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Pokemon: Heroes of the Future(RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Stabberz, Jan 24, 2009.


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Poll closed Feb 3, 2009.
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  1. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Pokemon: Heroes of the Future This is my first rpg so sorry if its crappy

    Humans have been living with Pokemon for well over one thousand years now and as you would expect like all species we inherit some of the others aspects. Four legged Pokemon walking on two legs, non psychic Pokemon talking with humans and on the Human side of things, humans who can understand Poke speech and humans who live like Pokemon.

    Infact we include each other in everyday life we treat each other as eaquls, we work together and we even battle each other but there is one question that plagues scientists minds and that question, Could a Human ever use Pokemon attacks.

    Extract from Dr C.Foster's Diary.

    It had been a normal day at the hospital, babies were born paitents where saved and Pokemon were healed and no one had died. At around 10:30 I started packing up to go home talking to the nurses. I even told one that today had been a miracle and nothing could go wrong, if only I knew how wrong I was. Suddenly a woman ran in with her husband they said that she was going into premature labor, I got her into a chair and off she went.

    About 15 minutes later about 20 men dressed in pure black uniforms came in shouting and Waving Swords. They said they wanted all Pregnant women and all unevolved Pokemon.

    I and the security guards started fighting them off I was using my trusty Aipom and foot and half sword. we thought together never killing only wounding, Aipom was always by my side and then I saw it use Double hit and I new it was close to evolving

    At 10:52 Aipom evolved and with that we where able defeat these criminals but also at 10:52 the woman who went into Premature birth gave birth to a boy by the name of Reteka he was born with a strange birth mark on his head but apart from that he appeared to be a normal baby but I was wrong and if I had off known what I knew back then, then his parents would still be alive.


    This boy was born at they excat time a Pokemon evolved there have been only 15 others who this has happened to and these people all have Powers of a different type of attack one has fire another has grass. These attacks are pre-determined by what type the Pokemon who evolved at the time of their birth was meaning this Boy can use normal attack which make him one of the most special because he can Mimic others abilitys but the boy know's nothing of his powerall he knows is that all the people have who have ever cared for him have been killed and recently Dr Foster had died and it had been on his fourteenth birday. He is know on the run.

    Now off the subject of the boy it is said that these abilitys run through blood so if someone was to get a blood sample of some one who had a power they could replecate this into other human vessels, there are people out there trying to do this they go by the name of Dark Twighlight, they where created when Teams Rocket and Galactic mereged and started researching into Human and Pokemon similarities about five months down the line Giovanni died in a bizar incident and Cyrus disappeared so Mars,Saturn and Jupiter took control but it then became clear that they and the two commanders had been taking orders from a third person.

    Now I mus finish writing this as it is time to leave before Team Dark Twighlight get here I will entrust this to the lake with hopes that it will reach safe hands

    Proffesor Evergreen

    Here is the link to the signup there are still Five place's left http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=376768

    Reteka-Outskirts of Route 222

    Reteka hurled down the dusty road his head swimming with thoughts, Dr Foster was dead a bullet lodged in his brain and the reason, because of him, these people said they needed to test him for something but Dr Foster protected Reteka and it had got him killed.

    It wasn't as if Reteka was a stranger to death every one who had ever cared for him was now either dead or had dissapeared and now Reteka was alone with only his Pokemon with him.

    A shout tore Reteka from his thoughts the Pursuers where still coming after him, a gunshot rung out and he felt an object, most likely a bullet, fly past his face.

    "Stop" a voice scoled "The boss wants him alive".

    "Fang your up zap these morons" he yelled quickly releasing his Luxray from it's ball, as soon as it came out it let loose a jolt of electricity that zapped Reteka's pursuers and left a scorch mark around their now dead bodies.

    Reteka didn't stop to think he lept on to Fang and they were off, as they left the scene Reteka felt no remorse he had simply defended himself and he had to make sure they didn't keep following him.
  2. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Shino Shockingbolt~Solaceon Town

    Shino was traveling across the rural town, scouting around to find anyone that could spark interest in him. Although, spark was a word he used a bit too often. His fateful Pikachu, Shina, was on his shoulder. "Pika! Pi pika pi!"

