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Pokemon Kanto Adventures

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by mnm12345, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. mnm12345

    mnm12345 Member

    Professor Oak woke up unusually groggy one morning. Sitting up in his bed, he lazily glanced at his alarm clock. The time was 10:00. “Oh my,” he mumbled. “It’s this late already?” His eyes shifted toward his calendar next. “Hmm… today’s the 1st of the month, meaning I’ve got to go give some kids their starting Pokémon today. Well, they won’t get here until…” He paused, trying to recall what time the new trainers were supposed to arrive, until a panicked look of realization set in on his face. “They’ll be here in a half an hour!” he exclaimed. “I have to get the Pokémon ready!” As he scrambled out of bed and got dressed, Oak couldn’t help but recall a certain other trainer who had overslept on this important day. “And look at him now,” he thought. “He conquered all five regions, and he’s the league champion of Kanto now. Who knows, maybe these new trainers have bright futures ahead of them… They have no idea how important they are…”
    It’s been since the phenom trainer Ash Ketchum came back to the Kanto region to serve as the Pokémon League Champion. On March 1st, 2020, five trainers were to receive their first Pokémon and embark on their journeys, not knowing that their futures looked very bright indeed. But it won’t be easy for them to claim their glory. Tired of being called soft and spineless by leaders of the other regions, the gym leaders of both the Kanto and Johto regions have stepped up their games; some of them haven’t been beaten in months. Some professors are even considering raising the age limit for beginning trainers because of this. But Professor Oak protested against this, believing that youthful, energetic trainers were just what the world needed. This was allowed on one condition: Five trainers must defeat the eight gyms of Kanto by the summer of 2020. That condition was issued in January of 2019. It still has not been fulfilled. With time running out, the future of young trainers rests on these five trainers’ shoulders. Even worse, Team Rocket has reappeared in the Kanto region, with another diabolical plot to dominate the Pokémon world. Their sights are set on the ever-elusive Master Balls. Rumored to catch any Pokémon without fail, no trainer has gotten their hands on one for decades. However, one has been found somewhere in the Kanto region, and Team Rocket is coming after it with full force. It’s up to the trainers of Kanto to stop them! Can they rise to the challenge?
    Sign up

    Starters Name:

    Eevee (BEING USED): Grey
    Bulbasaur (BEING USED): Roots
    Charmander (BEING USED): Tooth

    Trainers (People who have joined)
    Aakash Sivayogan
    Gage McArthur

    1.)No flagging
    2.)No Spamming
    3.) My rules goes
    4.) No foul Language
    5.) I choose how much damage a wild pokemon or trainer deals

    ( OCC I will add a sign up later for gym leaders and extra trainers
    I will add a sign up for Team Rocket Members also)

    (Occ: Ok you will all start in your homes, you will need to hurry to the pokemon center and get your first starter, also if someone knows how I can create a spoiler please PM me with information)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  2. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Gage McArthur

    Im late! I gotta hurry!, thought Gage as he jumped from bed.
    He threw on his clothes, grabbed his bag, and took off. On the way there, he saw Pokemon flying, running, playing.
    "I wonder who I will pick?" Gage said as he approached the Pokemon Center. When he entered, he saw the professor standing behind the table with the pokeballs.

    "Hello Gage! Your the first one! Go ahead and choose your starter." He let all the Pokemon out.

    As the Pokemon come out, Gage saw all the Pokemon excel in something, they all looked great in certain skills. He played with them all, and noticed a Charmander in the back. It looked younger, scared, and doubtful. Gage continued to play with the others, more squirtle than anything. After awhile, Gage stood up and said, "ive chosen my starter."

    "Well, who will it be?"

    Gage looked at all of them, he saw each one light up when he looked their way. He then looked at the Charmander. It looked sad, not even looking. "Charmander, I pick Charmander." Every single Pokemon looked shocked. He bent down towards Charmander, picked him up and said, "Hey buddy, you get to come with me!"

    After receiving everything else, Gage walked out when while someone else walked in.
  3. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Aakash Sivayogan

    Aakash was so eager to finally start his journey. He quickly put on his Dark purple T-shirt, with blue jeans, dark blue jacket, white trainers along with his signature frameless glasses along with his blue backpack and he went to the pokemon centre

    "Ok my new journey starts here" said Aakash as enters the Pokemon Centre. As he enters he bumps into another boy
    "Woops my mistake, it seems your journey has started as you have chosen a Charmander.

