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Pokemon Impact 4: The Triple T Tournament

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Brian Random, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Welcome to the 4th instalment of the Pokemon Impact series. If you’re interested in reading the previous ones but feel lazy to do so, leave a request via comment here, e-mail or PM and I will send you the recaps. Enjoy.

    Pokemon Impact 4: The Triple T Tournament​
    Rated: PG13​


    PTA, Pokemon Training Association, was an organisation that was in charge of all pokemon training related, such as regional pokemon leagues, pokemon contests and other major pokemon events. One of its buildings was holding a press conference.

    A group of media members were gathered there, sitting in their chairs having a chat with each other. They were for a representative or spokesman to step up to a podium in front of them to deliver the news. A bald, black man in a suit carrying a notebook walked up to the podium and tapped on the microphone, to see if it was functioning properly. Convinced that it was working, he cleared his throat and started his speech. Everyone had their notepads, pens, tape recorders and cameras ready for what the man had to say.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, members of the media, thank you all for coming,” he said enthusiastically in a Texan-like accent. “For many years, we had some great pokemon trainers, who worked from being old dreamers to being honourable pokemon masters such as Bruno Choppers…”

    The audience mumbled with agreement after he said the trainer’s name. They continued doing that after the representative said the other following names. “Prima Lorelei…” he continued. “Lance Dragonheart… Ash Ketchum… and Sidney Darkfinger. Today, there are young kids who aspire to be the top trainers of tomorrow. Alice Hummingburg… May Maple… Daryl Dave and others.

    “Most of these people and their pokemon have one thing in common, they don’t do it alone. Throughout their journeys, many trainers were not only accompanied by their pokemon but they were also accompanied by friends, relatives, rivals, etc. That is what this upcoming event is all about. It is with great pleasure that I am here to announce the upcoming pokemon battle event, the Tag Team Terror tournament, the Triple T tournament in short.”

    The audience began talking to each other in interest concerning the event while the man continued speaking. “The tournament will consist of sixteen teams, three trainers per group. The invitations will be sent out to sixteen different individuals at random. The names of the invitees will remain anonymous until the tournament begins. Those people will select two other trainers to be their team mates. After all sixteen teams have accepted our invitations we will give out the date of when the event starts.

    “Now, as the rules are concerned, before each match of the 1st round, two teams will be selected at random to battle against each other. After the teams are selected, both teams will have to discuss which member of their respective team will be placed on for a ‘sideline attack’. Now, concerning the ‘sideline attack’, the chosen trainer will stand behind his two battling team mates while he or she waits until being called upon or when the person sees fit to join in the fray for a limited time. When the time is up, the sideline attacker must call back the pokemon he or she released, or else, the attacker’s team will be disqualified.

    “The teams that win the first round matches will remain in their places for the next round. For example: For team one beats team two and team three beats team four, then team one and team three will face off in the next round. This will continue until the tournament ends.

    “The overall winning team of the tournament will not only receive recognition and trophies but they will also win a share of five million dollars.”

    Surprised gasps escaped the mouths every member in the audience before they began talking about the main prize. “Is everything clear? I’m sorry but I won’t be answering any questions at this time, I’m a little pushed. I wish the invited teams good luck and I hope to see you all soon at the Triple T tournament. Once again, thank you all very much for coming,” he said before stepping off the podium leaving every reporter asking a series of questions.

    “Can’t you give us a hint of who the invitees are?”

    “Who is the sponsor of this tournament?”

    “Any other opinions on the tournament?”

    “Where are the bodies? Shoot, I’m in the wrong place… Damn! I’m going to get fired for this!”

    Meanwhile, inside a dark office, a man in a suit was standing next to his window, gazing at the beautiful sunset, shading his face and body. He heard some footsteps coming his way. He turned around and saw an abnormal figure carrying another in his arms; both of them were in the shadows. “I knew you’d come,” the man said with a smile.

    “{You have made me a deal, which I cannot refuse},” the standing figure sent telepathically, sounding like a man with a deep voice.

    The carried figure let out a small coughs before showing some difficult breathing. “{Please… please don’t do this}…” it sent weakly, sounding like a girl. “{You… said that… he’s a criminal… a man you cannot trust}…”

    “But I’m a kind and compassionate man,” the man said showing a kind smile. “It’s not like I’m killing her… instantly.”

    The standing figure narrowed his eyes. “Just teasing,” the man said. “Just complete the challenges I have laid out and I’ll have the cure ready for your friend.”

    “{Like I said before, I’ll do anything. I’ll play your little game. You better make good on your promise},” the standing figure sent before glowing vigorously blue. {Because if you don’t I will kill you my own way}!”

    The man let out a small chortle. “That’s fine by me. I have the first challenge for you… wait.”


    “Yes. Wait for a team to win the Triple T tournament.”

    “{And the team is}?”

    The man showed a slightly bigger smile. “I think you may already know the answer,” he said before giggling again.

    The next day, a flock of Pidgeys were sent away to deliver the invitations to the sixteen trainers chosen for this tournament.

    The Green Team

    A blond and slim teen was sitting at a computer at a Pokemon Centre, slowly tapping on the same key, looking at the screen with boredom. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. He was using the internet to see if anyone spotted a particular someone named Black Jack. That young man’s name was Jerry Tickler, one of his former pupils.

    He missed his idol and mentor a lot ever since he left to do his own thing. Between his training times, besides eating a lot of food, he has been looking for him by using any type of resources like newspapers and the internet. A slim spiky blond walked up to him, he was wearing a black t-shirt and blue denim jeans. “What are you doing?” he asked curiously before becoming slightly annoyed. “Tell me you’re still not trying to look for Black Jack?”

    “I’m trying, Keith,” Jerry said tonelessly.

    “Jerry, c’mon. I know we’re not the best of friends but we got to be there for Alice. She hasn’t been much of the same ever since he left us. But I’m sure that he didn’t leave because of us, he left because he got some things on his mind after he got beaten up pretty badly.”

    “True. Not only that, but he thinks that we got potential.”

    “Hmm…” Keith murmured with narrowed eyes. “I don’t know about that.”


    “There are people around here who says we don’t have talent.”

    “We!? W… we don’t have talent!?” Jerry asked feeling very insulted.

    “Well, mainly you.”

    “Are you kidding me!? Me and Jacky are few of the guys that helped beat Team Ocean and Molten, y’know! And you!? You!? You got talent, you got um… whatsisname!”

