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Pokemon: Heroes of the Future(RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Stabberz, Jan 24, 2009.


Favourite Chapter so far

Poll closed Feb 3, 2009.
  1. Chapter 1

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  1. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    (OOC - yeah I agree, thats a lot of bunnying, a quick edit and most of that will be fixed)

    The words that Miranda said ticked her off even more. "Alright hot shot, I may not be as strong as you are, but I have seen and experienced more battles and a fight for my life than you have. Infact, I think you only had a fight for your life once. And in my opinion, YOU... Are not an independent woman. YOU... Rely on someone to work for you. You get people to do most of the work for you. You only enjoy doing what you enjoy the most, cause I remember you ordering your servants around. As much I would give to enjoy a rich life, I'd rather not have it and be humble about it. The reason I don't have much to say for myself is that I was once the lady who could barely fend for herself. What you see now isn't the same woman who you had found on your ski fun over a month ago. I have seen more deaths than I will ever want to see, I have seen many innocent people die helplessly, because someone who's too busy trying to get fame and fortune for themselves is too unwilling to commit to ending this struggle."

    Naida was shaking her fist by now, so wanting to punch Miranda's face with it. Oh it burned so much to restrain herself with this much anger.

    "You are never the one to do the dirty work. I have never seen you do any dirty work that involves more than you wish to get dirty in. You worry so much about your looks, worry so much about your reputation, it makes me sick. You are not an indepent woman. You rely on other people to do your dirty work and you enjoy the luxury end of the deals. Tell me, how many things have you've done that involved trying to save someone's life from the hands of those that seek to harm us? Tell me how many lives have you've seen get wasted because they have no hope? Tell me, how many lives get harmed because YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR SOMEONE OF LOWER STATUS?"

    Naida could feel her whole body trembling with the rage that had now built up. She had to unleash her anger somehow very soon or else she would unleash it on Miranda.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2009
  2. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    'Miranda has done it now. And arent most models athletes too? Sheesh... She keeps acting like this and she will die like Naida said. Either she'll die from battle with the enemy, or from one of us.' Lusitania thought. She saw how mad Naida was now. 'To spare Miranda or not? hmmm... She might go agaisnt us if we keep acting like this, so might as well to spare her.' she thought. "Naida! Take on the tree!" She said and then motioned Nick to put her infront of the tree. He did as motioned and went back to carving a piece of wood he started on just a while before. 'This is gonna be wild...' Lucy thought. Rosemary went over to Nick.

    " Rose, rose roserade?" <What are you making?> Rosemary asked Nick. He looked at her and went back to carving.

    "Blaze blaze blazikien? Blaze? Blaze, blaze blaze blazikien. Blaze Blazikien." <Remember that boy? Jeff? Well that's who im making. For our trainer.> Nick said with a snicker. Rosemary giggled.

    "Rose rose rose roserade!" <I bet she'll blush!> She said and they both shared a good laugh. Lucy looked over to them. 'Wonder what their laughing about...' She thought.
  3. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff was watching the fight between Miranda and Naida with great interest. He wasn’t going to try and stop them for two reasons 1). They probably wouldn’t listen and 2). There was a chance they would turn they anger to him. Jeff walked over to Reteka and said “look dude I know this is a little sudden but do you know of a Dark Twilight member named Mars?” Jeff felt the surge of anger coming out of Reteka “Well you see I think us two are in same boat I guess you hate her and I know cripple her because she betrayed me and in a way I gave her the powers she now has” Jeff had a quick look at Reteka’s face “Hey man I didn’t know she was on their side. We two may never be the best of friends but…” Jeff toke out his metal hand in a gesture of friendship.

    Ray came from behind Mazeram and hit him with two Flash Cannon’s he turned to Rozernath “what? you think I wouldn’t help a friend out?”
  4. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka, glared at Jeff; he obviously didn't know about his and Mars past, he looked at shining silver hand, Reteka grinned slightly and let his skin turn silver and reached out shaking silver hand on silver hand, just for fun, he let his hand combust into flames singeing Jeff slightly, he walked over to where Naida and Miranda were arguing, he didn't want it to get worse, and a little anger aimed at him would give them something to live for,; it was time for a display of power.

