9. Hmmm... This is getting good.
  10. Sapphire

    Sapphire Guest

    This is a pretty good rewrited version of the movie: Pokemon Heroes, Latios and Latias. I like it! Keep it up ^^
  11. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Thanks AscendingLatios, Chris, and *Sapphire-Chan*! I put a lot of effort into my fic, so obviously I really appreciate your positive comments!

    Well, time for some explanations for AscendingLatios' concerns!:

    --Yeah, sorry for confusing you there on the 12th paragraph. I couldn't write a better explanation on why Ash stopped becoming a Pokemon trainer without revealing too much information. If I did, I would practically write my whole P/FF fic! =O
    *Hey, was anyone shocked to know that Ash has a gun? :D

    --Eheheh, it seems my word choice is pretty poor. ^^; I guess all of the Altoshippers will know what's going to happen now! B-but don't worry, I've put in some surprising elements in Chapter 3 to keep your interests!

    Hmmm, on a side note, I wonder if there are any readers familiar with Final Fantasy that are able to recognize some of the humor I implemented... ^^;
  12. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Sorry if this chapter seems short, but there is a lot of good action here!

    Chapter 3

    Oh no! They know who I am! Latias thought in shock. She turned to run away from the two women on the boat, but Annie and Oakley sent out their Pokemon after her.

    “Espeon, go!” cried Annie.

    “Ariados!” Oakley called.

    The two Poke Balls revealed a purple psychic fox-like creature and a large poisonous spider. Both Pokemon chased after Latias, and the Espeon sent a Psybeam right at her, causing the dragon to bend over and cringe in pain. The Ariados took this advantage to strike her with its forearm…


    Ash had just felt something inside of him, and it wasn’t good. He was standing with Vrikesho while they waited for Triko to get directions to a good hotel place from a random tourist. He looked over to the place where the girl left him… it was there where he felt it. Something’s not right… and I can’t ignore it! Ash thought. “Vrikesho, I have to go!” and immediately Ash went running off.

    “Ash! Where are you… I mean, Vrikesho, vrike!!

    Sprinting as fast as he could, Ash used his instincts to guide him through the alleyways of the city. I have to know what that feeling was!

    Meanwhile, Ariados had started wrapping Latias with its String Shot after she narrowly dodged the spider’s sharp forearm. Ungh! The webbings are too strong to break free from! Latias thought worriedly as she tried to struggle against them.

    “Excuse me, but that’s not the way you should treat young adults like us--especially when I was asking you a question!” Annie scolded as Oakley drove the boat up to Latias.

    “Yes, what lack of manners!” added Oakley.

    “Hey! What’re you doing!?” a voice cried out from behind Annie and Oakley.

    *Gasp* It’s him again! thought Latias in amazement as she stared at the boy. He ran up to her and started to rip out the webs binding her.

    “Well, well. Who have we here? Scar-boy?” asked Oakley, taking note of Ash’s face.

    “Oh, he must be her tough body guard, Oakley! Whatever shall we do?” asked Annie, joining in on the fun.

    “Look, just leave her alone!” Ash told the duo as he finished removing all of the webbings from Latias.

    “I’m afraid we can’t do that, scar-boy,” Annie said.

    “She was being very rude, so we have to make her learn her lesson. And we’ll stop anyone from trying to get in our way. Right, Annie?” asked Oakley.

    “Right. Espeon, show the kid how we’ll be able to do that,” Annie commanded her Pokemon.

    The Espeon responded by giving Ash the same Psybeam it gave to Latias while the dragon watched in horror.

    Enduring the attack, Ash did some quick thinking. Ugh… I have to do something to keep them away from her… I can’t hurt them enough to harm them, but it has to be enough to stall them… Finally, extending his arm forward with his palm open, Ash casted a Blizzara spell right at Annie, Oakley, and their Pokemon!

    “Come on!” Ash told the shocked girl as he grabbed her hand and made a run for it.

    “Aack! I’m freezing cold! How did he do that!?” Oakley cried incredulously.

    “I d-don’t know!” Annie replied. Their Pokemon, however, fared better off than their trainers as they shook the magic spell off. “Espeon, go after both of them!”

    “You, too, Ariados! C-capture them!”

    At their commands, the two Pokemon hurriedly started their relentless search after Ash and Latias.