    Why Hello Aakash It is time to choose your Starter Pokemon" as Professor Oak showed the Pokemon
    Aakash observed the Pokwmon carefully

    "Wait hold on sec" Aakash takes notice of the Bulbasaur
    "Do you want to come with me Bulbasaur?" asked Aakash as he was intrigued by the appearence of the species for being both animal and plant
    The Bulbasaur nodded.

    "Have you made your decisuon asked the professor"

    "Yes I choose Bulbasaur" replied Aakash

    "OK Aakash, here is Bulbasaur's Pokeball and your off" exclaimed the professor

    "OK, Bulbasaur how about I name you Roots?" asked Aakash

    Roots liked the name.

    As soon as that Aakash and his new partner left to start their new adventure
  4. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    White trudges in to the Professor's, frowning as he stares to floor.

    "Ah! White is it!?" White hears the voice of Oak as the door slams

    "Yes. I came here for a Pokémon. I've-" White starts

    "Have you chose which one you would like? There's Squirtle, Pik-"

    "If you'd let me finish!" White interrupts the Professor "I came here to pick Eevee, I've already decided"

    "Oh, but, White... Eevee's a shiny Pokémon..." The Professor stutters, desperately looking to Eevee's Pokéball

    "You promised 5 Pokémon. You're going to have to give Eevee up soon, it might as well to be a strong trainer, Oak" White says, still looking to the ground.

    "Oh... Oh... Yes, of course..."

    "Why are you so desperate to keep that Pokémon, anyway? I know Eevee is rare, but so is Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, are they not?" White asks

    "Well... Eevee is a shiny Pokémon, it's really rare, White, see-"

    "I know what a shiny Pokémon is!" White snaps, now losing patience and grabbing the Pokéball from the table himself.

    "White that's-"

    "My Pokémon, Professor! It's my Pokémon now!" White shouts, walking out the house with a "SLAM!" of the door. White lets Eevee out, now starting to grin as the Eevee's fur starts to shine. "Welcome to the team... Grey" Grey leaps in to the air, smiling, it's eyes closed.

    "Veeeee!" Grey the Eevee leaps in to the air.

    "All right, that's enough messing about, time to crack down on some training... Let's go" The pair begin to walk and see Aakash walking out of the Pokécentre "Actually, I think I'd like to battle that boy over there, the one with the Bulbasaur, let's go, Grey" White nods and walks to Aakash.
  5. legnak

    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    Legna James Krad

    Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep! The alarm clock wailed, breaking the silence of a rather quiet morning.

    "Five minutes... that's all I'm asking for, just five... more..." I moaned as I picked my head up from the pillows that were able to smother anything.

    Looking at the time, I shot straight up and started getting dressed.

    "10:45, Ten freaking forty-five!" I mumbled under my breath with severe anger.

    I hope that there's one left for me I thought to myself as I tripped over my own shoelace as I went to run out of the door. No sooner did I manage to get out of my house, I was greeted with the smell of the fresh air, not stopping to take any major notice of it, I managed to get to the laboratory just in time to see a young man slamming the door.

    Oh god, I'm late... Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! I thought, doing my best not to refrain myself from saying it out loud. I opened the door.

    "Ah, good morning Legna! How have you been?" Professor Oak said with a happy, yet Stressed smile.

    "I'm doing good sir, you seem a little, angered, something wrong?" I asked, noticing his facial expression.

    "I'm fine, some youngsters now days have seemed to lose thier manners. Anyways, are you here to get a pokemon?" The aging professor asked with a more elightened smile.

    Oh good, I'm not late , "Yes sir, which ones are available?" I asked, still happy at the fact I still have a chance I could get my own pokemon.

    "Well, unfortunately I only have Pikachu and Squirtle left, you may have either one." Oak said, letting the two out of thier pokeballs.

    The Pikachu looked like it was full of spunk, it's electric pouches in it's cheeks were glowing. It didn't mind me picking it up, in fact, it seemed too happy, shocking me. I put it down gently, still trying to regain my balance after the shock. I then looked at the Squirtle, it was much smaller than they looked in pictures. It's eyes were fixed on me like a three old child does when they see something new. Smiling as I picked the little turtle up, the Squirtle slowly withdrew into its shell.

    "Hey buddy, I'm not going to hurt you. You can come out here if you want." I said as I stroked its shell gently.

    "That Squirtle there is quite special, he isn't very old and already he is capable of protecting himself." The professor gleamed.

    I then put the Squirtle down, in which the little pokemon then grabbed on to my pant leg with his forearms.

