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Pokemon: Heroes of the Future(RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Stabberz, Jan 24, 2009.


Favourite Chapter so far

Poll closed Feb 3, 2009.
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  1. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    OOC(I Understand, but now I am making Reteka do something rash,)

    IC: Reteka, looked around, those two would have to refuse, Miranda didn't even know them personally she just went on their power match's, Reteka had designed the partnerships to combine strength and there powers, though now he thought about it, Expecting Naida and Miranda to work together was a bit optimistic.

    "Fine, you all go with Miranda's plan, and I'll stick to mine, If I survive then I'll come back," he said aloud, glancing quickly at Naida, before teleporting, he looked at his former home town in horror, the building were burning there were fires, patches that had been frozen and pure carnage, a blast of Electricity came hurtling at him, his eyes darkened and he charged, a knife in his hand.

    "Let the fighting begin," he murmured launching the knife, and smiling as he heard a sickening thud, he carried on extremespeeding away towards the city.
  2. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff just chuckled as Reteka left he’s plain was great but trying to get Naida and Miranda to work together…. well Reteka got credit for trying but he isn’t a miracle worker. Jeff walked away from the rest and released Metagross and jumped on it. Metagross then used Psychic to hover himself and fly to Sunnyshore while in the air Jeff returned Metagross and he began to fall he tried to curl himself into a ball but there was no point his armor would protect him. He was trying to land on a group of Dark Twighlight grunts who were choking people with vines and he hit them once he got they was two remaining Jeff grabbed them by the collar of their shirts and threw them into a nearby wall. Jeff then walk into a big muscular women ‘fighting powers I bet’ he thought. She tried to punch Jeff he blocked it and held her arm she then tried it with the other arm same thing happened Jeff delivered an Iron headbutt to her and she down like a oak tree.

    Ray grabbed Rozernath and dived forward off over the cliff.
  3. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka, glanced to the side, it seemed Jeff had come to play.

    "How come you took so long," he yelled to him, a knife in each hand, dancing the dance of death, every person he stabbed died, a long and painful death, a flame guy was coming up behind Jeff.

    "Best help him out," Reteka muttered unleashing a Hydro Pump at the man slamming him into a wall and knocking him out, he began to slowly slide down the wall, Reteka was upon him, a quick slash with his knives and the man was down, Reteka back flipped besides Jeff, throwing his knives at a particularly menacing grunt.


    Rozernath felt himself borne over the cliff, quickly commanding the air currents he manoeuvred both Ray and himself to the cliff, edge, he could see that Mazeram was still blocked of by the smoke, he launched an Ice Shard attack at his shadow.

    Mazeram saw the attack coming, he quickly melted the attacks with an ember attack and then threw a Focus Blast at the direction the Ice shard had come from.
  4. ThunderMage51

    ThunderMage51 Well-Known Member

    (OCC: Just remeber, this is rushed.)

    Sunnyshore City, After Teleporting…
    ‘Eon, if I EVER teleport ever again, I want you repeatedly stomp on my head into the ground and cause some decent brain damage, kay?’ thought Naomi after teleporting to Sunnyshore. She rubbed a random spot on her head since almost every inch of her head hurt like hell.

    ‘Eh?! What would I do?!’ Ral asked.

    ‘Nothing. Now shut up or-’ she began, but stopped after seeing some guy with an insect mutation. ‘That’s disgusting…’

    ‘Yeah, I must agree,’ the blonde spoke inside the girl’s mind.

    ‘What are YOU doing here?!’ the purple haired one asked the other.

    ‘What? I can’t be apart of the show?’

    ‘Nope, now shut up.’

    ‘Oh… you make me sad… How about a deal?’

    ‘How about a ****ing no.’

    ‘Must you always say no?’