    "Both of you stop arguing now!" he yelled using the rock and ground elements and his strong connection to the ruins, he summoned up a massive twenty foot rock wall to block the two from seeing each other, he walked over to Naida, pulling her to him, they walked towards the rock they had started at.

    "baby, please stop, dissent will only make it harder in the fight." he whispered to her, leaning back.


    Rozernath, smiled the odd's were, weakened but there was still a judgement and that meant fire, he pulled ray back down towards him.

    "As soon as we hear the explosion dive forward over the cliff, I'll be controlling the winds, it will stop yo being turned into a smouldering wreck," he muttered noticing the disdain on Ray's face, he heard Mazerath chuckle that could only mean one thing.

    "Judgement,!" he yelled firing the flaming orb at the rock which the two men were hiding behind, the explosion pleased him, he walked slowly over to them.
  5. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Miranda sighed, "Miss Airflow, this doesn't not concern you, so please I would not interfere, this is between Naida and I and for your infomation, I grew up in a middle class family, I still do and by independance, if you know the meaning, I help myself because working up the ladder is the only path and listen why don't you, I am an athlete, I did modelling to gain money which I used to help my friends' charity, Really"

    "Naida, Naida, Naida, I don't have servents, I do my own cleaning, Cooking, shopping and so on and really, I don't care if you witnessed deaths, The past has gone, Time is time, fruitilty of the past" She cooly remarked

    "Really, Have I done anything to make the enemy kill me, No, Should I intefere, No, Dirty Work, Lovely is not, My Job is dirty, I also went inside the enemies' lair, at least I have gather information and manage to save Jeff, Did I not" she remarked

    "Tell me, You are saying I am the only one to rely on others, Look at everyone else, They rely on someone, to pick me because I am came, doesn't support yourself, Do you not rely on your husband, I bet like everyone you want the sweeter end and I bet you get it, Well I did do something for the supposed lower status, Didn't I, Jeff, Don't assume that you know me, so I would think about getting to know someone throughly before you make you pathetic judgements, One month doesn't give info, a lifetime does" Miranda remarked
  6. the green gardian

    the green gardian Well-Known Member

    A small smile grew on Akemi's face as he watched Miranda argue.
    "She seems nice enough," he chuckled to his Haunter.
    "A real beauty their my friend," Haunter added.
    "Haunter!, Why is it that when ever we see someone pretty you have to go all goo goo eyed, jeeze."
    "Sorry, I just thourght."
    "I know what you was thinking Haunter, but you are right she is."
    Lying down Akemi started to try and find shapes in the clouds.
    "Look Haunter it's a Jjigglypuff."
    "Thats not a jigglypuff, It's a cloud Don't let youre imagination take control."
    "Live a little Haunter you would think you where dead."
    Bursting into laughter Akemi started to roll over the floor in stitches.
    "I do not know what is so funny Akemi, just return me so I don't have to put up with you."
    Pressing the return button on Haunters poke ball he was suddenly sucked into the ball attched to his waist.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2009
  7. Cloverleaf

    Cloverleaf Forest Mage

    "Make that seven a nine, Pika".

    Magnet was very impressed by the outrage that burst out of Nadia. Pika sprung up onto the magneton's left magnemite and drew a half circle on the card, connecting in a way so that 7 became 9. Penguin drew a ten on hers, then replaced it as Miranda responded, turning it into an eight. Pika kept her score.

    "So, if I'm correct, we have...", Magnet counted the numbers up, "Twenty...five points for the fire chick, and twenty five points for Clover...how nice". Pika cocked her head, "She doesn't look like a chick..." Penguin clarified Magnet's statement, "Pika, he meant that she was a girl. It's what humans call girls sometimes, though why chick, Magnet?" Magnet explained to the two smaller monsters, finally happy to have someone to mentor, Ït's because humans think the bird chicks are cute, and since chicks are cute to guys, they compare them to the bird chicks."