    It’s unbelievable… a human able to use an attack like an ice Pokemon! Latias thought as she stared at Ash in awe. But it was soon interrupted when she heard frantic footsteps behind them. Looking back, she saw that the Espeon and Ariados were chasing them!

    Ash saw them, too, and so he tried to lead the girl around many corners in order to lose them, but they were gaining on them fast. In a narrow alley, the Espeon fired a critical Swift attack right at Latias, but Ash quickly got behind her and took the attack instead. At the impact, Ash fell forward to the ground, wincing from the attack. The Ariados again took the opportunity to strike him, but Latias tackled the spider with her human shoulders before it had the chance. The Ariados was sent backward from that, causing it to knock into Espeon. The red dragon then raised her glowing right arm to the sky, and struck it down as she sent a Psychic attack on both of them. Not wasting any time, Latias took Ash’s left arm, put it around her shoulders, and held the half-conscious boy up as they both ran as far away as they could from the two Pokemon still struggling from the Psychic attack.

    After running around for a while, Latias stopped at a grand empty fountain place, resting Ash on a nearby bench. Please, please let him recover! Latias begged, placing her hand on his forehead and under his bangs. Who can help him? …I know! That human girl I saw with him can! I have to find her quickly! Latias got up from kneeling beside Ash and began to look for the human girl…

    “Do you feel it, Vrikesho!? Something’s happened to Ash!” Triko said as she ran to the place that she thought she felt it from. “It was like last time, when he… Come on, Vrikesho!” Triko cried after recalling a horrible memory. The Guardian Force flew right behind her, but stopped in his tracks when Triko ran into another girl.

    “Ugh… sorry about that, but I have to… huh?” Triko saw that the girl was looking right at her with relief, despite the worried look that she had. “What’s wrong?”

    The girl in the red and white dress motioned both of them to follow her, so they decided to do so. When they arrived at a fountain place, Triko saw Ash lying on the bench, hurt.

    “Ash!” Triko cried his name with utmost concern as she ran towards him. “Do you know what happened to him?” she asked the girl, but when Triko turned her head, she was gone. “Where did she go?”

    “I don’t know…” Vrikesho replied, wondering the exact same thing.
    Hope you enjoyed this chapter! As always, I would really like feedback!
  13. Sapphire

    Sapphire Guest

    Like you said it was a little short but I liked how you put in the action in to it XDD
  14. IGAF

    IGAF Eeveelution Trainer

    I can't wait for the next chapter!
  15. Good chapter Sumnor. You are making Pokemon Heros look boring!
  16. AscendingLatios

    AscendingLatios Volcano Trainer

    Woo, Ash has powers! :) I guess he would need to since Pikachu wasn't around to zap A&O like he did in the original. Nice chapter, keep writing! ;)
  17. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Thank you all for your reviews, guys!

    Heh, I don't think that my fic is that great to make the movie pale in comparison to mine, Chris, but it was really nice of you to say that anyway! ^^;

    I'm happy that you like Ash with powers, AscendingLatios! He's going to use more of it in later chapters, just so you know! ;)

    Speaking of Ash, I drew a profile of him for you guys, but somehow I can't draw as well as I used to, so he might look kinda funky here. Sorry about that, but now you guys can see where his scars are (he has more, but I'm not telling you where!).

    Click for full image.
    Ash: After traveling all over the Final Fantasy worlds during his previous journey, he gained a number of powerful abilities and magic to use in battle. Although he has a staff and a handgun as weapons, he still has his innocent and caring personality.

    And here's another character premiering in Chapter 4. You'll all know who he is when you see his pic!:

    Click for full image.

    Well, here it is: Chapter 4! Mostly information (again), but I still hope you'll enjoy this one.

    Chapter 4

    “Mmmm… wha?” Getting up from the morning sunlight beaming down on his face, Ash opened his eyes and saw that he was on the lower level of a bunk bed. “Where… am I?” Ash thought out loud.

    “The Pokemon Center,” a familiar voice answered. Ash turned his head and saw Triko sitting on a chair with her arms folded across, staring at him. “I was very worried about you. What happened?” she asked with concern.

    “Oh…” Ash ran his fingers through his hair and looked down. “I was attacked by an Espeon, but before that, I saw these two women attacking the girl with their Pokemon… Wait, where is she?”