    "May I keep him?" I asked.

    "Is that your choice?"

    "Yes Sir" I nodded as I looked picked the Water type back up, this time, Squirtle did not withdraw.

    Professor Oak then gave me Squirtle's Pokeball, some more pokeballs, and a map.

    "Before you go Legna, do you want to name squirtle?" Oak asked.

    I looked at the little Squirtle that was laying on my shoulder and before walking out the door to start my journey, I responded, "Shellshocker, that's his name."
  6. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Gage McArthur

    "I got it!"

    "Char?" Tooth questioned over Gage's shoulder, as he hung on to his back

    Tooth! Thats what I'm going to call you. That okay with you?" Gage stopped as he saw some pidgey in the nearby grass.

    "Char! Charmander!" Tooth said enthusiastically, then he noticed the pidgey, and quickly jumped off Gage's back.

    "So you want to train some huh? Alrighty then! Use scratch!"

    Tooth, using amazing speed, used a powerful Scratch. Gage commander a leer, then another Scratch. Pidgey used Gust, barely giving any damage, Tooth used both moves, knocking Pidgey out.
    "You did it! Your very fast, and strong to."

    Just then, They both heard something behind them, "Hey! Nice battling, I wanna talk to you!"
    Gage turned around, and seeing some boy coming up the hill...
  7. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    White suddenly stopped in his walking, hearing a lot of noise.

    "Vee?" Grey looked up to White as he tries to hear where all this noise is coming from

    "Forget that trainer, Grey, we're going to the grass, I can hear a Pidgey and a... Charmander?" White shrugged, turning from the Pokécentre over to the grass. White could barely make out the shouts of a boy only hearing the words "Train" and "Scratch" and continuing to walk towards the noise.

    "You did it! You're very fast, and strong, too!" He hears the same voice, now seeing both the two Pokémon that White heard and the trainer himself

    "Hey! Nice battling! I wanna talk to you!" White hears a different voice and chuckles.

    "Nice battling? There was no skill to that at all, there was no bond, no nothing, just a trainer blurting out a Pokémon's only offensive attack. Anyone can do that, there's no skill to it" White shakes his head "See, if you train with a Pokémon and make a connection with it, that's when Pokémon are at their strongest, that's when you can say 'Nice battling' to someone, you need to understand that before you can become a champion"
  8. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Ok it is time to train Roots" said Aakash

    So let's see what Pokemon is here WOAH...

    A Rattata appears

    "Okay, our first Pokemon battle Roots, use Leer

    Roots uses Leer on the Rattata

    Rattata uses a Tackle and nails it

    "Use leer again" shouted Aakash

    Roots does the same thing

    The Rattata uses Tackle once again

    Counter with your own Tackle Roots" Shouted Aakash

    With the reduced defence the Rattata was easily defeated.

    Aakash rushes to his Pokemon

    "You did it Roots" said Aakash as he smiled whilest patting Roots on the head

    "OK return Roots"

    Roots didn't want to return to the ball

    "You don't want to come back in the ball? Hmm why not!" exclaimed Aakash

    "Ok let's catch this Rattata"

  9. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    "What do you mean? We were just training, and I was telling tooth how good he did. And who said anything about being a champion? We aint a title freak like you might be." You could tell the anger in Gage as he quickly showed his hot temper. As the two boys argued, Tooth went over to play with the eevee.

    "Char?" Tooth questioned, as he started hearing sounds of a Pokemon battle. He looked down the hill, seeing the bulbasaur he knew.
    "Charmander!" Tooth said as he scurried down the hill to see the commotion. As he approached he saw Bulbasaur fighting a Rattata.

    Gage noticed Charmander running down the hill

    "Great. You scared off Tooth. Way to go." Gage took off after Tooth as he saw him standing behind the tree, watching the trainer he bumped into on his way out of the Pokemon center.
  10. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    White shrugged, spitting out some words as he turns.

    "People shouldn't give their Pokémon false hope, Grey. I'm not going to give you false hopes, that doesn't make me a bad trainer, Grey, it just makes me realistic with myself and my Pokémon"

    "Vee! Eevee!" Grey nods, agreeing with his trainer.

    "Hmph. Might as well train on some wild Pokémon" White nods, walks to the grass, spotting a Hoot-Hoot. "Hm, isn't that a Hoot-Hoot, Grey? How interesting, lets get you a friend to work with"

    "Vee!" Grey seemed to be delighted with the idea and flew in front of his trainer, staring to the Hoot-Hoot.

