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Pokemon in game you legit have a close bond with.


Meowth fanatic
My Sapphire version Blaziken. I've had it since '03 and it's my first Pokemon that I raised to level 100. :')


Well-Known Member
I always have a male Meowth in my team every gen, and I always try as much as possible to make him my friend and boost him to the same level as my best Pokemon. Maybe it's just driven by Meowth's 'underdog villain' status in the anime, but I still love that little guy and feel off put whenever he's not in my team.

Almost always have a female Sneasel as well. Don't ask me why I'm specific on genders, maybe just so they feel continued from my previous game. Sneasel looks like an adorable ice queen anyway, especially in Gen 6. XD
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I have two teams one from Fire Red which recreated my original Red team and one from Emerald recreating my Sapphire team. Played them both when I was out from work after wisdom tooth surgery for a few days. Played those games hard and both those teams have come with me. I traded them all the way up to this Gen and I think they both have all the Elite 4 victory badges except one gen I forgot to use before moving up.
Swampert <3 i dont have my original from sapphire but in the remakes i got mudkip and gave him the name starlight just like i did with my original.

I moved when i was 12 and always missed my best friend that i played pokemon with, she sent me a swampert toy after i moved for my birthday but we havent spoken since </3


My Garchomp that I've caught in Diamond, 2007. With transferring, he travelled to all regions with me. In Sun and Moon, I'm planning to use the Bottle Caps to increase its IV's to 31 and thankfully, he is Jolly.


Ghost-Type Master
My Umbreon, who I named Persephone.

I probably use her more than any other pokemon, even my favorite, Suicune.
I suppose any Pokemon I've used in a Nuzlocke, really. Still, I'll have to narrow it down to three.

The first is the Sandile line. This one may be a little unsurprising, given that Krokorok is my favourite Pokemon in general, but in any run where I've used a Krookodile, it's ended up being the best member of my team. The only exception to this was my Y Nuzlocke run, where Digby was outclassed by my Octillery, Yelv, but he was still an immensely helpful teammate. Honestly, any Krookodile I've ever used has both been a reliable team member and a fun one to use. It helps that I love the designs of the entire line.

For the second, let's go back to the Nuzlockes. This one is a specific teammate- that being, Six Stars the Luxray in my Platinum run. I don't really know why, but as I progressed through the Nuzlocke, Six Stars just resonated with me in a way few other Pokemon had before. Heck, even others in the Shinx line bored me before! Still, there's something different about Six Stars. Maybe it's the fact that he was an early catch, maybe it's how reliable he's been in general- I don't know. Weird thing is, I have team members that are more powerful than he is, like Grimm the Scyther, but still, I really love him. I haven't completed that Nuzlocke yet, but I have faith that Six Stars wil make it to the end. Even if he doesn't, I'll be sure to keep him around for the postgame.

And then, of course, there's my beloved Rayquaza, Rayquee. I've had him in my games since Pokemon Emerald, and I'll certainly make sure to transfer him to Moon when the time comes.