  5. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Well that is different but it can still work, alright I assume, this plan is a go unless we have any objections, hnn..." Miranda remarked

    "Miss Airflow control your pokemon and head off with your group, If you want the boy with ghost pokemon with you, so be it, do what you are told" she shouted

    "I don't care if you hate me, or like me, this will work, so Groups go now" she ordered as she looked at everyone

    "One Missing" she thought as she counted the teams

    "Oh Bloody Hell, Jeff ditched us...Pathetic" Miranda sighed

    "We don't need him, But find your way to Sunyshore so they don't realise" she said as a helicopter arrived

    "I will see you there" Miranda remarked as she got on

    "Pathetic" she thought
  6. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    OOC: I Skip a Month to speed the RPG up and no one posts.)
  7. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Jeff pulled out his metal kendo stick. Two rocks were thrown at Reteka Jeff blocked them both with his metal kendo stick. Jeff then turned around and saw a man with dragon like wings flying low and straight at him. Jeff dropped his metal kendo stick, waited for the last second and jumped on the back of the dragon grunt he then used metal claw to climb up the man until he had his hands close the man’s neck. Jeff used metal claw to slit his throat. Jeff jumped off the man and landed where his weapon was he fired a quick flash cannon to some grunts and picked up the weapon
    Ray fired small Flash Cannon at the Focus Blast and muttered to Rozernath "We've not out of the woods yet".
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2009
  8. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka looked around, there were still to many for just the two of them, another glance revealed that a Bug, Dragon and Steel guy were coming at him, he loosened his sword and started charging up a ball of flames, he then began spinning it around until he started to get burned.

    "Fire Spin," he roared releasing the flames, resulting in a tornado like flame enveloping both the steel guy and the bug guy, the dragon guy came charging towards him, an Ice attack was out of the question so soon after a fire one so a dragon would have to suffice.

    "Dragon breath," he cried releasing the bright green energy from his mouth bringing the flying dragon guy down to grass on a large spike of steel that Jeff must have conjured earlier.


    Rozernath nodded at what Ray said, a humming sound alerted him to something and that something was coming straight at Ray.

    "Ray MOVE,!!!" Rozernath yelled pushing Ray out of the way of a Fighting type Judgement, he felt it hit him shattering all his ribs, fragments of bone flying off into his heart, he flew up and over the edge of the cliff, dieing slowly as the bone fragments went further into his heart.

    Mazeram laughed," One left," he chuckled powering up a fire punch.
  9. Cloverleaf

    Cloverleaf Forest Mage

    Pika bounded across the field, Penguin in tow as they launched their new Lightning Bubble move at their foes. Magnet fired off Tri-Attacks at Bug-type mutants...

    Clover was engaged with another electric mutant, blades locked, neither giving up ground. Clover noticed small yellow orbs entering the woman's mouth, and broke the hold as soon as the woman unleashed a Charge Beam. Clover used the grace period to stab the woman in the back, piercing her heart, killing the mutant instantly.

    Magnet decended from on height to launch a Tri attack at an invisible foe, knocking the mutant into the wall. Clover was on him immedietly, hacking at the foe, killing him. Clover nodded in thanks to Magnet, and the magneton returned to killing bugs.
  10. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Everyone began battling. He had to leave his pokemon for a while. He hoped they'd be OK..

    "Well, I have to.. It's for the be- WHOA!" Mack was suddenly attacked by a flying typed grunt. He was using Aerial Ace. This man was wearing a black T-Shirt, Black Jeans, Dark Blue tennis shoes, and wore a red headband. His hair was short and brown. The man streaked it with green. Lastly, he had slight wings growing from his back. "Hm.. What an interesting fight. Flying VS Flying" Mack said. He laughed. "Who are you?" Mack said, he pointed his sword at the man.

    "My name is Chaplin Vallentin" The man replied. Chaplin dashed after Mack. Mack successfully dodged.

    "It's going to be sad to kill such a rival." Mack said.