    “You mean that girl with the red and white dress? Well, I bumped into her, and she led me to you lying on the bench, unconscious. You were covered with scars and bruises. When I tried to ask her what happened to you, she vanished,” Triko explained. “After that, I gave you a dose of a Hi-Potion, and fortunately it was enough to cure you. All you needed was a comfortable place to sleep. So, Vrikesho helped me carry you to the nearest Pokemon Center, and I asked the nurse if we could have a room for you to rest in for the night. And here we are.”

    “… I see…”

    “So the girl was attacked? Why?”

    “I don’t know… and those two women are still out there… I’m worried about her.”

    “Hey, don’t be, Ash. I’m sure she’ll be alright. It seemed like she knew her way around the city while Vrikesho and I were following her. She can lose them in this big city.”

    “I guess so… thanks, Triko,” Ash smiled.

    “Well, why not we enjoy this city while we can and go to the Museum of Altomare? I hear it’s one of the greatest buildings around here. Come on, Vrikesho, time to get up,” Triko said as she tried to shake the GF awake, who was apparently sleeping on the upper level of Ash’s bunk bed.

    “*Yawn* Grrr, why did I have to sleep on this small bed while Ash gets the big one?” Vrikesho complained jokingly as both Ash and Triko grinned at him.

    At Altomare’s grand marketplace, a boy with blue hair done in a peculiar style had just purchased two loaves of sweet bread from a bakery shop. He handed a loaf to his younger sister, but she took it slowly without looking at him. As they walked along the canals, the sister was looking down on the sidewalk, her face losing the usual brightness and joy she always wore. Instead, it was replaced with a look of worry and sadness.

    “Sister, what’s wrong? You’ve been like this since yesterday afternoon. What troubles you?” the boy asked his sister, having his telepathic voice projected inside her head.

    “Brother… I am sorry, but this is something… that I have to deal with myself… I hope I did not upset you by turning down your help and guidance,” she said to her older brother.

    “It is alright, Sister. I understand. But try to be a little more happy—for me,” the boy pleaded.

    “I will,” the girl said, but she thought to herself, I just pray that he’ll be alright…

    Outside the Museum of Altomare, Ash, Triko, and Vrikesho stared in wonder at the grand building in front of them.

    “No wonder this museum is popular with the tourists. It’s huge!” declared Triko.

    “Hey, what are these two pillars?” Vrikesho asked. There were two pillars in-between the trio. On top, there were two dragon Pokemon decorated on each.

    “Those statues look like…” Triko then searched through her pocket and pulled out the crystal medallion she won in the water race. “… these carvings,” Triko finished as she showed the two her medal.

    “They do look like those carvings. Maybe we can learn more about them in the museum,” Vrikesho suggested.

    “Alright, let’s go,” Triko agreed. But as the girl and her Guardian Force walked ahead, Ash stayed back to look at one particular dragon statue—the one on the right. It reminded him of something… a shadow… Could it be…? Hmmm…

    “Come on, Ash!” Triko yelled back at him.

    “Okay, okay!” Ash responded. When they all arrived at the museum’s entrance, they could already see the beautifully colored glass windows decorated along the ceiling.

    “It looks like those windows are depicting a story or something,” Ash noticed. Indeed, there were various drawings on the windows showing an old couple finding two unconscious children on the shore, a city being attacked by large black spear-like crystals, and the same two dragon Pokemon on the medal handing a blue orb to the couple.

    “Take a look at this, guys,” Triko said to Ash and Vrikesho as she read the inscription on the wall:

    “‘Many years ago the city of Altomare was a small village. Living there was an old couple who did not have any children of their own. One day while they were walking along the shore, they found two unconscious children, one a boy and the other a girl. The couple took the two children back to their home and nursed them back to health. After recovering, the children decided to stay with the kind-hearted couple, for it seemed that they did not have any parents of their own. Then one morning a dark menacing cloud loomed over Altomare, raining down piercing black crystals that transformed anything it touched into darkness. The townspeople, including the couple and the two children, watched in horror at the evils taking place. Suddenly, one of the crystal spears was aimed right at the old couple, but just in time the two children protected their guardians by creating a great glowing barrier. The children floated up to the sky and transformed into their true selves: the Eon Pokemon Latios and Latias. At their call, many of their own kind flew down from the heavens to aid the two against the cloud of darkness. One Latios carried the Soul Dew, a blue orb of incredible power. Together with all the Eon Pokemon’s strength and the orb’s light, the cloud and the crystals that attacked the village were obliterated, saving the people of Altomare. The group of Latios and Latias went up to the couple and gave them the Soul Dew as thanks for supporting the two children. Then the group flew off towards the horizon, leaving Altomare in peace. Eventually the same two Latios and Latias returned to the couple, dedicating themselves to become the Guardians of Altomare for generations to come.’”