    Staring at Shina, Shino responded to his little Pikachu. "I guess you're hungry, Shina. Well...I'm sorry. I don't have a lot of money, but we might get to see brighter horizons in the future."

    Soon enough, a group of people dressed in black entered the town. "Where is the boy named Shino Shockingbolt? He is of great interest to us, and if you don't reveal his location, then your town is dead!"

    Making sure the town wasn't randomly attacked, Shino stepped up. "I am! What do you want from me?"

    A man in more black then the others stepped up, and Shino guessed he was the leader. "All you need to do is come with us, and then town will be completely save. It's time to come with us, Shino..."

    "Never! Shina, attack!" Shino pointed to the leader, and soon the group began to run away from the duo.

    "Pika! Pi pi pika!" Shina was getting a spark going, and it seemed that the men in black were ready to run away.

    "How mean could that thing be?"

    "Very mean! Shina, take those guys down with a Thunderbolt!" Shino was running with Shina, with all the citizens watching them run.

    "Pika...chuuuu!" A spark of energy was headed straight towards the men, getting ready to shock them.

    "Why did I join Team Dark Twilight in the first place?" The leader was questioning himself, and it seems that he was in for it. "Ahhhh!" The shock rushed through his veins, making him die down.

    "Now get the rest of them, Shina!"
  3. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Kairi walked briskly through the corridors of a bustling building. Dark Twilight members scattered around her, either recognising her or just feeling unsettled by the usual aura she emanated. Either way, it didn't matter to her. Pathetic insects like them always feared authority.

    She effortlessly pushed open a heavy fire door and stepped into a large workspace. Grunts typed away on computers, gathering information or assigning resources, the usual work.

    Kairi stepped through their midst, ignoring any glances aimed at her. Scum like them were below her attention.

    "Who's the chick?" her keen ears heard. She stopped suddenly and turned her head towards the voice. It belonged to a grunt sneaking furtive glances at her and whispering to his colleagues, who desperately tried to shut him up.

    Nice try, she thought. She calmly weighed up the actions she could take agaisnt the grunt. She could have him reported for laziness. Not too appealing to her, he'd get off with a warning. She could ignore the incident. No way, that grunt was getting soem sort of punshment.

    That left...

    The grunts all stopped in amazement as Kairi leapt acorss the room, jumping desks like hurdles. She landed neatly next to the offender after three leaps and spun his cahir to face her. The grunt looked up at her, eyes sliding up her body until meeting her cold, malice filled eyes.

    "Uh, what's the problem, ma'am?" he asked. A second later, Kairi grabbed his throat and lifted him off of the chair, dangling him in the air effortlessly. Her fingers dug into his skin with an iron grip.

    "The problem is your attitude," Kairi hissed "you are easily distracted, use poor language and show no respect to authority. And none of those traits are things I tolerate in this operation." She felt her body starting to change, the result of her power use. She didn't care, her draconic form was far more suited to intimidation.

    Kairi shrugged off her coat as emerald green wings burst through the back of her shrit, growing through holes torn for this purpose entirely. Her fingers changed into vicious claws before the grunt's shocked eyes, the sharp edges tearing at his skin. A tail grew through Kairi's trousers and her skin changed, gaining a scaly texture and green tinge.

    Kairi allowed the man a second to observe her new form before returnign to the task at hand.

    "How do you like me now?" she hissed, pulling him closer so his face was an inch from hers "do I look so nice and cute now?"

    "What kind of monster are you?!" the grunt shrieked, clawing at her arms in a desperate, but hopeless attempt to break free.

    "My name is Kairi Lucen," Kairi hissed silkily "and I'm no more a monster than any human. Humans are the monsters who did this to me." She tightened her grip so the man could hardly breathe.

    "No... please!" he begged. She laughed cruelly.

    "You know, that's what I used to say when I got fists in my face for this," she growled "nice twist. I like it." She released her grip ever so slightly, relishing the terror on his face.

