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Pokemon Impact 3 (Rated PG13)

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Brian Random, Oct 3, 2005.


From the past 2 series, which is your favourite battle scene / Pokemon battle so far?

  1. Tyranitar vs Blaziken (Series 1, Episode 2, Chapter 4)

    5 vote(s)
  2. Black Jack Vs Cassandra (Series 1, Episode 3, Chapter 5)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Black Jack Vs Mewtwo (Series 1, Episode 4, Chaptesr 2 – 3)

    3 vote(s)
  4. Black Jack Vs Ash (Series 1, Episode 7, Chapters 2 – 4)

    3 vote(s)
  5. Black Jack and Ash Vs William Mane (Series 1, Episodes 9 and 10)

    2 vote(s)
  6. Ash Vs Mutant Kecleon (Series 2, Episode 5, Chapter 2)

    3 vote(s)
  7. Wes and co. Vs Team Dark's tank (Series 2, Episode 3, Chapter 2 - 3)

    1 vote(s)
  8. Black Jack Vs Damien Tusk (Series 2, Episode 10, Chapters 1 – 2)

    1 vote(s)
  9. Black Jack, Ash and Wes Vs Team Dark’s psycho pokemon (Series 2, Episode 11, Chapter 1 – 3)

    5 vote(s)
  10. Other (Please Specify in post)

    2 vote(s)
  1. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Hello, PI fans. As prmoised I've placed the new series after weeks of making you people wait (Shame on me ^^').

    Notes on the symbols:
    ( ) = Spoken in Pokemon Language
    “” = Talking
    [] = Thinking​

    Now, let us begin...

    Pokemon Impact 3: Roar of the new generation


    Four figures sat in a large sitting room of mansion, three of them were men and one of them was a woman. One of them men wore mostly black leather clothing, sunglasses and a black bandanna wrapped around his forehead; that man’s name was Black Jack, known for past winning streak, ways of battling and surviving many dangers. The woman and the two other men wore smart clothing; they were relatives of his.

    Black Jack privately spoke to his brother John, his adoptive father Jason and his sister-in-law Sandra about what happened in Orre Region, relating to the death of his parents years ago. It was an hour since Alice went to sleep after her ninth birthday party ended. They sat in the sitting room listening to what Black Jack had to say.

    “So… it was him,” John said, feeling shocked.

    “Yep,” Black Jack replied. “He said that he knows everything about me.”

    “Then… he knows about us?” Sandra asked, also shocked.

    “We need to think of a plan to stop this madman,” Jason suggested.

    “I have a suggestion,” Black Jack said. “How about I take all of you guys under my protection?”

    “No, it won’t do,” John said as he stood up, objecting Black Jack’s suggestion. “If you are his target then I’ll get one of my security guards to protect you.”

    “Thanks for your concern, but I can take care of myself. I didn’t train my pokemon or myself for nuthin’. But what about you guys?”

    “We, too, have pokemon ourselves,” Jason said. “You don’t need to worry about us, we have the best security.”

    “I’m sure not about that,” Black Jack said. “If something happen to you guys…” He held back a terrible feeling concerning his family getting hurt by the man that killed his own parents. He couldn’t live with himself if that ever happened. He looked down with wide eyes.

    “There’s one person we’ll allow you to look after, Jack,” Sandra said. “Alice wants to go on a pokemon journey next year and if everyone agrees… you can take her with you.”

    “Wait a minute,” Black Jack said as he held his head up in shock. “What about you guys? I can’t…”

    “Yes you can,” Jason said. “As I said before, we have the best security money can buy.”

    “Please, Jack,” John said. “You’re an experienced traveller and Alice needs someone to help and teach her. After all, she did say that she wants to be a pokemon trainer like you.”

    “True…” Black Jack said uneasily. Despite a short time he and Alice spent together, they held a great bond with each other as uncle and niece. Various thoughts came into his mind, thinking of the pros and cons of Alice travelling with him. After some time thinking, he came with an answer. “Okay, I’ll do it,” he said with smile.

    “Then it’s settled,” Jason said as he stood up from his seat. “Next year, she’ll go on a pokemon journey with you.” With that, he walked out of the living room and up the stairs.

    “Jack,” John said. “Alice is our daughter and you’re her uncle. Sandra and I know that we should spend time with our child… but you’ve taken care of her while we were away and I want to thank you for doing that.”

    “Y’know, I wanna thank you too,” Black Jack said. “For not turning away from me when I told you I was a Team Rocket agent and for letting me know that I’m still part of the family. Don’t worry about it, I’m make sure that nothing bad happens to her.”

    They both clasped hands as a sign of friendship as Sandra looked on happily.

    A year later, Alice, who became ten, qualified to be a pokemon trainer when she passed her tests based on pokemon knowledge. It was a sad day since she had to leave her parents but yet it was happy one since she was starting her pokemon journey to become a pokemon master like her uncle.

    The following day after her test, Black Jack, his relatives and their butlers and maids were waiting patiently for Alice to come downstairs to the main hall. When she did, she was being followed by a young and cute bear called Teddiursa nicknamed Big Brother, a young puppy called Eevee nicknamed Little Sister and a baby pokemon that was kept inside a half broken egg called Togepi nicknamed QT.

    While she was coming down the stairs, Black Jack was one of first people to smile at the person he cared for the most… his niece, Alice. She was wearing a pink T-shirt with a picture of a purple heart at the front, blue jeans, red and white trainers, a green wristband on her left wrist and she was carrying a green backpack on her back. She had blond ponytail hair and a cute face, despite a small scar on her left cheek, which reminded Black Jack of a situation where he had to save her from one of his enemies and to make sure that she would never get hurt again.

    Recently, during Alice’s birthday celebration, Black Jack announced that he would be joining her on her pokemon journey. Alice was happy about having her uncle by side, knowing the fact that he would be teaching her the ways of pokemon, life and others, little did she know that Black Jack had other reasons.

    “Alice…” Jason said happily as he stepped towards her grandchild, trying to not shed a tear. “You have grown so much and now you’re going to see the world. I have never been this happy, yet so sad in all my years.”