    “I get what you’re saying, bud. I’m totally on your side…” Keith said, starting to get the feeling he may get Jerry and himself embarrassed in front of people and pokemon in the centre.

    “That’s it! Leave this to me!” Jerry shouted, looking around. He walked up to a young boy wearing a yellow t-shirt and green shorts. He was playing with a small purple rodent called a Rattata. They were playing catch with a small fluffy pokeball. “You, buddy,” he said calmly to the child, catching his attention. “What’s your name?”

    “Danny,” the boy answered casually.

    “You wanna battle me? Jerry asked. Not waiting for an answer, he continued before quickly he walked to the exit, “C’mon, let’s go.”

    Nervous, the boy looked at Keith, who responded with a small shrug. “I’ll tell him that you don’t want to battle,” he said before going after Jerry.

    Meanwhile, deep inside a forest, not far from the pokemon centre, a young girl, fourteen years of age, was on her knees in a meditating fashion in a clear part of the forest. Sitting next to her was a huge bear, known as an Ursaring, with a ring on his stomach, was also meditating.

    Usually, she’d be training her pokemon in the old fashioned way. Have her pokemon battle each other, and other trainers’… all with the guidance of one particular individual. But for unknown reasons he left her. Since then, it has been hard training without him yet she found a number of ways of overcoming her lack of confidence.

    Back to the present, they were still meditating until a sound of rustling occurred from the bushes behind them. They quickly opened their eyes in alert. “Slash attack, Big Brother,” the girl ordered quickly as a bee-lie creature with spikes on its forelegs quickly flew out of the bushes while the Ursaring quickly turned around with vicious eyes and growl.

    Meanwhile, outside the pokemon center, Jerry’s Hitmonlee, a kicking pokemon known as Jacky, slammed a hefty kick on the side of a head of a yellow creature with white fluffy fur around its neck and was holding a small pendulum. The creature was knocked down and out by the attack.

    “See!? Jacky beaten up a Hypno! He’s a psychic type pokemon as well! Psychics are meant to be stronger than fighting types!” Jerry said angrily to Keith. “Who says that we don’t have talent!?”

    “Calm down, Jerry!” Keith shouted loudly, trying to get Jerry to stop overreacting.

    “Don’t tell me to calm down! No one tells me that I don’t have talent!” Jerry shouted in his loudest voice before storming away, unnoticeably grabbing a newspaper from a nearby reader, rolling it up and then slapping it on anyone that got in his way. Some were smart or scared enough to be step away from him.

    While he continued walking, hitting and shouting, Jacky looked at his human trainer nervously while Keith held his eagerness to laugh. “I don’t know if beating up a small Rattata or a low rated Hypno is showing talent…” Keith said noticeably. “But he sure is motivated.”

    Back inside the forest, the girl was looking away from a scene that she couldn’t bear to watch. Lying almost motionlessly to the ground was the badly beaten bee pokemon, known as a Beedrill with Big Brother standing over him, looking at his trainer with worried eyes. She quickly turned and walked over to the Beedrill. She then crouched down before caringly placing her hand on his head. “Let’s take you to the pokemon centre,” she said before she thought. “{Does my uncle feel this way when someone get hurt like this}?”

    Her name was Alice Hummingburg, the niece and former student of one of the most dangerous trainers in the world… Black Jack.

    Three days later, a Pidgey flew over to them with the invitation… that could only mean one possibility. Maybe more. Jerry’s got the enthusiasm and Keith’s got the confidence. But how will Alice turn out? It’s an awesome opportunity for these three young cubs… but it won’t be easy.

    The Yellow Team

    Misty Waterflower, the Cerulean City gym leader, and Ash Ketchum, a pokemon trainer and role model for many, were sitting at a table outside a café in Cerulean City. It was a beautiful sunny day so they decided to sit a table outside to enjoy the sunshine and two cups of coffee they had just ordered. Also sitting with them was Ash’s Pikachu, who was enjoying his tomato ketchup, and a Pidgey whose job was to deliver the invitation to Ash and bring back the reply. He was eating some seeds.

    Being one of the invitees, Ash was given a task to find two other competitors to help him enter. So far, the only person he can find to help him out was Misty, the woman he loved and cherished. He convinced her to take part after telling her that she could do with some extra money for the gym because she was a dedicated gym leader.

    “I guess you’re right,” she said. “I guess the sponsor who’s paying for this tournament must be starting up some sort of tradition.”

    “Oi, miss!” shouted an angry voice.

    Everyone turned their attentions to the person who was shouting for the waitress as she quickly walked over to him. It turned out to be a man wearing a business suit sitting at one of the tables. He had a pair of muscular men also wearing suits standing behind him and a couple of women sitting next to him. “This is tea! I ordered coffee!” he complained angrily.

    “Um…! I’m sorry, sir!” the waitress replied nervously, bowing to him. “I’ll make you a coffee right now!”

    “Forget it!” the man shouted as he stood up from his seat. “Get her, boys!”

    His bodyguards quickly walked towards her and the waitress backed away from out of fear. “Please… don’t come any closer…” she pleaded, quivering with fear. Unfortunately, the bodyguards had no remorse as they grabbed her by the arms and held her on the spot while the man slowly walked towards her and looked at her with annoyed eyes.

    “Let me ask you something, what the hell’s the matter with ya?” the man asked arrogantly.

    Not pleased with what was going on, Ash and Misty stood up from their seats and walked over to them. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!?” Ash demanded.

    “Correction, what do you think YOU’RE doing!?” the man demanded. “Do you have any idea who I am?”

    “Frankly, I don’t care who you are! As long as I’m around, you can’t go treat people like that!” Misty shouted.

    “Well, you should know who I am,” the man said smugly. “My brother is a big man around these parts. If you put a hand on me, you’ll suffer for it.”

    “And what parts are you referring to, huh?” Misty demanded.

    “You’ll soon find out when he gets here. But first, how about a little bit of fun while we’re waiting?” the man said, turning to his bodyguards. “Boys?”

    The two bulky men turned their attentions away from the waitress to their boss. “Show these two who they’re dealing with here,” the man said, pointing at Ash and Misty. They acknowledged his orders as they placed their hands inside their inner suit pocket and took out a pokeball each and tossed them out, releasing their respective pokemon.

    One released a Toxicroak, a large purple frog like creature with a red chin and the other let loose a Licilicky, a large pink monster with a long tongue sticking out of its mouth. “They don’t scare us. Right, Pikachu?” Ash asked his rodent friend in a determined voice. “I choose you!”