    "PLEASE!" he screamed. Kairi's hate rose in her.

    "Pathetic!" she roared "humans! You think you rule this world and when somethign threatens that mastery, you call it a monster and beg!"

    "Please, commander," she heard another grunt say "he is a good man. He has a wife... and children, commander. Please, spare him." Kairi examined the man she held at arms length, seeing the spark of hope in his eyes, hope his comrade had appealed to that motherly instinct she must surely have.

    "Your children can know my pain," Kairi spat "loneliness and despair. You're fired from this world." The grunts eyes widened in shock and there was an outburst of fury from the others as she spun on her heel and hurled him across the room. His bdoy hit the opposite wall with a sickening thud and the sound of bones breaking. He slid to the floor, blood already spreading. He was still barely alive. Kairi regarded him for a few seonds before turning away and walking out of the room.

    She would let him suffer.
  4. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    "Pikachu! Pika pi pi pika!" Shina was running towards the remaining grunts, who were barely making a effort to even escape from the duo. Although Shina was faster then them, the Dark Twilight members still avoided the Pikachu. "Pika! Pi pikachu..."

    "It's okay, Shina!" Shino was going into his pocket, searching for Chidori's Poke Ball. Chidori was his Shinx, and boy was he strong! Anyway, Shino found the Poke Ball and threw it. "Chidori, help Shina take down these Twilight losers!"

    A flash of white light shone throughout the town, and soon a blue, cat-like creature appeared. "Shinx! Shi shi shin!"

    One grunt was so scared, he basically outran the others and escaped. "Oh my god! A Shinx and a Pikachu? They are the scariest Pokemon ever! Waahhhh!"

    Amazed at how wimpy the Dark Twilight members could be, Shino yelled out a command. "Chidori, Charge! Shina, send the grunts out with a Thunder!"

    Chidori soon began charging many thunder particles, with sparks flying all over the place. As for Shina, she sent a gigantic blast of thunder onto the grunts. "Pika...chuuuuuuuu!"

    With the grunts being completely burned, they ran away and basically escaped the town. "Waaah! The leader should of told us how dangerous people could be!"

    Watching as the grunts ran away, Shino was soon met with the mayor of the town. "Thank you, Mr. Shino. Can we ever repay you?"

    Returning Shina and Chidori to their Poke Balls, Shino walked off into the muddy route ahead. "No payment needed. Just saving myself, and saving your skin. Bye!"
  5. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Presenting from Johto, Miss Miranda Scott" announced as a young women bowed and stood there waiting for the classical piece to be played as she was wearing light blue skirt with a dress of the same colour. "Cool as Ice" she spoke to herself as the music started to play.

    Miranda started with a basic toe jumps to warm herself up, "Time for some flare" she thought as she looped twice and axeled in one rotation.

    After 2 minutes, Miranda finished off with a flying spin with a back spin and stood in a pose as the music stopped. Miranda bowed as she skated off to the sheds to watch the scores, "Miss Miranda Scott, 5.6 Rank 2nd" The PA announced as she smiled and rested,

    "Second is good but more training is required" she told herself as she walked to get changed.Miranda looked at one suspecious man in the crowd, "Maybe something is up" she thought as she changed into her Dark Grey Faux Fur Cardigan and Black Trousers as she picked up her purse and untied her hair as she again spotted the shady man who looked at her, Miranda smiled very nervously as she looked at her next location on her planner, "Oh the joys of walking to my next location" she thought as she walked causally.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
  6. Ninterror X

    Ninterror X The bird brain.

    Seth and Wolf the Staraptor were just souring through the air, looking out about some Grunts running around causing Havoc and Chaos. so far nothing happened, maybe mostly due to the grunts never suspecting the two high up in the sky.

    Judging from Wolf, he was getting tired of flying for 14 hours strait and from seeing nothing but Sky and occasionally a rain shower or two.

    "are you getting tired?" smiled Seth

    Before the Staraptor could give out a reply, a laser got shot out of nowhere with impressive force, luckily missing Both them without a scratch.