    “I can’t believe it either,” Alice said in sad tone as she looked up to her eldest relative. “I’ll miss you grandpa.”

    As Jason slightly crouched towards her to give her a hug, she looked towards her parents. “Mom… Dad…” she said softly as she released herself from her hug and walked towards them.

    Her father placed his hands on her shoulders. “Look at you,” he said with a small smile. “You are young and now you’re going on an adventure… just remember that no matter what happens, we will always love you and we will always be with you.”

    “I love you too, dad,” Alice replied with a small smile.

    They noticed that Sandra, a loving wife and mother, was too upset to say anything. “Don’t cry, my dear,” John said as he hugged his wife. “She had to leave some day.”

    “I know,” Sandra sobbed.

    “Mom…” Alice said in a concerned tone.

    “Oh, I remembered something,” Sandra said as she wiped the tears off her face and took out a gold necklace with a locket at the end. She opened it, revealing a small photo of her, John and Alice in a group wearing smart clothing. “This is to remind that you’re not alone. We also gave your uncle Jack some money to help you on your way.”

    She handed them over to Alice. Alice took the necklace placed it around her neck. “It’s beautiful, Mom,” she said softly as her lips began to slightly wobble while she hugged her. “I love this and I love you too.”

    She looked down at her pokemon and kneeled down to them. “Okay, guys,” she said with a small smile while wiping away her tear. “I have to go now.”

    All three of her pokemon shook their heads while yelling out their cries, showing that they don’t her to leave them behind. They leapt into her arms, begging her to take them. Alice tried to assure them that she will come back to see them but to no avail.

    “It looks like they want to come with us,” Black Jack said.

    “Are you sure you guys want to come with us?” Alice asked her pokemon, which they nodded in response signalling that they want to come.

    “You guys do realise that it’s a dangerous place out there, right?” Black jack asked.

    “Teddi Teddiursa! Ursa!” Teddiursa said.

    “What did Big Brother say, uncle?” Alice asked.

    Having been travelling around the world and training pokemon for over twenty years, Black Jack understood the pokemon language. “He says that you’re their best friend and they don’t want to be left behind.”

    “My family…” she said as she looked back at her pokemon who were still giving a heart warming hug, refusing to let her go. “You win.” She said with a small smile.

    “Well,” John said as he placed his hand in his pocket, taking out some small red and white sphere balls. “Alice will be needing some of these.”

    “Pokeballs?” Alice asked. “Those are devices that keep pokemon inside?”

    “That’s right,” Black Jack said. He then turned his attention to three of Alice’s pokemon. “You cubs realise that if you come along, there would be a lot bad things going on, right?”

    All three of her pokemon yelled out their cries in determined voices. Black Jack knew that they would do anything to protect Alice because of all the times they had with her.

    Alice took the pokeballs out of John’s hand and promised she would take good care of each and everyone of her pokemon as she zapped them into their pokeballs for the very first time. She then turned her attention to her uncle.

    “You ready to rock, uncle?” Alice asked in an enthusiastic tone.

    “Ready,” Black Jack replied as he clenched his fist.

    As he turned round to lead Alice out of the mansion, his face of shared feelings of joy and sadness turned into anger, remembering his two enemies he fought in the past. “[Mane, Tusk, one touch on this girl and you’re dead meat],” he thought.

    He and Alice got on his motorcycle ready to embark on a lifelong journey for Alice to become a pokemon master. “Wait a minute, uncle,” she said before Black Jack was about to start up his vehicle. She quickly got off and ran towards her parents, giving them one last tight hug before she could start her journey. Her parents gave her a loving hug in return.

    “Mom… Dad… I’ll miss you,” she sobbed.

    “We’ll miss you too,” her father said while crying. “You have to get going now, munchkin. No matter what happens, you’re still our daughter.”

    “Be careful now, my darling,” her mother sobbed. “I love you.”

    She gave them both a kiss on the cheek each before she went back to her uncle, Black Jack, who was looking on and hiding his sadness away from the rest of his family. “[At times like this, I wish that my parents were there to see me off when I was a kid],” he thought to himself.

    As Alice got on the motorcycle, Black Jack started up the engine. “Take one last good look at your first home, little cub,” Black Jack said, referring to his niece. “Cos it’ll be a long time before you’re gonna get back.”

    Alice did as he advised to while Black Jack drove away. Tears began to flow from her eyes as they began to get further and further away from the place where she and Black Jack called ‘home’.

    “Uncle Jack,” she said. “Are you crying too?”

    “No,” Black Jack replied holding back his tears. “I know it’s a sad moment… but you know me.”

    Some time later, Black Jack and his niece arrived to a place where Alice would get her first pokemon, Prof. Elm’s laboratory of New Bark Town. “Here we are,” Black Jack said stopping his bike. “New Bark Town.”

    He turned his attention to his young niece, whose eyes became widened because of the fast ride. “You okay?” he asked in a curious tone.

    “That was fun,” Alice said simply and happily.

    They got off their bike and walked towards the door. “First lesson, kid,” Black Jack said. “A trainer can pick a pokemon from many different types of pokemon. But sometimes a pokemon can choose a trainer.”

    “Why’s that, uncle?” Alice asked as she listened intently to her uncle’s lecture.

    “That way, the two will become connected and the trainer will discover a pokemon’s true power.”

    “That doesn’t sound like you. Where did you get the information?”


    “I didn’t know you watch that cartoon.”

    “I don’t, it was one of those moments where you have to switch channels until you come across the least boring program. It does sound strange coming from a cartoon but it is a good theory.”

    They knocked on the door and it opened revealing a man with brown hair wearing everyday clothing underneath a lab coat. “Hey there, Elm,” Black Jack said recognising one of the world’s famous professors.

    “Ah! Hello, Black Jack!” Prof. Elm said enthusiastically. He looked down on the new trainer, recognising her. “That means that you must be Alice, looking forward to make a start on her pokemon journey.

    “Hi, Prof. Elm,” Alice replied with a wink. “And have you got that right.”

    “Please, come in,” Elm said, motioning them to enter before closing the door.

