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Pokemon High

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to Pokemon High!

A new game with old drama but new adventures, as we take a look into the lives of those going to Pokemon High! Each of you will sign-up to join and as we progress you will all for friendships, hatreds, relationships and dreams. We have it all here! So whatever the event, you will all want to enjoy it here!

Okay for real now this is a game set in Pokemon High, a High School known to be absolutely...mediocre. But you get to join and be involved in lessons, where you do various tasks to make yourself either the most popular, the most intelligent, or the most talented. How are we going to do this I hear you whisper? POINTS! You will all start on 0 points and based on your actions through school me and my panel of co-owners will decide whether you gain or lose points for that week in each of these 3 categories. BUT THERE'S MORE. We will include cliques, each individual one will help you in some ways but hinder you in others. Be you a creative talent but the outcast, or the most popular dunce in class, we'll have a great time!

1. Follow all SPPF rules.
2. Prejudice and/or flaming of any kind of will not be allowed.
4. You can evolve your Pokémon, but please notify me via Visitor Message first.
5. Please do not get off topic.
6. Do not control other people's Pokémon without their permission.
7. Don't use Pokémon without posting the form first.
8. Everyone is allowed to have a maximum of 4 characters in this game
9. This game will allow you to make your own sub-plots between each other, however, anything deemed inappropriate will be stopped and justice will be served.
10. NO UBERNESS! Please, don't use super mega ultra attacks in the middle of a school. Us folks don't like that (Godmodding will not be permitted.)
11. Please don't spam this place up. You can RP but please don't go overboard.
12. State your character's age in the sign-up please. They will be put into years and classes will be based on what year they're in. For people who don't know, the years are 7-13, with 7 being the year when you're 11-12, Year 8 being 12-13, and so on until Year 13. BUT if you believe your character should leave at Year 11, they can (ah English education laws :) ).
13. No ruining the plot of someone else unless they want it to be ruined. (E.G. don't go Mr. Orange on someone because they're in the Mafia unless they make it obvious y'all should do that)

Game Owner

Fango Pango

Owners can give strikes, change the first post, stop plots, accept/decline others into Pokemon High and change the ownership system


Delta Hunter

Can do anything the owner can do except edit ownerships and determine rules.

MCPokemon Fan

Officers watch for rules breakers and can report them to the Co-Owners and Owners through use of VM/PM

Strike system
1 Strike = Warning
2 Strikes = 1 Week Ban
3 Strikes = 2 Week Ban
4 Strikes = 1 Month Ban
5 Strikes = Permaban

destroyer39 - 1 Strike
RussellW - 1 Strike


Nerds: 2x Intelligence, .5x Popularity
Plastics: 2x Popularity, .5x Intelligence
Jocks: 2x Talent, .5x Intelligence
Outcasts: 2x Talent, .5x Popularity
Clowns: 2x Popularity, .5x Talent
Studier: 2x Intelligence, .5x Talent
Average: No stat increases/decreases

Anything Extra:

Marcus ;448; - Jock - 0
Maria ;282; - Jock - 0
Nicholas Ripley :567: - Average - 0
Ginji ;093; Outcast - 0
Ray ;141; Outcast - 0
Bartholomew "Snappa" Smith ;464; - Jock - 0
Rick ;454; - Jock
Caleb Hall ;398; - Outcast - 0
Aaron Daniels ;627; - Average - 0
Rifu Itoshima ;470; - Average - 0
M.E.L.V.I.N. J.A.R.V.I.S.(Tells people to call him Conficker) ;474; - Nerd - 0
Carrie Quinn (Delphox) - Nerd - 0
Karin :501: - Nerd - 0
Jake ;026; - Average - 0
George ;190; - Nerd - 0
Windsol (prefers Wind) ;275; - Nerd - 0
Sienna Bellini ;303; - Plastic - 0
Hershel ;475; - Nerd - 0
Rush ;257; - Nerd - 0
Ollie ;135; - Outcast - 0
Naomi (Braixon) - Average - 0
Cecily van Bloome :496: - Studier - 0
Vaughn Grizzleigh ;217; - Average - 0
Georgia "Big G" Dyson ;241; - Average - 0
Ron ;443; - Jocks - 0
Mokato "Monster" Inashi ;300; - Outcast - 0
Yamaru Keneshi ;301; - Outcast - 0
Miyu Natsune ;104; - Jock - 0
Miya Natsune ;104; - Studier - 0
Nije (Frogadier) - Outcast - 0
Illusion :571: - Clown - 0
Sparky ;026; - Clown - 0
Zoe :530: - Jock - 0
Kira :587: - Outcast - 0
Jordan ;012; - Outcast - 0
Sakaki Vito di Rienzi (Greninja) - Average - 0
Christy ;428; - Plastics - 0
Jackson Migander :560: - Jock - 0
Drake Vasquez (Noivern) - Average - 0
Prim (Floette (Blue flower)) - Studier - 0
Trip Flair ;259; - Clown - 0
Zephraxe ;475; - Outcast - 0
Ryu ;181; - Jock - 0