    “Wow… what an amazing past this city has,” Ash said in wonder, crossing his arms.

    “(Truly one of the greatest legends I’ve heard),” whispered Vrikesho. “Vrike vrike.”

    “So that’s what those dragons and that orb were on that medal. Impressive,” Triko commented.

    “(Hey, what is that large machine over there?)” Vrikesho questioned, motioning his left wing towards it.

    “Let’s go check it out!” exclaimed Ash.

    As they approached the machine by crossing over two fossils of an Aerodactyl and a Kabutops embedded on the floor, they could see that it was contained by three large jagged hooks. The three craned their necks upward and saw that the machine did not even make it to the tall ceiling.

    “This place is really gigantic,” stated Triko.

    “You guys, hear this!” Ash started as he read another inscription next to the black contraption. “‘This machine, called the Defense Mechanism of Altomare, or the DMA, was built several decades after the original legend of Latios and Latias. The DMA’s purpose is to protect the city of Altomare. It does this by letting anyone sitting in the control seat have complete command of the city itself, or so the legend states. However, the DMA has never been used in its entire existence, so its true power remains unknown.’”

    “Hmmm, but why would they build this machine when Latios and Latias are already guarding the city?” Triko asked.

    “It seems to me that these humans weren’t satisfied with the dragons’ protection alone. They must have wanted to rely on their advanced technology more,” Vrikesho theorized.

    “How sad…” commented Triko. Ash nodded and was about to share his thoughts until he sensed a familiar calm energy force outside the museum’s walls somewhere… in fact, it was like the same one that he felt when he first met the girl!

    “I-I-I have to go! I’ll see you guys later!” Ash yelled to his friends as he ran out the museum’s entrance. It has to be her! I just need to see if she’s alright… before she runs off again!

    “… Was it something I said?” Vrikesho asked.

    Outside, the same two siblings from before were walking across the front of the museum.

    “Sister, I’ll meet you back home later. I need to patrol the city.”

    “Okay, Brother. Be safe!”

    “I will,” the boy smiled. Both of them then parted to different directions just as Ash finally got out of the museum.

    I know it’s somewhere around here… Looking around the museum’s open front for a few seconds, Ash caught a glimpse of red and white on his right, crossing over a small bridge among the crowd. Immediately, Ash started to sprint towards the same direction.

    “Hey! Wait up!” he called out. At that, the girl stopped in her tracks. What? That voice… She turned around and saw her rescuer running up to her!

    “I’m glad I caught up to you!” Ash exclaimed as he approached the girl. “Are you alright? Did those two ladies come back after you?” he asked with concern, but he was answered with a pleasant smile. He’s so caring… And he seems to be cured, too! Thank goodness! Latias thought happily.

    Ash noticed her look of relief, and he said, “Hey, don’t worry about me! I’m fine!” Then he added subtly, “You know, I heard from my friend that you led her to me when I was unconscious. Thank you for helping me.”

    Latias smiled, looking at the ground and blushing a little. Suddenly, she thought of an idea. Why don’t I take him to my home… to our secret garden… She took Ash’s hands and held them up for a bit, and then she led him to her home by holding on to his left hand.

    “H-Huh? Where are we going?” Ash wondered. Latias looked back at him and gave another one of her smiles. Ash decided to trust her, so he grasped onto her hand as she made her way through Altomare. Unbeknownst to them, a miniature spy camera was following them, flying above the buildings…

    The two went by many twists and turns through empty alleys until after a while, they arrived at a long archway covered in beautiful vines and drooping blue flowers. While Ash stared in awe, Latias continued to walk under the arch, took a right after passing through it, and stopped in front of a corner covered in shadows. She faced Ash, smiling, and held both of his hands. Gently, she pulled Ash towards the corner, still facing him as she stepped backward.

    Ash became nervous about this, especially when the girl actually went through the wall! He started to stutter, “U-uh…” but he didn’t have a chance to when he too was dragged through the wall.
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