    He led them into his study room. In it were some bookshelves, filled with countless books and documents, a desk with a computer on it and a number of machines. What was most noticeable in the entire room was that there was a table with three pokeballs on it.

    “Are these…?” Alice said as she pointed towards them.

    “Yes,” Elm replied. “But you can only pick one of the three pokemon here. Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we open them in unison?”

    “How about it uncle?” Alice asked.

    “Okay with me,” Black Jack said.

    The three humans picked up a pokemon-contained pokeball each and opened them together. Three different energies came out of their respective pokeballs and materialised into three different kinds of pokemon.

    One was a young blue crocodile called Totodile, another was a young fiery mouse called Cyndaquil and the third pokemon was a little green cute dinosaur called Chikorita. “The choice is now yours, Alice,” Elm said as Black Jack bent down towards the three pokemon.

    “Hey there,” he said trying to sound cute but to no avail as the three pokemon began to become rather scared of him. “Oh no,” Black Jack said, realising what he had just done. “Don’t be scared of me, I’m a nice but silly guy…”

    That only upset the pokemon even more when they started crying making Black Jack back away from them while Alice came towards them. The Cyndaquil ran towards her and hid behind her leg.

    “Aww,” Alice said cutely. “Did the mean old man scare you?”

    The Cyndaquil nodded and held up its paws like it was a baby. Alice picked it up and started hugging the little mouse while tickling its tummy with her finger. “I could you put you in a diaper and put you in a pram right now,” Alice said in a cute way. She then turned her attention to her uncle. “Uncle Jack, what do you think?”

    “Well, none of them were comfortable with me,” Black Jack replied.

    “Didn’t you say that sometimes a pokemon could choose a trainer?” Alice said. “When it touched me by the leg, somehow I felt that this is the one for me.”

    “You’re learning really well,” Black Jack said impressed. “As long as you’re both happy, that is what counts.”

    “Did you hear that, buddy?” Alice said as she looked at it. “Welcome to the team!”

    “Quil! Quil!” the Cyndaquil squeaked happily as it nuzzled on Alice’s cheek.

    “Then it’s settled,” Elm said. “Cyndaquil is now your pokemon.” He took a flat red device out of his pocket and handed it over to her. “Here’s your pokedex. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about pokemon.”

    “Thank you, Prof. Elm,” Alice said happily as she took the pokedex and putting it in her pocket.

    “What are you gonna call him?” Elm asked, as he returned the two pokemon back into their pokeballs.

    “It’s a male?” Alice asked in realisation. Then she placed her finger on her chin while thinking deeply. “How about Blaze?”

    The Cydaquil shook his head, signalling a no.


    The Cydaquil shook his head again.

    Each name that Alice gave him, Cyndaquil replied with no. Everyone was patient about Cyndaquil’s choice of names, except Black Jack. “[Oh… déjà vu],” he muttered in thought. “[This is the reason why I don’t nickname my pokemon].”

    During the next three years of training and travelling, she had captured many pokemon but kept the ones she had from the beginning of her journey including an ugly looking fish called Feebas, which Alice nicknamed her Serenity as she believed that the real beauty’s on the inside, and a crafty yet trusty pokemon called Sneasel named Glacia.

    At different moments of her training, Alice’s pokemon evolved from their pre-evolved forms. Big Brother was now an Ursaring, Little Sister’s an Espeon, QT became a Togetic, Pyro the Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava and Serenity became the beautiful Milotic, but Glacia still remained in its pre-evolved form.

    She became a quarter finalist in the Johto League, a semi finalist in the Kanto League and also participated in a lot of pokemon contests in her spare time. Nevertheless, her uncle was always pleased of her.

    Black Jack also had his fair share of pokemon battles, despite the fact that he never participated in leagues or tournaments because of being Alice’s tutor, teaching her the ways of pokemon and life.

    Even though he had suspicions that his old enemies would soon show themselves up, they have yet to do so. Still, Black Jack was always on his guard for them, including new ones.

    Out of all their great adventures they had, the next few will be unforgettable.
    More coming! Reviews please!
  2. Naesala

    Naesala Out of Pokemon.

    exellent begenning chapter!so alice is finially a trainer.good choice of pokemon but would'nt pyro have fully evolved by now it has been 3 years?
  3. Cs32

    Cs32 SUGAR!!!

    Niice you got it out now. Nice pokemon, you chose some good ones. So now Alice joins on in the fight. :D Oh, and ssw I disagree with you, Pyro is at the right form he should be at along with all the other pokemon. I know when I used to watch that Pokemon cartoon Bulbasaur and Squirtle never evolved, and Bulbasaur has yet to evolve I remember seeing him in one of the last Hoenn episodes I ever watched. I also liked the Espeon evolution, I like Espeon the most out of all the evolutions. Uraring...RAWR lol. Cya at your next chap man.
  4. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    SSW: Thanks, mate. That Pyro character, Cs32 has answered the question for me.

    Cs32: That reminds me, thanks for answering that question for me, mate. I like Little Sister's evolved form as well and I think you know why I named that Teddiursa 'Big Brother'.
  5. Cs32

    Cs32 SUGAR!!!

    I think I do know the reason behind the name big brother, I have some ideas but I will keep them to myself to see what goes on in future chapters. So lets see before the next chapter...yep she has a Espeon, Ursaring, Quilava, Togetic, Milotic and a Sneasal. Was just checking up to see what other people had posted, I will be on tomorrow to for a while after school before heading for my sisters softball tournament, so I will be gone all weekend.
  6. legendaryrider

    legendaryrider Soul Trainer

    a cyndaquil hu. cute. keep going
  7. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Episode 1: The L on the forehead

    Cs32: Well, I hope your sister does well in that game.

    Legendaryrider: Yep, that was a cute bit. I'll keep on going.

    Episode 1: The L on the forehead

    Chapter 1

    Three years have passed. After participating in some tough competitions, Black Jack and Alice decided to take break from it before they could decide on their next destination of adventure.

    It was a hot summer day at Lilycove beach of the Hoenn region. Black Jack was resting on the side of his motorcycle as he looked at the beautiful waves of the sea. His image didn’t change much; only he grew a few inches taller. He was wearing a black tight T-shirt, black jeans, black boots and a black bandanna wrapped around his head. His arms were showing scars and tattoos in different places.

