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Pokemon in Australia

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Willow's Tara, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    Well it's another year, and it does feel like Toasted TV haven't shown Pokemon for a year (Besides the Mystery Dungeon Special shown sometime in December). So the old age question, when is Pokemon coming back to Australia?

    I don't even remeber watching it at all last year, maybe it was on and I forgot but still, (What episode are we even up to?, I know they finished the BF aleast). So when it is returning?
  2. ~AussieWonder~

    ~AussieWonder~ Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, im sure Toasted TV will bring it back for 09. Actually, it should be kinda soon. I dont really mind either way, I'll still watch the latest english dub on youtube.
  3. Rommath

    Rommath ▲_▲

    Pokemon never seems to be on down here these days. Last time I remember seeing it was around March last year. They've shown all the episodes up until the one where Ash gets Chimchar. So hopefully they show Tears For Fears soon on Toasted TV.
  4. Mela

    Mela pasbl. newbie

    Pokemon is aired on Cartoon Network for those who have Foxtel.
  5. Lunabunny

    Lunabunny New Member

    Yeah toasted TV is not as good as it used to be...
    but Cartoon Network has good anime
  6. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    it finished at the end of the season and i believe they'll put it back on when the dub get's to about DP 90 for the aussie's to see new epiodes daily
  7. Rommath

    Rommath ▲_▲

    Toasted TV is a fair bit behind. They haven't even aired Tears for Fears yet. Wish I had Foxtel, but your probably right about DP 90. Pip and Dan were alright hosts when they still did the show.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
  8. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    remember the good all days when we woke up to cheese TV and it was awesome ( a picture of me was on it once ) yea.. DBZ, pokemon and all those other great shows...

    anyway they'll probably restart the series from following a mayden's voyage to the end of battle dimension ( like they did in hoenn )
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
  9. Honsy

    Honsy Screaming Narwhal

    OMG! I loved Cheez TV. I haven't seen that since I was still in primary school...Good times.
  10. Mela

    Mela pasbl. newbie

    GOD Toasted TV ... thank god I stopped Primary School in that year, now I am in Highschool and am missing Cheez TV
  11. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    toasted TV will never reach cheese tv's glory
    i watched it this morning and i have a report
    7: 18- woke up
    7: 26- turned on TV to see sponge bob
    7: 29- sponge bob finish's
    7: 30- 3 minutes of unfunny jokes while reading the mailbag
    7: 33- totally wild !!!!!! a show about people ( yes not a cartoon ) reporting animals
    7: 34- changed the channel to watch sunrise
    good ol kochie
    in conclusion toasted tv is dying a slow and painful death
  12. Mela

    Mela pasbl. newbie

    Cheez TV was full on genuine and funny, Toasted TV treats kids like idiots !!!
  13. Rommath

    Rommath ▲_▲

    It sure does. I miss the actually funny jokes and anecdotes of Cheez TV. And the good hosts. I might see if I can find out if Toasted TV actually has any plans at all to show Pokemon, if not, well...

    EDIT: Couldn't find anything unfortunately. It would be in Toasted TV's favour to start showing it again...
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2009
  14. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    toasted tv suckzzzzzz! cheeze tv was pure excellence
    cheez tv
    the best cartoons
    funny and awesome hosts
    that cheeze tv badabedebattada theme ( at the start of the add break )
    and thats all you need
    toasted tv
    not funny hosts
    crap shows
    no theme song
  15. Charlie_

    Charlie_ @therealcharlie

    What exactly is on Toasted TV nowadays? I never wake up before 8:30 to see :(

    And, Pip and Dan were cool as! Mainly cos Pip likes Hilary Duff, haha :|
  16. AceTrainerTim

    AceTrainerTim Well-Known Member

    Cartoon Network has Pokemon at 7:30 in the morning weekdays. For people with Select Tv, Austar, or Foxtel.

    Though its currently showing the Battle Frontier Series.
  17. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    I don't have Foxtel.

    Don't really remeber Cheez TV but it was better since it aired Pokemon more. And oh yeah it was Tears for Fear we got up to.
  18. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    no they never showed tears for fears i think we only got up to smells like team spirit
  19. latios reborn

    latios reborn Well-Known Member

    Do we know when that series is going to be out on dvd here?

    It was on I remeber it
  20. The Power of Pika

    The Power of Pika Way Past Cool!!

    March sometime a boxset of season 9 (battle fronteir) is coming out. Apparently has mastermind.

    Magna pacific's site says 4th march.

    I'm getting impatient for Pokemon episodes on TV aswell. I have no cable either.=(
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2009
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