    "My thoughts exactly" Chaplin replied. They both clashed at each other. What the outcome would be.. was up to whoever was the better person.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2009
  11. JaimeGreenan

    JaimeGreenan Well-Known Member

    Carl teleported.
    He looked at the destruction round him.
    'Now or Never!' he shouted, lunging himself into the fray.
    He made a sandstorm come through the battlefield, only affecting those who were bad.
    An grunt which it seemed had the power of ice froze the storm around him and bullets of ice attacked Carl.
    He put up the earth in front of him and opened the ground beneath the grunt's feet and trapped it.
    '1 down, hell of a lot more to go'
  12. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Well about this, I will give you an autograph and a kiss for you three, if you promise to never attack or use those powers again, I will throw 1000 and the perfume" she sighed as she was annoyed by the grunts

    "Wait that is too much" she said as she slapped them with her icy hand,

    She watched them try to attack her but Miranda kicked them and punched them, "Who knew that Ice-Skating could be a fighting style" she remarked

    "Well that is 3 down, many to go" she said as she punched an another grunt, "Sneaking up on me doesn't work" she commented as she looked at the fallen grunt

    "Pathetic, Really. Watch yourself first" she shouted as she looked at the others

    Miranda looked at everyone else fighting as she leaned on her plane, "They are faring alright" she thought as she looked around for any grunt to approach her

    "Well this is going to be soo interesting" she mocked herself as she waited
  13. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka saw Miranda knocking grunts over as she went. it seemed everyone was here, he made his way over to her, knives in hand, he slit another grunts throat and he was beside Miranda.

    "Glad you could join the party, unfortunately, I forgot to make punch so you'll just have to enjoy the many festivities, I recommend killing some grunts." he muttered to her, zapping a grunt.

    "How about you help me freeze that group of twenty who are trying to sneak on us," he muttered channelling Ice power through his hands.

    "Ice beam," he yelled freezing the first row of grunts.

    "I'll leave the rest to you, then shall I," he muttered leaping into the air, he scanned the battlefield for Naida, a Hydro Pump hit him in the back, he looked at the culprit and smirked, it was Jupiter and she was powering up a Water Pulse.

    "Zap Cannon," he muttered as it smashed into the Water pulse destroying it and blowing up a couple of grunts, he flew to the floor and stood staring at Jupiter.

    "Jupiter, its been to long, hows the family," he yelled to her as he dodged her water attacks.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2009
  14. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "You sure know how the show a gal a good time, Is it necessary to kill them, They know when they are underpowered" Miranda added as she looked at the body

    "Alright, I really didn't need help" she added as she froze another grunt's legs, "Have you ever seen Million Dollar Baby" she asked the grunt

    "No, Well let me give you an synopsis" she said as she started to box the grunt who couldn't move

    "I feel that you learned something new" she said as she left the grunt badly beaten, "See a doctor, they help"

    "This is not good for their self-esteem" she thought as she looked around at the battlescene

    Miranda yawned as she looked around again, "Nothing, No one, well this is fun" she said as she she sat down next to her plane and sighed

    "I wonder who is here" she thought as she tried to pick out people
  15. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "... gust" Mack said. Blowing wind. He blew Chaplin away.

    "We'll Meet again.. you'll see" Chaplin whispered to himself, he retreated. Mack decided to take on some more grunts. A water type, a grass type, and a fire type appeared in front of him. The fire one attacked first

    "Fire blast" It said, bringing what looked like a person. Mack blew the fire towards the grass type. The grass type was hurting. The water type was freaking out and used water gun. Mack grabbed the water, levitated it with the power of wind, and threw it at the fire type. He charged after the water type and grabbed his neck. Mack blew wind at the man's face until his face and skin blew off. He then immediately died. Mack stabbed the grass type in the heart with his sword. He died. The fire type somehow managed to recover and started to choke Mack. Mack held out a hand, Midnight noticed the sign of Mack's hand and dashed at the fire type, he used leaf blade to cut the man down. Mack was freed. He then stabbed the fire type in the head. "Thanks Midnight, you saved me there" Mack told him. Midnight smiled brightly at him.

  16. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Naida shook her head at the amount of chaos at her home town. "Just my luck to get all the problems." She saw a electric type grunt come after her with an electric charged mace. She let loose a water gun attack from her pole and electrified the grunt with his own weapon. She then whacked him while he was cursing and knocked him out.