    He was about to drink some of his beer, but a beach ball came flying by and he caught it. He looked and spotted girl, familiar to him. She was wearing a cute green swimsuit, and had yellow ponytail hair, and a pretty cute face, despite a small scar underneath her left eye. “Sorry, uncle!” she cried happily. “Can you pass the ball back?”

    “You’re just lucky I didn’t spill my drink, Alice!” Black Jack shouted back as he smiled while tossing back the beach ball. “Just be careful, will ya!”

    Both of them were in a quiet spot of the beach, away from other people. Because of their fame, people couldn’t hold back their excitement to run up to them and ask them for their autograph. Therefore, in order to avoid being surrounded by fans, they had to find somewhere quiet.

    Alice, now at thirteen years old, was playing volleyball with her pokemon. Three of Black Jack’s pokemon, Tyranitar, Feraligatr, and Nidoking were playing a game where they had to smash a watermelon into pieces using a wooden sword each, blindfolded while his other pokemon, Metagross, Salamence and Chan the Blaziken sunbathed.

    Nidoking inadvertently hit Feraligatr on the head with his wooden weapon. “(Did I get it)?” Nidoking growled.

    “It’s over there, Nidoking,” Black Jack replied. Since he was training his pokemon for so long, he now fully understood pokemon language.

    Nidoking took off his blindfold to see what was going on. He spotted the watermelon still not smashed… and now yards away from him. He looked at Feraligatr with nervous eyes and Feraligatr stared angrily at him with a large bump on his head.

    “(S… sorry, Feraligatr),” he growled nervously.

    Feraligatr hit him on the head with his wooden weapon in response, making Nidoking angry as well. Both of them got into a fight, distracting everyone.

    Tyranitar stood next to his trainer and friend. “(Shouldn’t we stop them?)”, he asked.

    “That’s the way we train”, Black Jack replied in response, noticing the dusty clouds surrounding the fight between Nidoking and Feraligatr. “Although theirs is a bit unorthodox.”

    “Hey! Alice!” shouted a teenager boy’s voice, whose accent sounded american. Everyone turned their attention to him, even Nidoking and Feraligatr stopped their childish fighting. He was wearing a white T-shirt with blue sleeves, blue jeans and red trainers. His hair was blond and was nearly reaching his eyes.

    “Jerry!” Alice cried as she ran over to him and gave him a big hug. Jerry hugged back in return.

    “Jerry, huh?” Black Jack said, noticing the boy’s arrival. “How did he found us here?”

    “(He probably thought about looking for a quiet spot himself),” Tyranitar replied.

    “Hey!” Jerry said. “How are things goin’?”

    “Everything’s going great!” Alice said joyfully. “I’m so happy to see you!”

    “Same here, it’s been four years since we were together.”

    Jerry and Alice have been best of friends for so long that they don’t even know when they started. But they had to separate, because Jerry was one year older than Alice and wanted to start his pokemon journey early to become a pokemon master.


    Four years ago, a grade school was having a leaving party for the students who were to leave the next day for their pokemon journey. Jerry was one of those people and Alice didn’t like the idea.

    Instead of being part of the party, Alice went on one of the swings in the school playground. It was warm afternoon that day but she didn’t care, as she was feeling rather depressed.

    Jerry came to talk to her. “What’s wrong, Alice?” he asked in a concerned tone.
    “I don’t want you to go,” Alice replied in a sad tone.

    “Alice, I have to. If I want to become a pokemon master as quick as possible, I’d have to get an early start.”

    “You’re one of my best friends! I don’t want to see you go! I don’t want to say goodbye!”

    Small tears came out of Alice’s eyes as she jumped off the swing and ran back into entrance of the school while Jerry gave chase.

    While inside, Jerry kept on calling Alice’s name but to no avail. At some point, Jerry some familiar sobbing noises from a nearby closet, which was a janitor’s closet. He opened the door and saw Alice crouching down with her knees to her head. Jerry kneeled down to her put his hand on her shoulder.

    “I don’t wanna say goodbye either,” he said. He then scratched his head, thinking of a solution. “Tell you what,” he continued. “I promise that we’ll see each other again.”

    “You mean it?” Alice asked as she wiped the tears off her eyes. “Promise?”


    Jerry and Alice then shaped their small fingers as small hooks, they hooked their small fingers and shook though as though they shaking hands on an agreement.

    -End flashback-

    As Jerry and Alice started reminiscing on old times, Black Jack and his pokemon walked over to them. “Jerry,” Black Jack said, catching their attention.

    The two young trainers turned round, with Jerry’s eyes being widened as he was looking at one of the world’s top trainers. “Bl… Black Jack!?” Jerry said in a shocked and nervous tone.

    Jerry pointed at both people, knowing the fact that they were relatives. “You two… travelling together!?” Jerry said in a shocked tone.

    “I don’t want to say it out loud, but yeah,” Alice answered.

    “You must be pretty lucky, travelling around with a pokemon master an’ all,” Jerry said.

    Suddenly, Jerry had an idea as he pictured a light bulb appearing on top of his head. “I got an idea!” he said excitedly. “How about I join up with you two!? I could use a little help!”

    “Hey! That’s a great idea, Jerry!” Alice said, as she liked the idea. “How about it uncle?”

    “Well, I can’t just take him along just because he’s a friend of yours,” Black Jack replied. “Tell you what, do well in a battle against me and I’ll take you in, deal?”

    Jerry became shocked and scared as he started to sweat a lot upon hearing Black Jack’s challenge. “You don’t have to beat me,” Black Jack said. “Just do something challenging.”

    “C’mon, Jerry,” Alice said, encouraging her friend. “You can do this.”

    Jerry gulped in a hard way. “Okay…” he said nervously.
    More coming! Reviews please!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2005
  8. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    Fwee, it's highlights time!

    Aww. ^_^

    *snort* Okay, that was funny.

    XD And then that happens! Hilarious.

