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Pokemon Island: Dark Secrets


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(Reboot of an older game of mine back from like 2009)

Welcome to Spooky Island, a small tropical island located within the Hoenn region. Once a paradise for Pokemon, now turned into a tropical resort and mansion for a game show. The goal of the game is to survive within the game long enough to win the prize money, which is a hefty sum. The premise of the game attracts many Pokemon from all sorts of different backgrounds to come and try their luck.

The island seems to shift around the theme of the week's 'episode', and as such players must act accordingly. However, each contestant holds a dark secret close to their heart. The goal of the game is to eliminate all your opposition and reveal their secret, which is only known to the game overseer; Sir Redthir.

Twenty Contestants are eligible to be nominated, they will be placed onto teams which will become their life-line and family. But, there may be times when the challenge is a strictly solo occurrence.

Possible challenges are as follows.

Solo Strike: a solo contest, a free for all between all players. The winner will receive the prize of immunity and may also allow their team to gain immunity for the challenge. On the winner has been decided, themselves and their team mates must decide which team is going up for elimination based on a democracy voting system. However, as an added bonus if the winner so wishes, they can eliminate someone from their own team without consulting the others. From here, each player, regardless of team (other than the one up for elimination) is able to vote on who will be leaving the game.

Team Attack: The team challenge, every team works within themselves in order to win. These events involve working together and attempting to win for your tea. The winning team gets immunity while the team who came in last place will be placed on the hot seat for elimination. All teams, other than the losing team) will vote on which member will be leaving.

1. Only those involved in the game may vote to make it fair.
2. The game takes place in phases. The initial portion of each challenge will be a challenge description written by myself, followed by a small period where you, within the character foundations you have described on your initial sign up will react and say what they would do. Once this portion is done and all players have posted or time has run out I will compile the choices made and say which attempts were successful and decide a winner based on this.
3. Keep your character's secret a secret! Once your initial sign up is accepted within the thread, I will ask for a PM in order to establish what your character's secret is.
4. Activity is key, don't join if you're not active. One missed game isn't a huge deal if you have your reasons but two will result in your elimination.
5. Each player gets one farewell post after elimination.
6. I ask that there is no roleplaying within the thread between challenges, sure I could allow minimal things at some point but as it stands I would like none. You may post fillers for me between challenges but that is all.
7. PLEASE BE DETAILED IN YOUR INITIAL SIGN UP. I need a pretty good sign up in order to understand your character and you need a lot to work with in order to react properly to challenges.
8. Have fun!

Current Season (Season 1)

Team Perception -
Team Strength -
Team Intellect -
Team Deception -
Team Wisdom -

Sign Up
Why They Joined:
Three Fears:
Misc Info:​
Name: Kelly Kinned
Gender: Female
Species: ;276;
Age: 34
Job: Cashier
Why They Joined: Kelly is in desperate need of money and would do anything for it.
Three Fears: Babies, spider pokemon and heights.
Personality: Kelly is a reserved woman, and often hides away in the background. She's not always especially confident in herself, but can be quite devious when needs be. She's pleasant enough to talk to, but perhaps a little boring. She doesn't like confrontation and mostly just avoids Pokemon she finds annoying or upsetting.
Misc Info: She is a bad cook.


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This looks interesting! But one question before I make a Sign-Up: There won't be actual casualties, will there? Because i'm not too fond of that kind of thing...


looks like fun!
Name: mealla
Gender: female
Species: lopbunny
Age: 25
Job: bartender
Why They Joined: she needs the money so she can pay for therapy to deal with her "problems"
Three Fears: snakes, darkness, solitude
Personality: She can be a bit brutal at times. If you get to know her and earn her trust she will be the most valuble friend ever. Dont ever double cross her though cus if you do she will vow to destroy you.
Misc Info: shiny if possible


These streets ain't for you
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This looks interesting! But one question before I make a Sign-Up: There won't be actual casualties, will there? Because i'm not too fond of that kind of thing...

In the original because I was an edgy preteen there was but in this one it's just your run of the mill eliminations. However, I do ask that your secret is a secret for a reason. Perhaps something that would ruin your characters life if it came out.

@pokemon special/kawaiiconcept

You guys are accepted; taking the above into account please send me your secrets. Via Pm, of course.


Can also jump!
Ah, gotcha! Ok, here's my Sign-Up:

Name: Lazlo Truspring
Gender: Male
Species: ;264; Linoone
Age: 23
Job: Crossing Guard
Why They Joined: He is hoping the fame and prize money will be just what he needs to support his family.
Three Fears: Bogs, needles, and the dark.
Personality: Lazlo is a jittery chap who seems always on the move. A polite fellow, but timid and awkward. Friendly and faithful to a fault. He's nosy and has the tendency to quickly turn and get in others' ways. When he is able to sit still, he's more level-headed and sharp-witted. He's got an inferiority complex, and tends to feel like he's not pulling his weight and beats himself up about it.
Misc Info: He carries a whistle around his neck, which he will blow on when he wants attention. At least one part of his body is always moving. He stutters on occasion, more often when afraid or nervous.
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My name is Quiliver.
Name: String-Man
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Job: "professional" crime fighter
Why They Joined: To save the world from devastation
Three Fears: His string breaking, burning buildings and sharp objects
Personality: String-Man was born with the name Cedric Corker until his was bit---or rather bite himself and gave himself self-proclaimed super powers. He now wanders the streets of his local area encasing anyone inside of a cocoon made of his string, that he thinks might be somewhat evil. In his mind he is making a difference, but in reality crime has only slightly risen. Due to his own illusions he is very confident in most situations and will not back down from a challenge unless it involves any of his three fears. If he faces a challenge in which he is afraid, he will not back down but his effort may not be as strong as it would be otherwise.
Misc Info: He does not wear a mask and everyone knows that Cedric Corker is String-Man.


welcome to the comedy zone
Looks cool!

Name: Kami Greyforest
Gender: Female
Species: :573:
Age: 21
Job: Game Developer
Why They Joined: Kami needs money for her virtual world Eon Streams
Three Fears: Clowns, blood and zombies.
Personality: Kami is kind, loyal, generous, funny and honest. She's also a bit nerdy, having played games just to get ideas for hers. (Kinda like me.)
Misc Info: She wears a pink and blue top hat, like those Animal Jam ones but in her own colours.


Protect The Smiles!
Sign Up
Name: X12-4TR (X12 for short)
Gender: Genderless
Species: Golurk
Age: 500 years old
Job: Guard Sentry
Why They Joined: To get a decent amount of money unlike 'its' job was giving 'it'.
Three Fears: Tap-dancing, helicopters and stuffed toys.
Personality: X12 is very boisterous despite its appearance and job, although the noise that it makes is usually odd talk of events that have happened in its past 500-odd years. X12 is rather cold towards others due to working as a guard and not having any time for socialization whatsoever. X12 is quick to make decisions but the decisions made are only the right choice about 60% of the time.
Misc Info: X12 has several dents in the back of its legs, these dents have caused the back of its legs to become a weak point.