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Pokemon in Australia

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Not to be mean, but do you actually believe the world will end this year?


Not to be mean, but do you actually believe the world will end this year?

No, it was a joke.

Fun fact, the Maiyan Callander doesn't account for leap years as they weren't around until Ceaser ruled Rome. Now if you take out those leap years we are currently midway through 2013, so the world should have ended months ago.


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As if we need more bloody SpongeBob.


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I've checked Kirben's website, no SpongeBob listed in the 6am timeslot.


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Depends whether Pokemon the Movie 14: Black and White gets a decent Blu-Ray release though, the sound is currently listed as lossy (English - Dolby Digital 5.1). The last animated Blu-Ray (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 1) released by Beyond Home Entertainment had interlaced video (1080i), with lossy sound (Dolby Digital 5.1).

We really need true HD releases of all the Pokemon movies on Blu-Ray, the Blu-Ray releases in the UK and USA have been just as bad, looking worse than DVD (Pokemon 4Ever) or looking more like upscales.


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It's still likely to be a step up from the DVD, though. Movies 12 and 13 definitely were. I just didn't want to buy what was essentially the same movie twice for the sake of completion, which was the case with the DVDs.


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Another Toasted TV programming change coming next week.

Dinosaur King will replace SpongeBob Squarepants in the 8am timeslot.

Pokemon DP Galactic Battles ends later this month, I'm assuming they'll replace it with Sinnoh League Victors reruns.


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I hope to god they don't play sinnoh league victors, i can watch the fullscreen better version on cartoon network right now :( they should just repeat black and white again.

and NOOO :( i have the 14th movie on dvd now i wish i should have waited ;/
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What season is now being repeated on Toasted TV?


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OK guys, new Toasted TV lineup:

6.00 - SpongeBob Squarepants
6.30 - Eon Kid
7.00 - Pokemon DP: Galactic Battles
7.30 - Dinosaur King
8.00 - Pearlie
8.30 - Huntik

Pokemon DP: Galactic Battles is finishing next week.

Update: Huntik is returning to the 8.30 timeslot on July 31st.
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Pokemon Galactic Battles to end tomorrow.


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Sinnoh league victors -.- whyy!! i can watch a better version on cartoon network :p ohh well atleast black and white is next.

Sinnoh League Victors - I knew it.

Well, here's all the upcoming episodes, keep in mind it's a really short season:

Thursday Jul 26 - Regaining The Home Advantage!
Friday Jul 27 - Short And To The Punch!
Sunday Jul 29 - A Marathon Rivalry!
Monday Jul 30 - Yes In Dee Dee, It's Dawn!
Tuesday Jul 31 - Playing The Performance Encore!
Wednesday Aug 1 - Fighting Ire With Fire!
Thursday Aug 2 - Piplup, Up And Away!
Friday Aug 3 - Flint Sparks The Fire!
Sunday Aug 5 - The Fleeing Tower Of Sunyshore!
Monday Aug 6 - Teaching The Student Teacher!
Tuesday Aug 7 - Keeping In Top Forme!
Wednesday Aug 8 - Pokemon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
Thursday Aug 9 - An Elite Coverup!
Friday Aug 10 - Dawn Of A Royal Day!
Sunday Aug 12 - With The Easiest Of Grace!
Monday Aug 13 - Dealing With A Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
Tuesday Aug 14 - Last Call - First Round!
Wednesday Aug 15 - Opposites Interact!
Thursday Aug 16 - Coming Full Festival Circle!
Friday Aug 17 - A Grand Fight For Winning!
Sunday Aug 19 - For The Love Of Meowth!
Monday Aug 20 - The Eighth Wonder Of The Sinnoh World!
Tuesday Aug 21 - Four Roads Diverged In A Pokemon Port!
Wednesday Aug 22 - Bucking The Treasure Trend!
Thursday Aug 23 - An Old Family Blend!
Friday Aug 24 - League Unleashed!
Sunday Aug 26 - Casting A Paul On Barry!
Monday Aug 27 - Working On A Right Move!
Tuesday Aug 28 - Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Wednesday Aug 29 - A Real Rival Rouser!
Thursday Aug 30 - Battling A Thaw In Relations!
Friday Aug 31 - The Semi-Final Frontier!
Sunday Sept 2 - The Brockster Is In!
Monday Sept 3 - Memories Are Made Of Bliss!

I'm speculating Black & White will be rerun after this since not all Black & White episodes have aired on Eleven yet (Black & White was up to episode 25 when Toasted TV moved to Eleven) and then maybe a Rival Destinies premiere in the near future.
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