    Uh-oh...I find myself slightly worried for Jerry, though not in a bad way. If that makes any sense. XD I just hope he's up to whatever this "challenging" thing ahead of him could be...
  9. Cs32

    Cs32 SUGAR!!!

    Ya, my sister did pretty good in her tournament, her team got second place. I thought this was a boring chapter, but I guess it should be since this one hasn't really takin off yet like your other ones. Oh, and I didn't see any spelling mistakes at all.
  10. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Sike Saner: If you think those bits were funny, wait until you see what Jerry can do... or can't do...

    Cs32: Tell your sister I said congrats. Now, about the chapter, in my defence this chapter is a sign of things to come... [SPOIL]*Giggles*[/SPOIL]
  11. Naesala

    Naesala Out of Pokemon.

    hmm...pretty good but no action but it was still pretty good.sorry i forgot to review.hope you update soon.
  12. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    SSW: Cheers, mate but what about the funny part between Feraligatr and Nidoking and that flashback part, didn't they impress you? It's okay if you reviewed late, just take you time. And the update is here.

    Chapter 2

    Black Jack and Jerry stood a distance away from each other. Behind Black Jack were his respective pokemon. Standing at a distance between the two trainers was Alice, Black Jack’s niece and Jerry’s best friend, along with her pokemon, as she was refereeing this match. She looked at both trainers and noticed that Jerry was sweating.

    “Since you’re the rookie, Jerry,” Black Jack said. “I’ll be choosing my pokemon first, this will give you an advantage.”

    “Gee,” Jerry replied nervously. “Thanks.”

    Black Jack looked at Chan the Blaziken and nodded, signalling to him to take part in battle. Chan nodded back and ran onto the battlefield. Jerry took a pokeball off his belt; he looked at it and let out a small sigh, trying to calm himself down. He then tossed it out. “Go! Jackie!” he yelled, trying to sound determined.

    A pokemon classified as a kicking pokemon materialised as it came out of his pokeball. “Hitmonlee!” Jackie cried as he prepared for battle. He looked to see whom he was going to battle.

    His eyes widened with happiness he saw his opponent. He let out a loud cry as he ran over to Chan with open arms. “Jackie! Wait a minute!” Jerry yelled with a shocked look on his face. “Alice didn’t say begin yet!!”

    “Chan!” Black Jack yelled, not realising what Jackie was planning to do and neither did Chan. “Use your Fury attack and end it with Sky Uppercut!”

    Chan dashed towards Jackie until his arm slammed on his gut. He then started poking on him rapidly viciously like a Dodrio poking on numerous Diglett and finished him off by giving him a heavy punch to the face, sending him flying and knocking him out as Jackie fell into the sand. “Jackie’s unable to battle!” Alice announced as she raised her hand to her uncle. “Chan’s the winner!”

    “Wait a minute,” Black Jack said, realising what had just happened. “He wasn’t attacking, he was intending to hug you, Chan.”

    “(A hug?)” Chan replied as he looked back at his trainer. “(Why’s that?)”

    “I have to confess something here,” Jerry said nervously as he placed his hand at the back of his head while returning his pokemon. “Jackie’s a REALLY big fan of your Blaziken, Black Jack.”

    “(O… kay),” Chan said as anime-sweat appeared on the back of his head, as did Black Jack’s.

    “[Just what we need],” Black Jack thought. “[Another fan].”

    Jerry took out another pokeball. “Go! Bulldozer!” he yelled as he tossed it out, revealing a boulder-like pokemon Graveller. “Bulldozer! Use Rollout!”

    The rock type pokemon began to roll like a bowling ball towards the fiery fighter, attempting to knock him down like one of the pins in a ten-pin bowling game.

    “Jump into the air to dodge it!” Black Jack instructed loudly.

    Chan performed a leapfrog-like jump to avoid Bulldozer’s attack. He quickly turned round, knowing that a Rollout attack can return to you like a homing missile. But to his and everyone else’s surprise, Bulldozer didn’t roll back as he rolled towards the sea.

    “Turn back, Bulldozer!” Jerry yelled desperately. “Turn back!”

    But the Graveller wasn’t able to as he splashed into it, much to everyone’s shock. “Feraligatr!” Black Jack yelled. “Save him!”

    “(Got it)!” Feraligatr growled loudly as he ran and dived into the water.

    A few moments later, Feraligatr walked up to the surface of the water and onto dry land, carrying the unconscious Bulldozer. “(This guy needs to lose a few pounds)!” the blue crocodile complained as he dropped him onto the sandy beach.

    Awkward looks appeared on everyone’s faces because of what they have just saw as they stared at Jerry. Jerry noticed this and quickly retaliated as he took out his pokeball. “Er… a minor setback,” he said nervously as he zapped Bulldozer back into his pokeball. He placed the device back onto his belt and took out another. “Go! Zapster!” he yelled as he tossed it out.

    A small yellow mouse with red cheeks and a jagged tail materialised and landed on the ground. It crossed its forelegs and gave a confident look at Chan, who signalled him to attack him. “[Something’s weird about this boy],” Black Jack thought suspiciously.

    “Alright!” Jerry yelled. “Zapster! Thunderbolt!”

    Zapster leapt into the air and charged up his electric powers on his red cheeks and let out a huge electric attack on Chan but missed when he dodged out of the way.

    “Chan!” Black Jack yelled. “Leap into the air and use your Blaze Kick!”

    Chan did as he was instructed and leapt into the air. He became as high as Zapster was and gave a roundhouse flaming kick but missed as well. “Again!” Black Jack yelled.

    Chan repeatedly kept on using his Blaze Kick attack but kept on missing as Zapster confidently dodged each one. “That Pikachu’s real quick,” Black Jack thought suspiciously. “But there’s something negative about him.”

    Eventually, Chan did hit Zapster, sending him hard into the ground. As Zapster quickly got back up, he noticed a burnt mark on his right foreleg. He angrily looked at Jerry, who immediately had a shocked look on his face, and zapped him with its Thundershock attack, much to everyone’s surprise.

    After feeling the painful jolt, Jerry fell on his back. As he quickly got up, he saw Zapster angrily running closer to him. Jerry panicked and quickly took out Zapster’s pokeball. “RETURN!!” Jerry yelled quickly in a scared tone.