    Pika shrugged her shoulders, "Humans are so weird, Torchic isn't cute at all". Penguin smacked Pika, "Chick is a chicken's offspring, smart one". Pika responded, "So Torchic come from Combusken?" Penguin nodded, then realized what she was agreeing too. "Chickens, like the ones humans eat, the stupid feathered kind, not the ones that spit fire". Pika responded only with an "Oh...".

    They stopped bickering for a bit...then Pika broke the silence. "Penguin, wanna have some target practice?". Penguin jumped up and down with joy, "Yeah, yeah". Magnet caught on immedietly, "Aim a bubble attack at that Miranda chick...Pika, don't you dare say anything about Torchics".

    Penguin fired, after aiming it's beak, of course...

    Clover saw the mischiveous duo trying to attack one of the heroes, the one she was bickering with, of all people. She didn't want to hear that woman crying about having a wet backside, and thus, she activated her power. Standing in front of the beam of bubbles, Clover released her electrical energy, and created a barrier of lightning. All of the bubbles exploded upon contact with the electrical barrier.

    The side effects took hold, and Clover dropped to her knees.
  8. JaimeGreenan

    JaimeGreenan Well-Known Member

    Carl was amazed.
    He had never seen anyone use his power before.
    Staring at the giant 20 foot wall of rock and ground, he thought to himself, he had to work on his powers.
    No matter if he was scared of them, he had to overcome and control them.
    He had to, if he was going to try and defeat Dark Twilight, if he died while doing it, he would try to as many as he could with him.
    He released Glom and worked on his powers with him by the edge of a broken down house..
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2009
  9. politoed321

    politoed321 politoed is uber

    Another dream...
    Valen woke up gasping for breath, hands flailing in the air. Just another nightmare, he told himself. He stumbled up, rubbing his head, he started to walk. He had a long journey ahead of him...
    He didnt know where he was going, but he felt a strange impulse pushing him forward. The sun beating down on him, he walked on...
  10. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Naida roared in frustration and anger and unleashed a mega punch laced with water around her fist and smashed it into the wall that Reteka had put up to separate her from Miranda. She didn't quite break the wall, but she left it quite cracked that if one were to remove a sizable piece from the wall it would fall. While she made her whole arm numb, she sagged down from the sheer armount of energy she used to smash the wall.

    She softly mused about how nasty this battle would get. There is no way we will be able to win. Miranda is all the lone wolf and refuses to see how teamwork will benefit both her and us. As much as I rely on people, it was because I wasn't ready to fend for myself and I was never good with battles. But I stand here... With a better understanding and much better combat than I had before...

    "Argh!! This is so frustrating!!" Her hand fell down and idly released Vapal. Vapal remerged and shook herself slightly and looked up at Naida expectantly expecting to hear something from her. Hearing none, she questioned Naida, "Naida, are you troubled again today?"

    Upon hearing Vapal's voice, Naida loked down and softly nodded her head and didn't reply to anything else. Vapal took her nod and looked around surveying the area and took note of the sorry state of the wall and smiled a bit once she pieced together who had hit the wall.
  11. the green gardian

    the green gardian Well-Known Member

    " I think I'll wait untill they've calmed down a bit until I go say hi."
    " Good thinking," replied Haunter.
    " Wow I thought it would be alot more intense did you?"
    " Well I like it peaceful I don't want to be involved in too much action I get headaches remember."
    " Oh jeeze Haunter come on be a real man."
    " This is coming from the boy whos only friends are pokemon."
    " I can easialy make friends... I'm just a bit nervous that's all."
    " Go on then, go say hi to somebody. Don't be such a wimp."
    " Haunter return."
    Akemi then brings his knees up to his chest and begins to sulk about being scared to introduce himself.
  12. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Man that's getting annoying" Mack said hearing Miranda and Naida. They soon stopped though. He was glad. He continued to sit there on a tree that was a few yards away. He wondered how his pokemon were doing. He looked at them and noticed that the pokemon pretty much dispersed. Mack looked at Jeff, then Lucy. For some reason, he blushed. Valiant noticed it.

