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Pokemon High


Protect The Smiles!
;470; *walks into school while listening to music via headphones* Umm... What's with the Mawile? she seems angry...


RIP Jared
;398; Yeah...another day full of idiots and jerks...*Eyeroll*

Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
Carrie, looking up from her party fantasy:Sienna does know that she can't resist Ginji's Ghost moves due to that discovery by Freak Game Corporation, right? *is totally unaware that Conficker is currently in cyberspace*


Poppstar Sunshine
Name: Ollie
Species: ;135;
Age/Year: 14 (9th)
Gender: Male
Clique: Outcasts
Personality: Ollie is in a class by himself, he he wishes to make more friends but he's the happiest when he's alone doing whatever he pleases sometimes those things make him look like a clown so he's earned the nickname Loliver at one point growing up. Its also hard for him to make friends since he has no confidence in himself to hold a conversation so he spends his time mostly playing games going on the internet in the library. However he's nice to who he does manage to speak with.
Anything Extra: He has under his left eye so he either covers it up a bandage or lets his hair go over the side of his face if he feels people are staring. And ummm people can write out his name as Oli so he's fine with being called Oli,

(Oh we can use 6th gen Pokemon? Well I know which sprite I am hunting for.)

Name: Naomi
Species: (Braixen )
Age/Year: 16 (10th)
Gender: Female
Clique: Average
Personality: She's quite well known and somewhat popular among everybody and is very artistic so she has lots of drawing and will probably spend her time doing that when she's not busy. She has trouble denying favors from people so she'll end up doing it 7 out of 10 times, quite strong despite her appearance but a well rounded girl who wants to be friends with all
Anything Extra: She has a habit of biting her pencils secretly enjoys watching anime and wants to work in a cafe


RIP Jared
;398; Caleb Hall. I'm only here because of requirements.

Storm Surge

Bird of Jesus
Name: Nije
Species: Frogadier [ no icon ( ? ) ]
Age/Year: 15 / 10
Gender: Male
Clique: Outcast
Personality: He's a kind of silent guy. Tries to use as few words as possible and speak through actions. The only one he will talk openly to is Illusion, who he sort of has a hidden crush on.
Anything Extra: N/A

Name: Illusion
Species: Zoroark :571:
Age/Year: 15 / 11
Gender: Female
Clique: Clown ( Plays pranks sometimes )
Personality: She's seen as a trick-loving Pokémon around the school and will not hesitate do dump paint on someone's head, but she still seethes inside about a group of Slyveon tricking and killing her parents. She hates Fairy-Types for that reason.
Anything Extra: Has honed her Illusion so well that she can transform into a few legendaries and create dramatic scenes.

I'm new to this stuff, so ;-;
Would you allow the fact that I have a life and can only be on two-five days a week if it's not a holiday? Usually it's three. Thank you... c:

! Q

I do what I want!
Species:;257;blue shiny (flames are also blue)
Name: Rush
Gender: Male
Age/Year: 15/Sophomore
Clique: Nerd
In the school he went to before, he was always picked on for reasons he doesn't like to talk about. Those days have hardened him. He has some trust problems, and only accepts friendships if he feels a good vibe. He has the best intentions, wants the best for everyone, and enjoys helping others. He is tolerant, but can be easily annoyed. He twiddles small blue flames between his fingers to relax/entertain himself. Despite being a nerd, he LOVES to spar. Classical is his favorite music. He wears black rectangle frame glasses and a grey fedora (both fireproof). Because he listens to a lot of British media, he has a very slight British accent in his speech.
His personality has a slight flip when he becomes a Mega Blaziken. His self confidence rises, and also finds himself preferring Electronic music over Classical.
Life Goals:
Become a robotics expert and help create a world without misunderstanding (although he unintentionally causes some).
Anything Extra:
Narcoleptic, he wears a 100% fireproof wrist band telling others so they know what's wrong if he falls asleep.
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Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
Carrie, looking at Lylat Wiki ON HER PSS, oblivious to events:OMAOMAOMAOMAOMAOMAOMAOMA there's a new StarDelphox coming out next year!

Conficker: ;474; I.'M. B.A.C.K. W.H.A.A.....O.H., T.H.E.Y.'R.E. A.T. I.T. A.G.A.I.N., H.U.H.?
;093; Sorry Miss Mawile....I'll move.....*disappears then reappears behind the Mawile and pushes her down then walks away*


RIP Jared
;398; And thus begins the idiocy *Sighs and glares*

:567: Ah, finally, the first day of tenth grade! This'll be great!

;398; Our grade, 10th, is full of idiots and imbeciles. This will be terrible.

:627: Yes, first day of Year 8. Woohoo!
;093; *glares at the Staraptor* You calling me an idiot?


RIP Jared
;398; Yes, frankly, I am.
;093; *dematerialized and rematerializes behind the Staraptor and uses a small Shock Wave*

OOC: Yes. He knows Shack Wave. *put's on sunglasses* Deal with it....


RIP Jared
;398; *Uses an Aerial Ace to get the Haunter on the ground, stuck* Name's Caleb Hall. Get used to it, because that's all people are gonna be talking about if and when I beat the **** out of you.
;093; *getting up* I learned to withstand attacks from my cousin, Jackson.... He be the **** out of almost anything....


RIP Jared
;398; Except a certain Deputy named Russell. *Glares* My cousin. Much better than anyone in PokeCity.
;093; Gr....*turns and walks away to class*

OOC: Night guys.... ): See ya tomorrow....
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Delta Hunter

The G-Rank MH
Karin: *leaps onto the Staraptor's back* FEATHERS! *snuggles into thm*