    "He kid! you shouldn't be playing in our skies on our time!" Said one the grunts on what appears to be a hover bike of some kind. the Grunt started to charge another laser from the tip of the Bike. Wolf jumped in and Smashed the laser with Double-Edge.

    "Wha-!? what's happ-????" the grunt yelled in shock

    "wow, I guess you weren't Tired after all" Smirked Seth

    Looks like he found trouble, now it's time to cause some trouble! he sends out Dynablade the Skarmory for some help and prepares for battle

    "Forget this! I've got better things to do, Besides I have nothing to attack back!" remarked the grunt as he attempted to flee

    "Follow him!" commanded Seth, as the three sore through the air like a Arrow after the panicking Grunt.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
  7. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Saturn - Team Dark Twilight HQ

    "So, what do we do now?" asked Saturn, flicking his fringe and cuddling Candy.

    "Com-combusken!" cheered Candy.

    "Shut that thing up!" shouted Jupiter.

    "Sarcasm doesn't suit you Jupiter."

    Mars walked into the room and Candy nudged Saturn. He blushed and waved nervously to Mars.

    "He-ey Mars. Have y-you got the p-plan?" stuttered Saturn.

    Mars looked at Saturn and just shook her head, "You're getting wierder day by day. But I do have the plan. It involves a lot of murder...
  8. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Malek - Team Dark Twilight HQ

    Malek stamped around the lab in a fit of rage.

    'What do you mean the tests are inconclusive?' screamed Malek.

    'I'm sorry sir, but whichever simulation we run, the results come back the same' cowered the scientist.

    'Well it's not good enough' roared Malek 'either you make it work or you'll make me do something that i don't really want to do'.

    'I beg of you sir' pleaded the scientist 'i'll double my efforts, i give you my word'

    'See that you do' said Malek in an emotionless tone 'you have 24 hours'.

    He turned and walked out of the lab.

    'Memo to self' he said into his dictaphone 'get rid of that useless little worm, and get find someone who can accomplish the task'.

    He walked down the corridor to a large metal door.

    He placed his hand on the panel and the door began to open.

    All along the walls were freezers filled with vials of blood and they all had names written on them.

    He came to one that had Malek written on it and he smiled.

    'Soon i won't be alone in this world and i can begin to build an army just like me and together we will bring a new order to this wretched world, and god help anyone who tries to stand in my way' he said with an evil grin.
  9. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka Valor Lakefront.

    As Fang tore through the country side Reteka thought back to how they had met.

    Reteka was walking past the Pokemon centre, it was dark because they had lost their electicity and where forced to use emergency power, Reteka had been banned from school for using excess power so here he was skulking throught the streets he felt something fly past him, he looked down the street and saw a Luxio hurtling down the street he turned and looked down the street from which the Luxio had appeared and he saw a mob of people all running as fast as they could. Reteka weighed up his opptions he could slip down the nearest street and dissapear or he could follow the Luxio and protect it if the mob caught up, he divered for a second before taking the latter option and chasing after the Luxio after about 20 minutes he came to a stop he and the Luxio where at a dead end, the Luxio turned around and growled.

    "Don't worry little guy I am here to help you" Reteka said forcing him self to sound calm.

    A voice sounded behind him"How sweet but your going to have to come with us" Reteka turned around and noticed the man holding a gun he was aiming at the Luxio and firing.

    Reteka drew his sword and easilly deflected the bullet away before slashing with his sword, slicing off the Gunman's leg, his comrade quickly brought out a Mantine.

    "Tackle that boy" the man yelled, Retek closed his eyes stood ready to take the hit, but it never came instead he heard a roar and then some running, when he opened his eyes he saw a Luxray standing before him
    A Snarl from Fang awoke Reteka from his thoughts, there in front of them stood a boy maybe a little older than Reteka himself dressed in a Karate outfit in a fighting pose, noticing that Reteka was now awake he picked up his weapon, it looked like some sort of staff and he spoke to Reteka.