    "Emp.. empoleon..(Look Midnight.. he's blushing..)"

    "Scep.. sceptile sceptile. Sceptile! sceptile scep!(I know.. It's pretty weird. Look! He's looking at that girl!)"

    "emp.. empoleon empoleon.. empoleon emp.. (He likes her.. I wonder if that Jeff guy likes her too.. Might be competition)"

    Midnight and Valiant walked over to Nick.

    "Empoleon. Emp empoleon? (Hey Nick. What are you making?)
  13. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka, Glanced around at everyone, he quickly let out Solar to go and play with Vapal, and then calls the Rock back into the ground causing a lot of shaking, when he was sure that everyone was looking at him, he caused another rock to rise up beneath him, he began to talk,

    "As, you all know I called you here, to band together and take the fight to Dark Twilight and there army of Power abusing *** holes, I know you wondering, they have powers as well, we can't possibly fight them, well we can, we are the ones the original powers came from, there Powers are artificial a straight out fight between one of us and one of them, and one of us and our powers would destroy them, but the numbers they have turn the odds in their favour, I'm not gonna lie to you, there is a big chance that some of us will die, and I don't want any of you to feel obligated to anything, you can leave right now if you don't want to fight, but they are attacking Sunnyshore as we speak, killing innocent people and burning everything, so make you decision fast, Fight or Flight, choose now.", Reteka waited, none of them had moved yet, he decided to carry on.

    "Now the actual attack itself will be carried out quickly, we have to watch out for Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Malek, Kairi, and their Boss, we have to aim to kill everyone of those six people and that will stop their troops for a bit that is when we strike them, but to get to those six we will have to fight troops, for this we will have two man teams, Miranda, and Naida I want you two working together, Naida will launch her water attacks and Miranda will freeze them, I will assist in this, at the same time, Jeff and Carl will be engaging the ground units hand to hand, I will also help at this, Naomi, Akemi, get inside their heads torment them make them give up, Clover, Lucy, give them pain, burn them, paralyse them, kill them in any way you can, Mack you will be helping Lucy and Clover from the air Fan there attacks and use your wind attacks to disrupt them, then we will fight the Boss's, there are six of them and nine of us, the boss will be engaged last, I want you in teams of four, Carl, Mack and Jeff will be in team one, Naomi, Clover, Lucy Akemi will be team two and me Naida and Miranda, will be in team three, stay in these teams when we start fighting the commanders.

    and then there is the matter of Transport, Naomi, me and any psychic Pokemon we all have will be transporting us to just outside Sunnyshore, so make sure your armed and then get into your two man teams and we will go, and also, try and leave a decent amount of people for me to kill, after all, I am going to need to warmed up for when I fight the boss," he joked letting the rock fall down and then glancing at them all, It was time.
  14. ThunderMage51

    ThunderMage51 Well-Known Member

    Pastoria Ruins
    “I object!” Naomi said, stomping her foot on the ground, making it slightly deeper, “What if someone doesn’t want to be on the sidelines? What if, because of your plan, a person that is still alive is about to be killed and we have to focus on the enemy in front of us instead? What if we still want revenge for what they did to us!”

    Taking in a breath, she continued “And I already told you, I can’t teleport! Nor Ral, Eon, or Chime! We just can’t! Not even in a million years,” breathing out, then normal again.

    “And… And…” she started, trying to find the right words. “What if you die while fighting the idiot in charge of the damn team, eh? Who will save your freakin’ ***? I want answers!” she slammed her foot on the ground again, once more making it deeper.
  15. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka glanced at Naomi.

    "brat," he muttered before walking over to her.

    "I know you can teleport if you need to, you are the Psychic girl, your Psychic powers are stronger than mine, I know you can do it if you try, I'll channel my Powers into you are you Pokemon, we have to try," he said trying his best to sound calm and helpful, inside he was seathing, she had the potentiol to be one of the most powerful people here, and instead, she was refusing.