    “(That’s right)!” Pikachu squeaked.

    “Count me in too,” Misty said taking her pokeball out before tossing it out. But suddenly, another pokeball opened releasing a some strange energy before revealing a small yellow platypus-like creature holding its head while curiously looking around.

    “Psy-yay-yay!” the yellow pokemon quaked.

    “Psyduck! What are you doing out here!? I didn’t choose you!” Misty complained.

    “Psyduck?” Psyduck quaked in a puzzled way.

    “Toxicroak!” one of the bodyguards yelled. “Use Rock Smash on that pesky rat!”

    The Toxicroak leapt towards Pikachu at a high speed, aiming his claws towards him. “Pikachu! Dodge that!” Ash yelled.

    The little critter leapt out of the way, making the tall frog slam its fist smashing into the ground with small pebbles flying everywhere. Many innocent bystanders either backed themselves into the wall or ran out of the café, both actions were out of fear. “We can’t battle here!” Msity warned. “We have to battle outside or else a lot of people will get hurt!”

    “You got it!” Ash said in acknowledgement. “Hey, fellas! Let’s take this outside!”

    “Why not?” the man said smugly. “The boys will take you down wherever you go!”

    Ash, Misty, their pokemon and their opponents quickly ran to the outside of the café. “Psyduck! Return!” Misty commanded, taking out her pokeball.

    “Lickilicky! Slam attack on that stupid duck!” one of the bodyguards yelled.

    The pink bulky monster leapt into the air and the little Psyduck, out of fright, ran out of harm’s way, barely dodging the attack but also avoiding the red beam from pokembal that Misty was carrying. “Psyduck!” she shouted angrily. “Where are you going!?”

    Still in panic, Psyduck ran around in circles, trying to get away from the large pink monster.

    Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu were still facing off against the Toxicroak. Despite the tall frog’s strength and power advantage, it had no chance against Pikachu’s speed. Continuously, with Ash’s command, Pikachu ran circles around his opponent, making it miss its Rock Smash attack. Soon, it became tired and dizzy. “Now, Pikachu!” Ash shouted. “Use your Quick Attack!”

    With a speed of light, Pikachu zoomed towards the Toxicroak, slamming his head into his face. The big frog staggered away into another direction where the Lickilicky was slammed into him.

    A strange blue aura was surrounding Misty’s Psyduck after Lickilicky knocked him silly on the head, giving him a huge headache, causing him to use his psychic powers. With his telepathic powers, he was controlling the pink behemoth’s body and now the purple frog’s as well as they rose into the air.

    “You got them now, Psyduck!” Misty yelled triumphantly. “Confusion!”

    With one swift motion of his wing, Psyduck telepathically tossed them into the ground, much to the shock of their human opponents. “This ain’t right!” the boss of the bodyguards yelled. “We’re supposed to be winning!”

    “Ah! But it is!” Ash said smugly. “Pikachu! Thunderbolt!”

    Sparks of electricity showed on both of Pikachu’s red cheeks, showing that he was powering up his attack. He leapt into the air and shouted out his battle cry, blasting out a massive bolt from his body. The opposition was dizzy because of the previous attack. They were unable to recover in time and they were struck with the little mouse’s electric attack, causing an explosion, knocking them down and out.

    The crowd went wild cheering for Ash and Misty.

    “No! No! No! No! No!” the bodyguards’ boss yelled angrily. “How can two of those punk kids beat our two perfect fighters?”

    “You guys lack the heart, that’s how!” Ash said triumphantly.

    “It doesn’t matter!” the bodyguards’ boss said, turning smugly again. “My brother will be here soon. You can stay here and wait if you want to be creamed by him and his boys!”

    “That won’t be necessary, Shawn,” another man’s voice said calmly. Everyone turned towards him. He was wearing a dark blue hat that had fox-like ears sticking out of it over his scruffy hair. Along with that he was wearing a suit. “I took care of your brother already.”

    “Hey, Riley,” Ash said recognising the man. He once met him during one of his adventures where they had to deal a criminal organisation.

    “Wh… what do you mean!?” Shawn asked.

    “You two and the rest of your mob are wanted by Interpol for grand theft concerning a particular merchandise Autospark. I’m placing you and your goons under arrest.”

    Shawn snarled a swear word at Riley before turning towards his bodyguards. “Don’t just stand there! Get him!” he shouted.

    His henchmen did as they ordered as they tossed out their respective pokeballs, releasing another one of their pokemon each, one being a red furry camel-like creature with volcano-like humps and another being a red tortoise with a coal-like shell with smoke coming out of it. The name of their species were Camerupt and Torkoal.

    “Flamethrower attack on that man!” the bodyguards ordered.

    Suddenly, two aura balls came zooming down on the battle scene, an explosion occurred upon collision on the two battling pokemon that Shawn’s henchmen let out, much to everyone’s shock except Riley’s.

    Everyone covered their eyes to avoid the dust getting into them. “What in the blue heck was that!? Who dares!?” Shawn demanded. As soon as the smoke cleared, everyone looked back on the battle scene and was now seeing the fire-type pokemons knocked out, lying motionlessly on the ground and a blue dog-like creature, known as a Lucario, standing only on its hind legs over them. “You!?” Shawn snarled angrily as he took his pokeball out of his pocket. “I’ll take care of you myself!”

    “Pikachu!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu yelled out his screech-like cry, blasting his electric blast towards the mob leader, zapping him into unconsciousness. “Nice one, pal!” Ash commented towards his long time friend.

    “(Thanks)!” Pikachu squealed.

    “Once again, highly impressive, you two,” Riley said with a smile.

    “Back at ya,” Ash said before turning towards Riley’s pokemon. “How are ya doin’, Lucario?”

    “{Ash},” Lucario replied telepathically.

    “What, his psychic?” Misty said amazement.

    “Oh, Misty!” Ash said in realisation. “Misty, this is Riley and Lucario. We met while in the Sinnoh region. Riley, Lucario, this is Misty.”

    After the introductions were done, Shawn and his henchmen were placed under arrest, thanks to Riley, Lucario, who had been following them to the Kanto region, and the assist from Ash, Misty and their pokemon. But there was one more mission that Riley and Lucario had to accomplish.

    “Thanks for your help, Ash,” Riley said. “But this next mission I require your assistance.”

