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Pokemon is EVIL!!!!


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No, I don't think that Pokemon is evil. I'm just curious; what would people here say to defend Pokemon from that kind of an accusation?
Anybody who thinks Pokemon is evil, is looking too far into it. I wouldn't even bother to defend an accusation like that, it's too stupid.

Hear hear!

Though, I suppose if it was a friend of mine, I'd go into how Pokemon is essentially very educational, what with it's math (EV calculating), biology (learning about various creatures via Pokedex), and natural history (evolution. *snort*).


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Some people think that, since things like ghosts and special 'powers' are involved, or because of fighting, pokemon is bad - I just want to see what people would do to refute that.

Lil Stew

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You could tell them that it is educational. It teaches you how to respond to certain situations, teaches you math, etc. I saw it in GameInformer once. My grandmother thinks that Pokemon is satanic. lol


The Saiyan Light
I think that whoever made such a statement (not simply playing devil's advocate) would be, to a degree, sensitive. Video games do not cater to everyone's taste, even one like Pokemon. If you really wanted to debate, pick your fights wisely. Some people may think or feel a certain way such that you cannot overcome their sensitivity to whatever offends them. Let's take the "fighting" example.
"Because Pokemon involves fighting, it is bad."

Pokemon was made for kids, and (most of the time) most trainers aren't out to kill or harm others. The "fighting" is actually more of a friendly duel. The anime capitalizes heavily on this friendly atmosphere, but even in the games people aren't out to harm one another. Therefore, unless you consider even friendly duels/spars evil, then i just refuted that point.


Pickin' a winner
Well, all thats true, but have you heard the subliminal message in the first series theme song? I personally don't think Pokemon is evil, but that message a BIG coincidence.


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Pokemon can cause a special breed of children that see tv on very dark rooms and look at it with eyes wide open to convulsion.

The videogame tells little kids to leave home with their pets to go on a regional journey trusting everyone since they will only either battle you or talk to you.


I would say they are being too bloody politically correct, like the rest of this world unfortunately.. Gotta be a matter of time before someone comes out with this accusation though, surely.


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No, I don't think that Pokemon is evil. I'm just curious; what would people here say to defend Pokemon from that kind of an accusation?
I'm not usually one to insult someone because of their opinion but anyone who believes this is retarded. It's a cartoon and a series of video games, there's not a big top secret brain washer meant to make kids evil.

If Pokemon is evil then so is every other fantasy story.


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I would say it's only one of the 17 types and there are only 23 of that type and that is called Dark type in America


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We'll see when Pokémon reaches 666 species. Anyways... I'd do what others do, ignore the comment. It only goes to show ignorance (but that thing about devil worship is convincing)

Chansey hunter

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Yea, as mentioned above, you'd be looking to far into it, or were bored and thought you'd say something stupid for the sake of it.

However, capturing little animals and forcing them to do your work, and fight other animals because you want to, is, to a degree, quite evil.
But then again, they don't seem to mind being captured and forced to do things, so everyone's happy :)
Well, you could've given us a better example. Like, say "Pokemon is stupid." That would get you better answers here. Evil is too extreme.

In any case, I would defend Pokemon. I would show examples of how Pokemon is good for children (like increasing reading and writing skills) and keeps older players connected to their younger selves (sort of). Plus, it's a great way to make friends. My two BFFs became my friends because of Pokemon.

surfer treecko

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I'd faceplam.

To be honest, the only types of people who do that will never listen to any logic, so why waster your breath trying to prove them wrong?


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Pokemon is no way evil! It really strengthens your imagination, and gives you a lot of good ideas for your school assignments, for example:

I have been assigned to create CD covers, and I chose Pokemon legendaries to design my covers, and they look really epic and cool!

They also require strategy and smartness in most cases. You also obtain a lot of friends, and help and co-operate to complete the Pokedexes. Plus, it's only a game; why would it be offensive??!! Those people are really empty-minded...

Chansey hunter

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To be blunt, Pokemon does not laugh evilly, kill babies, hail satan, put goat heads on pentagrams, have nuclear missiles pointed at every country in the world or have a dastardly plan for world domination. So therefore, it isn't evil, or cannot be seen as being evil.
Beside being educational. It teaches players if thier animal(pokemon) is hurt to take them to the vet(pokemon center), and overall just to take care of thier pets(pokemon).

p.s.- It rarly ever talks about hate, but I do recall a few times talking about love.