    After Zapster was zapped back into his pokeball, Jerry let out a small sigh of relief and embarrassment. “What have I done to deserve this?” Jerry said as anime tears ran down his face.

    “Alright, Jerry,” Black Jack snarled in disappointment and suspicion. “Enough secrets. What’s going on here?”

    “Well… er…” Jerry said in a nervous tone. “When I said I need a little help, I meant a lot of help. You see I never won a pokemon battle or anything. I’m a loser…”

    Some of the spectators became surprised of his confession, but Black Jack wasn’t one of them. “And my current losing streak is, like, 1000-0,” Jerry continued.

    Everyone became very shocked at that confession, even Black Jack’s eyes widened. “You got to be kidding me, Jerry!” Alice said in disbelief.

    “Let me get this straight,” Black Jack started. “You’ve been training for four years and you never won a pokemon battle, let alone enter a league?”

    Jerry ran over to him. “That’s why I need your help, big guy!” he said as he fell to his knees and putting his hands together in a begging fashion. “Please! Please say yes, Black Jack! I’ll do anything!”

    Black Jack went down on one knee and smiled politely as he placed his hand on Jerry’s shoulder. “Of course,” he replied positively.

    “Really?” Jerry asked in a hopeful tone.

    “No,” Black Jack replied as he changed his expression into a frown while he pushed Jerry away, making him fall on his back. “I think it’s best for you quit now and work at a fast food restaurant.”

    “Black Jack…” Jerry whimpered softly as anime tears came flowing out of his eyes. “Without help, I’ll always be a loser…”

    Black Jack simply ignored him as he started walking away, along with his pokemon. “(Jack),” Metagross said in protest. “(You’re can’t just leave him there).”

    “I already have,” Black Jack replied. “Now let’s get out of here before he or his Hitmonlee attempts to grab us by the legs.”

    Alice felt sorry for Jerry as she looked back at him while he remained on his back. “Uncle,” she said walking up to him. “Can I stay here with Jerry for a couple of hours?”

    Black Jack let out a small sigh. “Alright,” he said. “But make sure that you get back to the pokemon center by six, okay?”

    Alice nodded in agreement and headed back to Jerry’s location. He was still lying on his back and mumbled various things, such as, “I’ll always be loser…”

    “Hey, Jerry,” Alice said. “I’m sorry.”

    “About what?” Jerry said as he immediately stopped his crying and put on a moody face.

    “Sorry that my uncle won’t be able to help you out.”

    “It’s okay,” Jerry said as he sat up. “I’m used to it. Everyone rejects me.”

    “Everyone?” Alice said as she gave a small cheeky smile.

    “Okay, not everyone,” Jerry said, realising who Alice was referring to.

    They talked about various things for hours since. “Er, Jerry,” Alice said realising that. “What time is it?”

    “It’s ten to six,” Jerry replied.

    “I have to get going,” Alice said. “I promised my uncle that I’d meet him at the pokemon center.”

    She got up and was about to walk away. “Hey, Jerry. Do you wanna come with me?” She asked.

    “Nah,” Jerry replied. “I got some thinking to do. After dat, I’m walking again.”

    “Where will you go?”

    “Wherever life takes me.”

    Alice kneeled down and gave him a friendly hug. “I’m gonna miss you,” she said as Jerry hugged her back. “I’ll miss you too,” he replied.

    Alice soon released Jerry and walked away, holding back the tears as Jerry held back his.

    As Jerry looked at the sea while thinking deeply, a mysterious figure walked up to him. Jerry heard the footsteps and quickly turned around…
    More coming! Reviews please!
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    I can't help feeling sorry for Jerry, maybe he isn't really cut out for becoming a Pokemon Master. Overall, great chapters Brain.
  14. Sike Saner

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    That made me laugh.

    So did that, although that might have just been because it made a certain song stick in my head... XP

    I kind of feel sorry for Jerry, too...but then again, he kind of amuses me too; I can't help it. Does that make me evil? :p

    Oh, and also amusing was this:

    That's just terrific. ^_^ Keep it up!
  15. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    xXSapphireXx: Thanks.

    Sike Saner: Yep, those bits were funny, but the bit I found most hilarious was the one where Bulldozer accidentally rolled into the sea lol.

    What song is that?

    I intended to make Jerry and his pokemon the 'funny guys' for this fic. Yes, I feel slightly ashamed that he had to be treated that way but that's the way I intend to make him, a kid that makes a lot of mistakes but in humourous ways.
  16. Dark_Charizard

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    Sorry for not reviewing last chapter. Y'know, I haven't really been around here since August, since I was in Spain for three weeks, I really didn't use the comp much so I forgot about Serebii. Hopefully I'll start being more active these days.

    Anyway, getting to the point. Nice chap, good description, pretty much no grammar errors. All in all, it's pretty nice.

    As you may know, I'm not the king of all reviewers, so I can't give a too detailed review.

    C-ya l8er

  17. Brian Random

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    Dark_Charizard: Oh, so that's where you have been. I thought you've left the forums for good. Good to have you back, mate and thanks for the review and it's gonna get better.

    Chapter 3

    Jerry quickly turned round and got up to look at the person sneaking up to him. “Hey! Who are you?” Jerry demanded.

    The young teen Jerry was demanding to was wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, multi-coloured trainers and black fingerless gloves. He also had spiky blond hair and a bandanna was covering his mouth and nose.

    “My name is Keith Marsden,” the young teen replied as he took off the bandanna, showing his face. He had a pretty looking face, pretty enough for girls to have a crush on him, not that he cared.

    “What the heck do you want?” Jerry demanded.

    “Chill out, little guy,” Keith replied coolly. “I only want to have a pokemon battle.”

    A small sweatdrop came flowing down on Jerry’s forehead. “[Oh no],” he thought. “[I can’t afford another loss, not to this creep].”

    “What’s the matter?” Keith asked, waiting for an answer. “Jigglypuff?”

    “Me? Jigglypuff!?” Jerry shouted, taking it as an insult. “No! I’m not a Jigglypuff! I just had a couple of tough battles today and they were real tough! And I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me alone!”