    "I challenge you to a fight the winner gets to ask the other any questions and do anything they want to the loser"

    Reteka jumped off of Fang and drew his Sword "I Accept" he said diving at his opponent.
  10. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    "No way!" gasped Saturn. He had heard the plan and was now in his living room, where he saw a note stained with blood. He picked the note up and read it aloud to Candy.

    "Dear Saturn or whatever it is you call yourself nowadays,

    I have reason to believe that you are a member of Team Dark Twilight. Please come and meet me at Valor Lakefront. If you don't I will come and find you. I will bring a Garchomp with me.


    The one in the shadows.

    "Combusken," said Candy, shaking with nervousness.

    "What the hell is this?" wondered Saturn.

    Saturn reread the note and decided to go.

    "Toxic, Vicious, come on out!" cheered Saturn, throwing his Poké Balls and releasing his Toxicroak and red-eyed Beautifly.

    "Let's go..."
  11. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Shino Shockingbolt~Route 210
    After that mess with the Dark Twilight members, Shino was just happy to of just made it out alive. He didn't have to use his powers yet, although he was hankering for spankering. "Man! I hate when those Twilight members randomly attack. It's so...annoying!"

    Turning back to Solaceon Town, he realized that a letter was headed straight towards him, courtesy of the mayor. "Here's a letter for you, Shino!"

    The letter nearly cut him, but he was able to read it and fix up his wound. "What does this say?"

    Dear Shino Shockingbolt,

    It's me, Candy! Your girlfriend from the Sevii Islands. You probably remember me, although you shouldn't forget me either. Anyway, I think that Zapdos is coming after you, because Zapdos just fought Moltres at Mt. Ember. Whoa! That was one heck of a fight. Then, on that glacier east of One Island, Articuno was just going for a morning flight, and then they all attack each other and nearly destroy the whole set of islands! Anyway, I miss you...so come back soon!

    From your beloved, Candy.

    Blushing, Shino continued through the farm-like Route 210 and and sighed to himself. "Ah, I just love it when Candy sends letters. It reminds me she isn't mad at me for leaving her for two years."

    As he continued forth, a colossal, yellow bird flew from the nearby city of Celestic Town. "Zap...dos!"
  12. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka and Hits Valor Lakefront

    As Reteka flew throught the air he noticed how his opponet held his weapon in the middle with one hand pointed at Reteka, he also had all his weight on his back foot Reteka concluded that he wasn't fighting grunts any more, this guy was dangerous.

    As he came upon his opponent he swung up high testing how his opponent would block with his unique weapon, his opponent swung his weapon up smashing Reteka's weapon to one side.

    "By the way my name is Hits" he grinned striking Reteka on the side of the leg instantly causing pain to hit him, Reteka disregarded the pain and swung up stabbing at his opponents open stomach but when the blade was due to make contact Hits wasn't there and Reteka stumbled before quickly wipping round blocking an attack from Hits, they continued like this for twenty minutes neither gaining any ground, Retek felt himself getting more and more tired he knew he couldn't keep this up for much longer he retreated as far from Hits as he deemed possible before running at Hits as fast as he could as he got closer the ground around him became a blur his legs became numb and he couldn't stop he crashed straight into Hits sending the Blackbelt flying into a tree.

    "Huh w...w...what just happened" he said looking at the fallen Hits.

    "That was an Extreme Speed attack"Hits said. "It seems your like me, which means I have to do this " Hits said powering up what seemed to be a blue orb in his hands

    "Aura Sphere" he yelled loosing it at Reteka, it suprised Reteka but he new what to do he ran straight at the pulsating orb, slowly getting faster just as before but this time his hand started glowing and he punched straight at the orb destroying it, before charging at hits slamming into him at full force.

    "Ok I Give" Hits said "You Win" standing up as he said this.

    "What did we just do" he said questions pulsing through his brain, just then he heard a gunshot, he saw Hits stumble and a pool of blood appear where his body lay.
  13. Stoc15

    Stoc15 Leon is Pro!

    Shino could sense aura in the mud, and he wasn't liking what he was reading from the aura. "Oh crap! Aura Guardian time!"