    "If you follow my plan no one will die, part of your job is to intervene when one of us is about to get killed, you can lift people with your mind, just do what you do best, and to the course of my life or death, well," he muttered his face hardening.

    "If I die, I want you all out, he will kill you all if you don't, run, but if I die then feel free to disobey me, besides if none of us die and we get rid of all the others first, then we can all fight together," he said glancing around.
  16. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Naida glared at Reteka for mentioning such a teamwork between Miranda and her. "I refuse to work with Miranda! Besides, She doesn't need my help to make solid forms of ice. For all I care about her abilities, she could make ice spears and kill several with that. I am not working with her!"

    Naida continued to glare at Reteka as Reteka returned the glare in kind, scowling because of soo many objections. Really, why did he have to kill Shino. If Shino was alive, he would have been more help for us as he could electrify the water. Water and electricity works hand in hand when fending off your enemies.

    "Unless you come up with something a little more detailed, I'm afraid that this plan is a no go." Naida just shook her head. As usual... All about aggression and no caution, we're going to suffer.
  17. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Yes and next time Miss Airflow, I would make sure your pokemon don't try to aim at me, I was aware because of what water does to electricity and I can tell you have that power" she explained in her posh british accent

    "Anyway, First and foremost, I feel that Naida and I can't work together, our power are too closely related and It would not make any difference, It would infact make us easy targets, I think we should go with a different tactic" Miranda explained

    "Looking at Miss Airflow, I can see her and Naida will work well together as well as you because of your close bond with her" Miranda remarked

    "The Fire girl and the Psychic can help in one team, Leave the Wind, Steel and myself together, This would work because of an snowstorm and a bit off...wait maybe Miss Marshall, Mr.." she said pointing at Mack,

    "The guy with the wind and I, should work as one unit, this will work strategically well, we can make water and cause snowstorms and Fire wind projectiles" Miranda finished, "And maybe the young person with the Haunter should go with the Jeff and the objection girl"

    "Any objections, speak now, because frankly your plan is not tactically sound, you have to use the environment together with the skill of each power" Miranda said

    "I will be waiting for an answer, discuss it between yourself while I call a few friends of mine" she said walking away towards a bench
  18. Cloverleaf

    Cloverleaf Forest Mage

    Magnet, Pika and Penguin sighed. So much for that...

    "You missed", Pika muttered, then squeaked as Penguin slapped Pika. "It wasn't my fault you rat, it was that electricity barrier that Clover put up. If she hadn't intervened, we would have a nice wet b**** to deal with", Penguin shouted.

    Magnet was thinking while the two pokemon talked trash about each other. Water plus electricity...It was so simple, and so destructive at the same time. "METAL SOUND", Magnet roared, scratching all three magnemites together in a ear splitting noise, causing the bickering pokemon to glare at the bigger pokemon.

    "I have an idea...Penguin, use your bubble attack again, and Pika use your thunderbolt on the bubbles. They'll be Lightning Bubbles, and have the properties of both of your attacks." Pika glanced at Penguin, and both nodded their heads.

    "BUBBLE", Penguin roared, while Pika did the same with "THUNDERBOLT". The bubbles colided with the lightning bolts, and flashed goldenrod...then they burst in a brilliant array of light, unintentionally shocking Clover as she was in it's area.

    "...that worked well...didn't it, guys..."Pika muttered.

    "OUCH!!!" Clover cried, the Lightning Bubble attack hitting her. To add insult to injury, Clover was soaked, and was constantly zapping herself with her own static electricity. "Penguin, if you can't play nice, you can't play at all".

    "Erm...could the guy with the haunter come on our team...", Clover muttered.
  19. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    (OOC: Why can't you all just agree so we can get on with it, :mad:. I'm fed up of this RPG at the moment, the lack of direction and Azer wrath ruined it, so can we just hurry up)
  20. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    (OOC - well i'm just making my character be as it is suppose to act, can't make characters bland ya know. Oh yeah, if i put anything in italics u may want to read to see if it is my pokemon talking. If not, it is thoughts to my character only.)

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