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Pokemon in Australia

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Next Battle Dimension episode is the episode where Ash's Turtwig evolves and is given advice by Paul's Torterra.

Airs on Eleven tomorrow at 7am.

And the Pokemon season rerun to air from Friday next week is still unconfirmed but I think it's Galactic Battles.


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Anyone here remember the anime Teknoman?
I remember seeing it on Cheez TV.


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Tomorrow's Battle Dimension episode is where Ash, Dawn and Brock first meet Barry.

The Hearthome Gym Battle will be airing on Tuesday.

Series finishes on Thursday when Dawn's Swinub evolves and the gang encounter Cresselia and Darkrai.

Another Pokemon season rerun (still unconfirmed) will be starting on Friday.

Also, a new set of Pokemon and Zoobles toys will be coming to McDonald's in June:

Pokemon will be the male toys and Zoobles will be the female toys.


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I hope toasted tv airs sinnoh league victors actually, cartoon network is a total joke, they only go up to ash and pauls battle and restart the series.


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In a way, i hope it is knowing the latter half of galactic battles was pretty good, but i really want sinnoh league victors or even rival destinies? :D

tcpi dubs way ahead, they have already dubbed up to episode 80 meaning once toasted tv caught up, tcpi would have finished with the season.


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I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that the season rerunning from Friday will be Galactic Battles.

When that finishes they might do a Sinnoh League Victors rerun, then maybe Rival Destinies.


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Or they could do Pokemon Black & White again
There is a chance of that cos not all the episodes aired on Eleven yet.

Upcoming Pokemon DP Galactic Battles episodes:

Friday May 25 - Get Your Rotom Running!
Sunday May 27 - A Breed Stampede!
Monday May 28 - Ancient Family Matters!
Tuesday May 29 - Dealing With Defensive Types!
Wednesday May 30 - Leading A Stray!
Thursday May 31 - Steeling Peace Of Mind!
Friday June 1 - Saving The World From Ruins!
Sunday June 3 - Cheers On Castaways Isle!
Monday June 4 - Hold The Phione!
Tuesday June 5 - Another One Gabites The Dust!
Wednesday June 6 - Stealing The Conversation!
Thursday June 7 - The Drifting Snorunt!
Friday June 8 - Noodles! Roamin' Off!
Sunday June 10 - Pursuing A Lofty Goal!
Monday June 11 - Trials And Adulations!
Tuesday June 12 - The Lonely Snover!
Wednesday June 13 - Stopped In The Name Of Love!
Thursday June 14 - Old Rivals, New Tricks!
Friday June 15 - To Thine Own Pokemon Be True!
Sunday June 17 - Battling A Cute Drama!
Monday June 18 - Classroom Training!
Tuesday June 19 - Sliding Into Seventh!
Wednesday June 20 - A Pyramiding Rage!
Thursday June 21 - Pillars Of Friendship!
Friday June 22 - Frozen On Their Tracks!
Sunday June 24 - Pedal To The Mettle!
Monday June 25 - Evolving Strategies!
Tuesday June 26 - Uncrushing Defeat!
Wednesday June 27 - Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!
Thursday June 28 - Beating The Bustle And Hustle!
Friday June 29 - Gateway To Ruin!
Sunday July 1 - Three Sides To Every Story!
Monday July 2 - Strategy Begins At Home!
Tuesday July 3 - A Faux Oak Finish!
Wednesday July 4 - Historical Mystery Tour!
Thursday July 5 - Challenging A Towering Figure!
Friday July 6 - Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!
Sunday July 8 - An Egg Scramble!
Monday July 9 - Gone With The Windworks!
Tuesday July 10 - A Rivalry To Gible On!
Wednesday July 11 - Dressed For Jess Success!
Thursday July 12 - Bagged Then Tagged!
Friday July 13 - Try For The Family Stone!
Sunday July 15 - Sticking With Who You Know!
Monday July 16 - Unlocking The Red Chain Of Events!
Tuesday July 17 - The Needs Of The Three!
Wednesday July 18 - The Battle Finale Of Legend!
Thursday July 19 - The Treasure Is All Mine!
Friday July 20 - Mastering Current Events!
Sunday July 22 - Double-Time Battle Training!
Monday July 23 - A Meteoric Rise To Excellence!
Tuesday July 24 - Gotta Get A Gible! *Season Final*

I bet Sinnoh League Victors will be rerun after this season finishes
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Ugh...Galactic Battles again...


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Pokemon Season 14 Collection 2 available in 5 days!


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With Best Wishes 2 confirmed, does this mean Season 15 will be a short one?
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