    The mud was spinning around like a cyclone, getting ready to absorb Shino into its grasp. Suddenly, a voice shot out from the mud. "Hey, you! Ready to die and be hypnotized into becoming one of us?"

    Grabbing his katana, a group of sparks soon appeared from Shino's fingers as he got ready to fight. "Don't count on it, you Lucario-loving-licking-linguini loser!"

    "That doesn't make any sense, stupid little boy!"

    "It doesn't have to when I beat you up now!" Channeling thunder into his blade, Shino got ready to fight the Aura Guardian. "Yah!"
  14. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    i sighed mentally as i confirmed myself another win. it was late afternoon and the air felt slightly hazy as i walked down the route to my hometown - olivine city. and then this random trainer shouts at me calling for a battle from his newly evolved Houndoom.

    i watched his cocky face grin and his demon dog howled eerily. i'm guessing he would have thought that i would have returned Kaz as i released him due to the type disadvantage.

    As if.

    being stupid and arrogant, my opponent failed to notice Kaz unleash his miracle eyes and the shocked look on his face was worth it as his pokemon crashed into a roadside tree as the psychic pulse hit him.

    'hmmm, well, that was easy enough. hey mate! type advantages aren't always the way forward, use your head mate!' i laugh merrily as me and my psychic pokemon walked past the puzzle youngster.

    we rounded the corner and the familiar sight of olivine city with its white buildings and its spectacular lighthouse, and dark blue sea going off into the distance, broken only by the whirl islands.

    the whirl islands...that's where i'm heading to train up my pokemon for a while. why? the rough elements would sharpen up my pokemon's reflexes. And plus i was being followed.

    he noticed him several days ago and no matter how much i tried to sneak up on him, he's managed to avoid me. i doubt there are many places to hide in the barrenness of the island chain...
  15. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Naida was preparing to leave Sunyshore City to travel looking for her original parents. She was going to travel to Valor Lakfront where she grew up most of her life.

    She walked out of a rich hotel into the crisp, morning and released Vapal, her best friend.
    "Let's go before it starts getting crowded Vapal."


    "Don't worry, we'll have time for fun later, for now let's go."

    Naida walked briskly through the empty streets towards the outskirts of town. There were several shops she passed by that she were tempted to stay and wait for it to open, but shrugged it off. Nearer to the outskirts was when she felt like she was being watched, but she couldn't locate them when she looked around. She was starting to get nervous as she didn't like being stalked.

    "C'mon Vapal let's hurry, I have a bad feeling about this."

    Naida started jogging while Vapal did a brisk walk to keep up with Naida as they ran off onto Route 222.

    Watching her leave were two grunts working for Team Dark Twilight.
    "This target shall be easy for us."
    "Sounds about right, according to the boss, this one should be the weakest out of all the other targets."
    "Well, if we get her, we'll get a raise won't we."
    "Sure, let's follow her and not lose her."
  16. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Kairi Lucen
    Dark Twilight HQ

    Kairi stood on top of the skyscraper that was the Dark Twilight HQ. She looked out over the city and smirked.

    "All of them, going about their lives," she said "and not one knows I'm here. Not one cares. Only a few beings care about me, and all three of them are with me right now." Her hand strayed to her belt and gripped her Poke Balls tightly.

    "Riku, Sora, Sasuke," she said softly "come forth." She expanded the Poke alls and pressed the button on each, releasing her Pokemon into the air.

    First was Riku, an emerald green dragon with red lenses covering her eyes and red edged diamond shaped wings. Her head had two antannae extending from it. Riku was a Flygon.

    Next was Sora, a bright blue bird with cloud forming wings around her lower body. An Altaria.

    Finally was Sasuke, a green and white humanoid Pokemon with bladed arms and a black crest on his head. A Gallade.

    The three were the closest thing to family Kairi had had in a long time. They crowded around her, Riku by her side, Sora on the other side and Sasuke behind her. They silently supported her, as they had for so long now.
  17. Turtle Master

    Turtle Master May's lover!