    She then charged at another electric type grunt and wclashed against the grunt. He managed to hit her on her side leaving a welt, but she got him with a doze of head medicine. A solid thump and he slumped to the ground. She looked around her and saw more grunts all around her and the others. They were way outnumbered. If things kept up this way, they would lose in the end.

    An water type grunt came after her and she kept from closing in as water would hamper her movement if she got wet.

    "Looks like your scared of me!" Said the grunt.

    "If that were so then you're sadly mistaken."

    Naida let loose a wave of water that washed over the area around the grunt and threw one of the electrified grunts mace and electrified the grunt, making easy work.
  17. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Mack stood and looked at the stuff going on. He didn't like it one bit. But it wasn't a choice. He had to fight.

    "Midnight, listen to me, I'm going to fight, tell the other pokemon that this is going on. Got it? Now go!" Mack said. He dashed over to help others. He encountered two more grunts. A water type and a ghost type.

    "Team up on him!" The water grunt said. They both dashed at him
    Midnight quickly dashed over to the other pokemon still playing. He immediately talked

    "Scep! Sceptile scep sceptile scep scep! (Hey! We need to help out our owners!)" Midnight said
    Mack dodged the ghost type and blew him away. He sword-slashed at the water grunt and killed him.

    "Are you scared?" The ghost grunt said. He returned and used night shade. Mack got hit. He had a few bad bruises, but that wasn't enough to stop him.

    "Let's see.." Mack said. He looked at the ghost type. He knew the secret to defeating them. Foresight. He had a good look at him and dashed to him.

    "Hah, I'm a ghost! you can't kill me!" Said the ghost grunt with confidence. But he was wrong. Mack sword-slashed him successfully and killed him.

    "Really?" Mack said.
  18. the green gardian

    the green gardian Well-Known Member

    Hmmm Akemi said as he looked around for somebody to fight.
    Just as he was looking around a crystalline figure came charging at him. His pupils started to grow until they filled his eyes he stared at the cold icy man that was running towards him. He closed then opened his eyes unleashing two dark jagged beams of light as he shouted "NIGHT SHADE".
    The man's body got hit with a full blast as it shattered into a million pieces. his sight became blurry as his hands started to glow. a group of winged men flew right at him knocking him to the floor. His glowing hands grew long purple claws as he swiped the air missing the four men. Akemi lay there helpless as the men were ripping his clothes from his body and scratching is chest. Akemi's body started to fade and then he was swallowed whole by the shadows from the men. The first man started to shake as his insides were burnt by the flaming balls of will o wisp. This started to happen the them all as their bodies fell to the ground. Akemi jumped out of the last grunt and levitated into the air with his Pokémon by his side.
  19. ThunderMage51

    ThunderMage51 Well-Known Member

    (OCC: Due to my inability to even write a fight scene (I should really look up how to write one, but, eh, I’m too lazy to), it takes a long time to write one… for me, at least. That is my excuse for taking god knows how long. Also, I think I went overboard with the typing…)

    Naomi, getting back into the right state of mind, looked up to see the bug-mutant she seen had ran up towards her, with a hammer, ready to smash her head open and closing in at a fast rate. Moving to the side a little, the man’s hammer missed her. She used her hand, closest to the bug-mutant, to grab the man’s head and charged up a psybeam.

    Firing off the beam from the hand, the bug man rolled, without his hammer, back a few feet, allowing the psychic child to pick up his hammer. Walking towards the recovering mutant-man and dragging his hammer, the psychic child was only a few feet away when the man got up and charged once more.

    The mutant was now a foot away from her. Naomi lifted the hammer and swing leftwards, hitting the poor man and launching him towards the right (OCC: Um… that’s how it goes, right?). Then the girl lost her grip with the hammer, launching it as well towards the man. The man hit some ruins of a house, along with the hammer hitting him… In a bad place. The psychic child heard a sickening smash and the man screaming loudly, making a face while it had happened.

    ‘Was that supposed to happen, brat?’

    ‘I lost my effing grip. So shut up.’