    “Whatever,” Keith said as he turned his back on him. “You’re not worth my time anyway, puffy boy.”

    “Puffy boy!?” Jerry yelled feeling insulted. “Say that to my face, ya limp noodle!!”

    Keith smiled as he turned to face him. “Care to make some conditions? Fine then. If you can beat me, you won’t have to see me ever again. I’ll beat you anyway but you won’t be seeing much of me so I won’t ask for any favours.”

    “I’m gonna beat your pokemon to a pulp!!” Jerry said, still being angry.

    “I think you’ve accepted my challenge,” Keith said. “Fine by me.”

    Keith and Jerry took out their respective pokeball at the same and tossed them out. “Go!!” they both cried.

    A spitfire pokemon Magmar materialised when it became released from its pokeball that Keith threw out. “Magmar!” he yelled as he breathed out a lick of flame out of its beak. Jerry’s Hitmonlee materialised when it came out of his pokeball, but there was one problem… it was still unconscious from his battle with Chan! “[Yikes!!]” Jerry thought deeply when shock was showing on his face. “[He’s still unconscious!!]”

    “[What!?]” Keith thought in surprise. “[Why would you send out a pokemon that’s already unconscious?]”

    He then let out a small snigger, noticing how weak Jackie was and how stupid Jerry was. “Jerry,” he said. “I know that some pokemon would recover some time after a battle but you should’ve known that you should give your Hitmonlee some time to do that.”

    “Wrong one, man!” Jerry yelled defensively. “Wrong one!”

    He placed the pokemon back onto his belt and took out another one. “Go! Ratty!” he yelled as he tossed it out.

    The pokeball opened, revealing a small brown furred rat. “Raticate!” he cried.

    “Ratty!” Jerry yelled. “Use your Headbutt!”

    Ratty quickly ran towards the fire type pokemon on his four feet and dived his head towards his abdomen.

    “Dodge it, Magmar!” Keith ordered.

    Magmar did exactly as he was ordered as he easily dodged the Raticate’s incoming attack, much to Jerry’s shock. “What the heck?” he said.

    “Double Fire Punch!” Keith ordered, using Jerry’s distraction to his advantage. Magmar lifted up both of his paws, engulfed them in flames and shaped them like a hammer. He then slammed them onto Ratty’s back, knocking his front body first into the sand.

    “One more Fire Punch should finish it off, Magmar,” Keith said. “Use it now!”

    “Oh no, you don’t, Spiky!” Jerry yelled, noticing Magmar’s flaming fist. “Ratty! Counter with Iron Tail!”

    The Raticate’s tail glowed brightly as he swiped his tail towards his opponent. “Watch yourself, Magmar!” Keith warned quickly.

    Magmar saw the attack coming and leapt into the air. “Say what!” Jerry yelled in shock and disbelief.

    “Withdraw your Fire Punch and use your Iron Tail!” Keith yelled.

    Magmar immediately performed a rolling somersault while his tail glowed vigorously, slamming it on top of Ratty’s head, making him scream in pain before coming unconscious.

    “Ratty! No!” Jerry yelled in disbelief.

    “So, whatever-your-name-is,” Keith said confidently while Jerry zapped Ratty back into its pokeball. “Any more losers for Magmar to knock silly with?”

    “It’s Jerry, spike head,” Jerry said as he took out another pokeball. “And this pokemon is gonna knock yours around silly.” He tossed out his chosen pokeball. “Go! Amazon!”

    A white mongoose-like pokemon with battle scars on different parts of her body materialised after being released from her pokeball. “A Zangoose, huh?” Keith commented. “Pretty rare around those parts… weak but rare.”

    “Funny!” Jerry yelled angrily while Amazon’s eyes narrowed, as she didn’t like hearing what Keith said either. “You’re gonna be laughing on the other side of your face when Amazon beats ya! Amazon! Slash attack!”

    The Zangoose leapt into the air and dived down towards the Spitfire Pokemon. “Magmar, dodge it,” Keith commanded in a confident tone.

    As Amazon was becoming inches away from slashing the face of her opponent, Magmar confidently stepped to one side making her claws hit the sand instead. She looked angrily at his direction as he got into his fighting stance. “How slow is your Zangoose?” Keith asked with criticism. “If you ask me which one’s faster between your Zangoose and a random Slowpoke, I’d pick the pink dumbo any time.”

    “Say what!?” Jerry shouted, not liking the insult. “You take that back!”

    “I will… if you can beat me,” Keith said, still with the smirk on his face.

    “You ask for it! Amazon! Use your Crush Claw!”

    But the Zangoose looked around, as though she was sniffing for something. “Er… Amazon?” Jerry said, looking confused.

    She looked directly towards Keith and made a loud, angry hiss as she charged towards him. “Amazon! What are you doing!? Magmar’s the opponent here!” Jerry yelled.

    “Magmar! Body Slam attack!” Keith commanded quickly. Magmar did as he was told as he leapt into the air and performed a somersault, landing his body on top of his opponent’s.

    Magmar jumped off Amazon’s back. As the weakened Zangoose slowly got up to her hind legs, Magmar landed a hefty, fiery punch in her abdomen, sending her flying. Amazon became unconscious when she landed badly on her back. “Amazon! Darn it!” Jerry yelled as he ran towards her. “Why were you attacking Keith instead of Magmar?”

    “I see that that Zangoose has strong sense of smell,” Keith said as he placed his hand on one of the pokeballs that were attached to his belt. “And it smelt my Seviper.”

    He took out the pokeball out, enlarged with a touch of the device’s button and released a black snake with different coloured patterns on different parts of his skin. “Wha…?” Jerry said in a confused tone.

    “Sevipers and Zangoose had been enemies since probably the beginning of time, moron. How come you didn’t know that?” Keith said with criticism.

    “I did!” Jerry lied in defence. “I just er… forgot, that’s all!”

    “Yeah, whatever,” Keith said, knowing that his opponent was lying. He returned his Seviper back into the pokeball, without noticing that the black snake was looking at the Zangoose in a curious manner. “Now, let’s see what you can do… not much, I’m sure.”

