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Pokemon Home

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Dragalge, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair ベストチャンピオン。

    I can now see my Switch version National Dex is in sync with the mobile version as of iOS 1.0.4 update.
  2. Rayquaza3010

    Rayquaza3010 Member

    What's up with a second form of Rockruff and the third form of Greninja in Pokémon HOME? I almost completed the Pokédex but the mobile version still wants those entries. I got Ash-Greninja but there is a third form? I also have the problem that I don't have all ten forms of Furfrou registered and that's both on the Switch and on mobile.
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  3. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Day 3 and random room trade still doesn’t work and keeps saying I’ve left. Anyone have any solutions?
  4. Yeah! And still there, both of them :/
  5. Bill the Typhlosion

    Bill the Typhlosion Active Member

    When I logged in to Pokemon Home for the first time on my mobile device, it told me there was no record of me having used Pokemon Home on my Nintendo account before, despite the fact that I'd been using the Switch version with that account. I assumed it was just referring to the fact I hadn't used the mobile version before, so I selected "yes" to make a new account, thinking it would link to my Switch account.

    But now, I have a completely seperate box and Pokedex on each version. The Galarian Slowpoke I deposited on the Switch version isn't appearing on the mobile version, and my gift Bulbasaur from the mobile version is nowhere to be seen on the Switch version, either. It seems I have two seperate Pokemon Home accounts, both linked to the same Nintendo account, but not to each other.

    Any ideas how I can fix this? I have a bad feeling this is happening because I selected "no" on my Switch when it asked me if I was using Home on a mobile device - because at the time, I wasn't. Is it possible to completely delete my Pokemon Home accounts and then start from scratch, so I can set it up properly?
  6. Jinouga87

    Jinouga87 Member

    It said there was no record when you first downloaded because you hadn't linked any account to Home at the time. No clue on how to fix it however.
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  7. Bill the Typhlosion

    Bill the Typhlosion Active Member

    I had already linked the Home account on my Switch to my Nintendo account, though, before I downloaded the mobile app. Perhaps it was a bug? I've heard reports of other things not behaving as they should, soon after launch.
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  8. Dared3v0

    Dared3v0 Just have fun

    Does anyone know how friend trade works. Can you only use that with someone who is near you
  9. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    Yep. It's local trade only sadly.
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  10. Third forme?
  11. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Someone's been datamining Pokemon HOME and they found some interesting information for our friend here Regigigas lol. Apparently he now has access to Protect and Rest lol. With Galarian Weezing coming in, if Regigigas ever comes out in the future, he could live up to his Creation Trio-throwing strength lol.
  12. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    Weezing Regigigas combination is overhyped. Being forced to keep Weezing on the field while it offers little in doubles supportive movepool and has poor special bulk isn't easy. And once Weezing is forced out or eliminated Regigigas is forced back into Slow Start. I reckon it's far inferior to other strategies that build up Regigigas that were already there, like a Skill Swap Spinda to give it Contrary (Regigigas gets Superpower). Regigigas has good stats, but they're not close to being good enough to battle two foes at once on its own and come out on top if all you're doing is neutralising Slow Start.

    That said, Protect is a very nice buff to Regigigas that it wanted for a long time. Regigigas is far from the only pokémon to get buffed (Groudon apparently gets Heat Crash, which is just insane if it ever gets the Primal Reversion back), but it is one of the better ones. Probably on par with Poliwrath (which gets a load of new physical fighting moves like Drain Punch, Superpower, and Close Combat), Latias and Latios (get Mystical Fire and Aura Sphere to finally cover Steel types, and also get Baton Pass), Raikou (which gets Aura Sphere and Weather Ball back and gains Scald), and Zapdos (gaining Hurricane and Weather Ball).
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
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  13. Bazza17

    Bazza17 Active Member

    I also had that issue, it seemed to fix when I linked my Nintendo is with the Nintendo network profile or whatever it is.

    However, after finally having my pokedex synced across switch and the App, it seemingly hasn't updated the challenges with 'register 50 *insert Pokemon type* challenges for the stickers - does anybody else have that issue?
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  14. petro_f1

    petro_f1 New Member

    How do you check the challenges "Register Blastoise from the Kanto Region" and "Register Kyurem from the Unova Region"?

    I sent Blastoise from Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Let's Go and didn't triggered it. And I have the challenges of sending Kyurem and Reshiram from Unova and Kyurem and Zekrom from Unova, but that other one didn't appear.
  15. Wilderness

    Wilderness Well-Known Member

    Have you tried sending them to SwSh to register it on that Pokedex, and then sending back?
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  16. petro_f1

    petro_f1 New Member

    Yes, but didn't work either.
  17. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    I think Home still has a lot of bugs to work out.
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  18. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    Definitely. I put up a Charmander I named Cole and it defaulted it back to Charmander, same goes with a Nincada I named. They weren't even offensive. @_@
  19. Noy

    Noy Well-Known Member

    Anyone else notice that wonder box seems to take hours to do a trade? possible it trades them at fixed times?
  20. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Oh, look. A comment."

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