    “What is it?” Ash asked.

    “The upcoming event. The Triple T Tournament,” Riley said. “My people have some suspicions about this tournament.”

    “What kind of suspicions?”

    “We don’t know yet. If you allow me to join you as part of the team, together, we can win this tournament and find out what’s behind the scheme of this tournament.”

    “Coming to think of it, maybe there could be some sort of scheme,” Misty said suspiciously. “What do you think, Ash?”

    “I guess so,” Ash said. “Supposing that there is something going on and because we need a third team player, you have my vote.”

    “Me too.”

    “Sorry, miss. I’m afraid it’s too dangerous,” Riley said. “I do have a partner in mind…”

    “Any more dangerous than helping me save the world a number of times?” Ash asked in defence. “Besides, her name is already signed on the application form anyway.”

    Nodding in defeat, Riley replied, “You made your point. This makes us a team.” He extended his hand in trust and friendship. Ash and Misty returned it as they did the same. Lucario and Pikachu did the same as their trainers did as well.

    “{Let’s do our best to help each other and everyone else, Pikachu},” Lucario growled telepathically with a smile.

    “(Hey, we saved the world a bunch of times. How hard can it be)?” Pikachu squeaked reassuringly.

    The Sapphire Team

    In the Orre Region, there was a café placed where only one customer comes in every single day, no one else, to have a cup of coffee while reading a newspaper. He would wear a suit and pair of glasses. This time…

    “This is so suspicious,” he said reading his paper. “No one gives that kind of money away unless they want something in return.” He moved his eyes left and right. “The only way to find out is to find the Orre Pack.”

    “The Orre Pack, huh?” the waiter said. He was wearing a hair net over his blond hair and an apron over his casual clothes. “I hear they’re terrific. Will there be anything else, sir?”

    “Not unless you can help me find the Orre Pack.”

    “You’re in luck,” the waiter said, taking off his hairnet, which revealed that he had shoulder length hair, and his apron before putting his sunglasses on. That man was Detective Stevens. “Cos you just found them.”

    Elsewhere, two samurai clothed men were battling against each with swords on a wooden bridge. One was mainly clothed red while the other was wearing blue clothes. They were both on the last bit of their energy. Realising that, they both needed to make a rush in for their last attack and did so. The red clothed warrior leapt into the air, aiming his sword towards his rival. The blue clothed man knew he had to make a counter attack but his opponent was too quick. With one final cut, the blue clothed man was defeated.

    “Plusle!” a little yellow rabbit squealed in delight, holding a small electronic gadget.

    “No way, man!” a long scruffy haired man shouted angrily, he was holding his own game gadget. “That was just a practice match!”

    “Geez, how can a human, one who plays video games a lot like you Isaac, lose to a pokemon like Plusle, that has next to no experience in them?” a rock hard rhino-like creature, known as Mecha the Rhydon, said, who was observing the game. One of his rocky arms was replaced by a mechanical one.

    They were inside a room of a building playing a fighting game using handheld game consoles. The building they were in was a dating agency, which they use as a hideout so that no one would find them. They had a policy that if anyone can find them, they would be able to hire them as mercenary agents.

    Suddenly, a girl in denim clothing with red hair barged into the room with a phone in her hand. “It’s Stevens’s!” she yelled excitedly. “We got a case to do!”

    “Hey, hey, hey, Rui!” Isaac shouted, shocked by the girl’s outburst and happy that they now got a job to do. “What’s the case this time, your Wes-stalker-ness?”

    “It’s about the tournament we got invited into! Some guy is behind all this!”

    “Now, who would’ve thought it?” Mecha replied sarcastically with a shrug. “First we get invited to this million dollar tournament and now we got some guy who’s suspicious of this whole thing. Gee, I wonder if it’s a set up.”

    “Who cares?” Isaac said enthusiastically. “As we long as we can get some big cash, we can get all the burgers we want. Besides, your metal arm could use a little shining.”

    “I like my arm the way it is, thank you.”

    For Rui, this also meant one particular thing and it was much to her enjoyment. “Oh, Wes! Wes!” she said happily with passion in her tone. “Where art thou, Wes?”

    At a different location, not far from the group’s hideout, there was a dome-shaped stadium known as the Pyrite Colosseum. Inside, a large number of fans were standing on balconies, cheering for the competitors that were now battling against each other.

    The battlers consisted a small fox creature known as an Eevee, who was being trained by a young teen wearing a yellow vest over his black t-shirt and jeans. The other was a dark wolf-like creature known as a Mightyena, being commanded by a man in rugged clothing. The wolf was getting the upper hand of this battle after knocking down the little pup, thanks to his mass and strength.

    The boy in the yellow vest looked towards another man standing a distance away from him, seemingly for support. He had silver spiky hair with a white stripe painted on his face and was wearing a long blue jacket over his black clothing. The man smiled a small smile. This somehow gave the young teen some small boost confidence as he turned his attention back to the battle.

    The little Eevee had his back against the cage while the Mightyena maliciously glared back him. “Take Down! Finish him off!” the wolf’s trainer yelled.

    Acknowledging the command, the Mightyena leapt towards his opponent, aiming to slam his body on top of his to squash like a bug pokemon. “Eevee!” the young teen cried. “Move out of the way!”

    As quick as a wink, despite being weakened, the little Eevee rolled out of the harm’s way at the last second. The Mightyena slammed into the cage walls inadvertently, making him stunned. The young teen now saw his chance. “Now, Eevee, attack with your Shadow Ball! Give everything you got!” he yelled.

    Dark energy glowed around the body of the little pup, signalling that he was powering for his next attack while the Mitghtyena tried to shake the dizziness out. “Mightyena! Look out behind you!” the trainer yelled as the ball began to appeared and grow from the Eevee’s mouth into twice the size of the Mightyena.

    Unfortunately for the Mightyena, it was too late. The Eevee blasted out the energy ball towards him, causing a huge explosion upon impact. Everyone covered their eyes to avoid the smoke and dust getting into them. After everything was clear, everyone looked back onto the battle scene. One side of the cage had been totally obliterated and Mightyena was lying motionlessly on the ground, battered and bruised, and distances away from the little Eevee.

    “The Mightyena has been beaten!” the referee announced holding his hand up. “Michael and his Eevee win!”

    “I... I won?” the yellow vested boy said in shock. “I won! Hehay!”

    “Eevee! Eee!” the little Eevee squealed as he ran towards his trainer before leaping into his arms. They hugged each other in an embrace.