    A flash of lightning... A pure white claw... A scream... A dark head claw...

    Zach awoke with a start and put a hand to the scars along his eye. It was an amazing symbol of acceptance but it caused him such nightmares. He reached and felt the soft warm fur of Weave, his friend and guardian. Zach looked at the amulet around Weave's neck again, following the design with his eyes. After a minute he stood up and put on his shirt and sweatshirt over the undershirt he always wore. From his pocket he pulled out his black glasses and with a flourish, placed them on.

    "Weave! It's time to move." He looked up in the trees. Sunset was only a few hours away and they couldn't risk being late.

    " 5 more minutes.... " he mumbled before turning over.

    With a sigh, Zach pulled a small loaf of bread from his pack and chucked it at the pokémon head. With the ease of a normal routine, Weave caught the bread with a quick swipe of his claw and lobbed it back. As it neared Zach, he pulled out his dual swords, Moss and Ice, and swiped them together through the air. The two pieces fell into Zach's open hand as he replaced the swords into the scabbard.

    Weave stood quietly and did a quick stretch before flashing past Zach, grabbing a piece of bread along the way. He reappeared in a tree behind Zach chewing smugly. " What are you waiting for? The sun will be set soon. "

    Zach gave a small chuckle as he fastened his pack behind him. With a small stretch he began jogging toward the city. Weave finished his bread, swallowed loudly and followed through the trees.
  18. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Saturn Valor Lakefront

    The boy, Hits, collapsed to the floor and blood poured from his stomach. He was slowly dying and Saturn pointed his gun at Reteka.

    "Get away now or I'll shoot you."

    "Why?" screamed Reteka.

    "Get away now. I have someone to meet," Saturn said, every word filled with venom.

    Reteka walked away slowly and Saturn smiled to himself.

    "Candy, use Flamethrower."

    Candy opened her beak and shot fiery-red flames at Reteka. He ran away as soon as he felt the heat. Saturn took a small bottle out of his pocket and using a syringe, he took a blood sample from the dying Hits.

    "Okay guys, let's go find this letter sender," Saturn smirked.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
  19. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka-Valor Lakefront.

    Reteka was running he didn't exactly want to die and he couldn't take on a gun, well maybe he could if he could just master this ability but he new that would take time, but the way Hits had used his ability had been amazing, to have control over your ability,

    "What if there are others" he thought but Hits was dead for all Reteka knew he and Hits could have been the only ones.

    He slowed down when he saw of those people dressed in black there were about twenty of them all told and he knew he couldn't take them all on.

    "One of them is coming" a grunt yelled "She is supposed to be the weakest one but you still need to be careful". All the others nodded in agreement, Reteka thought to himself

    "There's no way any one could survive an ambush like that, I have to help in some way".After thinking this some unknown part of his body kicked in and he felt his body start twitching rapidly and then he looked to his left and to his right and he saw copies of him, about 6 of them and he saw all of their fist suddenly glow brightly, he looked down at his fist that was to growing brightly and then without even telling his body to moved he started moving faster and faster just like before.

    Heand his clones charged straight into the group of guards punching a few down before some of the guards started slashing with their swords destroying a couple of clones, Reteka realised that he wasn't strong enough yet.

    He heard one of the guards walkie's go off"The girl is aproaching" Reteka stamped on it before killing the guard who it had belonged to.
  20. Ninterror X

    Ninterror X The bird brain.

    Valor Lakefront

    After flying for a bit, Seth lost sight of the Fleeing Grunt. in disappointment, he decided to land in Reteka-Varlor for a quick rest. But he found a man that seems to be messing around with someone who was Severely injured.

    "what is going on here?" remarked Seth

    The man then Quickly turned the gun and attempted to shot Seth, before the bullet could injure him he blocks it with his Sword.

    "try harder" replied Seth

    looks like the Advice was taken, as Two Grunts sneaked behind and Zapped him with a Spark plug like object and stunned Him. Seth couldn't move any of his muscles and desperately tried to flop around the snow like a Magikarp to at least slow them down, but was too weak and Fainted.

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