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado...let the games begin
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Hello, b0ss
Name: Marcus
Species: Lucario ;448;
Personality:The nice jock. he is on the (american) football team and wrestling team. he always has his friends back in a fight. he is in the 10th grade. In a relationship with maria.
Anything Extra:Sometimes wears a Varsity (american) football jacket.

and one more!
Name: Maria
Species:Gardevoir ;282;
Clique:(not sure if this applies for cheerleaders)Jock
Personality:She is really nice, but sometimes forgetfull. she isalso sensitive, and will fight you if you get her angry. also in the 10th grade, and in a relationship with Marcus
Anything Extra: She rarely wears makeup, but is still very beautyfull


RIP Jared
Name: Nicholas Ripley
Species: Archeops :567:
Gender: Male
Clique: Averages
Personality: He's an average guy, with an average amount of friends, and average grades. However, he's pretty outgoing and likes to try danger and loves thrills. In 10th grade.
Anything Extra: Wing feathers are a goldish brown.

Will add more.
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Name: Ginji
Species: Haunter ;093;
Gender: male
Clique: Outcast
Personality: Ginji is mostly mellow, however if he gets agitated he can become violent and aggressive... He's in 10th grade and is not always open to new people. He only hangs out with people he trusts and who have been good to him...
Anything Extra: He's single. ;) He is also cousins with Jackson the Scrafty (from PokeCity, and yes. I made that reference)
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Well-Known Member
Name: Ray
Species: Kabutops ;141;
Gender: Male
Clique: Outcasts
Personality: Ray is a secretive fellow, often keeping to himself. He tries to avoid drama, and attempts to keep his grades up. He also is very calm, but won't hesitate to stand up for others, mainly his two friends.
Anything Extra: Curently single. Is the bassist in a band.

Name: Bartholomew "Snappa" Smith
Species: Rhyperior ;464;
Gender: Male
Clique: Jocks
Personality: Snappa tends to be very rude, show ing nearly no respect to those he deems "weak". His personality to his friends shows to be calmer than to others, but he is easily enraged.
Anything Extra: Snappa mainly stays with other jocks, but he is friends with the outcast Ray. He is the drummer in a band.

Name: Rick
Species: Toxicroak ;454;
Gender: Male
Clique: Jocks
Personality: While Rick may excell in sports as a star basketball player, it doesn't mean he likes all jocks. He tends to be megerive to most of them, and nicer to unpopular Pokemon. Amongst friends, he is kind, and loses his competitiveness.
Anything Extra: Rick is the guitarist and lead singer of a band with Ray and Snappa.


RIP Jared
Here are those others

Name: Caleb Hall
Species: Staraptor ;398;
Gender: Male
Clique: Outcasts
Personality: Caleb hates most any pokemon outside of the Average or Outcasts clique. He's always there to give a snappy remark to stupid people.
Anything Extra: Nope, that's it.

Name: Aaron Daniels
Species: Rufflet :627:
Gender: Male
Clique: Average
Personality: He's a pretty immature guy, at 6th grade. He's constantly the youngest, and hates it. He's not responsible at all, and quite messy.
Anything Extra: Nope.
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Protect The Smiles!
Name: Rīfu Itoshima
Species: Leafeon ;470;
Gender: Male
Age/Year: 15/10
Clique: Average
Personality: He is nice and calm, he is always willing to help others and will often do so.
Anything Extra: He is single and he is a Shiny Leafeon.
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Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster

Name:M.E.L.V.I.N. J.A.R.V.I.S.(Tells people to call him Conficker)


Species: Porygon-Z ;474;

Gender:Unknown, but acts masculine


Personality:While in real life, he is quiet and dependable but speaks to and about others in a mildly cynical way, but online, he is a wannabe vigilante, with his LowKckr blog full of social justice rants and Take Thats. He is in 10th grade, and his typical social networking name is nostalgicPopulst(nT)

Anything Extra:He is wanted by the FBI for her using his inherent power of hacking to expose the government's Player Search System data mining. He also enjoys Veggie Burgers with Nanab Ketchup as the only topping.


Name:Carrie Quinn


Species: Delphox(Sorry no minsprite yet, will add when VI comes out in 1 day...)



Personality:St first she seems like just a video game, manga, anime and Dreamstuck fangirl...until you realize she has often been bullied by the Plastics and Jocks too often for her distinctive left ear scar shaped like a Koffing's crossbones marking, resulting in a lot of repressed anger that typically manifests in her Psychic power going haywire and fire spewing out of her ears everywhere.

Anything Extra:She thinks shipping has no point, and is a natural at costume design, acting and cosplay.
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Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
Name: Karin
Personality: Karin is a genually good Pokemon, just wanting to help others as much as she can possibly try. She hates to see a Pokemon sad or in pain, hence her training to be a nurse, minus the part of how she can't do anything that precise. At the most, she'll say a bad word to be mean, but then she quickly apologizes. She is extremely naive, not understanding breeding or what that even means
Pokemon (please put the sprite): Oshawott
Age/Grade: Sophmore (16)
Clique: Nerd
Gender: Female
Other: She loves feathers, often rubbing her face into them whenever she finds a boy with some.