    The man in the blue jacket nodded, pleased with the ability of this young boy and his pokemon. Before this battle occurred, Michael wanted to be his apprentice so that he could become a strong trainer. Despite being slightly reluctant, he decided to take him in, promising him that being his apprentice won’t be easy. When he received an invitation, he told Michael that he would offer him a place in the team if he won this battle and indeed he did. The name of the man in the blue jacket was the Snagem Renegade, Wes, one of the members of the Orre Pack. “Impressive,” he said, know that his apprentice will now be joining the team, alongside Isaac Wolfpack.

    He turned to his right and saw a human shaped pokemon standing by his side. Some humans would mistake that this pokemon was wearing a pair of red baggy parents and a red hat. over his pink skinny scarred body when they’re actually his body parts. In his three-fingered paw was a folded steel chair. The species name of this creature was Medicham. “It’s not going to be easy though, Tattoo,” Wes said to his homicidal friend.

    The death defying Medicham let out a small hiss in response.

    The Black Team

    A classic looking car was being driven through a clear pathway of a forest. Driving the car was a young man in chauffer uniform with light purple hair while a slim, old man with white short hair, wearing a grey suit and a pair of glasses, was sitting at the back of the car. The young man had a nervous look on his face while the old remained calm.

    “James, stop the car now,” the old man said suddenly yet calmly.

    “Yes, sir,” his chauffer replied nervously as he immediately pressed his foot on the break pedal in an emergency. The car instantly stopped.

    “Wait in the car,” the old man ordered as he opened the door, leaving his chauffer inside. He closed the door after walking out. He walked towards the front end of the car and found some spikes on the floor in front of it. He took a black glove out of his pocket and placed his hand in it. He then proceeded to pick up one of the spikes with his gloved hand and observed it closely. “A Skarmory,” he said to himself. “These spikes are newly made.”

    “Hold it right there!” yelled a man’s voice. “Give us your money or we’ll stab ya!”

    Three men in rugged clothing jumped out of the trees, accompanied by their respective pokemon. The old man saw them as bandits as he looked at each and every one of them with his cold brown eyes behind his circular shaped glasses. “You call that a pokemon, my friend?” the old man asked pointing at a Skarmory, a steel armoured bird, flapping its metal wings to keep itself in the air.

    “Yeah! It is a pokemon!” yelled the second man. “I got it from the Safari Zone so give us your money!”

    “No, my friend,” the old man said placing his hand in his pocket, slowly taking out a small white and red sphere, called a pokeball. He pressed the button on it to make it slightly bigger. “This is a pokemon.”

    He tossed the pokeball upwards and it opened up, releasing a strange red energy moving towards the ground. The energy materialised into a small, brown dinosaur-like creature with a skull-like mask. The creature was known as a Marowak. Most creatures from his species carried one bone as a weapon but this one was carrying two bones, one in each paw.

    “Dude! That’s a ground type!” yelled the third man. “Flying types have an advantage against Ground attacks!”

    “You know this much and that’s it?” the old man said showing off a confident smirk. “There is more to battling than just knowing.”

    “Metallica!” the Skarmory’s trainer, one of the bandits, yelled. “Drill Peck attack!”

    The Skarmory immediately dived down towards the Marowak, spinning like a screwdriver. The Marowak waited patiently for his master’s command.

    “Bone Rush to defend yourself, Stone,” the old man ordered calmly.

    The Marowak began spinning like a tornado, dashing towards the skydiving Skarmory. As both attacks were coming towards each with great velocity, the rugged trainer looked on with determined eyes while the old man was feeling mostly confident. Stone won that attack, as his weapon slammed right into the side of Metallica’s face, much to the rugged trainer’s dismay.

    The attack continued with Stone’s repeated shots to the face, while Metallica’s trainer was in deep shock. “Now, jump onto that Skarmory’s back and give her a Bone Club,” the old man said, still feeling calm.

    Taking advantage of Metallica’s dizziness, Stone leapt into the air and landed on her back. He slammed two of his bones on the back of her head, making her screech in pain, crashing her head down on the ground with a ferocious swat.

    Stone leapt off the steel-type bird’s back, allowing others to see if she was unconscious. “I’m afraid she’s knocked out,” the old man said, still showing his smirk while the Skarmory’s trainer ran to her aid. “Now, gentlemen, if you don’t mind…”

    “We’re not done with you yet!” another bandit yelled. “Get them, Monty!” Upon his command, a large brown insect with two huge horns on its head ran towards Stone.

    “You too, Sly,” the third bandit yelled, pointing at the opposition. A black and grey wolf ran into the battlefield.

    “Ah, a Pinsir and a Mightyena,” the old man said. “Hardly a problem for us because Stone has got two bones to knock around two heads with.”

    As they were about to commence their battle, they heard another car coming their way behind the old man’s. It turned out to be an expensive looking red Cadillac with black folded leather roof. A beautiful woman with long dark green luxurious hair that reached down to her hips was driving it. She was wearing a pair of fancy looking sunglasses, a black tank top, a red miniskirt and a pair of brown high-heeled boots.

    She parked behind the old man’s car and got out of it. She walked towards the battlefield, taking a pokeball off her belt. “Two against one?” she said confidently in a deep voice. “How adventurous of you two.”

    “Lady, this is none of your business!” the Pinsir’s trainer yelled. “Push off!”

    “Is that a way to treat a girl?” the woman asked, still showing her calmness and elegance.

    “Ma’am, I do believe I have this under control,” the old man said, still showing his smirk.

    “At least let me have some part of the action. Whip, if you please,” she said as she tossed out her pokeball, releasing a strange creature covered in blue and purple vines, showing only her eyes and pink feet.

    “A Tangela!?” one of the bandits yelled. “We’ll bang that thing out in no time flat!”

    “Then attack and find out,” the woman said arrogantly.

    “With pleasure!” the other bandit yelled. “Monty! Use your Guillotine!”

    “Sly! Crunch!” his partner yelled.

    “Whip, Vine Whip attack,” the woman ordered with confidence in her voice.

    Two of the Tangela’s vines stretched out of her body to long lengths and started lashing out on her opponents, making them feel the sting of that attack. Both Monty and Sly stepped away from Whip, whimpering in pain. But Whip was relentless as she began to chase them down, still whipping them on various parts of their bodies, much to the bandits’ dismay.