    “This pokemon is gonna knock your Magmar all the way into next month,” Jerry said as he tossed out his third pokeball. “Go! Bulko!”

    A huge Snorlax materialised after being released from his pokeball, much to Keith’s shock. “[How did the dweeb catch a pokemon that rare?]” Keith thought.

    He decided to ignore his shock and pointed towards the over thousand pound pokemon. “Magmar,” he said. “Fire Punch attack!”

    Magmar nodded and jumped towards his opponent while a ball of flame engulfed around his clenched paw. He went to punch the Snorlax in the gut but as he did the paw became stuck because of fat skin of the opposition’s stomach. “Magmar, pull the paw out,” Keith instructed.

    Magmar did his best to pull his paw out of Bulko’s stomach but Bulk let out a loud growl, pushing the paw out of his thick belly, sending Magmar flying until he fell and harshly skid through the sandy ground. “Good going, Bulko!” Jerry yelled, thinking of his next attack. “Finish him off with Body Slam attack.”

    Bulko patted himself on the chest a couple of times before running and jumping into the air. Magmar looked up with fear in his eyes, knowing what was coming next. “Magamr! Out of the way!” Keith yelled.

    But Magmar wasn’t able to move because of his shock. He became crushed and flattened by the thunderous force of the Snorlax’s huge and heavy body. A brief moment later after the sickening impact Bulko slowly picked himself up, revealing Magmar totally paralysed and unable to move.

    “Alright!” Jerry yelled. “Thanks to Bulko here, I’ve invented a new kind of pancake! Haha! What do you say to that, flatline?”

    “I’d say that your chance of winning against me is a flat line itself,” Keith replied, still feeling confident, as he returned his Spitfire pokemon back into his pokeball.

    He picked out another pokeball and tossed it out. “This pokemon is worth his name,” he said. “Go! Darkness!”

    A black dragon materialised standing on its small hind legs and yelled out his battle cry. “A… a Dragonite!?” Jerry said in bewilderment. “But that thing’s not normal. It’s got black skin, black and blue devil-like wings and red eyes… what’s going on here?”

    “Scared, I take it, Jerry? You should be, this pokemon can eliminate every pokemon you have on you and I can prove it to you,” Keith said. “Darkness! Hyper Beam attack!”

    Darkness’s eyes glowed red as he opened his mouth and quickly shot a strong light energy beam out of his mouth towards Bulko. Jerry and Bulko had no time to react against a devastating attack because of the shock they received when they saw the pokemon that Keith had released as the beam collided on the Snorlax, making an explosion upon impact.

    Jerry had his eyes covered to protect them from the sand and the dust of the explosion. When the dust cleared, he turned his attention back to the battlefield only to find his Snorlax lying unconsciously on his front body meaning that he was no longer able to battle.

    After Jerry returned his Snorlax back into his pokeball, he fell to his knees in defeat. “Darn it,” he said to himself. “I’ve lost.”

    “That’s it?” Keith said disappointedly as he returned his Dragonite back into his. “Three of your pokemon got knocked out and you give up already? I’m disappointed.”

    “I told you,” Jerry replied, gnarling his teeth in frustration. “I had some tough battles today, okay?”

    “Excuses,” Keith replied back as he turned away from him. “Unless you want to disgrace your reputation as a pokemon trainer, never tell anyone what we did.”

    With that, he walked away and out of the scene. Jerry was still on his knees, feeling humiliated… not once but twice in one day. He badly needed help by one of the best pokemon trainers there was today but got turned down when he confessed that he never won a pokemon battle in the last four years of his life. He no longer had the strength or spirit left in him to go on training.

    “Maybe I ought to call it quits and go home… become one of those guys who serves burgers and fries behind counters,” he mumbled.

    Suddenly, a gloved hand came into his view. He looked up and saw the person he asked for help before… Black Jack, who was showing his expressionless face. “Black Jack…” he said as tears of joy began to form in his eyes. “I thought you wasn’t gonna help me.”

    “I’m not,” Black Jack replied. “I was gonna ask if you have some spare change for gas for my motorbike.”

    “Oh,” Jerry said in a down tone as he reached his hand down his pocket. “Well, I could help you out here…”

    “Jerry, you’re such an easy guy to pick on,” Black Jack said while shaking his head. “Of course I’ve come back here to help you out.”

    “You are?” Jerry asked excitedly as he sprung to his feet feeling his spirit growing back while Black Jack withdrew his hand noticing that there was no need to help this young lad up. “But why?”

    Black Jack let out a small sigh while shaking his head. “Look at you,” he began. “I said no and you’re still sitting here waiting for me. I refused to help you out at first because I thought you were wasting your time with your training. Now the only reason why I came back to help you is because you’re going to be a challenge… and I like a challenge every now and again. But if you want to be my student, I’m gonna set up some rules.”

    “I’ll follow anything!” Jerry said enthusiastically. “Even it means losing lunch every single day!”

    “Believe me,” Black Jack said. “You’re probably gonna lose more than that.”

    With that, as they walked back to the pokemon center, Black Jack made some rules for Jerry not knowing how he would be coping with the passionate yet unintelligent underdog in future.

    Next episode: Alice meets another old friend... and discovers more about him while they take a night out.
    More coming! Reviews please!

    Oh, and while you guys for more updates, you can ask the characters. You can ask whatever question you want, like this 'Jerry, what's your favourite food?', 'BJ, who's your toughest opponent?', or 'BJ, who's your favourite pokemon?' Any question you want.
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    Brain, awesome chapter. The Dragonite really freaked me out though. Good Chapter.
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    I've been gone for a while, but i'm back and glad that school is finally taking a break for me...cause i'm sick ><. At least I get to come and read your chapter, and I didn't see any mistakes either. Gotta go now my mom just pulled into driveway, she doesn't want me on right now!
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    Thought I'd single that out, since I just like it. Not quite sure how to explain it beyond that.

    Hmm, can't really think of very much in the way of a question...let's see...Okay, Jerry, what's one Pokémon you really wish you could have, but don't think you'll ever get to have it?

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