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Ok guys you're all accepted but can you please give your character an age and year (FP for info) before you post as them. Muchly appreciated

Name: Jake
Species: ;026;
Age/Year: 13 / 8
Gender: Male
Clique: Average
Personality: Orphaned when his parents abandoned him when he was 10, he lives on the outskirts of the city at a closed down firing range. Cautious around new people and trusts very few people, but can learn to like someone if he spends enough time around them.
Anything Extra: N/A
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A monument to all your sins
Name: George
Species: ;190;
Age/Year: 12/ 8
Gender: Male
Clique: Nerds
Personality(bit of backstory in here): George had a rough life straight from birth. At only aged 7 he was sent with a group of pokemon to travel Johto. This ended roughly and resulted in the death of a friend and nearly himself. He never liked fighting anyway, and always calls for peace. The most notable thing is his intelligence. He knows that which many pokemon do not and is as smart as most adult pokemon (bar alakazam and metagross). His mother is also dead. She died when he was 9 and had returned home. She was killed by a Garchomp. His brother, Tom, went missing that week, and since then his father has always gone to go look for him every single day. He is therefore very easily upset but fairly kind.
Anything extra: He can jump very high with his tail, and has the ability to use some special moves like Ice beam, thunderbolt and flamethrower, but never actually uses them.
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Name: Windsol (prefers Wind)
Pokemon: Shiftry ;275;
Age/Year: 16/10
Gender: M
Clique: Nerds
Personality: Contrary to his harsh appearance, Wind is a very loving, caring Pokemon, to those he is on par with intellectually, that is. He had a tragic accident on his 14th birthday involving a Leaf Stone, thus accelerating his evolution path from a Seedot straight to a Shiftry. For the most part, he is a very mature, adultlike Pokemon with intelligence on par with adults. However, he can be very degrading toward Pokemon who are not that smart, and deliberately removes himself from conversations he deems stupid. Again, however, he is very friendly toward his nerd friends and other studious types, but he really is not that popular.


Hello, b0ss
;448; *in school weight room, lifting weights* 45... 46.... 47...

;282; Helloooo? *sees marcus* Oh there you are!


Sweaty Toad
Name: Sienna Bellini
Species: Mawile ;303;
Age/Year: Year 9 (14)
Gender: Female
Clique: Plastics
Personality: Sienna is quite a chatty, lively girl. She has a very social life and is always quite busy. She loves her friends, but at the same time she adores spreading rumours and gossip, and always want to be a part of any drama that goes on. Shes not got many smarts, but with her fun-loving personality youre sure to like her, even though to some she comes off as a slag due to sassiness and popularity.
Anything Extra: N/A
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One Truth Prevails
Name: Hershel
Species: Gallade
Age/Year: 16/11
Personality: He isn't a Science nerd as much as he is a bookworm, he loves mysteries, and may get a little uppity when trying to solve one.
Anything Extra: His strong suits are in his studying skills, when he is in a group of people he will mainly be silent even though he likes listening to the other people talk. When he does speak, things don't usually come out the way he thought they would.
;093; *walks in* Wonder what today's Gonna bring....Probably one person talking to me.... I hope that....

Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
Carrie:*SQUEE!* I just got an invite to Meg Anderson's Sweet 16 Super Contest party!

Conficker ;474; :...O.H. R.E.A.L.L.Y., C.A.R.R.I.E.? A.R.E Y.O.U S.U.U.R.E. I.T.'S. N.O.T. A. T.R.A.P.?(i.s.n.'t. s.h.e. t.o.o. o.l.d t.o g.o. t.o. t.h.o.s.e.?)

Carrie:Not when she swore by the Gods of the Furthest Mega Ring!

Conficker ;474; :...Y.O.U K.N.O.W., S.H.E. M.I.G.H.T. H.A.V.E. J.U.S.T. G.O.O.G.O.A.T.E.D. "T.H.I.N.G.S. T.O. S.W.E.A.R. B.Y. S.O. A. N.E.R.D. W.I.L.L. B.E.L.I.E.V.E. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Y.O.U. S.A.Y."(...w.h.a.t. a. s.o.c.i.a.l. n.o.o.b....)

Carrie:But she's the 3rd most popular girl in school! I'm going to have to break out my Fashion and Prop Cases...

Conficker ;474; :U.G.G.H.... I.F. I. C.A.N.'T. W.A.R.N. Y.O.U. P.R.O.P.E.R.L.Y., I.'L.L. J.U.S.T D.I.V.E. I.N.T.O. C.Y.B.E.R.S.P.A.C.E. A.N.D W.A.I.T. F.O.R. T.H.E. I.N.E.V.I.T.A.B.LE. D.A.M.A.G.E R.E.P.O.R.T.(...a.s. l.o.n.g. a.s. t.h.e.y d.o.n.'t. d.e.t.e.c.t. m.e....)
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Sweaty Toad
;303; *struts in, texting* Ugh... Darn school is so BORING! *walks directly into Ginji* Wha- MOOOOVE please!
;275;: (watching the events) Hah. How silly. Now Sienna's just gonna bite poor Ginji's head off. No sense butting in, I have places to be. *leaves*