    “Let’s end this,” the old man said, now showing seriousness in his eyes. “Stone, Bonemarang.”

    Stone, using all his might, threw out his bones, making them spin like boomerangs. The bones hit the opposition in their faces and then hit them in the back of their heads, returning to him as he grabbed them successfully. “How true,” the woman said. “This is getting a little boring. Whip, Slam attack them.”

    Whip ended her whipping and grabbed hold of them around their waists and easily lifted them up in the air. The bandits looked on in terror while the pokemon had scared looks in their faces. “Okay! We give up!” the bandits yelled in panic.

    “Pity,” the old man said.

    The Tangela, with all her might, violently slammed two of their opponents’ bodies on the ground with a force of two colliding vehicles. After the collision, the bandits’ pokemon became motionless. This forced their trainers to run and to check on them.

    “Really now, youngsters,” the old man said. “Is that all you three can muster? And all this just get some money when you could be looking for jobs.” He took out a small penny out of his pocket and flicked it to the floor towards the bandits. “For your trouble.”

    The woman also did the same. “At least get yourselves some new clothes,” she said with a smile. “Those dirty clothes are so yesterday. Once you’re done nursing your pokemon, move those spikes for us.”

    “Let’s do what they say before they beat us down again,” one of the bandits whimpered.

    Once the spikes were cleared, the bandits and their pokeon moved away. The old man moved his attention towards the woman who helped him won the battle while she walked back to her vehicle. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” he said. “Brings back the good old memories, huh?”

    The woman slowly turned her attention to him. “Yeah,” she said, holding her thumb up. “Speaking of which, we have an old friend to meet.”

    Sometime later, they were travelling together but in their respective vehicles towards a nearby city. Inside the city was an Italian themed coffee house, where they were heading. Like many coffee houses, it had a number of chairs and tables placed outside the building. As they parked, they spotted a motorbike parked outside and a man wearing a yellow trench coat and hat, which was shading his face, standing on top of the roof. The man also spotted them from above.

    Upon entry, the old man, accompanied by the woman, spoke to a man dressed in waiter uniform that they were looking a man named DT. “Ah, DT,” the man said in an understanding tone with realisation. “Go up the stairs. He’s been expecting you.”

    They both walked up to the roof of the house, standing a distance away from the man dressed in yellow. “Good afternoon, old friend,” the old man said with small smile.

    “Hope you have been saving up because we’re going to have some drinks and I’m not paying,” the woman said.

    “Edward Darkadder and Megan Thorn,” the man in yellow said turning around to face them. “I can’t remember the last time we were together.” He took his hat off revealing his bearded face, a pair of sunglasses and a black bandanna wrapped around his forehead. He was smart enough to disguise himself otherwise everyone would’ve recognised him instantly. He was one of the most dangerous and dominant trainers in the pokemon world. He was none other than Black Jack.

    After some 'tough' talking and negotiations, the Black Team was formed.

    Now, all the preparations have been made. Who will win the tournament?
    More coming! What'cha think?
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  2. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    The two telepathic figures in that one scene early on are what interest me the most so far. o.o I wonder who--and what they might be... Not only that, but one is apparently forced to rely on someone seemingly less-than-trustworthy--someone who seems to be the one behind the tournament--in order to save the the other. I'm quite interested in seeing how that particular aspect of the story unfolds...


    The heck? XD Wrong place, indeed... XP

    I couldn't help but laugh there--someone bopping another person on the head with a rolled-up newspaper is just one of those things that nearly always amuses me. XD

    ...Nice title. XD
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    Wow, I got second review!
    *does a happy dance*

    YOU, my friend, are EVIL! I can't choose who to root for, beaver dam it! Ah, well... I'll just stay neutral for now.
    LOL! Jerry's antics continue! Good times, man. Good times...
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  4. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Sike Saner: Oh, how very intriguing. Expect more action and surprises in the upcoming chapters.

    Heart of Ice: I think you’re probably going to hate me even more after the next chapter. Remember, there are sixteen teams in this tournament. ^^
  5. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    Chapter 1: Look Who’s Invited

    “Ladies and gentlemen! Fans in this very arena! Fans around the world, watching at home! Welcome to the Triple T Tournament! We’re live at the Plateau Stadium in the Johto Region!” the commentator yelled excitedly. Fans gathered at the arena to see their favourite pokemon and their trainers, hoping to see some great battles. “Are you guys ready!?” the commentator continued. “Let’s meet all our participants.”

    One by one, each team and their members were introduced to the crowd by the arena announcer who standing in the centre. Some teams were applauded, cheered, given a standing ovation or booed at. After fifteen teams were introduced, one more team was about to make their entry. While the teams waited, they looked at the oppositions with determined, focussed or calm eyes. Suddenly, an empty beer bottle came flying out of the entrance way and crashed on ground near the feet of one of the teams, breaking into several pieces, much to everyone’s shock. “It… can’t be…” one of participants whimpered fearfully. “It can’t be…!”

    “I’m afraid so,” Ash said, being one of the participants who remained calm. As he expected, along with an elderly man in a suit and a woman wearing some expensive clothes, a man in black leather clothing entered the arena. Most of the teams did not like this moment one bit. Half the audience were cheering for the team while the other half were booing at them, mainly at one particular individual. “Black Jack.”

    “Strange,” Black Jack said, moving his head left and right. “Those idiots used to cheer for me.”

    “I thought you hated the cheers,” Megan said. “Besides, rumour has it that you ‘abandoned’ your niece. Is that right?”

    “Also, there are people who haven’t been liking your battling tactics,” Edward said.

    “Heh, they can take their opinions and shove it,” Black Jack said. “Let’s go meet those losers over there.”

    They began to walk to their nearby destination. One of the competitors snatched a microphone from the announcer. “Okay, hotshots,” he said. He had short black hair, a pretty face and was wearing a black suit, his name was Daniel Ace, member of the Diamond Team. “Why is an outlaw like you doing in a tournament like this, where only participants with class can compete? Who the heck do you think you are?”

    Black Jack moved the microphone away from him and spoke into it. “Firstly, you don’t need a stinking class to compete. You don’t have any anyway. Secondly, let me remind you in case you didn’t know the first million times,” he continued before pointing at Ash, member of the Yellow Team, along with Misty and Riley. “I ain’t the Pride of Pallet,” he said before pointing at Wes, another participant and member of the Sapphire Team, which consisted of himself, Michael and Isaac Wolfpack. “I ain’t the Snagem Renegade… I am… Black Jack.”

