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Pokemon IDOL face offs

  • Thread starter Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan
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Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

Pokemon IDOL face off.

Pokemon idol face off.

This is a face off different from the Pokemon type idol face off.

This is how this face off goes.

First round-Audition round
This round will feature all 386 Pokemon. Pokemon will be voted through this round if they have more Yes than no. Pokemon will only be ejected if they have the same number of No as Yes or they have more No than Yes.

Second round-Preliminaries
Pokemon who pass through the audition round will enter this round. In this round, Pokemon will be divided into groups of 3 and then only one out of the three will advance to another round of selection depending on your votes. Each post will have 2 groups and thus you will be able to vote for 2 Pokemon each day. This will continue until all Pokemon that passed through the audition have competed.

After this, winner from each group will be grouped with another winner to compete. Each day, 3 groups will be posted for voting and only the one Pokemon who get the most votes in it's own group will advance to another round of selection. This will continue until only 32 Pokemon are left standing.

Third round-Top 32
The 32 Pokemon who survived all the previous rounds of selections will be divided into 4 groups of 8. Only the top 2 Pokemon who get the most votes in each group will advance to the top 12 directly. Each group will be posted for voting each day and will end after all 8 Pokemon are chosen to enter the top 12 directly.

Fourth round- Wildcards special
12 of 20 Pokemon who are denied entry to the top 12 in the previous round will be selected for this round. You can vote 4 of these 12 into the final 12.

Fifth round-Top 12
These 12 Pokemon will compete each day. Pokemon who get the least votes will be ejected each day. This will continue on for 11 days until the Pokemon idol is chosen!

Alright, for the first round just type yes or no beside the National number of the pokemon. If you think it should go through the audition. Type yes. If not, type no. For example if you think bulbasaur shouln't be allowed through. Type no besides 1).

Ok, i shall now start off with these 6 Pokemon.

1) Bulbasaur ;001;
2) Ivysaur ;002;
3) Venusaur ;003;
4) Charmander ;004;
5) Chameleon ;005;
6) Charizard ;006;

The voting will end at tomorrow 24 hours after the posting time.

My votes:
1) No
2) No
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) No
6) Yes

Current tally:
1) Yes: 0 No: 1
2) Yes: 0 No: 1
3) Yes: 1 No: 0
4) Yes: 1 No: 0
5) Yes: 0 No: 1
6) Yes: 1 No: 0

PLease PM me if you don't understand the procedure of the game.
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Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

Current tally:

1) Yes: 2 No: 2
2) Yes: 1 No: 3
3) Yes: 4 No: 0
4) Yes: 2 No: 2
5) Yes: 1 No: 3
6) Yes: 3 No: 1

Both Ivysaur and Chameleon have very slim chances of getting through the audition whereas Venusaur is very likely to go through it. Keep voting though, it is not the end for either of them yet...

PS: For those who watched American Idol 4, Scott Savol is being booted out of the competition leaving Anthony, Vonzell, Carrie and Bo in the final 4.


It's kind of confusing but anyways...



1) Yes
2) No
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) No
6) No

Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

Current tally:

1) Yes: 4 No: 3
2) Yes: 2 No: 5
3) Yes: 5 No: 2
4) Yes: 4 No: 3
5) Yes: 2 No: 5
6) Yes: 5 No: 2

Looks like Charizard and Venusaur is going through the audition for sure.

Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

Last tally:

1) Yes: 5 No: 3
2) Yes: 2 No: 6
3) Yes: 6 No: 2
4) Yes: 5 No: 3
5) Yes: 2 No: 6
6) Yes: 6 No: 2

Bulbasaur used razor leaf!
Judge 1 was quite impressed.
Judge 2 actually thinks it was good.
Judge 3 thought that it was a mess.

But the judges decide to give one chance to bulbasaur and thus it was brought to Hollywood in the Pokemon World.

Ivysaur used Vine Whip!
Judge 1 felt that Ivysaur was nervous and delivered a substandard performance.
Judge 2 says it was fine.
Judge 3 don't think it should go to Hollywood.

The judges decided that it is best for Ivysaur to go home and thus Ivysaur leaves the audition hall crying.

Venusaur used sleep powder!
Judge 1 said it was excellent!
Judge 2 thought Venusaur should bring it to Hollywood.
JUdge 3 surprisingly thought that it was brilliant.

Venusaur then leaves the audition hall with a grin on it's face as the judges agree that it should go to Hollywood.

Charmander used metal claw!
Judge 1 thought it was alright.
Judge 2 said it was stunning.
Judge 3 thought it would be better off using ember attack.

The judges discussed and agreed to allow Charmander into Hollywood.

Chameleon used flamethrower!
Judge 1 laughed.
Judge 2 said it was ok but not up to standard.
Judge 3 said that the fire is not enough to illuminate it as a star.

Chameleon then left the audition hall after shooting a flamethrower at Judge 3.

Charizard used its iron tail!
Judge 1 thought it was a wow performance.
Judge 2 gave a standing ovation and said it is the most charming Pokemon she has ever seen.
Judge 3 thought it is good but not fantastic.

Charizard then flew out of the audition hall with prodness after the judges said it is going to Hollywood.

Next 6 Pokemon:
7) Squirtle ;007;
8) Wartortle ;008;
9) Blastoise ;009;
10) Caterpie ;010;
11) Metapod ;011;
12) Butterfree ;012;

My votes:
7) Yes
8) Yes
9) Yes
10) No
11) No
12) Yes

Current tally:
7) Yes: 1 No: 0
8) Yes: 1 No: 0
9) Yes: 1 No: 0
10) Yes: 0 No: 1
11) Yes: 0 No: 1
12) Yes: 1 No: 0


Oddish plzkthnxbai
My votes:
1) No
2) No
3) No
4) Yes
5) Yes
6) Yes

Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan

Current tally:

07) Yes: 5 No: 1
08) Yes: 4 No: 2
09) Yes: 4 No: 2
10) Yes: 3 No: 3
11) Yes: 1 No: 5
12) Yes: 6 No: 0

WOW, everyone agrees that Butterfree should go through the audition. Seems like there are a lot of people who like Butterfree out there. However, it's de-evolution isnt convincing many people that it should go through the audition though. Hurry and vote, Metapod's fans! Metapod needs your votes.
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