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Pokemon in Real Life

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We would probably live in fear cuz it would be impossible to tame them lol


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No.. I believe there are 8 gyms in every country! meaning USA has one set of gyms, Mexico has another set of gyms...

Anyways as for Pokemon. We would be seeing a lot of Pachirisu in the USA... since squirrels are common out here. Pachirisu eat lots of... Pecha Berries which would be growing in my backyard.

In the Rocky Mountains, we would see Onix. They helped form it the way it is.

On Easter Island... you guessed it... Nosepass. Nosepass eat small rocks to drain the minerals in em'


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Trainers need lincense to take train Class A pokemon (such as Aggron, Drapion, etc)
Pokemon will prey upon each other
Pokemon League will be the highest authority in all matter regarding pokemon
Some pokemon will only evolve under human care
Pokemon battle will be much, much, more dangerous and much harder
God like Legendaries are impossible to catch, even with masterball
Pokemon like trubbish or grimer will be regularly wiped out from cities
Dragon are the hardest pokemon to train. Takes a year to train them and takes more year to evolve them.
Pokemon Battle will be the most popular kind of entertainment. Since it dangerous, not all people can really do pokemon battle and rather watching gym battles, tournament, and champion challenge.
I think that's for today.
We would probably live in fear cuz it would be impossible to tame them lol

Not really. But both catching and taming isn't a job that everyone can do.
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Of all pokemon to be real i would like steelix.


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Find a Beldum and capture it. Then evolve it and use it as transportation and as a battle winner. I'd be awesome if I had a Metagross. Although Deoxys would be nice, I don't want the FBI on my back for having an alien on my team. Lol.


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Stuff would be a helluva lot more dangerous. I mean, have you read about some of these Pokemon?

Haunter kills people. :0 Drifloon takes children! Mismagius casts curses on people! Hydregion attacks would be so common. Gyarados would make sea warfare impossible. Aaanndd...Voltorb and Electrode would probably not exist as they'd be exploding everywhere. Really, i'm pretty happy that we don't have mice electrocuting us! ^.^


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Vapoureon would be Singapore's mascot. Though it means eevee would have to live everywhere first. Should work given its adaptabibly.

I wonder how elemental stones would be made. Same way as igneous rocks where they are formed from pressure?

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I think technology would go a little backward, seeing as we'd rely on pokemon for everything. And I'd hope that the Pokemon League would not act as government....


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Pikachu would be house dwelling pokemon that would consume salty substances to produce electral potential. It would contain a second stomach that would hold a acidic substance and has a Heavy zinc in its blood so that as it passes this second belly it produces electricity. Also unique to this pokemon is that it has extremely thin but long hairs that can uncoil and attach themselves to prey so they can shoot electricity into them.

Um or it could do what Electric Eels do?


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If Pokemon were real the world would be a better place.

Oh no no no no no, history has shown us that when something new is discovered humans have the strange tendency to decide to turn it into a weapon (their own bodies, rocks, wood, sticks, metals, animals, sulphur, the atom.... etc.) instead of seeing the potential to make the world a better place. Think about what would happen if rouge nations got their hands on a population of wild Nidoking or Garchomp. People that could afford it would have personal armies of Pokemon to use as weapons. You think the threat of a nuclear holocaust is bad? Think about how bad this could be.....


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No idea how cold. 37%F ??? I thought canada was cold year round

Where I live in Canada, this summer the temperature at one point soared to 48C (118F) with humidex. So it can get pretty hot in summer in Canada depending on which area you're from.

If we're talking about Pokemon habitat, there's info about it on every Pokemon in bulbapedia.


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I would be a documenter... Searching for Pokemon like Steve Irwin did...

"And here we have the Moonlight Pokemon, Umbreo in it's dark cave habitat. LOOK AT THAT GLOW! This is their mating call. The brighter the Umbreon glow, the more chance it has of gettin laid... CRIKEY! Look, that Umbreon is forcing it's mating habits with an attract move."


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but people would use pokemon for figting. imaginre the london riots with people using salamenc, garchomp and all the rest
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