    He ended his talk when he shoved microphone back into Daniel’s chest.

    “Are we doing introductions again?” another competitor asked as he borrowed the microphone from Daniel. He had blond hair with a flat top and was also wearing a suit except that it was coloured red. “Good, because the announcer did a crappy job of announcing me anyway.”

    He cleared his throat before speaking into the microphone. “Now that I have everybody’s attention,” the blond man said enthusiastically. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Triple T Tournament proudly brings you the man hailing from Lilycove City… which just happens to be in the Hoenn, not this sack of crap called Johto!”

    The crowd booed at that statement, not pleased with him or his attitude.

    “I am the member of the future tag champions, the Diamond Team… Ben Bennety!” Ben said with triumph in his voice before stretching out at both sides while embracing boos from the crowd. He slowly moved microphone towards his mouth and was about to say something else when suddenly the microphone was snatched away from him. It turned out to be a large man in an army clothing. His other team mate was also the same clothes while the other was wearing street clothes. They were Big and Badmint Bruiser, known as the Bruiser Boys, and Da Pokeplaya. They were members of the Gold team.

    “Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!” he said. “In case you didn’t notice, I just repeated every word you just said!”

    While he spoke, Black Jack took it upon himself to give the other participants a glare. There were people he was mostly familiar with. “Hello, everyone,” he said tonelessly.

    Some of the people greeted him back with a mumble of his name, either out of fear or hatred. He looked at each team with focus in his eyes and there were those he had recognised.

    First, he took a glance at a team, the White team, with a member he would remember. He had a green t-shirt, a pair of brown jeans and blue trainers and his trademark glasses. That young man’s name was Max Maple, an associate of when they took down Team Dark and then the coalition of Team Ocean and Team Molten a few years later. Next to him was another young teen wearing a cap on his heat, a red jacket over his yellow long-sleeved t-shirt, pair of blue jeans and red shoes. If memory served Black Jack correctly, the announcer called him by the name ‘Daryl Dave’. It was somewhat strange to Black Jack that that their third partner wasn’t with them but quickly noticed that they were giving a dull glare to someone behind him. He turned around and saw their third partner flirting with Megan. He was a scruffy, muscular, yet slimmed, blond man who was wearing a pair of black jeans, black gloves, boots and an unbuttoned short sleeved shirt with a picture of a green snake-like dragon on the back of it. That man’s name was Rocky Slate.

    “Hey, babe, after the ceremony, how about we go out for dinner? I know a posh place to eat… and sleep if you get my drift,” Rocky asked with a big smile on his face.

    “Get lost,” Megan said in disgust. “And don’t call me, babe.”

    Black Jack shook his head before he turned his attention to the other team, this time it was the Blue team. This group had three girls, both of which he would recognise but the third one was new to him. The two girls were Dawn ‘Water’ Spirit and Peach Suomi, who once teamed up with him, Alice, Jerry and Keith against a criminal organisation. Dawn had blue hair that reached down to her shoulder blades, along with wearing a black tight t-shirt with a heart on the chest, a whit short skirt and a pair of white boots. Peach had ginger hair with a red and orange stripy t-shirt with a white short skirt. They were both looking at him sternly because of what he did to Alice when he left the group a year ago. The third team member he didn’t recognise was dressed in a black long sleeved shirt, a purple skirt that reached down to her knees, a pair of long black socks and shoes. Despite not knowing her, Black Jack sensed something from her. “(There’s something strange about her),” he thought to himself while the new girl timidly looked at the arena surrounding her.

    The third team he focussed on was the Silver team, consisted a group of martial artists. He recognised them to be students of the Burning Fists Dojo. They were Lao Ping, the current leader of the dojo, Harano Kazumi, the Japanese student with a strong sense of honour, and Kenny Albright, a blond American who was a former student of the dojo and currently travelling around the world. When he met them for the first time, they were being threatened by their rival dojo, the Poison Fist, when their former master got murdered. But Black Jack and the Burning Fist’s No.1 student, Chan the Blaziken, took matters into their own hands and defeated them, with Black Jack forcing the Poison Fist Dojo to promise not to harm the Burning Fist Dojo again. Afterwards, Chan teamed up with Black Jack on his travels.

    The fourth group, the Pearl team, he looked at had a young girl in a wheelchair, who he recognised as Christie Kesner from the previous year where he saw her team up with Jerry to defeat two members from Team Ocean in a pokemon battle. If memory served him correctly, she was battling with a great deal of heart to overcome the fact that she was a disabled person. Two other people she was teaming up with appeared to be wrestlers, dressed in their in-ring attire. One was muscular built, standing seven-foot tall, wearing nothing but a wrestling mask with picture of a Tauros on the forehead, a pair of long sleeved tights and black boots. Another was a short young man with a normal build, also wearing a green wrestling mask, a pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt and a green Mexican hat. Being a man with good knowledge about sports that involved combat, he recognised those two individuals. “El Tauros and Lotad Man,” he murmured.

    The fifth team he looked at was one of the teams he was definitely familiar with. There was Cassandra, the young girl who used to be rather arrogant but has grown some respect for other trainers and a strong friendship with her pokemon over the years since her first encounter with Black Jack. She was wearing some casual clothing, with her t-shirt had a picture of a broken heart. Another team member was an emerald haired boy known as Wally, friends with Cassandra because of their pokemon falling in love with each other. He had emerald hair was wearing a long sleeved buttoned shirt with brown jeans underneath it. The third member was a trainer that Black Jack hasn’t seen for the past five years since their battle in the Hoenn League, Cecilia Stansfield who had long black hair and was wearing a black-buttoned shirt over her red trousers. If memory served him correctly, she specialised in using the Mantis pokemon Scyther. They were members of the Emerald team. He saw Cassandra and Cecilia whispering to each other; to him they must be strategising.

    Another team he looked at was the Sapphire Team, better known as the Orre Pack, consisted of Wes, Michael and Isaac. Alongside them were two pokemon, Mecha and Tattoo. On more than one occasion, with the exception of Michael, they teamed up together to take a number of criminal gangs, one of them being Team Dark five years ago. Despite not seeing them for a year, Black Jack knew what they could do… and possibly much more.

