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Pokemon HGSS modding questions...

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So... hi everybody,

Completely new here, and equally new at Pokemon ROM modding as well, I'm currently working on a 493 difficulty mod of Pokemon Platinum, with a slight story change here and there (speaking of which, name suggestions would also be greatly appreciated, if possible). I'm currently using PPRE (really amazing program btw, props to SCV and Alpha for making it) to help with editing trainers, Pokemon locations, scripts etc. and I've been confused regarding certain aspects of the program that I can't really make out... what they do.

For example, when you go to edit a trainer's team, on the main tab, you have values for 0Ch, 0Dh, 0Eh, all the way till 13h. What are those meant to do? Also, when you look at the trainer's Pokemon tabs, there is a u0 value, that I'm also unsure of what it does... ability perhaps :confused:? I've been looking on the forums for a few days now to try and figure it out, but I can't find anything that explains these. It's quite possible that I missed them while I was scanning through the forums; if so, then 1) I'm genuinely sorry. 2) If someone could post where this is explained, I'd be much obliged ;)

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I believe talking about modding games is frowned upon on this site. We typically avoid talking about hacking and modding in general.

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First.. Welcome..

This topic isn't really one that is covered alot here, as it can be seen as talking about hacking, which against is a forum wide rule. As Ex-staff for the 4th Gen games, I rarely encountered this type of question, but then it was before custom roms where common or the tools where common.

There are other sites, I think Project Pokémon may be better for you to look at.


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This. And given that it's considered to be hacking and that kind of talk isn't allowed here on the forums, this thread will be locked.
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