    "Kick up all the sand you can, Sand Attack!" White orders. Grey follows the orders and kicks up dirt, sand, dust, grass, anything he could! "Hmph, now, Grey, Tail Whip, so his attacks don't hurt as much!"

    "Veeee!" Eevee raced down to the Hoot-Hoot, who was now tackling White's Pokémon. Grey whipped it's tail infront of Hoot-Hoot's face and the Pokémon flew back in fear.

    "Ok, now Tackle!" White stares down to the scene as Grey now smashes in to Hoot-Hoot and said Pokémon flies in to the dirt. "Well done, Hoot-Hoot" White stops commanding, stops looking down with great intent and walks down to the Pokémon, smiling down to it.


    "Now you've seen how strong I am, how would you like to join my team?" White sends down hand, helping up Hoot-Hoot. As Hoot-Hoot takes the offer White takes out a Pokéball from his belt and throws it to the Hoot-Hoot, it shakes around, going back and forth three times until Hoot-Hoot is captured with a "click!" as White lets his new Pokémon he speaks to him. "I wonder how you got to this reigon, Hoot-Hoot? Anyway. We'll head to the Pokécentre then start properly training" White walks begins to walk over to the Pokécentre with Grey at this legs and Hoot-Hoot flying over him.
  11. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    "Hmm I need at least one extra pokemon on my side to aid me right Roots?" said Aakash out in the open, as he got his newly bought Pokeballs finally

    Roots Nodded

    "OK lets see and OWW!!!" Aakash accidently walks and headbutts a tree

    The tree shakes and a Pineco appears

    "Hmm strange, I thought you live in the Johto region, but I'm gonna catch you!" shouted Aakash

    "Roots use Tackle" ordered Aakash

    The Pineco uses Protect

    "OK, Roots how about Leer" ordered Aakash

    The Pinecos uses Protect again.

    "Hmm, if Protect is used more often it will have lowered accuracy

    "Use Tackle again Roots" ordered Aakash again

    The Pineco uses its own Tackle and both moves clash and cancel each other out

    "There must be another way to do damage..."

    Roots signals it can use a different move

    "You can do a different move hmm, wait I've got it use Leech Seed!" ordered Aakash

    The Leech Seed is in effect

    Pineco's energy was drained

    Use Leer and then Tackle

    Roots follows this routine to make Pineco lose concentration as the leech seed is chipping it reducing any Tackle damage

    5 minutes later...

    The Pineco becomes dizzy from the constant change of concentration

    "Go Poke Ball" shouted Aakash

    The Pineco gets enclosed in the Pokeball and with click it is captured

    Aakash goes to a pose with Roots

    "Yes I caught a Pineco" shouted Aakash with glory

    Ok, come out Pineco" exclaimed Aakash with pleasure

    The Pineco comes out a bit dizzy

    "It looks like you're very tired, maybe I should take you to the Pokemon centre and I've got the perfect name for you... Contra

    Roots looked confused

    "Yes, Contra, to symbolise how much difficulty is to succeed and we shouldn't give up no matter what even if the odds are against us

    Contra jumps in joy

    "Hmm lets go to the Pokemon centre and heal you OK

    Aakash notices the prescence of Tooth the Charmander...
  12. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    As White clips his two Pokéballs on to his belt, walking from the Pokécentre he notices the trainer her saw before, with the Bulbasaur, but now notices his Pinceo.

    "Huh. Weird. Johto Pokémon are arriving all over Kanto, I hard it's happened to a region called Unova, too, Pokémon that didn't inhabit Unova have started to do so. Now it's happening to Kanto"

    "Hey, I'm Aakaash" The trainer says

    "I challenge you to a battle, do you accept?" White says, grinning to both of his Pokémon
  13. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    "Your on White" said Aakash

    How about we have a two on two battle, with no substitutions

    Roots and Contra jump in joy at the excitement of having a chance to battle

    "So do you accept the terms
  14. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    "Tooth! There you are! Hey, dont worry about him. He's one of them power freaks. I think its time we go find a friend to train with. Lets go."

    Gage and Charmander went off to look around. Gage noticed the boy who pissed him off, and the boy he bumped into. Apparently named Aakaash, who had chose Bulbasaur. They already had caught another Pokemon.
    'Great, we're behind. We need to hurry,' Gage thought.

    They approached a small field. It had Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, but nothing seemed to interest him. Until he saw a small blue figure dart from behind a tree.