    The other group he looked at was the Yellow team, consisted of Mistey Waterflower, Riley and someone he would call someone worthy to battle him… Ash Ketchum. It wasn’t a surprise to him that he would show up. It has been five years since their first introduction and they have teamed up together on more than one occasion despite their slight detest of each other’s training methods and battling ways. They battled only once but it was a classic and epic battle. As far as Black Jack was concerned, the next battle they have would be equivalent to the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, and vice-versa.

    The next team he looked at next was the Green team… consisted of the young teens that he sometimes referred to as his ‘cubs’: Keith Marsden, Jerry Tickler and his niece Alice Hummingburg. He glared at them for what seemed like ages. Alice sternly stared back at him in response while her two partners became concerned about the relationship between these two relatives. Six years ago, Black Jack took her under his wing. For the next five years, he taught her many things about pokemon and life but in the way that he experienced in his time and they became very close. Along the way, they met Jerry, the underdog who was a big fan of Black Jack, and Keith, former member of Team Ocean, and trained along with them. That was until Black Jack decided to leave for reasons he did not want his cubs to know and they had to train themselves up to this day. “(She’s changed),” Black Jack thought simply, noticing a moody expression on her face and sensing some strong negative energy from her. Alice didn’t utter a word. He wondered if she would address him as an uncle anymore while everyone couldn’t help but notice the atmosphere between the two relatives: cold and distant.

    He looked at the rest of the teams but only a quick glance, thinking they were not a threat or challenge to him. He looked back at the two team talking trash to each other, the Diamond team and the Gold team.

    “You make your pokemon battle so bad you make a guy like me sick,” Da Pokeplaya said, taunting the Gold team. “Da Pokeplaya’s invincible, you just go suck my…”

    He raised the microphone up to allow the audience say the word that rhymed with ‘sick’.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, these are your sixteen teams for the Triple T Tournament!” the announcer cried excitedly. “And now, history will now be made as we announce the first two teams who will compete in the first match of the first round! Please direct attention to the big screen!”

    Everyone looked at the big screen to find out who would be up first. There were two columns with the letters ‘VS’ between them. The pictures on the columns were changing rapidly until they suddenly stopped showing two different teams. “It’s the Black Team versus the Ruby team!” the announcer yelled, still in excitement.

    “It seems that we’re not facing anyone,” Megan said despite seeing those three individuals on the big screen.

    “Yep, we’re just gonna pass some time,” Black Jack said.

    “Are you calling us nobodies!?” shouted a voice behind them.

    The Black Team turned around and saw the three young teens they’re going to face in the first round. “Black Jack! Don’t you even recognise us!?” one of the punk individuals shouted angrily, he was followed by another.

    “No,” Black Jack replied simply.

    “I am Skid! And this is my partner, Skater! We’re members of the Rocket Revengers!”

    “Didn’t I put you brats away a few years ago?”

    “Not all of us!”

    Black Jack shook his head in annoyance. “I guess that cheap suit of yours is cutting the air out of brain,” he said. “Even though you’re tougher than Magikarps, you’re still no match for me.”

    “How about taking on the three of us!?” the third member snarled as he stepped in. He was wearing a martial arts outfit.

    “Who the hell are you?” Black Jack asked.

    “I am Kain Low! Member of the Poison Fist Dojo!” the martial artist retorted.

    He looked at these three people and noticed one thing. “Tell me, Kain. Were you the one invited and got those two to come with you?” he asked.

    “Yes. Why?”

    “I thought as much. None of your own cronies would team up with you in fear that they might face guys like me. Number two in the top dojo list? Bottom of the list is more like it,” Black Jack said arrogantly before he ‘remembered’ something. “Oh, wait. You guys ARE at the bottom of the list after what you did to Chan’s old master five years ago. Remember the poison you guys put in his tea?”

    “Very poor way of trying to take over, my young friends,” Edward added noticeably, as he pushed his glasses slightly towards his eyes. “If only you didn’t get caught.”

    “Doesn’t matter, that’s all ancient history. Now’s the present and future. We are going to face Black Jack’s team,” Skid said. “But to tell you something, you and your team of elderly punks won’t even make it to the first round! So we’re gonna start and end this rivalry! Right here! Right now!”

    Vain throbbed on Megan’s forehead. “Elderly! I’ll show you elderly!” she snarled angrily. She took out her pokeball and was about to release her pokemon but Edward stopped her by holding out his hand in front of her.

    “Calm down, Megan,” he said, snapping her out of her anger. “They’re just… children,” he finished smugly.

    Megan showed off a little shrug in response. Her anger was just an act.

    “We know what you little brats are trying to do,” Black Jack said. “Getting us jacked up so we can get angry to beat you guys up in a pokemon battle… getting us in trouble with the tournament officials in the process. The truth is, boys, we’re too smart for that. We’ve through that before. So if you think that we’re going to beat you guys up just because you tell us to do that, think again. We’ll do that when the time is right. But until then, boys, I highly recommend that you get training fast, eat your vitamins and say your prayers. Pray that we don’t break you so badly, physically and mentally.”

    “We will have a ten minute break before the very first commences,” the announcer said. “So trainers, rest up or train hard. Our fans want you guys in top form for your battle.”

    And with that, Black Jack and his partners turned around, making their way out of the arena to get prepared as did the others, with the boys of the Ruby team muttering some curses on the Black team.

    Alice quickly walked over to Black Jack until they were next to each other. “Remember, Black Jack,” she said quietly to him. “Don’t underestimate anyone… including me.”

    Black Jack looked down towards her. “If you want to get yourself into something more than just a spanking, you’re on the right track,” he replied smugly. He was slightly surprised that Alice called him by his usual name instead of ‘Uncle Jack’ yet it was expected.

    “Funny,” she replied bitterly as she walked a distance away from him.

    The people who were close to those two people couldn’t help but notice. But they can’t let this be a distraction as they all get themselves ready for the Triple T Tournament.
    More coming!
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    Something that seemed to particularly catch my attention was the third member of the Blue team. The reasons: Black Jack's silent statement that there was "something strange about her", as well as the narration's mention of him having "sensed something from her". Those details have got me curious about her, about who and what she might actually be and what secrets, if any, she might be hiding. o.o (I apologize if I've missed or forgotten any clues about her identity and/or what's "strange" about her that might have been released. ^^; )


    That makes me laugh, especially out of context. XD

    Oh, lovely. XD;
  7. Brian Random

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    Everything will be revealed sooner or later, Sike. You may get quite a surprise. ^^ Lovely trash talk, don't you think? This upcoming battle... prepare for a little... ownage. ^^

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