    ‘I hoped he had at least a few little brats before you ended the life of-’

    ‘You say anything related to those images, and I will have brain damage and make you a disordered tiny blonde hair chick with big breast and wears glasses and doesn’t understand the difference between teal and blue-green.’

    ‘Shut up, brat.’

    “Bite! Bite! Bite!!”

    The purple head heard and turn around to see a girl the same as her, only with a purple colored hood cape, a different bright colored top and pants, no bandages, and her hair and eyes was a dark brown color. With the girl in her head finally telling the other that the ‘Dark Girl’ was attacking, she dodged the fury of the bites.

    “Damnit!” Naomi heard the girl shout. “You’re not supposed to dodge! I was supposed to hit you!” she said, then pouted. “This is one ****ed up game…”

    ‘What the hell is she talking about?’

    ‘I don’t know.’

    “Who are you!” the psychic one shouted the question at the dark one.

    “Me?” she asked while pointing at herself. The other nodded. “I’m Eli, and you knocked out my friend, Joe. That was really mean of you to do so. And you smashed his-”

    “Be quiet!” Naomi shouted at Eli, starting to get annoyed. “I don’t care if I smashed them. All I did was lost my grip!”

    “You still could have been nicer…” she said, trailing off.


    ‘Be quiet, punisher.’

    “Eli, you’re annoying,” the purple-haired one told the ‘dark’ one. “One question, What is your type?”

    “Isn’t it obvious?” she started, then made a happy face. “I’m a dark type minion!”

    “Why are you so cheerful about it?” Naomi said, in a ****** off manner.

    “I got paired with my buddy, Joe, before you destroyed his most prized-”

    “Shut up about that!!” the psychic one shouted (much out of character) and used her psychic-ness to lift several objects around her (Like Building Ruins, Rocks, and the guy’s hammer) and floated around her. “Draw.”

    “We’re playing again?” she asked. Before Naomi could answer, Eli responded. “Yahoo!!”

    With that said, she shrunk and disappeared into the ground. She was now a large dark colored dot and moved towards the psychic child. The child launches the objects at the shadow/dot thing, but to no affect as the shadow/dot thing moved over the objects. The shadow/dot thing moved closer and closer with a hand slowly rising from it.

    ‘Oh… You’re official screwed, brat.’

    ‘Thanks for the update.’
  20. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    "The family, well Mars is a little upset, after the performance you gave her," Jupiter replied drawing a long sapphire coloured sword.

    "Oh shut up Jupiter, we all no about you and David," Reteka muttered drawing two of his long Knives.

    "I'll kill you for what you did," Jupiter yelled her rage pretty apparent.

    "Oh really, I know what attack you'll be using but let me pose a question, What makes you think your faster," Reteka replied, bracing himself.

    "I don't care AQUA JET," Jupiter yelled, water surrounding her body as she charged as fast as she could at Reteka Sword pointing straight at him.

    "Extreme Speed," Reteka replied charging at her knives ready, there was a clang of steel on steel and then a cry of pain, blood splattered the floor.

    "How" Reteka groaned the cut to his neck already healing but, a scar settled where the cut had been

    "The Quick claw, it seems it works on us advanced humans just like it does for Pokémon, now die with a Hydro Cannon," She said the glee noticeable

    "Hmph your powers are weak compared to mine," Reteka replied forming a similar ball too Jupiter.

    "I hope your ready," she yelled launching the ball of water at him.

    "Anyday," he replied his water ball smashing into Jupiter's causing an explosion of water that left his hair Drenched, and then suddenly.

    "How," Jupiter yelled, two knives sticking into her chest blood seeping from under the cuts

    "Simple when you stabbed me I used thief to steal your quick claw, funny isn't it," Reteka replied ripping the knives from Jupiter's body, causing her to fall to the floor.

    "If she had fought Naida she would have had a much worse death," he chuckled picturing the fight, a shriek rent the air.

    "I quess Kairi's here," he muttered, undoing the straps on his sword, and letting it fall, causing a loud bang and a cloud of dust to fly of the ground.

    "Heavier than it looks," he muttered looking at the looks of awe from some of the grunts.

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