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Pokemon High

! Q

I do what I want!
You sure? I know Stone Edge. Put that with Protect and Speed Boost and... yeah.


RIP Jared
;398; *Throws a dead Vullaby out* 3000 says you missed and hit this son of a *****.

! Q

I do what I want!
3000 Pen says Psychic doesn't affect Vullaby.

! Q

I do what I want!
...I wonder what would happen if I Thunderpunched the cage... may I?
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! Q

I do what I want!
...*falls asleep and collapses*...


Stitch the pieces
OOC: Imposter you forgot to add the sprite.

;428; *slams the door open and points her gun at someone while her dad points a rifle at another* Do you guys know Caleb Hall?

;106; Yeah, whatsit to ya?

;428; He`s my friend, and you guys changed him! He used to be really cool, but then you turned him into a killer and made him murder HIS OWN DAD!! What kind of a person does that?

;106; A kind of person like me. Now you are either gonna leave and never speak of this again, or you die.

;428; Well I`m certainly not leaving until I get justice.

;106; Fine. Your choice. *snaps* Get `em.

*A Hitmonchan comes up from behind and *****slaps Christy*

;428; Aw HELL no. You did not just *****slap me! *punches her in the nose, making the Hitmonchan stumble into a wall. ;107; falls, revealing a broken nose. ;106; comes up to Christy, but she brandishes her gun* I`d back up if I were you.

;106; Thing is, you`re not. *uses Mega Punch*

;428; F*** no. *grabs fist, stopping move, then shoots ;106; in the chest. ;106; staggers.*

;106; You`re gonna regret doing that.

;428; No I won`t, mainly because you won`t be alive to see it. *shoots three times. ;106; finally staggers back, and slumps against the wall, dead. ;428; blows away smoke.*
Told ya.
*walks out*
Back at school...
;428; Hey guys what did I miss?


RIP Jared
;398; *Wrestling with the last Mandibuzz, before finally breaking its neck, in Christy's view* And..*Grunt*...they're all dead. *Breathing heavy* Now we should be getting to class, don't want any strikes from fango.


Stitch the pieces
;428; Yeah we should. By the way, I found your superiors. Let`s just say they met a girl with a gun and leave it at that.

Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
Sakaki:*appears randomly at ;428;'s location, livid with fear and rage* ARRRGH! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DONE! The Mafia were the only things preventing people like my father from turning this school into...a...a...GIRATINAIST CULT BRAINWASHING CENTER!

OOC:Giratina Worship=Satanism equivalent(The kind of cheesy fictional cult in a story that actually is demonically empowered)
;275;: Oh, shut up. Nobody's turning this school into a bunch of devil worshippers.

OOC: Giratina is not PokeSatan, Giratina actually helps hold this world together. Yveltal is the one who kills everything.


Stitch the pieces
;428; Seriously there is no need to be paranoid. Besides, noone even pays attention to Giratina these days. And I kinda just set Caleb free from having to do the mafia`s bidding...
;275;: Sure you did. What? Did you kill a few members? The mafia has dozens of Pokemon in their ranks, and now that you killed a couple, more trained members will hunt you down. Like Caleb. He'll have to kill you or die himself, meaning you just screwed yourself over and Caleb. I don't say this much, but nice work dumba*s.
OOC: You don't need to accept both of those other characters I posted a little bit ago.....

Name: Jackson Migander
Species: :560: Scrafty
Age/Year: 18/13
Gender: male
Clique: Jock
Personality: Jackson is one of those guys who does not liked to be teased or made fun of.....He hates people who hurt him or his friends. He does have a soft spot for cute girls though....
Anything Extra: N/A


Hello, b0ss
OOC: oh god, lemme guess. jackson will be hitting on maria.

;448; Hmmm, her aura doesnt seem like the "wise" type.
OOC: Actually no. Guess again.....

;026; What's going on here?