    "Thats a Phanpy! What's it doing here? Ah who cares! Tooth, Leer then scratch!"

    Tooth did as told, surprising Phanpy with the attacks.
    "Scratch again!" But instead, Tooth used ember.

    "Hey a new attack! Thats great Tooth! Use it again!"

    Tooth did as instructed, landing a successful hit. Phanpy used dig, burrowing somewhere, worrying Tooth.

    "Don't worry Tooth, Brack come up somewhere, when he does, use scratch. Right now climb the tree."
    Tooth hurried up the tree, watching the ground. He noticed part of it move, and then Phanpy jumped out, Tooth jumped down, using scratch, hitting hard.

    Phanpy started looking weak then. "Go pokeball!" Gage gave his best throw. 1...2...3... Click!

    "Haha! We got a new friend Tooth. Lets go heal you two."

    Gage walked with Tooth on his back to the Pokemon Center. On the way there, he saw a boy with a Squirtle sitting on a bench in front of the Pokemon center.

    "Hey, so I guess you chose Squirtle! Nice to meet you, I'm Gage. You are?" Gage stuck out his hand to greet him. Gage then sent his two Pokemon to Nurse Joy. While waiting for them to heal. He conversed with the Boy and his Squirtle.
  15. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    "Hm. Alright then. Are you two ready?" White still looks to the ground, but down to Grey

    "Hoot-Hoot!" Hoot-Hoot nods

    "Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Grey gets excited, jumping up and down, grinning to his trainer, and his trainer grins to Grey.

    "Alright, Tackle, Grey! Hoot-Hoot use Hypnosis!" White commands, still looking to the ground as Grey smashes in Aakash's Bulbasaur well, and "Roots" flies in to the wall of the Pokécentre.

    "Bullbbbb!" The Pokémon lets out a cry and Hoot-Hoot closes his eyes and sends out a beam, to make any Pokémon sleep towards Contra...
  16. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Contra use Protect!

    Contra blocks the Hypnosis Ray

    "Roots are you OK?" questioned Aakash, as Roots is on the wall

    Roots gets back up and is ready to fight

    "Time for Leech Seed, Roots use it on Grey!

    Grey was seeded

    Roots regains some health

    "If I can remain defensive, I think I can win this carefully in time..." thought Aakash
  17. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    "Huh... He's not attacking, so he's playing defensive? Maybe... Well the only way to counter that is being twice as offensive" White grins, thinking this to himself.

    "Veeeeeee!" Grey stares down to the Bulbasaur, grinning.

    "All right, use Tackle, Grey!" White commands, and Grey does as White says, racing down with great speed "As hard as you can, Grey!!"

    "VEEEEEEEEE!" Grey begins to charge at a greater speed, screaming out his own name.

    "Okay, Hoot-Hoot, Peck!" White now grins. Grey smashes in to the Bulbasaur, but not only does Roots now fly back, Roots flies back through the air! Roots hits in to the wall again, flying to the ground again and now Hoot-Hoot sends his beak in to the weakened Bulbasaur and it rams down well! Bulbasaur slowly tries to get up, pushing himself... And then... Bulbasaur drops the floor with dizzy eyes, knocked out.
  18. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    "Roots! NO!" Aakash shouted at the demise of his partner.

    "Hmm, you've worked out my strategy, but now I have to go for the last resort. Lets see if you can take this

    Contra use Selfdestruct!!!

    Contra goes out in a bang hitting everything in sight hitting White and Hoot-Hoot with devastating damage smashing both of them to the wall, both of them drop to the floor knocked out along with Contra

    "No! I shouldn't of done that, now all our pokemon are hurt..."
  19. Exspearos

    Exspearos King of Zimbabwe

    "Hm. Pretty smart, but stupid, too, now no-one won. But I like your battling style, I noticed you battle very defensive and I was kind of stupid not to realise why you weren't being as offensive as I am. Well done" White says, still staring to the floor, only making his hair visible.


    "Hoo..." White takes both of his Pokémon to the front desk, a rather shocked Nurse Joy takes the Pokémon, putting them on the Pokécentre's healing machine, healing them in a instant. As White takes his Pokémon back with a hidden smile he speaks to Aakash.

    "Hm... Would you like to come and find someone with me? I need to say sorry to them..."
  20. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Sure White, who is this person?

    Wait let me heal my Pokemon for a while

    A few minutes later...

    "Ok my Pokemon are ready, I'm ready to accompany you

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